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@franklinleonard This is the best mother-daughter burn since the Conways.hard not to think about how Trump was acquitted of impeachment charges just a month before all of this started. it…
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yo is this racist @alissamarie Ooooh this is awesome @PushaKGramsci @BaconAndSports Cc @MaximalistaCThey do not believe in free speech. They believe in free speech for them.
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@Beccamford "Hurtful and divisive." 😑publicist starts a new job at Harper's Magazine
Retweeted by Rebecca SunFor like a century, corporate media decided who got “cancelled” & often the people didn’t even do anything wrong (S…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunMet with Mark Zuckerberg and @Facebook leadership today. It was a disappointment. They have had our demands for yea…
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Your periodic reminder to vote for Biden in November, and then do everything you can to hold his feet to the prover…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunSo grateful to @e_alexjung 🙏🏽 @NYMag @DanaScruggs1 I felt understood and seen. One symptom of mistreatment is shame…
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun.@e_alexjung continues to be the greatest profile writer of our generation. He should be coveted by every national…"Trump got himself impeached by trying to blackmail a foreign country into helping his reelection campaign. He will… more and more tents spring up on sidewalks all around L.A. (and other cities), I can't help but think about the… @cashleelee @LAPressClub @cnakano Girl you won second place at the LA Press Club for the piece about three late Osc… saw a July 4 post from someone I know who is a Doctor On Instagram (you know the type) where it was lots of ph… is my absolutely favorite #Hamilton observation. I live for details like this.
Retweeted by Rebecca SunSomeone told me LA’s COVID-19 testing sites are staffed by volunteers (!!!!). I understand we have budget issues bu…
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this is what it looks like when the structures that america is built on are inherently tilted against minorities
Retweeted by Rebecca SunThis narrative that black people who want an accurate reflection of history are "angry and resentful" leaves us wit…
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @GalinHollywood @ItsTheSituation I hope everyone in this photo literally stays in the Jersey Shore. @franklinleonard Get Khary his own show. @mar_to_go Same. @farai This part!
Vote them all out. Nothing will really change if these people keep the Senate.
Retweeted by Rebecca SunProtests continue all over the country every single day, even if the media has grown bored with it.
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @feegrowsinBK As Ali Wong would say, you're growing a foot (actually, four feet) inside you so I think you're plent… Truman Show is filled with a crazy amount of little details so here's a thread of some of my favourites:
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun2b) If #Hamilton is revisionist history, it is one that reclaims the sins of our forefathers to inspire the disenfr… I weep a lot during #Hamilton but the two numbers that make me SOB are "Satisfied" and "Who Lives, Who Dies, Wh… #Hamilfilm thoughts, one frivolous and one serious. 1) Jefferson gets all the hype, but Lafayette has always b… @cashleelee @lindazge Every time I see a friend on my feed do that, I add another 30 days to the countdown of when… cops who killed Elijah got fired for joking about the crimes they committed and not arrested for murdering a person
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @BeeBabs Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm @ReignOfApril I didn't realize the writing on the box changes! Genius. @feegrowsinBK @anyway413 Night hasn't fallen here in CA yet, but last night the fireworks ON OUR STREET went from 8… @graceishuman Oh totally. Having this play out on social media for all to see is giving scary foreshadowings of Sul… @jennyyangtv Omg Jenny @refresh_daemon How can you have Il Mare in the play-in and not My Sassy Girl?!?! @Jeff__Benjamin Where is Hann tho @graceishuman Everything happened really quickly after Mina's first post but it's also heartbreaking to think she's…
@ShannonOConnor0 @TKOpresents .@thetzechun continues to be a genius.
@GalinHollywood @cashleelee All good! Just want to make sure people who haven't had the pleasure of being her colle… @GalinHollywood @cashleelee Everything I tweet is out of my own volition and sincerity. And Ashley doesn't need me… I know epitomizes this meme better than @cashleelee. her former outlet @cashleelee was stuck in a low-level position in its NY office for years. When an opening for… is a stunning piece.💯💯💯. Employers and supervisors enjoy enough protection by virtue of the power differential; they shouldn’t need a l… @refresh_daemon Where the heck is My Sassy Girl. This better be in your bracket!A court reinstated Korryn Gaines’ family’s civil victory today. Never forget, before kicking in her door, cops tur…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunI thought this image was photoshopped but it is actually on the LAPD website. 14/88 is a Nazi code. #COVID19 does not take the summer off. Does not take the weekend off. And will not take 4th of July off.
