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Made a lotta games, co-owner of two restaurants, investor, writing a memoir, co-producer/investor in 8 Tony award winning HADESTOWN. Making this up as I go.

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@BigCheeseKIT @FallGuysGame they really will do that to ANY game, won't they? SMH @ILikeFilms Parents rented that one when I was like 12. Scarred me for life. When he vomits on that guy's hand? Jeeeez. @tha_rami @DJofSparta So brilliant @DJofSparta Learned of that from @tha_rami - Rami, did you make it? @AlexBoniello How many times have I seen you perform? Your own words - only on stage for what, 20 minutes - but eve… @hunicke always so cringey when mainstream brands try to hijack memes @Kross Haha LB and I were just joking about that - that's one big ol' mystery...I'd like to think the feds raided Jake Paul's house because my tweet comparing him to garbage juice tipped them off. @SirsmokesGreen1 @Under_Ach1ever Not a fan of cops killing unarmed people but from your summary = armed/crazy - sounds justified.New term for anti-maskers: "DIDOC" - Defiant Idiots Dying Of Covid Don't be a DIDOC. I just saw a video of a guy… @VisitNewOrleans Dragos FTW! @sblomkamp Space Invaders @garywhitta Ffffff need to install... @tvaziri Yeah worked in games for decades, my eye is trained to spot that kinda stuff. Sure I would have seen it if… and guess who caught the garter at our wedding. ;) @Doc_Rogers srsly @AmandaDebaser I'm too old for that shit @tvaziri Actually, no, no offense. I'm not a fan of the Cars movies in the slightest bit. I adore every other of their films, however. @tvaziri It's like Abrams' lens flares and coronas... once you see it, you can't un-see it @realDonaldTrump Franco voice "spring break 4evvvaaaaaah..." Also uh that's reaching considering how obese and old you are, dbag. @philold09 Really dark shit. I've told him "dude I don't want that in my head" but he keeps sending em. Yikes.I can't be the only one who has that one friend that collects and sends you supremely fucked up memes every day... Can I?
@FATAL1TY Was glued to this earlier...yeesh @HosFross Next level useless box, haha. @chetfaliszek @GregRicey Ah those dry sandwiches. ugh @jedidiahgant 1. I didn't know that was a series, need to buy it. 2. I have No Logo also. 3. I'm listening to the… @smashingpenguin Yes, we did. It was friggin crazy... @smashingpenguin Thanks for your help! Sigh. I miss Paris. I don't miss LA, haha. @Boogie2988 Don't get me started on the idiocy behind all this man. SMH. @smashingpenguin It's all such a damned blur, lol. @macrogeek Nice Pac Rim ref! @dustinfalgout @GAFollowers Not a single black kid in the pic, SMH @macrogeek Uh you're talking to a Broadway producer... :) @lankyhunkofjunk ::raises hand:: @Arclegger I love how he tries to project his own decline onto Biden too. Sure, Biden's had some gaffes, but yeesh,… the Gears 2 part of the memoir and I'm remembering barreling to the hotel in Milan in a cab with my cool P… @macrogeek Is that worth a go?Saw yo-semite trending and I knew exactly where it was coming from. @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump And he tries to say Biden with is occasional gaffe is losing it? Jeeez. @Travesty1982 I've heard that from others, sadly. @NaomiKyle @KyleThatKyle Great now it's in my head...EVERRRYYYY BAAAHHHHDYYY (surprisingly hard on karaoke, FYI) @omglazerkittens Haha literally had one last nite! @omglazerkittens I do that a lot. Got in the habit of slamming an Ensure first thing. Food gets boring sometimes, e… movie had no right being as enjoyable as it was with such an absurd premise. Also had a lotta heart in it. Wo… @Vahn16 That's the biz these days... @y3rt @Under_Ach1ever exactly @Greenskull right?Anyone else finding themselves kinda nervous these days watching a show or a movie (filmed pre pandemic) in which you see large gatherings?(Larger update on my public FB - - long story short, while we project a perfect image it ai… years ago today I was lucky enough to marry this beautiful soul. I love you, LauraBeth. You are my forever pers… @PrimeVideo 1. Great edit, looks amazing, Day Fucking One. 2. Uh kinda felt like I just saw the whole season. 3. Needs more Starlight! @cwbuecheler Keep chippin' away at it! @z6String sneaking it right in there UGH @Celtic_Storm srsly @Pawn37 wheeeeeeeeeeeee @Slasher And I guarantee Bobby K was making money hand over fist still...Whatever happened to the net neutrality debate and that punch-able guy with the giant Reese's mug?
