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Anyways quash linked me 🤞🏽 about to go drink with the rest of the girlsYou can tell im white fr cause I be doing some crazy shit that only they would do 😭EXACTLY how I be coming 🤷🏽‍♀️ @AgolioDestiny @frescoguy Lmfaooooo excuse me?? Girl that is my whole cousinFree skrap ❤️☺️💪🏼 @jersey_absolute LMFAOOOOOOWow!!! A love language have a whole attitude when my mom dont answer her phone!!! I do not like that shitHe sent me 100 flowers and asked me to be his girl🥺it’s the little things❤️
Retweeted by Khadijah! @nishaO62693 Yooo sis im crying 😭 you be whallinLmfaooo some shit @nishaO62693 would do 😭😭😭😭!!
All I need done is my lashes ☺️ & than im back like cooked crack😍😍😍 pink gel polish on my nails & feet >>>Real bitches over bad bitches....good thing I’m both!
Retweeted by KhadijahIm still sleepyJust know the pics in the cut boo 😉 @CorinneJaniece Lmfaoooo wtf 😭Y'all remember when Ashanti did this?🔥
Retweeted by KhadijahSat with jasmine yesterday 🥰 I swear that made my whole night . & noot cuddled with me ❤️🤞🏽 I love them! Yall gone be goodYou tried it hoe, that shit ain’t work!
Retweeted by KhadijahI slept so late & it felt so damn goodGoodmorning ☺️WHOLE MOOD 🔥🤪 don’t wish me well if you used to give me hell✌🏽🔥💙
Retweeted by KhadijahDamn jasmine & noot 🙏🏽😔
My back is on fire 😩😩morning 🏜
Retweeted by KhadijahLiterally! has me super exhausted!!!These white ladies at my job is loving my highlights in my hair 🥰That shower did it . My eyes heavy as hellGoodnightHe exposed me to real & now I hate lames.He taught me how to talk to em while I take pipe 🤪Me & gang had a goodnight now we all taking our asses home cause we all work in the morningY’all so fake ..y’all think anything people say is a shot at you and then y’all will really go around selling that…
Retweeted by KhadijahFor better for worst until death do us part 💕🤞🏽 you & me against the worldE bumping woman to woman in the car this shit hit different everytime 😁Free the real bury the fake 💪🏼I like to be fucked like a sluttttttt😍🎶
Retweeted by Khadijah @rockstarhajj Absolutely bro 😭 im on my chill shit 2021
I really took a $2500 lost ... I learned my lesson though ill never walk around with money in my purse ever again!!!& everybody doesnt really need to know certain shit anyways! So yeah let me be quiet ☺️I be wanting to tweet certain shit sometimes but I really dont be feeling like arguing with nobody lmao ive been at peace honestly @sarai_mommy I had it & it wasnt all that sis 😭Always!!! reason I dont like chic-fil•A is the fucking line!!! Like yall really over do it 😑Lmao facts let me go get chic-fil•A breakfast that Ive been craving but I dont even fuck with chic-fil•A at all! If you know than you know 🤮Brent faiyaz bumping early this morning while I clean on my day off >>>Goodmorning ☺️We don’t skip King Von and Lil Durk in this car!
Retweeted by KhadijahPooh Shiesty so fine bruh 😩😭😍😍😍😍
Retweeted by KhadijahTexting me -☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Would not recommend, I dont text back.
Retweeted by Khadijah @DejaFrost3 Your rice be sooooo damn goodY’all ever POST stuff on PURPOSE cuz you know somebody minding YOUR business 😂
Retweeted by KhadijahMy problem is I want pasta & rice everyday😖 way I can ignore a mf is crazy because when I go off it’s gone be BAD.
Retweeted by KhadijahThis the one
Retweeted by KhadijahWhat am I going to eat??Pop up guess who bitch 😉
I love kassandra 🥺💕 idc how long I go without talking to that girl we ALWAYS click right backIm soooo happy im off work tomorrowRyda said “I havent caught a cold in 10 years fucking with that lean” 😭😭😭😭 ayo I am cracking tf up!!!Respectfully lookin like “Yeah you see it. That’s all me.”
Retweeted by KhadijahHair, LAID. Waist, CINCHED. Fit, BIG DRIP - my forever First Lady did not come to play.
Retweeted by KhadijahCame straight from work & went to the doobie shop!!!! I hate when mf’s try to tell on me needs a laugh option cause y’all are fucking comedians 😂😂😂🤡🤡
Retweeted by KhadijahGiiiiiirl lmao facts fucked up on my mango banana smoothie 😑 im LIVID!Bumping mary’s joint on my way to work is such a vibe >>>I had to force myself out of the bed. Im so sick 😢Goodmorning ☺️Man this shìt a get ugly, nah this shit a get brazy😈
Retweeted by KhadijahGoodnightDeath hitting us left & right god protect me and mines 💙
Retweeted by KhadijahBitches that cry 😢 when they frustrated are crazy as fuck 😂 it’s me I’m bitches.
Retweeted by Khadijah💯💯💯 congratulations naiim
Retweeted by KhadijahIdgaf who had him he fuck with the big dawg now 😉 #respectfully!When 1 of my brothers make it or matter fact all 4 of them make it big I already wrote my list of shit down that I want 😭!!!’t be a “my man would never” type of girl. Cause these dudes will surprise you
Retweeted by Khadijahbehind every gangsta it’s a girl like me that talk to him like he pussy 🤣
Retweeted by Khadijahthey never wanna discuss what triggered you ... just how you reacted
Retweeted by KhadijahYall be so wrongg about me & ion clear shit up either
Retweeted by KhadijahIm soooo exhausted but today was good vibes im proud of my lil brother I swear ❤️
I was gone go live lmfaooooo but ima just record lol 😭He gone go dummy for me 🤗
Retweeted by KhadijahDamn it’s not even 6am yet
Retweeted by KhadijahI had to settle for chipotle 😒I want seafood boil or hook&reel!!I’m such a “ 🥺🥺🥺🥺 “ ass bitch. LMAO
Retweeted by Khadijah