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Jeff Jr. @TheRealJeffJr Stephenville, TX

Just a dad, doing my thing. I’m the best at making the worst dad jokes.

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I’m not even high and this is trippin me out.
Kids and their dumb ass questions. SMH🙄 @tattjaxx Today is nuts, amigo. The next day the ol lady has off, I’ll come over with my homemade salsa + chips💙If anyone was wondering what I want for Christmas.. @codyblurr 🤣🤣I’m currently getting my stomach pumped after posting it as wellTake a shot for every engagement post you see this month.My music taste is bipolar, then throw kids in the mix and you get this. I put my Spotify through it this year. @_hvacbri apparently, this is still a “religion” today and they are against suicide but are for “evacuating” your own sou… their website is still up😳’all want a freaky rabbit hole to go down?? Google “Heavens Gate Cult”. Maybe I’m just late to the party and ever…
I present to you, my son...
Bringing this gem back’re going to Tucson, AZ for Christmas and I’m so excited. I’ve been craving me some Eegee’s and Lucky Wishbone.
2020 secks will be LIT
@JohnNorback Yes. I will pay for the toaster of your choosing. Just ensure that it is plugged in.$10 to whoever drops a toaster in my bathI’m soaking in a Melatonin bubble bath, drinking pickle beer rimmed with Tajín. This is what my life has come to. @loganrichters 4 years too long🙄wow we’ve been friends for way too long 🙃
Retweeted by Jeff Jr. @ChaoticGoodest But that’s when I was cool though, right? So it still fits🤣🤢🤮How to tweet like a cool person: “I just want to find the love of my life and live in a little house with a wrap…
I told y’all his name wasn’t “baby Yoda”. In the timeline, Yoda is already dead. Sooooo, I won’t spoil anything, bu… first hit of nicotine in the morning have me like
It’s just me and my son at the house tonight. We’re watching The Christmas Chronicles 2 and drinking hot chocolate. Do not disturb. @_yabyboda He’s giant right?! Just barely turned 13 months 9 days ago🤣🤣 @meganrayanne11 Idk about all that..🤣🤣 to be 1 year old and so excited to get a new chair😂 I feel old as hell remembering this part of life😂 do all the guys who BBQ the best always have red ass faces
Have you ever wondered why cemeteries are fenced off? It’s because everyone’s dying to get in.
Twitter really copied Snapchat with the stories after we’ve been begging them to copy Facebook with being able to e… are all the new emojis that were just added with iOS 14.2 so you don’t have to scroll through and find them. Y… years ago it was just Hooch and I on thanksgiving. It was such a lonely but wholesome time😂 rolls cooked in the microwave vs pizza rolls cooked in the oven
We look nothing alike, right?😆 @_hvacbri’s moments like this that make me wish I could freeze frame time🎶 @TheLifeOfLane @Nmguitarpicker But he got to meet my boy, so that was cool af @TheLifeOfLane @Nmguitarpicker Same. I just saw him like a week or two ago and I miss him.Tis the mf season. Cheers.
Is buttcheeks one word or should I spread them apart?
@HeartlandCwboy Apparently so, it flew by so fast!Shoutout to the real ones that came to watch me💙
Having a stuffy and runny nose at the same time is dumb. @Hyden_Samantha SRV is my dadday! I actually used to get that from time to time when I wore my cowboy hat🤣
I decided to get back on here for a second and post a little cover. Shake the Frost - Tyler Childers
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@TheLifeOfLane We can just say mourning myrtle is moaning myrtles long lost cousin. Even though mourning myrtle mak… duck may swim on the lake, but my daddy OWNS the lake definitely meant moaning😂🤦🏻‍♂️ but mourning fits and will make more sense to people who haven’t seen Harry Potter… who cry on Snapchat are just weird, bro.. Buncha mourning myrtles
I’m going to start turning off the internet every time I make a phone call so the kids know what I had to grow up with.My life in a thread
@cuntyspice_ Oh and it took mine like 2-3 months to heal. So don’t get it 2-3 months before allergy season either😂
@cuntyspice_ If I can get mine pierced straight to a 12g, you can do it. But one piece of advice I have is to not g… dude is my spirit animal
This is the longest 2 weeks to flatten the curve ever. Feels like it’s almost been a year. I hate time. @heyitsjordan_ Y’all are true fans🤣You know what.. I’ve been a Patriots fan for about 14 years. I was in 8th grade when I truly committed. We’ve alway…
@asr1018 Or just use Chuck Norris again. The man is timelessJust when I thought there couldn’t be anymore treason committed in this country.. Walker, Texas Ranger is just som…
@kaleeeeeh_ 😂😂 @fireinthehole_2 Never forgetI use a charcoal grill because I’m a man.
@asr1018 But I mean something that doesn’t involve needles. I pass out when needles are about to be put in me. I ne… @Rodeo2010Tyler The simulation is brokenSo you’re telling me that we have technology to explore other whole ass planets but we still don’t have a hangover… @Rodeo2010Tyler you, I’m drunk
@imjustsad6 Actually yes. You can hate it all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the source of mo…, if Joe wins, my truck will be for sale and I will have to find a new field of work. 2019 F350 Turbo Diesel 4… @JNotSoNasty Yes please, I hate the cold! Thank you, I mean me.
Good Charlotte radio to raise my spirits @stormyyfaith Tweet away on your oil byproduct phone. Don’t bite the hands that feed you😉Why the results are taking so long @WaaaayUp You know that plug in heaters are made of plastic right? And you know what plastic is made out of right?… @TheLifeOfLane My fav one is when the electrical room is flooded and they just keep walking into the water and getting electrocuted😂
My name is Jeffrey, but not Epstein. @andreb661 You’re not my dad @TheRealJeffJr No give backs!
Retweeted by Jeff Jr. @_hvacbri 🥺💙 @TheRealJeffJr Stay forever pls
Retweeted by Jeff Jr.Except me. I’m cool. @WillRHubbard I did😂 @haileylotero But, have lived in Cali, the one here in TX is no where near as good. Texas all the way though😂Let’s take a break from political bs and look at my son climbing on his train to watch the squirrels outside. @travis_orr1 She declined it😞I’m the sweetest🥰 @mags_tray No, I literally just told you why I’m arguing with you. I was educating you... I hope you have sons and… @mags_tray Every reply of mine has been explaining to you how it works because your original statement was putting… @mags_tray No, I’m arguing because your point in the argument was uneducated and I was giving you facts and you kee… @mags_tray That’s not what I’m saying. Refer to my first reply. It’s the oil companies decision. Every election yea… @mags_tray Well, you’re showing your own intelligence by saying that Trump has anything to do with work being slow… @mags_tray You know there are 49 other states, right? AND the industry always slows down tremendously every single…
I can’t wait for all the political posts 24/7 to stopEzra was so little😢