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@textualdeviance @N7H1N3VRCH4N935 There isn’t nearly enough smiting these days.Donnie Boy received a smaller share of the vote in 2016 and 2020than Mitt Romney did in 2012. you help me out with an RT to spread word? I've changed my handle to @NickKnudsenUS. I want to be sure folks c…
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererIf you’re going to post your shitty TERF bullshit, have the guts to leave comments turned on so you can get dragged… would be nice to be tired at midnight instead of noon. @NikkiHaley No one will ever accuse you of having tried to improve healthcare.Haley is such an unmitigated asshole, she truly believes helping to expand access to healthcare is a mark *against*… criminal should not be able to pardon his accomplices.Damnit, I was thinking of Dmytro Firtash not Deripaska. Doesn't seem like his name would fit in the redacted blank…, I meant Firtash not Deripaska. Don't think either name fits in the redacted blank though... @nycsouthpaw @kpolantz OOOOPS. I meant Firtash not Deripaska! Firtash is the dude under house arrest in Vienna who… My original guess was Parnas and Fruman acting through Rudy on behalf of Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska's name…
@nycsouthpaw @kpolantz Parnas and Fruman lobbying on behalf of Deripaska via Rudy . That's my guess. @MollyJongFast Could be anyone, really. investigating a scheme to exchange a big campaign contribution for a pardon. There is going to be all kinds of…, paraphrasing: "He should show evidence that there is no evidence." That is not something a smart person would… comes out and breaks the news to Trump that the DOJ isn't going to die on the "Election Fraud" hill... and the…💣From @SOSHealthPlan: The entire duty of unions is to protect the most vulnerable members. 95%of #SAGAFTRA member…
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererHey, @senrobportman, you had five years to find your spine and condemn Trump's conduct. Spare us the clutching at… @crumbbutler @eclecticbrotha Your wish is my command.This is right and I was wrong about both Trump pardoning Stone and potentially not pardoning Rudy if it were to emb… @Real_MrMyke I think I discounted the fact that Stone has dirt on Trump. He had a personal incentive to pardon him.… has spent her career boldly fighting for working families. A child of food stamps & Section 8 housing…
Retweeted by The Hoarse Whisperer @tonyposnanski No joke, I can tell when a tweet in my notifications is yours before even clicking on it. @kasie @JakeSherman @neeratanden Let’s just go right ahead and cut this stupid bullshit immediately. Thank you. Signed, 80 million peopleIf we make Rudy a source of humiliation for Trump, he won’t pardon him. @telftweets @MattGertz LOL. That “sliver” won the last two primaries, two popular votes and the presidency.Briahna Gray, Bernie’s abjectly incompetent former press secretary, now providing material for Fox News. Well, at… @sarahcpr I’ve not written all of my books that way. @tonyposnanski Ridiculous. Black jelly beans are the only reason people buy bags with those shitty pink ones. @tonyposnanski Accurate.Nobody, and we mean nobody, likes Kelly.
Retweeted by The Hoarse Whisperer @atrupar That was my first thought! @realDonaldTrump You lose in Michigan more than the Pistons. @old_cedar_trees Oooh, I understand that one too. When I got a new Dyson, I was happy to vacuum. @MaryLTrump Okay, how does a person get on the pre-order list for this one?!Apparently I am Gets Excited About Getting Some New Underwear years old. See what you have to look forward to, kids? @tonyposnanski What? I treasure the unique magic of all of God’s creatures - be they man or beast. @tonyposnanski People are a delight. I have no idea what you’re talking about.This would be an excellent time to not be wide awake. @TomSchmitzEsq @MJB_SF @TomArnold Libertarianism is selfishness rebranded by men with college degrees.The horse shoe is just a hoop now. haven't the Eagles benched Carson Wentz yet? Man, painful. @arawnsley This is dumb.This whole thread is really something. Erickson, a Republican, has been a staunch Trump defender. I'm gonna need… @neeratanden Congratulations, Neera!Not-Breaking Not-News: Joe Biden elected 46th President of the United States. @JohnCornyn It's almost like she is about to go from being in the private sector to being a federal employee.I'd be interested in reading legal takes on whether this pardon immunizes Flynn from charges for offenses known to… Ward, a loony conspiracy theorist, has filed a harebrained lawsuit seeking to overturn AZ election results.… @katierosemiller May the experience of being a parent somehow resuscitate your sociopathic soul.Every time I use Twitter's web interface, I wonder how people can use it regularly. I like the mobile interface so much more.Josh, you are a prep school kid who went to Stanford and Yale thanks to your banker daddy. Tell us more about "wor… agree.