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describe your mood for the past 4 months in a single picture
Retweeted by Rebecca SunInspired by all who took knees before me, I'll attempt to & hopefully succeed in taking a knee for equality & justi…
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Holy shit.
Retweeted by Rebecca SunStudios/creators/platforms pulling eps with blackface raises about 50 other issues: the limits of corporate…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunTweeting this feels a little like shooting myself in the foot, but I'm also not comfortable being used that way. A…, and this is important -- I am a person of color, but I am Asian, and the biggest personnel crisis in Ameri… be clear: I haven't applied for any full-time jobs yet. And neither have I been solicited for any. I also worry… of the publications that have been the subject of exposés were on my career wishlist. It's demoralizing to…'ve had little motivation to apply for a new job since losing mine. I've been chalking it up to laziness and a lac… the past few months, I've thought and rethought about weighing in more directly on the conversation around rac…'s a small % of cash on hand, but this type of move is an example of how companies can participate in systemic pr… @MorganicInk @Remember_Sarah @andrew_hevia Honestly Lee at #3 is way too low. I'd argue Lee is #1, for having 1) g… @feegrowsinBK YES! I'm too scared to double check, but is this the movie where there is a long white corridor with… all of my “All Lives Matter” Christians:
Retweeted by Rebecca SunY’all notice a sharp decline in protest videos and content in the last couple weeks?
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun... and that was just the *first half* of 2020
Retweeted by Rebecca SunJust wait until you see what coronavirus is like. look. Death Panels.
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @tonedeafdj @James54292959 @neonrated @TheAcademy What about Lee Sun Kyun?On Thurs Feb. 27 Trump couldn't be bothered to -- or didnt want to -- pay attention to what was in that briefing. F…
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1/ Covid (@UCSF) Chronicles, Day 104 Let’s talk California. Until recently, our state managed to do so well that o…
Retweeted by Rebecca Sunthe most stunning takeaway from LA's recent press briefings: officials estimated last week that 1 in 400 people in…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunNo sarcasm: I really wish @realDonaldTrump had decided to sell #Trump2020 masks. Think of all the lives that could have been saved.
Retweeted by Rebecca SunIt’s mind-boggling to me that, due to the failures and incompetence of our leaders, we’re all effectively going to…
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @BaconAndSports @Beccamford As well we all should.
This is a no-brainer.
Retweeted by Rebecca SunThat god-awful short 'Skin' that won at the Green Book Oscars has been subtitled in Chinese and is now circulating… @KirstenChuba Time is a construct now, Kirsten.Also where are the pitchforks for the privileged white dudes who sell a TV show based on a one-page pitch believe me there are plenty
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @Beccamford Sympathy "like," not a pro-bee "like." I've basically been cycling through the same six shirts for three months! @Jeff__Benjamin I don't know if they have an official comeback scheduled, but Jeff please tell me everything you kn… guess it's time to recirc this? Rereading it this wknd, I'm still awestruck by RBW's introspection, his willingne…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunI had to recently tell an agent who sent me a slave movie to direct. I said send me the scripts you would send to t…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunI got paid $0 for my sitcom pilot. When I sold my show, my white partner got 3 x more money then me AND an overall…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunAurora PD breaking up the peaceful violin vigil for the very kid they murdered. #ElijahMclain
Retweeted by Rebecca SunThank you @Billboard for valuing stories that take time. This piece required 2 days of editing & fact checking, 4…
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no less than 30 minutes later, APD fired tear gas at us 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Rebecca SunTbh *ducks rocks* this is an improvement on the original song. (No shade! I just think BWL is in the lower percent… Rapinoe isn't going to make this about herself, but imagine how relatively alone she was when she supported C…
Retweeted by Rebecca Sun @inkookang Ugh triggered by all the 파! I only like scallions in pancakes and NOWHERE ELSE. @alissamarie The New Yorker. My literary idol was Joe Mitchell.
@refresh_daemon Wait let me type it correctly: 공 Did I do that right? I've been learning Korean during quarantine. @refresh_daemon Goong.“This virus is scary. Be safe” *safety works* “This virus isn’t scary. We overreacted. Party time.” *numbers go up…
Retweeted by Rebecca SunMIKE PENCE: All lives matter. REPORTER: So, Americans should wear masks? MIKE PENCE: Wait, no, I was being racist.
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