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@DrCuriosity @AuntyMiche @sundhaug92 @compuguy @zarchasmpgmr @ExadataDBA @sqL_handLe @diddykang @havochaos
@claidham @n0ty3p Same @sundhaug92 @compuguy @AuntyMiche @zarchasmpgmr @ExadataDBA @sqL_handLe @DrCuriosity @diddykang @havochaos asked for that dress basically because he noted how cute it was. "Are you wearing an Elf dress? It's cute, just… @zarchasmpgmr @marypcbuk @sqL_handLe @havochaos @oclsc @compuguy @diddykang @907tothe703 @6502_ftw @gm_palmer accidentally printed on our new LaserJet via a port 9100 'POST' request that's why. @zarchasmpgmr @marypcbuk @sqL_handLe @havochaos @oclsc @compuguy @diddykang @907tothe703 @6502_ftw @gm_palmer ports, IP addresses, and protocols to a sibling of 8 years old by using houses, keys, and house numbers as analogies
@textfiles I'm sorry @JJCelery @diddykang @sbisson @DrCuriosity @marypcbuk @sundhaug92 @oclsc @geo_walters @Paxxi @compuguy @micheinnz @JJCelery I wish I had money rn
@NintendoAmerica @animalcrossing 115+ hours
There is now an article about this on @TheRegister and a new statement from @Cloudflare
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonAn update: some of the sites I mentioned about have been unfiltered, but there are still a ridiculous amounts of si…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonAnother category with heavy bias: News Cloudflare filters lgbt focused news sites like Advocate and PinkNews. This list will be endless.
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonIf @Cloudflare had even an inkling of quality assurance they would have caught these issues in the *design* of the…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonThey didn't block "dating apps" as a category they only blocked "lgbt dating apps" because the filtering is politic…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonJust to make the point that this is targeted against queer people and not at broad categories: Grindr and Her (dati…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonCloudflare were very quick to unfilter the first few sites, but there is a very long tail - and will likely always…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonEvery queer person who is remotely involved in any kind of support work knows people who were saved by online resou…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonTo have them turn around and offer a product which overblocks practically every major queer resource site, sex educ…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonThis isn't even a novel issue. Censors have been blocking resources for queer youth for as long as there have been…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonCloudflare are painting this as a "mistake" but it is evident that this is a systemic issue - if they had *anyone*…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonAn example of a site that is not blocked, Stormfront
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonThey are also seem to be blocking intersex resource sites and groups like PFLAG and HRC Did literally anyone at C…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonYou would think that an organization like @Cloudflare that spent weeks and agonizing over a decision to block lit…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonBut it really isn't about individual orgs, it's about blocking an entire category of resources as "adult content" p…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonOrganizations that I've tested and found to be blocked: Stonewall, LGBT Foundation, Outright, Mermaids, Broken Rain…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyonCloudflare, swearing it is not a joke, have launched a censored DNS product that out the gate blocks LGBTQ support…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyon @NioXoiN @EvergreenWolfTW @rakujira @JarylGaren @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam Not just Japan but primarily @staatsgeheim Happy April Fool's Day to you too @jilles_com I have heard about such a thing but am not an expert on this field sadly enough, don't want a Rian situation. @That_One_Fool @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We didn't want it to reach beyond some small communities tbh. @Gcole6OW @Bobo29951980 @HimitsunoRozu @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We didn't know it wo… @YeahItsCosmiic @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam As said it was intended to be a little joke… @Z2506337384 @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam The third option would've been not saying anyt… @Z2506337384 @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We didn't mean it to go this viral. When it ha… @jojogggghREAL @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We didn't make the whole "free Flipnote with… @Toni_Kensa_ Not just Japan, also America (sometimes) @jdh71996 @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam we didn't plan on it going to be this big. @safe_wlf @rakujira @Starjeti @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam They can do so. @IronAidanD @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam tell that to eg Google/Alphabet inc. they do it… @Iemonademilk @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We didn't plan it getting so out of hand tbh. @IronAidanD @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam Tell that to eg $GOOG @alizardguy @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam our apologies for that @alizardguy @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam we basically did so, mainly last week the joke… @MarnieCafe @rakujira @PushDustIn @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam sorry, we hope Nintendo noticed too @Wiishopchannel1 @AlgenIsHereLOL @rakujira @ToonTris @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam And ofc Kaeru on the 3DS @Chjobld @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam You actually can do so, companies often do so too. @EvergreenWolfTW @rakujira @JarylGaren @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam they do if it reaches parts of certain countries. @Kolma @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam IIRC we started in late/end March, with an obvious f… @AlgenIsHereLOL @rakujira @ToonTris @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We're not yet sure, maybe Nintendo noticed. @EvergreenWolfTW @rakujira @JarylGaren @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam We should keep hope Nintendo noticed. @diskturbo @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam sorry for that... @_Pajohnmas_ @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam we didn't expect it getting this much attention either. @crs100 @JetsomU @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam It was quite well done, TBH. @NioXoiN @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam definitely @JetsomU @crs100 @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam hmhm @diskturbo @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam It was extremely cash money, a Youtuber made it… @JetsomU @crs100 @rakujira @calcium_chan @LissBev33 @Sudomemo @KaeruTeam Some Youtuber made it get out of hand... Wasn't our expectation
Hoi, @DisneyPlusNL ik zit te wachten totdat House of Mouse en TaleSpin in Nederland beschikbaar worden. Ik weet dat… @Facebook your site is in my, and many other people their, eyes the worst. You disabled my account based on nothing…
@DramakinsTv Please invite meCan I get this on a shirt?Best wel gek hè? #RUMAG #rumagnietstelenLol, donatie item is offline gehaald en gaat RUMAG huilen bij de kranten, het zit zo: #rumagnietstelen the fuck is a RUMAG? I guess I gotta watch Zondag met Lubach.
Came across this neat bug in #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Needed a confidence booster @grufwub @ComradeEevee I am 6'1+, so I take a full bed in length and I can also own it in width because I lay on my… kinda wew @danielverlaan Niet bypassable in safe mode?TFW you're too skinny for your dressAny folding at home team I should join? @nicolas09F9 @IanColdwater Same @IanColdwater And playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Nintendo Switch @IanColdwater Aside of makeup @IanColdwater Not much done but I will today
@oclsc @zarchasmpgmr @sundhaug92 @6502_ftw @AuntyMiche @compuguy @marypcbuk @browofjustice @dvdfreitag @sbisson @GameXplain I hope to win it if it ships to Europe... @oclsc @sqL_handLe @marypcbuk @6502_ftw @zarchasmpgmr @sundhaug92 @DrCuriosity @JJCelery @diddykang @gm_palmer @havochaos @sqL_handLe @oclsc @marypcbuk @6502_ftw @zarchasmpgmr @sundhaug92 @DrCuriosity @JJCelery @diddykang the planet!"in ACNH, if you make custom design paths with the island creator, it will only be square like in New Leaf. But if…
Retweeted by TheRealProcyon @keshia_n_b @MattBobBrad @catcontentonly Though I talked about it, due to Shenzhen explicitly forbidding it accordi… @keshia_n_b @MattBobBrad @catcontentonly Because of what the USA's CDC said. Here we call it "fish markets", though… @keshia_n_b @MattBobBrad @catcontentonly The problem is also for other countries that a lot that what happens onlin… @staatsgeheim @Zwarte_Magica Fair enough @staatsgeheim @Zwarte_Magica En de iOS versie dan hè? @staatsgeheim @Zwarte_Magica Draait alsnog Apple Webkit IIRC @tmobile_webcare dit gaat om T-Mobile Thuis @tmobile_webcare er schijnt een probleem te zijn met jullie DNS servers. Als ik alternatieve DNS servers gebruik werkt het netwerk wel @marypcbuk @diddykang @gm_palmer @zarchasmpgmr @browofjustice @q_aurelius @6502_ftw @bertjwregeer @sundhaug92
@oscaron @munin In the Netherlands they're trying to use data of patients to use ML to find the right treatment for…
trans flag for #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@RFC2321 @PyroBatNL @Cryptopixels @staatsgeheim @krullenkoppie @KelRebel @komieke1980 @dagkija @maandans @robinvr78 about being unlucky... watch until end #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
@JadedJon @QueenMiltonAE @not_kobalt @SciresM As long as it's strong and stable @tranquileyes30 4/4.5 @pvineetha @SarahBDay @gogojira_ @oclsc @secitup @sundhaug92 @havochaos @zarchasmpgmr @SynStalker @Paxxi @FPieces