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Silverfinger @theRealRayThomp South West, England

Retired. Researching/writing on ancient Egypt and Israel. I collect antiques. I'm against unfairness, inequality and injustice. That's why I don't like Tories.

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@RLong_Bailey @bbclaurak The BBC got Labour's messaging wrong. Quite deliberately. @Smokey29773580 Our racist government has been out in the open for a while now. @dianehain It has a whiff of Nazi Germany, when children were encouraged to report their parents if they heard them… is brilliant "Kendall in the wind" a tribute to @jessphillips audacious attempt at standing for Leader of th…
Retweeted by Silverfinger @taru_sisko Civilisation? @nooouch @bbcquestiontime @EmilyThornberry @TrevorPTweets @SarahbaxterSTM Are you including Fiona Bruce in with the 4 Tories? @bbcquestiontime @SarahbaxterSTM Along with an audience rammed with Tories. No, thanks. @DPJHodges One day a prime minister will answer a question at PMQs. But I won't hold my breath. @AlfDubs A darkness is descending. @ThePoke "Can't stop to chat. Got a country to run!" @Shazzyrm @duncanpoundcake @Conservatives And it makes Fiona smile. @Channel4News Let them stay Tory. I'll be dead before the suffering really kicks in good and hard. @Shazzyrm @duncanpoundcake @Conservatives Remember to use the words "Marxist" and "Communist" at least once during your speech to camera. @MirrorBreaking_ A darkness is once again descending on our land. @bbcquestiontime But I might wind up sitting next to a Tory plant. Oh, wait, now the Tories have that boot so firml… my country has come to. #ToryBritain #BrexitBritain @AntiqueRoadTrip @angusashworth It still amazes me. Not only did the dealer not spot/recognise the mouse, but nor d… @BBCPolitics Well, the changes to the rail industry already imposed by Tory governments have led to disruption and… @EmmaKennedy @jessphillips 😂 @Pippov66 @jrschlosberg Yes, now you mention those names I at least recall Owen Jones reviewing the papers once. A rare occurrence, though.
@Rachael_Swindon On a par with that Barnsley boy who voted Leave to stop Muslims coming to Britain.Tories see Marxists under every bed. They have always been thus afflicted. Henderson, member of OPCW team on Douma, spoke today at the UN. He re-stated his belief that no chemical atta…
Retweeted by Silverfinger @jrschlosberg I haven't seen a Socialist doing any of the newspaper reviews on Sky or the BBC yet. @wesstreeting 😄 @logical4ever @bbcquestiontime That seems fair enough to me. @realityrose @nharmertaylor Celebs do tend to miss the point of giving. I cringed the other day when a host of a po… @Sexyvamp2016 @Shazzyrm It has to do with why our government is keeping coverage of the present French revolution o… @MsCCollins1 @Jakjakprice @redsarah99 I wonder which of his family that is. @Jakjakprice @MsCCollins1 @redsarah99 Yet you, among all of us, is blessed to know Churchill very well. How convenient for you. @piedfly99 @BBCBargainHunt @BBCiPlayer @BBCOne @bbcstudios Japanese, 60s, in its box... What wasn't there to like for the price? @DPJHodges You're in an alternative universe. @BBCNormanS @jessphillips Say what? @DawnButlerBrent All power to you, Dawn. @thelittleleftie @AlfDubs @Andrew_Adonis Andrew Adonis has blocked me and many other Labour supporters on Twitter.… @Kevin_Maguire @jessphillips Quit with the jokes, Kevin. @AntiqueRoadTrip @BBCOne Those "witches' balls" Angus said he sold so often... It's traditionally forbidden to sell… @AntiqueRoadTrip @RealRosieMarcel @DavidHarperTV @GostelowLouise @BBCHolbyCity @BBCTwo This is marked as a repeat in the TV guide I have. 🤔 @AntiqueRoadTrip @MrStevenMoore One obvious question: How the heck did the dealer not see the mouse? @standardnews The old "reverse racism" ploy. The BNP used to use it a lot, then Ukipers. @RobBurl @lisanandy @EmilyThornberry @afneil I didn't want you to hear it from somebody else. 🙂 @RobBurl @lisanandy @EmilyThornberry @afneil Sorry, I've got to go out to listen to some paint drying. @JohnDarlingUK @DerbyChrisW @UKDemockery @BoardofDeputies After 9 years of Tory cuts, the left's priority is loosen… @sajidjavid @s9tmt @Conservatives You're not exactly universally popular. Get over it. @KeithCameron5 It wants you to click the link provided so malware of some sort can be installed on your computer. Just leave it. @talkRADIO Send them my thanks. @evolvepolitics Her misdeeds come home to roost. @DundeeBloke Has she finally realised she's in the wrong party? @Rachael_Swindon @Darius363 Something changed between then and now. few reasons why I support the people of Palestine: •95% of their water is undrinkable. •They have 4 hours of el…
Retweeted by Silverfinger @bbclaurak With the BBC's help, we now have an arsonist in charge of a petrol depot.
