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@Taylor_Burns10 ... thank you? @handsomedolly “Blame it on Rio” @Eli_Runs proud of u. Scream into that void! @mattprigge i welcome youre hatredBEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU’RE DEAD [Lumet 2007] @Eli_Runs everyone who listens to podcasts at 1.5x speed is in for a *treat* @Eli_Runs you have a podcast?First Rikers COVID Death Was Jailed on Technicality via @thecityny
Retweeted by Mark Asch @codfarlo @TheEndofCinema Haven’t seen it but Salter’s THE HUNTERS is similar to that, and relevant here @eshynes Yeah—& the two convos that starting pitchers have w/ Mahoney when they know they’re gonna win (naïf Dickie… fuck this is maybe the best attempt @maddiewhittle unfortunately, as ive been discussing on here, i don’t know enough about what it’s like to be a good baseball player 😓 @davo_arid I don’t know it! Interestingthe makers of A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN did not find it inherently compelling that Marla Hooch crushes baseballs. but w…
@davo_arid lmao (but of course he’s not a “natural”—I’m really talking about how to make Grace a cinematic object) @TheEndofCinema ooh(McReynolds in EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! qualifies i guess) @therealaaronk yeah HEAT is kind of a sports movie about two superstars facing off, isn’t it. i should really finally see ALI...hence, surely, the recurrent sports-movie focus on screenwriting-manual Obstacles grittily Overcomethe answer, surely, is that it wouldn’t feel like anything at all, that you “just do it”—even the rare transcendent… bad athlete throughout my youth, i always wondered what it would be like to be a good one, and the movies are no… in THE ART OF FIELDING, a book explicitly about the grace of genius (athletic & otherwise), Henry Skrimshander… once i want to see a sports movie that knows how to make the best player on the team an interesting characterwant to see a movie about the Hooches: the humble hick who, against all odds, built the perfect ballplayer from scr… that’s always bugged me about A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN is that Marla Hooch has bad posture—a switch hitter with… fuck i hope Sevilla makes it @mattprigge vibes
@ella_kemp soooooort of did it already in the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER section of the book but Adam really unlocked BEA… but these tensions are a product of SNF’s origins in a spurious story about 60s rockers from industrial Britain… SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, the film BEACH RATS most resembles, you have the paradox of conservative working-class en… tension or duality in BEACH RATS’s style, between tawdry naturalistic material and Denis-style sensual-subject… @trillmoregirls covered bridges, open hearts let’s goooooooo @rarerborealis @mariebardi my self-administered lobotomy (i used a chopstick we got from Pearl River [original loca…
The virtual screening rooms keep coming, it's a good thing to do with disposable cash (if you're lucky enough to ha…
Retweeted by Mark Aschquarantine goes on long enough Dolly's gonna post her tattoossummer blockbuster season is postponed until autumn/winter but we're pushing up Joni Mitchell Season from December to April @SorayaRoberts @brofromanother this is the plot of BROADCAST NEWS @carolineavenue well the reissued novels are Serif and the Poets Series is Sans Serif but close enough @labuzamovies @CarmanTse @thejoshl Classics are Serif and "autofiction" is Sans Serif. @brofromanother wow burnso @brofromanother's description of Hittman's style as "split[ting] the difference between hardscrabble naturalism… @georgekrz oh, perfect, thanks @vrizov [pointing at my tweets] "That's the noble mind"This is my “Jewish and Goyish” routine now apparently.Ricky D’Ambrose and Lev Kalman & Whitney Horn are Sans Serif; Alex Ross Perry and Nathan Silver are Serif. I think… @DelibrtlyObtuse @Glenn__Kenny good one... and also, that’s where the “jake” of the bands name comes from, isn’t it. Must be! @elijuhhhhh check out The Bone Collector [Noyce 1999] over here @georgekrz ooh! @codfarlo oh yes. @Honors_Zombie just........ collect bonesScorsese and Tarantino are Serif filmmakers and their success last year was the sign flickering. David Fincher is a…
