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GreasyTV @TheRealGreasyTV Indianapolis, IN

"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man." -HOVA

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Is it wrong of me to “disconnect” by staying at a cabin secluded in the Smokey Mountains for a week?Downtown Indianapolis during the #Covid_19 pandemic 😷😢
My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Mention, 24 Likes, 6 Retweets, 17.4K Retweet Reach, 12 New Followers. See yours with… biggest fans this week: ISmashForCake. Thank you! via
@gSwirlyTV You already know I got you...
Ayyyy 😎 #Blessed now. ⭐ Watch the premiere episode of #LeadingThroughChange with @sbuscemi, @soledadobrien, and a specia…
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Ummm Merry Christmas? @CallofDuty
I need someone to travel the world with me. taking applications.
Giving one person that retweets this tweet and follows me $100 PayPal💰 Tag your squad 👍 Drawing in 24 hours 🚨
Retweeted by GreasyTV @CryptoHelix @HoosierBoyTV He has an album coming out with Travis Barker called Tickets to my downfall. I am super… content creators, it's our job to keep those stuck at home entertained. Don't forget we are also influencers, so… @xBreezyLive I totally get it. Let me know when or if you do! :) @xBreezyLive Don't be worried about that brother. Every dollar would count. Everyone that has been effected by this would be grateful. @subcanis @AkT3ddyBearIs anyone doing a charity stream in regards to COVID-19? @WatchMixer Are you doing anything in response to this epidemic?
With some extra time indoors, how about a way to pass the time? Follow and retweet to win a console of your choice!…
Retweeted by GreasyTV @slapartist_406 @gamergoo Dang... I for sure thought I had this in the bag until you came along 😅. Love your setup! @elgatogaming I double dog dare you...streamer perks in animal crossing.
Retweeted by GreasyTV @Ninja @spidadmitchell @Funk @RonnieRadke @gamergoo @gamergoo’re giving away a Pac-Man #championhoodie! Rules to Enter: Follow @ChampionEsports and RETWEET friends you can be…
Retweeted by GreasyTV😂😂😂 @Jake_PSD @altcustoms partnered streamers out there looking for a channel manager? Feel free to DM questions or if you would like to… @ScHoolboyQ @RonnieRadke @iKawaiist
@RealPaigeWWE @RealPaigeWWE cats outta the bag now....
@lolaa_buckzz @CashApp $GreasyMixer @CashApp $GreasyMixer 😇😅 @Ewok @pokatoz 🤓 @altcustoms So I can work from home in style and brag to my coworkers 🙃🤓 @DobbyCryptids That means no @Indy500SnakePit 😢 @TheSimms What’s your link for mixer? @Indy500SnakePit @CoorsLight @lindsywood7 I wonder if they will cancel it 🙁It started with your parents, but now the torch is passed to you. 🔥🐍 Get ready to day rage with @MartinGarrix,…
Retweeted by GreasyTVThe coolest thing about quarantine is, not having to use a phone case.
Omg my next door neighbor 😩😩😩
Retweeted by GreasyTVThis makes my heart so warm! 😭🥰 @kfcgaming 🙃 @SimbyBTW I mean... I work as a client engineer and IT Analyst at work 👨‍💻I’m going to give away $30,000 to 1 random person who retweets this tweet AND follows Twitter Philanthropist @Pulte
Retweeted by GreasyTV @AaronLuke96 Hahahah the very end was the best @snowibitch Fuck dat shit, I’m out! @brriiz Where do I get one? 😅I love this show 😂😂 @brriiz I do the same thing!!! 😟 @FrankRose17 @tambry58 It’s the end of the world as we know it by @remhq @ItsDoughBoyTV @UnifiedGamingTV @TSM_Myth, I’ll get it animal crossing, but only if someone donates $59.99 to help pay for the game 😅 (Toe pics in ex…
networking. #DAVEFXX, starring Lil Dicky, is now streaming on FX on Hulu. new episodes wednesdays at 10pm on FXX.
Retweeted by GreasyTV @brriiz Same!HAHAHA! google the avg amount of data needed for online gaming.. DL 3mbps. UL 1mbps. I think video streaming especi… am about to cave in and get animal crossing to see what all the hype is about...jeeeze @Xbox, my drug dealer is more reliable than you. 😢Xbox is down again? sweet...
Meet my new bestfriend Mellow
Retweeted by GreasyTVtacos n titties
Retweeted by GreasyTV @CBSNews @lindsywood7 @Jake_PSD @altcustoms @lindsywood7
@chlooeeeexo At this point I feel like it’s just a lot of companies using “copy & paste” then clicking send. 😂
We can stay in our homes with our families to protect our physical health, but we have to take one more step to pro…
Retweeted by GreasyTV @DQueen226 WEEE need to fight ppl on siege soon ma’am. @Greatorexgang one?
Retweeted by GreasyTV @MaknCh3ese Pepsi unless it’s coke from McDonald’s. @itsDE5 Maybe If you didn’t eliminate everyone in the game and causing ppl to rage quit....Congrats big dog!! You’re doing big things bro! ♥️ @SeekerotheDawn Pucker up big boy lolI do my best to be positive toward everyone but yet I have someone trying to bring me down by talking about me behi…
Hi babes! Want to enter my new Lindsy x @Razer giveaway?! Two winners will each get a green pair of Razer Krakens,…
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@MaknCh3ese Depends on how good the seasoning is on the wingsGoing live for the duo tourney with my boy @OutTrump3d !!
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Can we not turn this virus talk into a debate/argument... virus' effect everyone differently. If it doesn't effect…
@dylan10353323 <# @TheRealGreasyTV <#
Retweeted by GreasyTV @Four_k_tweetin 😂😂😂 I love you @ShoozTV should have been him from the jump.. Jack Nicholson is still my favorite joker though!where are the sugar mommas at?!... 👀👀
Still don’t know the words super well yet, been practicing on stream for a little bit. Have literally never tried r…
Retweeted by GreasyTV @lindsywood7 is about to rap Godzilla by @Eminem on stream!! hurry!
Thank you so much! 😭♥️ @NamesXTV @GamerAdvantage You look like Pete Davidson in this photo!🎉🎉🎉 lots of new games on the way, we're here to help! 🎮 🕹️ 📱 Follow and retweet to win a console of your choice!…
Retweeted by GreasyTV @AggroSqizl BalancedIf this is perfectly balanced 24 hours from now, I’ll give EVERYONE who retweets this tweet $5 each, on god ✌️💜
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MY BEST YOUTUBE VIDEO YET?? So happy with how this came out! First little tutorial into me absolutely destroying k…
Retweeted by GreasyTVSeeing a lot of people on Mixer being surprised when they see 10 embers being donated in people's chats! You can se…
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I’ve got a huge announcement today!!!! I will be going live and I’m super excited to bring this to all of you. I’…
Retweeted by GreasyTV @RoraPickles Did someone say gun show? you so much @brriiz ! It’s so heart warming to see all the support. For real, it’s truly invigorating! ❤️ ❤️, @TonzyMixer is a real mother fucker. FACTS. @TonzyMixer Disliked* (past tense) I now love you!!! Don’t make me cry on the inside.😂😂😂 @TonzyMixer is a liar. Confirmed. @ErrnieGerrn I got you fam!