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el-p @therealelp brooklyn

HI MY NAME IS EL-P AND I AM IN RUN THE JEWELS. management: @halfricanchief pub: @biz3 booking: @windishagency

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@AdrianLeeOliver @Eminem @KillerMike @donaldglover @TechN9ne @LilTunechi @common ; ) @kylemh_ @Jon__Zachary @hturan @OpenAI because i’ve known the guy i’m talking to since the 7th grade. how’d it show up in yours?
congrats mercury is out of retrofuck live your best life but do it quick @Jon__Zachary @hturan @OpenAI yeah pretty hard to rap my head around. @JLucasMcKay @gabeotis @aprettybigmouth because she's got me right where she wants me?"Trust is a commodity crushed by Pol Pottery YOUR COOKIE CUTTER LAWS CONTAIN FLAWS IN PHILOSOPHY" fav lines by…
Retweeted by el-p @jcefidel @KillerMike @runjewels @GooglePlayMusic I don't know man ill ask the team what the deal is though. @Jon__Zachary @hturan @OpenAI i strongly disagree. we incidentally my disagreement, which is very strong, is rooted… @starrkissedsixx @KillerMike ❤️
@mdrnlifeisbtdwn @lambgoat KShout out 2 @FACTmag for premiering my new video. Check it if u got a chance Prod w @the3ASiC Video directed b…
Retweeted by el-pit means everything to me 🤷🏼‍♂️ of course. had the pleasure of speaking with @therealelp and @timothysaccenti about the evolution of Run The Jewels' iconic…
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