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Daniel Rourke™ @therourke ☣️ London 😷

Goldsmiths lecturer. Absent father to miniature wolf.

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This is absolute genius 😂 @liambaranauskas I feeeel you. I once watched in horror as my dog ran at full speed, 200 metres back out of the par… @xtinehlee Hahaha. My parents still live thereGive him a promotion @TrentKusters The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (Philip K. Dick) @juliaxgulia Let's hope we wake up to a new day the morning after the election
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™ @juliaxgulia Not long to go now! Try and enjoy the routine chaosNo no no no no is a fresh mask dayWear your maskSolidarity with RCA staff who appear to be in a very similar situation to Goldsmiths... me @killola It's either Die Hard or Willy Wonka @emmabalkind I can imagine... I think it's pretty likely that immunity continues. It would be a real freak infection if not.
Or... @SamKeogh85 @GentCarl If ever @GentCarl @SamKeogh85 You are going to be waiting a loooooong time"after SARS-CoV-2 infection, people are unlikely to produce long-lasting protective antibodies against this virus.” @evemassacre Yes. And it stresses me out more and more every day. 2016-2020 is just one huge outrage. @t3xtur3 Potentially. Though I really don't feel qualified or knowledgeable in this area. It's just my opinion. @samuelthomson See my follow-up tweets. It's a fine balance & I do edge onto your side sometimes. But the scales… I appreciate how these platforms can often bring a voice to politically necessary issues & minority groups,… last few years has definitely seen many long overdue turns against racism, sexism, transpobia, fascism etc. & t… @abc3d Indeed. Berlusconi is the Trump pre-cursor nobody talks about anymore (maybe they make the comparison in Italy, but not elsewhere).Sadly, what I believe they, & many other commentators on the Left, do is drag hateful ideas to the top of Left-lean…'ve finally decided to unfollow Ash Sarkar & Owen Jones. I do appreciate their intelligence & commentary. But they… After long and considered discussion, boycotters have today decided to return grades. This…
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™Today's gender is a numb, distant werewolf.
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Willy Wonka is the best cyberpunk moviereminiscing about the parrot that sang "let the bodies hit the floor"
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™ @npseaver 😍🎶A sad indication of my mental state that this brings me genuine excitement't mind me, just listening to Toto 'Hold the Line' on repeat for 7 hours @amyevansbauer That's what I meant :)Errrm. I thought that's what they all were? desire to shout "BOOOOOOOOORRRINGGG" into all livestreams and Zoom rooms @carolinesinders How about twitter? @gabrielle_jenks @verge Second Life is back! (but this time it's populated with mainly 12 year old boys) @Carolhappysoul @guardian The Guardian has a very diligent fact-checking teamMy university plans to lose 500 casual staff – so I'm refusing to mark exams | Anonymous
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™ @guardian Solidarity with casualised staff at Goldsmiths who were forced into undertaking these actions! Recognisin… piece co-written by precarious academics on marking boycott at @GoldsmithsUoL #saveourjobs and back our…
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™"To move beyond the UK’s exploitative, market-driven system, we have to empower & listen to the growing mass of cas… universe is not at stakeTHE BOARDGAME SINGULARITY
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Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™SPUR - A virtual residency for graduating students is now open for applications: via @joeyeholder 👏The Fuuuuiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuuuk?
@Nikksters @PennSP2 Amazing! Mega congrats!!!!!!!!!! @NBriz Exaccccctly @marcgarrett20 @Pinboard Same. But I expected it would exist as an archive. My old old old blogger blog from 2005-2… @alice_patchett That feeling came from a film that wasn't 'horror' genre... The scene in Superman III where a woman… just noticed that / has just 100% gone from the internet! So so s… stop posting the fucking gun coupleJust checking if "Sufjan Stevens" is trending because white people can have dinner parties again.Realising that 'guile' implies intelligence, which is not what I meant at all. Just the sly bit.The guile of people who post their own creative work in answer to "help me out with this subject..." questions alwa… Troopers (Paul Verhoeven, 1997) ⭐⭐⭐⭐½ want most of the things you do. But let's just agree that the Left is broken too. @GraceSpelman The entirety of Ramsey Lewis' back catalog
@ferrengipson The things I would do for Boris Vallejo's 'Naked man confronting a blobular creature' (1979) are unsp… @Tai_Shani Jonathan Miller's 'Rough History of Disbelief' is a favourite... @noahfeehan Or a sticker with words written on it in pen @NickXHall My first 'personal cassette player' was a Singer, better known for making sewing machines. It might have… @Gemma__Sharpe @MrHickathrift Kobo Clara HD (ebook reader). It's very portable, sturdy, large memory, great case that doubles as a… world’s climate catastrophe worsens amid the pandemic
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™The staggering of WhatsApp group 'mute notifications' option is everything: - 8 hours - 1 week - 1 yearFirst noodles after lockdown you to the person who made this list from Kodwo Eshun's, More Brilliant than the Sun, Adventures in Sonic Fic…
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™Current status... #saveourjobs #3demands #wearegoldsmiths
Went for Starship Troopers. Sunday evening joyzHerd immunity < herd mentalityI need a fun, clever, brilliant, and potentially hilarious film for Sunday night. What should I watch?? @HerrDirector Do you mean long colourful nails? Or the idea of a technologically sophisticated future?The nails scene in Total Recall (1990) is still the most 'futuristic' thing I have ever seen (Don Coscarelli, 1979) ⭐ @not_carlisle 😂
@undividual visit someone buying now..."no risk"
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™ @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ I can speak about feminism, & your limited interpretation of it, without claiming to be… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ But I know enough about the history of feminism to know that the divergence widening at… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ I never claimed (as a man or otherwise) to be speaking on behalf of women or trans wome… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ I've heard all your positions before, watched roundtables & panels at radical feminist… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ Just because you are a woman doesn't mean your argument can't be wrong. You "telling me… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ You're lost, & spinning misinformation at someone who has read up on this stuff. We do… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ You might be surprised how much time I have personal put into 'listening' and trying to… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ The tables are indeed turning, but not in your favour. I probably should have said tr… @le_hummingbird @tom_usher_ Your question is the thing that's off the mark. He has used his fame to amplify parti…, one of the few *essential* artworks of the 21st century"no risk" can't wait to see Avatar 2 tank into hollywood oblivion as experienced by a psychopath
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™A powerful, must read
Retweeted by Daniel Rourke™ @twittterfaith Yes. This. It's expensive and UK mental healthcare provision is really bad (believe me, I have tried) @npseaver 15151515151parent: if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? machine learning model: yes
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