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$therobmilton / Black creative. featured on @insecurehbo @forbes @1xtra @essence @complex @afropunk & more. 1/2 of @urfavecuz & SOTJ. and I’m never giving up.

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- didn’t come here for this. 😅 wait is this him singing? 😭😭😭 @Yenettirb @livexlenc - WE NEED IT.- so damn happy for @loneamorphous.
- Busta, what it is right now?- better wake up because you're part of something way bigger.- feelings are not facts. intentionally take the time to truly understand the people you care about.- always finding the beauty in it all. not sure why this is so loud. this right here. believing. the search bars omg. 😭 they’re planning to take us down.- it’s like God gives me a free trial of what I want but don’t need. and then yanks it away right before I get too deep.- no clue how I’ll get to what I deserve but I won’t stop until I do. in every aspect of life.- art keeps me alive. YOU HAVE THINGS TO DO. this song forever. @livexlenc @heyjohnnyb_ - acting like I'm gon' make me call somebody. when do classes begin @4everBrandy? hits different.
2020 as I minister to you. oh, I minister to myself.- none of these niggas deserve you.- I cannot. 😭😭😭 clarity, clarity, clarity.- I tried to reach the sun but gum is stuck to my shoes.- @TierraWhack is a national treasure.- I just know God be annoyed with me. me too, bro.
- thankful for music mostly. saw Clubhouse referred to as Caphouse so I’m gonna go now. way too real. I would love this so much. not a lie told. creating really feels like flying and I hope it never changes.- definitely got time for this. heavy on learning how to live in the moment again.- clocked out feeling just like this. this not getting the Best Rap Song nom is the biggest snub of the year. happy Thanksgiving y’all! this is how I know I spend too much time on here. the greatest.
- @faithevans First Lady album on repeat.- it depends. sometimes an hour...sometimes a day. but never too long. thee original stallion. 👑 BIG SAME. y’all were not having it. in case Parkwood is watching. 😅 watching Blue Ivy rack up these accolades. y’all get to sharing terrible opinions and my mute & unfollow fingers get heavy.
- back on my finsta so I can post in this twist out and leak demos in peace. thanks Johnny! ✊🏾 love from London! big wins all around! we love to see it! me at the end of “Back Back.” 😭 5 days away from a new @jsullivanmusic performance. #SoulTrainAwards @livexlenc it’s time for y’all to turn the volume up on your support for your faves. no fears. that’s all I can pray for.- the way they would riot if we disrespected Country the way they constantly disrespect R&B. super embarrassing. streaming @4everBrandy #B7 on repeat for the rest of the day.- congratulations! 🙌🏾 the biggest win for me is and will be @chloexhalle. #GRAMMYs- when “Black Parade” sweeps. #GRAMMYs @jacobcollier definitely deserves! #GRAMMYs- @oranicuhh OMG. #GRAMMYs- AGGAHAHJSJSJSJD @kierrasheard #GRAMMYs are we not saying the names of the artists for the Gospel categories? #GRAMMYs- come on @ToroyMoi & @KAYTRANADA! #GRAMMYs- it’s @chloexhalle, @Thundercat, @ledisi, @Emilykingmusic, @whoisLukejames, @yebbasmith, @robertglasper,… HERE WE GO! #GRAMMYs- shoutout to @AndersonPaak too! #GRAMMYs- Best Music Video & Best Music Film to @Beyonce. #GRAMMYs lol too many times. brilliant Black minds. ✊🏾 love seeing @mavisstaples continue to get her flowers. #GRAMMYs- (the stan span is stressing me out.)- how do you turn off the comments on FB Live for Apple TV?- @tameimpala definitely deserves! #GRAMMYs- let’s go! @blkfootwhtfoot #GRAMMYs- not at all. it’s almost time y’all. the way I really scream that out loud and be meaning it. all the time.- GAWAWAWAD PROTEEEECT ME. literally our government. one of my forever favorites. the gif underneath. 😂 screaming! 😭😂 @DJHarrisonRVA this mashup still be having me stuck. morning message for me. wait why would she eat like this? thanks for listening! you know what. 😭😭😭