@RejoinRebuild @Keir_Starmer @lisanandy @EmilyThornberry @jessphillips What happened to Rebecca? If you've left her… @burton72330991 @ItCorbyn @JuliaHB1 @LozzaFox @talkRADIO 😱 @BlogRedRobin @jo52120843 What's he supposed to do when he shows up? It can't be singing, that's for sure. @SueSuezep @mmusJu But of course. @matwatkinson @simonmaginn @Peston @BorisJohnson @DerbyChrisW @BBCNews QT isn't BBC news, yet it's historically cro… @KimberleyJC4PM Twitter followers can be bought from online sites. Maybe he knows that.This is all over #bbcnews #skynews #itvnews #channel4news ??????? The #BorisJohnson Prosecution Case For the alle…
Retweeted by Silverfinger @talkRADIO @JuliaHB1 @LozzaFox He should stop digging. He really should. And Julia Hartley-Brewer should stop handing him shovels. @ItCorbyn @JuliaHB1 @LozzaFox @talkRADIO "Singing"? 🤔 @JuliaHB1 @LozzaFox @talkRADIO Fox should talk about things he knows about. Mansplaining racism to a QT audience me… @Malinka1102 Mo's cover was blown ages ago. And so was that of Wiggins, who once won the Tour-de-France looking lik… @Andreww00874110 "This is how Corbyn looked by the time we and the BBC had finished with him." @carbonsaveruk @Peston @BorisJohnson Spot on. @Peston @BorisJohnson The BBC didn't do a good job of holding the government to account during the general election… @KayBurley Racism. @BBCBargainHunt @BBCiPlayer @BBCOne @bbcstudios Ochuko bought the wrong robot. @tinafoley17 @BBCBargainHunt @CTrevanion @thekatebliss @ochuko_ojiri @BBCOne @BBCWales @BBCiPlayer Do you mean turb… @AntiqueRoadTrip @MrStevenMoore The look of surprise then relief on that dealer's face when he got an offer for tha… @jjsmclaughlin @GillDay7 She'd be some Prime Minister, turning up for a summit, looking a complete idiot at it, the… @g_gosden I think he's trying for Leonard Cohen after a tonsilectomy. @wordamentalist @kelechnekoff WTG. The best I've managed so far are the likes of Andrew Adonis and Rachel Riley. @hettieveronica @RenZelen So sorry to hear your career has taken such a downturn. @BBCPolitics Why is Kate Andrews regarded by the BBC to be some kind of credible voice? @JoshuaFunnell2 She gives me the creeps. @WarmongerHodges And there was me under the delusion that putting a woman who gave a permanent impression of Violet… @willshome You give me an impossible task. @s61_mjw It would cause an interesting stew, maybe. 😉 @dbooth3 It could be all smoke and mirrors to cover for the blatant support the BBC gave the Tories in the GE.
@s61_mjw If it swims or pecks, I'll eat it. Nothing with hooves gets on my plate. @Sillyshib The Borg would very likely be in Number 10. 😁 @laureleccles @bane_baldy Roger that. @Peston @BorisJohnson Jail would be good. @dawnsmith07 @stevewhiteraven @Storm_Images @SteveKent16 @GarySyms @Hardeep216 @gletherby @drummergirl1971 @anotherview16 😵 @gletherby @tired1967 There, there, Gayle. Dry your eyes. @Saffiya_Khan1 I think one of Corbyn's faults was that he was too willing to put up with troublemakers. @Undercoverinfo1 @hawkins_carole @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey @EmilyThornberry He did eventually buckle to pressure… @JulietB270880 @tired1967 Shocked. 🙄 @Jackiew80333500 Crazier and crazier. @Undercoverinfo1 @hawkins_carole @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey @EmilyThornberry Yes, the trap was obvious. That makes… @MatthewBarton @DawnButlerBrent @BoardofDeputies No Labour MP should give in to demands made by a right wing pressure group.
The BoD refer to "the Jewish community", yet number 8 in their insidious list of demands made to Labour insists the… @nigib1 @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey @EmilyThornberry @UKLabour Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Burgon has… @DawnButlerBrent They are not the Jewish community, they represent a small, right-wing portion of it. Months ago, L… "It beggars belief that after four and half years of failure on antisemitism, Richard Burgon and Dawn Bu…
Retweeted by Silverfinger @BoardofDeputies @BoDPres You are NOT the Jewish community. You represent a small, right-wing portion of it. @nigib1 @Keir_Starmer @RLong_Bailey @EmilyThornberry @UKLabour I'd like to see it. Of course, those ten demands are…