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Theresa Zoe Williams @TheresaZoe PA birth; CA heart; CO now

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you odd//Flannery O’Connor. I write things and drink rum. Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, don’t fail me now!

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@SteveMissionary H @hgokie A bonus of marrying into a Greek family! @hgokie We do Greek food— spanikopita, roasted lamb with veggies, avgolemono orzo soup, dolmas, hummus and pita chi…
@HelloKathleenJ Me: did a thing. The thing is writing @AndyShaggyKorty @Carson20127028 @philmachi @aaronminier @cassielafasto @KatlikAnimators @Kc8wzm @jfacemyer in a Time of Coronavirus- Rare shots where homeschooling in our house looks idyllic @AndyShaggyKorty @Carson20127028 @philmachi @aaronminier @cassielafasto @KatlikAnimators @Kc8wzm @jfacemyer (Idk who any of these are) @goingblondzo Like my enneagram, I’m a 4 sometimes 5 @MikeCiandella Yikes dudeThanks for coming to my pity party last night that happened in that span of time between taking a Benadryl and it k… @HelloKathleenJ YesLeaving everyone on reeeeaaaaaddddddI’m just gonna eat some beer cheese pretzels, guzzle water, and reflect on all the ways I suckIf I ignore the urge to write long enough, it’ll just fade into the background as a vague ache and I’ll convince my…
quick shoutout to @TheresaZoe’s chapter on St. Nicholas of Tolentino, patron saint of the poor souls in purgatory.…
Retweeted by Theresa Zoe Williams @foresthempen Weird! On all countsBeen doing the the #sixcharacters before it was cool. The latest poll is for #StarWars - what character do you wan…
Retweeted by Theresa Zoe WilliamsVery impressed with what everyone came up with! Surprised no one suggested Anna, though
@neogranandino @benjancewicz @MudblodCatholic @melbataj @elmago3221 @goingblondzo @lapittenger @mary_pezzulo @manville71 My husband’s name lol @MerryBeare 🥰 @benjancewicz @MudblodCatholic @melbataj @elmago3221 @goingblondzo @lapittenger @mary_pezzulo @neogranandino @PappaSciarappa Bill @avimushroom I *love* this @MeganKay819 @feminaprovita @Katerintree Girl, I know it. It’s terrible @SteveMissionary Ugh shut up noooo @nmodrow Lol @hgokie We don’t look much alike though!Birds of a feather snuggle together 🥰 @hgokie That’s kinda funny bc my sister is Liz @ramspacek How dare youAt the end of the story The Clown of God, the man juggles the golden ball higher than ever before and cries out, “F…
Retweeted by Theresa Zoe WilliamsDo it
We're offering a free coloring book for families and young children unable to leave their homes due to the…
Retweeted by Theresa Zoe WilliamsJust something short and nice I wrote about Tomie dePaola @allisonmsully Into the metaphorical mouths of the ppl I emotionally feedI have no more spoons today. No more!!! @feminaprovita @Katerintree @feminaprovita @Katerintree Work we’re supposed to have completed by the end of the day (this is Tuesday’s through… @Katerintree @cordeliammoss @JentoInfinity I would homeschool just not like this @Katerintree @JentoInfinity @cordeliammoss I currently have 4 different devices in front of me trying to get my kid’s lesson going @DeltaFlute @Katerintree @JentoInfinity @cordeliammoss We got packets of work plus all this online stuff @JentoInfinity @Katerintree I don’t make my kids go to the zoom sessions but then I have to tell their teachers why… @Katerintree @shemaiahng Me @Katerintree My kindergartener straight up said this morning that he doesn’t care abt seeing his friends, the zoom… @shemaiahng @Katerintree They tried to assign art, music, and PE stuff and I just said nope with a smile and deleted the emails @Katerintree I wish they were just short daily check-ins like “how are you? Do you need any help?” But no, all four… @Katerintree They additionally want my kindergartener and 2nd grader in 2 zoom meetings each PER DAY. What?? My 7yo… @Katerintree How did you get into my email? Bc this is us. My 7yo is currently cowering in some corner bc they’re asking way.too.much. @battcave03 @AbpEtienne Thanks 💜 @Akiezruk Capri Sun Surfer Cooler to be exact @SteveMissionary HE DID CAUSE THISMe now vs me at 14 @theolobeer @AbpEtienne Thanks 💜 @FrScrap RT @ItsNotSeen Hahahaha it’s so true @PunkyMantilla She’s beautiful. Many many prayersI need some levity. Let’s do this
Retweeted by Theresa Zoe Williams @feralspamlet Thanks for guesting! @feralspamlet Oh that’s so fun! @TeawithTolkien I’m going to bake you lembas for your journey bc I love you so much but as soon as you leave I’m go… @MickeyG1715 @AbpEtienne Ha indeed @loesmitty_ 😘 @KeytarCatholic 😂😂😂 who has the time?It me @AndyShaggyKorty Extremely spot on @mary_pezzulo @AbpEtienne Praise God for His mercy and love @ChivalryFella Yaaasssss @mary_pezzulo @AbpEtienne 💜 thank you @tpwallisch Someday! Maybe @BrianGriffiths It true @allisonmsully @AbpEtienne Thank you 💜 @nmodrow Bahahahaha it’s meI need some levity. Let’s do this @StCthrinDeRicci
@pursuedbytruth Yes, please @MatthewJRoth Me too! What a beautiful gift for him in his final moments @theBikerMonk Thank you pls pray for his soul. We just received word that my uncle has passedWe just received word that my uncle has passed from this life into the next. Thanks to @AbpEtienne my uncle was not… huge, huge thank you to Archbishop Etienne for reaching out to me about my uncle and finding a way for a priest t… @SteveMissionary Always or neverWikihow’ed how to address an archbishop in conversation last night and *still* almost included a “💜” out of habit @frainer64 Thank you @DontEatItsMine @TeawithTolkien Cheers 🍻 @SteveMissionary Shit shit shit shit shit. You got it @PylesofBooks Jess is on his second bottle of vodka and second case of cider. This has been a doozy, so it’s time to get boozy @PylesofBooks I’m on my second bottle of rum already @Chris_Buckley @AbpEtienne His daughter, my cousin, and her family are there! They’re just not allowed into the ass… @feralspamlet 🤷🏻‍♀️ @feralspamlet No, you just love me @joe_pescespada Oh I’m sorry My dad is 79. @feralspamlet Stop it, you’re scaring baby Jesus @feralspamlet Bud if you saw my quaranhair.... @feralspamlet You have nice hair @joe_pescespada Your grandparents are so young! I mean, so are you but!!! @TeawithTolkien Wow. Seen.
@hgokie @d_gokie Preachity preach @hgokie @d_gokie Finally 😂 she’s been fighting it all day and was very cranky