@tedcruz That little dick energy right there, Zodiac. @dulcetry JFC @FunkyRustic @googlenews We're inland enough; we're good. Hope our beach spot is ok though. #1stworldproblems @redlianak no shit yeesh @realDonaldTrump Can you ever not be full of shit, ever? Also *bigly @Azereki Over it, buddy... @redlianak whoa @FemSteph My rules... 1. Never assume a woman is preggers, no matter how far along. Ever. 2. Only ask to touch if… and while I'll always be sad about my studio folding I've had enough time to heal and I can joke about it these days...) @ThatTG24 Yeah reminds me of the catch 22 of people being like "The government is incompetent" yet at the same time… @Murderstorm117 totallyThat new Pharah skin sure is 🔥🔥🔥 @ThatTG24 My own conspiracy theory? A section of those in power WANT the people to stay ignorant/dumb...hence low t… @ThatTG24 I'm ashamed at my country right now. @jahranimo_ Sigh. Yeah. @jahranimo_ Google it and then prepare to slam your face against your keyboard/phone"Qanon" being a thing makes me want to stab ice picks in my testicles. Just when you think people can't get any du… @NephilV Yeah, classic!Rainy day. Forecast calls for a mimosa and binging classic Lonely Island videos.(This is a preview of Lauren's birthday gift which I'll happily share on her bday, 8/17) hehe she has no idea @L337LaurenThere are a lot of highs to have in this beautiful world of ours. A puppy kissing you. Meeting your niece/nephew.…
@BitterMercy Lotta weirdos there...and I say that as knowing that Elon's heart is in the right place... @Woobert37 @elonmusk 1. Nice Hamilton ref. 2. I tell my finance people to treat me like a 5 year old. I'm fully wi… @Murderstorm117 srsly @pgeuder How tone def was the PR team when this was taken and put out? Fuckin' seriously. @elonmusk I love people replying to this like "ElOn iS sMaRteR thAn yOu" uh yeah I know that, I built a career by s… @VincentValen_ totesFunny Games 2. that Elon Musk's followers are fuckin' weird. (And I respect that guy a lot.) @elonmusk I hear ya, but uhhhh gotta solve that pandemic first bruh. @ProjectLincoln "Get Out" @amittm *heavily manufactured nature mind you ;) @wakebrdkid @PaigeSpiranac Ugh I'll never forget being on my honeymoon (1st world problems) and they wouldn't let… @glassbottommeg I dunno. Still trying to unpack it all. There's a white boy's club that exists and I've been in it… @wakebrdkid @PaigeSpiranac Thanks. Also that's the classic golf adage - "I hate this game, I hate this game... ::hi… @AgeNtNicK As I said, I enjoyed it the times I've played. Just dunno how it's become...a thing. @rwilt2011 @ShadowNextGen To be fair, I DID want him as Marcus in the Gears movie... :) @owenhabel2 a broken healthcare system @MitchellRossman True. A safe place to do biz? @ILikeFilms Mini golf rules. :) @Chef_Lu_Bu no shitHey so seriously... what's with white people and the obsession with golf? It's fun once in a while but it's like c… @DannyTRS I mean, you had me at Harryhausen... :)