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Silverfinger @theRealRayThomp South West, England

Retired. Researching/writing on ancient Egypt and Israel. I collect antiques. I'm against unfairness, inequality and injustice. That's why I don't like Tories.

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@queencactus13 Give it another minute. OK, make that thirty seconds. @Johnrashton47 I imagine the pounds are just dropping off. @lewis_goodall Just a pair of charlatans competing for a slice of the pie. I'm really not interested. @britainelects @IpsosMORI Thanks for that peek into The Twilight Zone.If you think it’s an outrage that #BBCBreakfast can allow a Gov’t minister to tell it’s millions of viewers this bl…
Retweeted by Silverfinger @JamesEFoster @dubplatedoris @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson I reluctantly disagree with Miriam here. I think the Chief… @jed_shed @CliveWismayer @RichardJMurphy How did he miss out on so many good genes?
@johnmcdonnellMP Britain needs a Socialist alternative to the capitalistic madness that's running rampant right now. Where is it? @KevinPascoe Let's see how the Labour party membership numbers look by next year. @AnnelieseDodds There's a third way. Elect a truly Socialist government. How unfortunate that it's no longer an option. For now. @DerbyChrisW @MElmaazi The Americans were desperate to give it a real test, to see once and for all the devastation… @RHHassall @tonypatt2000 @newmoo41 Life will later on teach you all you need to know. And it might be an unpleasant experience. @MarieAnnUK Me, I cringe at the thought of voting to give any power to the likes of Nandy, Phillips, Kinnock, et al… @BeaumontBee @tonypatt2000 Socialist, not socialist. Don't demean the cause. @tonypatt2000 Goodbye, plonker. @eyejosh @Johnrashton47 Very good. Patrick Vallance is on video from March saying that it's necessary for people to… @tonypatt2000 You're a Socialist (not socialist) if you believe in social fairness, a properly funded NHS, good sch… @vevers_sara @Johnrashton47 @GoodLawProject @JolyonMaugham Thanks for that. @BorisJQuotes It smacks of a Cummings "brilliant wheeze", don't it? @Johnrashton47 I heard on Sky News this afternoon that a group of lawyers are prosecuting the government for its PPE debacle.Very clever of our Tory government to suddenly start imposing quarantines on people coming in from various European… @BorisJohnson Yes, your photographer got some great shots of everyone stopping to say hello. @Douglas4Moray Golly, how sweet and wholesome.New video from #JustJews: Jews have never spoken with just one voice. #BoardofDeputies #ManyJewishVoices
Retweeted by Silverfinger @D_1888 The guards do night patrol every thirty minutes. There's a hole in the barbed wire near the cook hut, but y… @South_SPC When it comes to his racism, he does tend to over-egg the old pudding in the hope of winning that Bafta. @Normanjam67 @campbell582000 How did Jo's election go, by the way?I wouldn't call it an invasion. Us going into Iraq was an invasion. This is definitely not one of those. @DPJHodges If anybody who ever talked to the IRA trying to broker peace is in some way undesirable, I've got news f… @Labourpaul It's the damage done by those treacherous. "centrist" Labour insiders who worked so hard to prevent Cor… @affleckquine @campbell582000 @Keir_Starmer He's probably got shares in one or more of the companies involved.
@realsuejeffers @BlueIsTheOnly1 @1_Albus_Lepus Glad to help. @realTreeHugs I hereby declare to Twitter that @realTreeHugs is NOT a bot. @nevillebartos12 @NightSocialist @juliewassmer @campbell582000 @UKLabour I don't see how Corbyn can be blamed for b… @StaffsVegan @boscoez The Lying CowsBoris Johnson calling for the break up of the NHS he was clapping for earlier tonight.
Retweeted by Silverfinger @THemingford That goes for the women too. @felledger I think it was because we invited the disease with the idea of bringing about that herd immunity, then t… @BorisJohnson Don't forget to honour Jeremy Corbyn's efforts to bring peace in Northern Ireland too. @davemacladd A report just published found that our government put a lower financial value on the lives of its citi… @PhantomPower14 @Normanjam67 Just so long as the £300-a-day isn't anything to do with it. @JustinWelby We saw your colours during the general election. A Tory enabler with a mission to keep the Establishme… has been several questions on University Challenge. It really isn't a measure of success in life. Get a grip. @RFewtrellUK Sending a virtual hug.
