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Founder & CTO: Tock, Inc., Xoogler, Ex-Apple, Author, Co-founder of ORD Camp, Feminist, He/Him, Chicagophile ✶✶✶✶ 'No Formal Authority'

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@sgwoods No, but I wish it had been! 😂 @isaach @drwave I KNEW IT @elunt Frankly, I'm not sure of *anything* these days... @meganamram Only the best turkeys, Megan. @limi It was Solaris. 'Nuff said 😁
This is a helluva good read. Thread: @RottenInDenmark @petersagal I will henceforth respond to Peter.DING DING DING DING DING!!!!!! is not a joke #NotTheOnion @mwichary *sigh*Headline o' the week over @techdirt "Court To Racist Douchebags: It's Not Defamatory For A Newspaper To Call You 'R… @kateconger If looks could kill, that one would probably wipe out a neighborhood.👇👇👇 @petersagal It's such a great podcast! @sampullara Yes, but when I need dog photos, I need them RIGHT NOW :) @GeekMelange @bethmeacham @MaryRobinette "Your experience does not match mine therefore you must be wrong." @MaryRobinette Bless his heart! @SarahBecan Oh she's adorable ... when she's not barking (which is... often)One of the greatest features of Google Photos is that you can just go into your photo library, type "dogs" and voil… @SarahBecan It's a pomeranian with a summer haircut :) @paulandstorm @SarahBecan My mom's dog Karmie says hi! @quinnheraty @debcha @willowbl00 It's one of the handful of movies on my "watch in the background while doing stuff at home" mov… @mcmillen @mariyastrauss @graceishuman Even better: @debcha @willowbl00 100% agreed. Never give up hmmm never surrender! @RakeshAgrawal @peter @rklau @BWJones @rklau sorryo para los stop y frisko. Yo did not conozco that yo would necesito los votos de personas de color para un…
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Note how much more often the vicious attacks are on the career public servants who are women...
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Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @spencertweedy They give us those nice bright colors--they give us the greens of summers. Makes you think all the w… @waldojaquith Whew @shobe @Daymons94519400 @catehstn Ewww. That's like walking into an open sewer.This is one of the men that Trump pardoned last night.
Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @joshbloch srslyBoom. @juliaferraioli Looks delicious!!
@adafruit @obra lol. Agree to disagree then 😁 @adafruit @obra It is not simple. @adafruit @obra Did you read the post? @adafruit @obra "doesn't comply with" @wholemilk @LeeFlower Co-signed @peter 100% agree @therealfitz This is how the GOP has operated for years: accusing their political opponents of things which the GOP…
Retweeted by Brian FitzpatrickThis is an important thread about why the rule of law is important in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and why…
Retweeted by Brian FitzpatrickI’m glad we all agree that Chi, LA, NOLA, & NY (in that order) have good food cultures. I would like to chat about…
Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @diamonde @danxoneil Yes!! @juliaferraioli Sounds delicious :) @catehstn I will give you the address then :) @catehstn BTW there is an AMAZING Italian boot store in Chicago that we should go to next time you are here. @catehstn Shoes are ALWAYS the answer. The question is irrelevant. @_tessr It's the new personality test! @absolutspacegrl OH MY GOD THOSE SLIPPERS ARE AMAZE @danxoneil Brrrrrrrrrrr @therealfitz @mattgodbolt @abigaildisney There was a line to this effect in one of the Gates’ annual letters a few…
Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @mwichary @rklau #airportbar in long form? I'm in. @therealfitz @abigaildisney Treat others like you want to be treated. Assume good intentions. But when someone show…
Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @therealfitz @abigaildisney If you live your life like a shark there will always be a bigger shark. I never underst…
Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @obra It's a very nice art project with very cool tech! But not a great badge. Violates rule 9 @mattgodbolt @abigaildisney Seems quite elegant to me. Thanks Matt.That reminds me of this quote from @abigaildisney that I think of all. the. time: totally nails it here. This is why we all live in a prison of our own making to some extent--if you fuck people… @johnolilly They are, in fact, the best people, John.The best people. here you'll see what we in the industry call a load bearing "openly"
Retweeted by Brian Fitzpatrick @obra @dimatosj @obra @dimatosj But it doesn't display a name in a very readable fashion now, does it? :) @HeyChelseaTroy You are right, I would have LOVED that! :)♥️♥️♥️ @dimatosj @mcmillen @dimatosj
I feel like my team is trying to tell me something, but I can't quite put my finger on what. @snipeyhead OMG ASVs are THE WORST @mwichary Glad to see other folks are figuring this out!I just love seeing fun stuff like this on @tock. :)This is cool :) @unklesteve @harper @plural @paulandstorm Right? @chowspecial @AmandaLannert wonder what it must feel like to be a smoking hole in the ground? This is just *destruction*, plain and simple.… @isaach We--and I want to make this absolutely clear--are so very fucked. @AmandaLannert I feel like I keep reading this book over and over and over again. @ECDonovan01
@skamille If they did, I assume they'd find a different line of work :)This should shock exactly no one. @TexasVC @vitaminwater'll take "Places that white dudes go to in Chicago for $400, Alex" @eszter Here's hoping it's old. Also: @catehstn This Bud's for you. @Erie Oh FFSCosigned. @Karnythia @m0bav @triketora 1. Why does it affect you? 2. A few hundred bucks is within the reach of most software engineers…