T.S. Eliot dedicated “The Waste Land” to Ezra Pound, “il miglior fabbro”—the better craftsman. But there was a craf… @NickPinkerton knew i could count on you @Moviene98186722 based on a beautiful, terse 30s novel, it's the most plaintive and naturalistic of the early-70s g… @dImEnSiOn_TiDe TLA! my go-to video store freshman year of college, on West 8th across from the Gray's Papayain the 2020s "wellness" is out, sloppiness/neediness/horniness/solidarity is in. we are flipping the big lever and… "neutral" background & spaced-out succulents & unadorned fonts from Instagram ads packaging products like freak… of textual flourishes and their lack, read @jilnotjill on "minimalism," and how "negative space" actually… 2010s were a Sans Serif decade, and many of the people who defined it—Marie Kondo, Caroline Calloway—are Sans S… me, it's not a switch, it's a lever. Jack Fisk played this person in ERASERHEAD.there is a big neon sign, all graphic designers know where, like a motel sign, except instead of NO VACANCY it says… IS BLIND has also been excellent fodder for my "there's only like 50,000 members of any so-called 'generation'… @rockmarooned history doesn't happen everywhere at the same time man @rockmarooned this show has been a useful reminder to me of the persistence of Trad values at the American median (… @rockmarooned i knew from Twitter that Jessica would serve a fishbowl-sized glass of red wine to her dog but i did… @rockmarooned (buncha Vincent Adultman-ass job titles on that show tho) @rockmarooned "Health Coach"according to 90 seconds i just spent on Google, only one of the cast members on LOVE IS BLIND is in multi-level mar… @kenjfuj wonderful country, America @kenjfuj christPaul Giamatti
Retweeted by Mark Aschall my rowdy friends are here on twitter @responsiblerob did u FaceApp the poster wtf @CarmanTse 👑 @JayCarney @SenSanders hey just came here to say eat shit bootlicker! @MrOtterton912 Yeah, exactly. and Sterling named names (though it was gonna be John Huston initially)
@brofromanother also: that that line, the most fantastical statement in the monologue, is immediately prefaced by,… @Nick_Newman @fauxbeatpoet you make it sound almost normal!unreal. Sambola! very sad + shocking to learn of Adam Schlesinger's death. Adam was a brilliant, perfectionist composer + produc…
Retweeted by Mark Asch @Nick_Newman @fauxbeatpoet i used to do them for The L not infrequently when i had a daily blog post quota; i think… am already on the record as saying that "Stacy's Mom," the ultimate Girls Gone Wild-era earworm, is a technically… terms of his genre, he was a Stephen Merritt-level lyricist writing about the Wrens' subject matter, but then yo… casually perfect meter, the internal rhyme, the efficient image invoking an entire lineage of gray-flannel-suit… is terrible—Adam Schlesinger belonged in the Tin Pan Alley lineage of ostentatiously effortless American songw… James's Abstract Baseball is this anythingi am a better writer and critic now than i was then but i used to really have the tap flowing all the time; i know… you ever read something you can't remember writing & feel kind of amazed & disbelieving that you were ever that… @postuccio i read that yesterday, fist-pumping the entire time @fauxbeatpoet with nothing to do right now but read and rewatch films, i mourn anew the loss of Philips Seymour Hoffman and Roth @labuzamovies @_katiestebbins_ ok but it actually might @labuzamovies @_katiestebbins_ interesting (& seemingly begging for a macroeconomic explanation) @labuzamovies @_katiestebbins_ oh for sure—I’m really interested in what constituted “mass culture” during the pree… @labuzamovies @_katiestebbins_ interesting! i always think of hierarchies in the context of post-GI Bill suburbaniz… hope Dons Johnson & DeLillo are staying safe @labuzamovies @_katiestebbins_ tell me about Highbrow/Lowbrow