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Good morning you fabulous humans x
Night night from dolly and I x
More Monday musing... confident and sassy is this beautiful check number from @therealgokwan's WULI:LUU collection. Shop the look >…
Retweeted by Gok Wan 🌈Monday mantras one last week... washing has been so exciting business man who just walked past me... you are so polite... you should have just taken my number... no really! TAKE MY DAMN NUMBER!Hope you feel better soon Vera x💋 into @qvcuk today at 12noon where I will be (snottily) taking you through my new collection #wuliluu 💋 beautifuls x
I’ve blown my nose so many times I think I’ve bruised my ribs 🤧Only way to stop spreading my cold... forgotten I’ll be back at @qvcuk tomorrow going through my new collection with you at 12noon. Tune in for styling tips… dolly chops x
Saturday afternoons... at 5.30am with this stupid cold. I’ve tidied up, changed the water in the flowers, watered the plants and made…
💋👇👇 Only 6 more Fridays before #Christmas! 🕒 🎄🎅
Retweeted by Gok Wan 🌈Where has all the glamour gone? Just asking...Just 20 mins to go until @SYTTDLancs on @tlc_ukJust 1 hour and 50 mins to go before episode 3 of @SYTTDLancs on @tlc_uk get ya tissues ready! It’s a weepy one! XI posted this image of me on my stories last night and one of my best (cheeky) mates told me I was thirsty!!! My re… it work?👇👇 47 sleeps until #Christmas!! 🕒 🎄🎅
Retweeted by Gok Wan 🌈It’s Friday... which means another instalment if @SYTTDLancs on @tlc_uk at 8pm!!! It’s a bloody brilliant episode!!!! ❤️Can’t sleep cos I’m snotty and coughy 🤦🏻‍♂️
We're back at @avarosehamilton with @therealgokwan tomorrow night at 8pm on @tlc_uk - who's with us? 💍👗🥂 #SYTTDLancs
Retweeted by Gok Wan 🌈Don’t not catch up!!!! @SYTTDNorth @syttduk xxxx
Morning dolls... it’s my last week on @SYTTDLancs before Panto... let’s do this... did you enjoy Fridays episode? I…
Bagsy big spoon...Tonight I saw my darling and dear friend hatdorable in MAME at the @Spring_Mcr - it really is a masterclass in come… @GayTimesMag with get_repost ・・・ Yassss daddies!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Sydney Aquarium's (and tbh our) favourite same-sex…🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ can’t wait to get started... just 3 weeks until rehearsals start... you got your tickets yet? Morning my little springs rolls...
❤️🤪 caught myself talking to my underwear draw “right then, let’s do this”... I think I need a holidayI have really itchy eye brows! What does this mean? Is my face going to come into money? 💵Love you Nan x you lot... who’s for a brew?
If you missed Friday nights episode of @SYTTDLancs you can still watch it in catch up. @tlc_uk ❤️ consider myself very liberal but today I walked past an adult toy shop and the lovely shop assistant offered me s… x you fabulous people xNight night x
Coq-less Coq Au Vin❤️! It’s the weekend! 🕺
Here we go... turn over to @tlc_uk for This weeks episode of @SYTTDLancs ENJOY! XAfter a battle with Leukaemia at the age of 11, Liz has an incredible zest for life and is super body-confident 💕 C…
Retweeted by Gok Wan 🌈40 mins to go until tonight’s episode of @SYTTDLancs on @tlc_ukThat’s right! @SYTTDLancs is back on @tlc_uk tonight at 8pm... it’s a cracker of a show! Don’t miss out! X life throws lemons at you... make them your best friends x ya fancy and don’t tell me carbs are bad for you. What’s bad for you is rules!!!! Bread and butter.. the stuff… realness __chris_latchmore_smith #warholandfeddiecocktail to shoot the Press shots for the new series of How To Look Good Naked and I can assure you I do not have a litt…
Halloween ready... charlieduffymakeup love you x @carolvorders How you manage to still look hot in a pumpkin head is beyond me 🤦🏻‍♂️Boo! Morning! Happy Halloween 🎃 👻Awwww can’t wait!!! X
Woohooo thank you so much! X“I know you’ve made the bed Dad, but... it’s so comfy” dollydishclothwan one in the boutique today... may quickly try on a couple of frocks. @avarosehamilton @SYTTDLancs😤 hope all the promises the politicians are spouting about come true. I mean, it’s not like we have heard it all be…’t believe I start Panto rehearsals in 4 weeks... how did that happen? What? #cardiff #cinderella @New_TheatreMorning sugar lumps x
🍚 this message has just made my day. Thank you ❤️ I grumped way to early about waking up at 4am... watching the sunrise with a coffee is bloody luuurrvvvlllyyyyy!! ❤️I want spaghetti hoops on toast and I want it now... 🔘🔘🔘🔘Wide awake. Stupid clocks going back. Stupid, stupid clocks!
That face though dollydishclothwan people if you missed Fridays launch episode of @SYTTDLancs series II on Friday don’t worry you can catch…!!! Someone sign her NOW!!! dolls x💋
So gorgeous to meet you too x today is the last day of my tour in Plymouth. It has been incredible. Met thousands of beautiful people, hundred… up an hour before your alarm goes off, when the clocks have gone back, is like going to an all you can eat b…
❤️❤️ for a great day Cardiff! @goksosfa Cardiff for the best day!!! Love you xShe is x darling Mel... working with you was all my pleasure. #nodimples’s so sweet. Thank you x
I hope you’re all loving the new series of @SYTTDLancs xNearly there... little message from @therealgokwan 😍 Don't miss Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire, tonight at 8pm!
Retweeted by Gok Wan 🌈🙌🏻 over half an hour to go before the first episode of @SYTTDLancs on @tlc_uk ... have you poured a glass yet? XWhat you lot doing at 8pm tonight? Ahem... THE NEW SERIES OS @SYTTDLancs STARTS TONIGHT ON @tlc_uk at 8pm!!!#Repost @SYTTDNorth with get_repost ・・・ GOK’S BACK!!! ‘Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire’ returns to @syttduk tonight… morning dolls. It’s @SYTTDLancs launch day. Off to @thisisheart breakfast now to see @JamieTheakston and…
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