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererAndrea Mitchell questioning how forthcoming Biden was about... hurting his foot playing with his dog. Who else bes… utter disgrace should still lose his license. His profoundly wrong and dangerous statements about COVID-19 sh… deep state erased a whole county. That's how deep this thing goes.
Joe Biden won Arizona again. @tonyposnanski I baked you a cake.’ve known @neeratanden for decades - she is smart, qualified, innovative and a tireless advocate for women & famil…
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererIt’s almost like an infectious disease doesn’t actually care about your religion. good news out of the Premier League re: the player involved in a brutal head-to-head collision yesterday. Ra… to receive President’s Daily Briefing today - bringing the total number of presidents who paid attention to i… @eclecticbrotha Brie defending Bragman. We are one step closer to the singularity where Brie, Brags, Sirota, et a…“I like to picture dees train on Creesmiss taking all the poors away from Versailles.” @elaineja From the Martha Stewart Country Wakes Collection. @nkem Remember when he launched Verrit? @AngryBlackLady I always heard OOTO. @davidgura That, sir, is a winning platform. @PatrickW @johnastoehr @neeratanden Neera is “controversial” to only a tiny sliver of the population that is vastly… @eclecticbrotha I like how we both got a shout-out in that one. Cheers. 🍻 @MollyJongFast I howled.This is the best thing I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by The Hoarse Whisperer @tomwatson Wally Brags quite literally is more upset about Tanden’s nom than he was about Trump winning in 2016. Not the sharpest, that guy.Is it just me or has Melania’s taste lightened dramatically now that she knows she gets to leave the White House fo… @kayleighmcenany @realDonaldTrump @VP @FLOTUS @SecondLady @washingtonpost Except, no. You have numerous male colleagues. @jlhbrain I was blocked for not liking Taylor Swift’s cover of September by Earth, Wind and Fire. @MediaMilly There is nothing angry or caustic about the above. @RealKHiveQueenB When you guzzle 30 hours’ worth of 5-Hour Energy drinks.Weird how nobody on the right seems to even care about Hunter Biden’s laptop anymore. Probably just busy with the holidays or something. @DBrandewie I am *shocked* to discover that a staffer on John Cornyn’s team has no idea what they’re talking about.No. Don’t. @MollyJongFast The state with the most sheep, literally, is Texas. How’s their whole no-masks thing going? @ksorbs You are very dumb, Kevin. @thrasherxy @DemSocialists Cry more.
@WalkerBragman He isn’t actually thinking about you at all, Wally.. @notcapnamerica She can’t seem to get over me. Sad, really.Class act, that Messi.. Scores a another stellar goal and then honors the great Maradona who passed away earlier t… @TerrenceMcNulty @JoeBiden “I’ll vote to harm everyone less privileged than me because my very white-guy-feelings are hurt.” — youthe rich legacy of O. Henry is alive and well
Retweeted by The Hoarse Whisperer @goldengateblond Plot twist! @notcapnamerica @JoeBiden @neeratanden Meanwhile, over at Extremely Online Lefty Bro Headquarters... set to lose Arizona again tomorrow., Wally Hamptons, you never disappoint. Biden and Vice President-elect Harris today announced new members of the White House staff who will…
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererReady to serve accurately describes how I feel. Thank you Madam Vice President-elect @KamalaHarris for entrusting m…
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererBiden has hired a dynamo communications team. Oh, and they are all women. Is this the first all-female comms team…
Retweeted by The Hoarse Whisperer.@Transition46 comms team, assemble!
Retweeted by The Hoarse WhispererPatrick Mahomes has 359 passing yards. At halftime. Crazy.. choice for OMB! Congrats to my friend @neeratanden 👊
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