@AmericanIndian8 @Alexlac51 Glorious. @fkevolution @KeenanRoddy Probably not an attack. There was clearly a lesser fire first, maybe involving fireworks… @guardian All a computer geek needs is for an idiot politician to be so much of an idiot that he'll click on a temp… can be so amusing at times. @xgracetorrancex Well done. If I had a hat on, I'd take it off to you, Grace. @BorisJohnson Thoughts and prayers again. Good to see you put such stock in things that never, ever fail.YouGov = ToryGov @nicktolhurst @MoominTheBrave It's still to be proven that it was Russia. Any good computer geek can send a dodgy l… @juliewassmer @campbell582000 During that election, I was furious to see my own MP, Ben Bradshaw, on national TV ne… @MoochAbout Prospective MP selection night in Tory HQ. @darrenmark69 I don't give a monkey's how you feel about the virus. I do give a monkey's when somebody who doesn't… @impeachjad It was a typical fireworks blaze at first, with fireworks going off throughout. Then another source of… @JMPSimor @UKLabour Fox stupidly clicked a phony link (which we're all warned against) and got his email account ha… @MikePannett I think the authorities will need to find a way to bring a retrial and a murder conviction to increase the sentences. @Keir_Starmer Here's a clear case of racism from the very top, courtesy of RT. Get stuck in! @MsCCollins1 I'll take my chances on the left. 😛😍 @drpie53 Yes, that's why they sling it. @skynewsniall Corbyn meets controversial figures to broker a peace deal. Blair meets controversial figures to broke… @TheMendozaWoman I can't believe anybody would be allowed to store that amount of high explosives in a built-up area. @bbc5live @SDL40 @Emmabarnett Not keen on the Establishment gals.And this week's prize for biggest prat on Twitter goes to... @BOMBERBRIAN @skynewsniall The Corbynistas are alive and well? More than can be said for your brain cells, anyway. @skynewsniall Not being able to hear every word Jeremy Corbyn utters, we don't know. @Rachael_Swindon If there's cheap food going, it's a given that Nadhim will want his share soonest. @helenmallam @rins2pworth Dara doesn't think so well, either.
@rodjgrimmer @RhinestoneCow11 The BBC thought Cliff was a done deal, given his known antics in the Elm Guest House.… @jessphillips I dread to think what the question was. Have you considered legal action? @PeterStefanovi2 @Lemondrop49 Liam Fox is a proven idiot. Liam Fox clicked on a spurious link and got his email acc… @_i0n You're trying to give me nightmares, right? @Keir_Starmer How about stamping out anti-Semitism in the Labour party? One of your more right-wing MPs recently ma… now follows a message from the Enemy of the People. @barryoleary77 @RoseCommunityGp @Exfostercarer @soopagaz @daphne_miles @davemacladd @Socialistamista @Jeremy_Hunt @RishiSunak You go ahead and catch Covid-19 if you're that desperate. Is it worth a restaurant meal?
@eastantrimmp What an utter twonk. @JMPSimor She probably wants them to have a good mum.New chancellor Rishi Sunak cashed in on fund that helped break banks | News | The Sunday Times
Retweeted by Silverfinger @BarrySheerman Hasn't Starmer kicked you out yet? I thought he promised to be hot on that anti-Semitic stuff. @WestminsterWAG You won't be letting them take you into a hospital, then? Can we have that in writing? @angeltheartist5 @DrFrancesRyan @philiphoward20 So why is there a blanket exception for disabled people wearing masks? @dawnsmith07 @ThomasNixon4 @ClaireThurwood @lyndon_chaney @merseyview @a_yousaf1 @DavePenn2 @Dianephilosophy @robldavidson The 16-year-olds Jenrick is so concerned about are the same ones his government won't allow to vote b… @Nigel_Farage Mr Farage fails to mention that many white people joined in that march. I wonder at his negligence sometimes. @ann_dowley A lot of "Anglo-Saxons" (if that's what you call white people) joined in that march. @Councillorsuzie @MailOnline What comes next if the black community doesn't make a stand? Perhaps that's what they're thinking. @l0qjaw @POLITUCATION It doesn't make the coalition invasion look good. @parkercaruana In my town centre these past few weeks, social distancing has been a far-off dream. I was in our mai… @DrFrancesRyan @philiphoward20 I'm disabled. But wearing a face mask on a bus doesn't harm me one bit. It does, how… @HarryHayfield @michael75lewis Ironically, the failure of that shredder increased the value of the artwork. @KevinForeman20 There's a reason those things are difficult to climb. @PaulPag46852754 @s9tmt The Met again. What a mucky country Britain is now. @Keir_Starmer Real Labour is finished. For now. @AnnelieseDodds Not interested any more. You had your chance for a Socialist future and you stamped it into the ground.
@owenhabel2 Neuropathy in my feet and lower legs. @miffythegamer I've narrowed it down to a shortlist of 217. @toryboypierce If you weren't a ramant Tory, I'd have liked this tweet.