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@northtakoda no clue. heard it’s better but i’ve had my profile on there since last year so idk lolso alongside matter i do also have an audius. it’s fully up to date and also has an old track i made on there so go… and my favourite album @nebita ok here's my profile @keepitinside2 It means you are the one 😳 @korohdesign here we go 😳 @entrebanddahm honestly fam i couldn’t tell you, i haven’t even done merch before so i have no idea how best to do… @entrebanddahm ok then, on the 30th remind me and i’ll cop a black short sleeve one 👏 @entrebanddahm ok so. i know i have one of your hoodies already but, do you have anything in a xl and can i cop on payday? @nebita well alrighty then i guess that’s pretty good lol i’ll link it when i get everything up to date tmo then 👍 @nebita i’ve had an account since early last year but never used it. is it good?ok all i’m saying is that the ending seems like the perfect setup for a music video so i hope that ends up being the case #TheExtravaganzaSLOW DANCING IN QUARANTINE LETS GOOOOO #TheExtravaganzathey got joji on a treadmill in a full suit under studio lighting goddamn #TheExtravaganzaTick Tick in a Minion outfit was something I didn’t think I’d get but here we are #TheExtravaganza NECTAR TAPE #TheExtravaganzaIf Trump is re-elected, we will be on defense for the next four years. I want to go on the offensive. We must ele…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃LISTENING PARTY GOING ON!!! COME PARTY WITH US!!!!
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃Here is the President of the United States putting a foreign leader on the spot asking for an endorsement and getti…
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@Elaquent they deal with it @sadlando good evening landoif anyone wants to come join my listening party/ hangout today at 6pm pst on my discord server, we’ll be listening…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @entrebanddahm sent me beats thinking he'd have to mix like one or two layers, to which i responded @astroblk AYO WTF THIS SOUNDS SO FUN😳😳😳📍
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @entrebanddahm bruhany pc companies out there wanna uhhhhhh sponsor me? my second channel editor's pc is in desperate need of an upgr…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @entrebanddahm fr that’s weird that they’d be offendedLast night Trump attacked Medicare for All as "socialized medicine." Funny. I didn't hear him complain when he rece…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃i look like post quarantine steve harrington in the worst way possible bruhyou’re still following valentine? L @entrebanddahm what? who tfkeeping that @keshimusic is gonna be making an album now has had me suddenly remember that he still hasn’t dropped…‘Why should we give kids free handouts’ Kids. Didn’t ask to be here. Cannot earn their own living. Are entirely d…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃gotta be @CloneKorp for sure. i’m very new to the community but the streams feels so genuine and everyone in the co… @Whyandotte i was on about the meme rap but also that’s very valid point tbf now that i think about itayo i’m tagging all my shit with this from now on @NatSolo_TV I got chu fam. Toonami Aftermath is an attempt to bring back an authentic toona…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @entrebanddahm the real question is what were the flavours 🤔bro my work gave me another 30 quid in vouchers for my work wtf is happening all of a sudden 😳📍Sheffield
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃**IMPORTANT** Alfred (PaperBoxHouse) just set up a ko-fi after being admitted to the hospital due to severe health…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃I found this sweet manga called Ojisama to Neko. It's about an old man who adopts a cat that has felt unwanted for…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @YouTube can you please sort your shit out ffs @Whyandotte OOOOO LEMME HEAR SOMEkastro and i are just in our own release party HAHAHAH 🧟‍♂️🧟🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧟🧟‍♀️
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Greater Manchester has in effect been in Tier 2 for over 10 weeks. London has been in Tier 2 for a week. I’m now…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃GO WISH GARRETT A HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR SUFFER @Shahi__Hussain i would say the same but the very high risk alert for my area got me down bad 😔Both of which have legendary status @Shahi__Hussain it is 9pm on a thursday shahi please @milespowers56 i’d like to do a tour at one point but aside from that i think it’d be perfect lmaoayo anyone using @Dittomusic should look after themselves. heard they’ve been doing some weird shit to the people using their service. @keepitinside2 @eyyitskastro the 3rd and 2nd ones slap frTHREAD OF BEATS IM CURRENTLY SELLING.. if you would like to purchase any hit my line. working with all budgets
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @rosarrie__ paini'm scared to ask people for features. i don't know why but i just have an irrational fear around it. @love_sadkid I’d love to work with you but idk if i’m a peer lol @dumassdev i have one proper coat like that but it was in a sale for half the price so it was a steal lolNEW BALLS FEATURING. LIKE 15 PEOPLE
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @dumassdev coat gang @fitzplsr man that sucks. at least they know what it is and it’s treatable. just look after yourself and bunker dow… @fitzplsr crap that sounds bad, make sure to rest up and hopefully the doctors can get you sorted with the right antibiotics
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @keepitinside2 fr they came thru with the performance 😤😤My what now? @keepitinside2 video featuring the new batman 👏👏👏i have an idea and i’m going to try to make it work. @kmoethekid @Lunamatic_ ayo word @needawig Ok, i’m gonna stick with my current shit but i’m going to move in the direction that ashes took me. That… @needawig Yeah. I just hate the fact that I feel this stuck. I’ve done ok in the time I’ve been doing music but rn… @needawig honestly i’m considering it. i just don’t know if there’s any point since i don’t feel like there’s any b… #GoFollow @1_Art_Tale
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @iheartmaru lando introduced me to them a while back and i'm so glad their music is in my life now @DownLowOnLoFi 👁👃👁 \_______/New update is out for the week, some artists included: again&again atlas Atwood Ben Beal Cloud Mac Chris Wright ch…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃YO THATS ME! @milespowers56 we’ve lost another one lads 😔Full video btw:
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃if the good die young i’m worried to know how many years i have leftthe vibe @AquaGVPYT @_Jixaw bloody hell m8 not again @_Jixaw I just want my mecalago honda v4 and the kids bac tf do they not have 500 on here y’all should go show some love‘He can’t run against my vision for this state’ — Texas Democrat @mjhegar stood up to 18-year incumbent Sen. John C…
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Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @rosarrie__ Ayyy nice one! I’m gonna be upgrading next month and hopefully it’ll work out lol @rosarrie__ AYYY Which one did you go for?when this happened to a white barista y’all gave him one hundred thousand dollars
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃i wanna hear some new b**ts that i might be able to work with plz @eIijahwho man @Paranoico_Pansy 21 😭for once i don’t feel as old as i am
@airospvce Only if you scream “I love myself” 😤RACISM Black man leases a house, white couple with zero authority just walk right into it and question him being…
Retweeted by spookydan 🐝 🎃 @iamkillbill @sadlando with me and what money 😔