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Love theatre ✅ Media relations experience ✅ Interested in social media ✅ Partial to a bit of Shakespeare ✅ If th… in 1215, the Magna Carta was signed. King John is synonymous with the signing of the Magna Carta, but… Saturday 22 June at 1.15pm in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre there will be an Audio Described performance of As Y…
@slunglowalan @NationalTheatre Alan, does this mean you *don’t* want the star? Let us know as there’s hell of a wai… Dances opens next week! See more rehearsal room pictures at: #RSCDances 📷 Elli… London Matilda, Francesca performed at Windsor Castle for the @BBCRadio2 #500WordsFinal, hosted by…
Retweeted by The RSCMy review for @TheTLS of @TheRSC's productions of Otway's Venice Preserved & Vanbrugh's The Provoked Wife. They're…
Retweeted by The RSCWhen a young novice nun is compromised by a corrupt official, who offers to save her brother from execution in retu… @LouBloomfield Thank YOU for coming - we're so glad you enjoyed it!This is a fantastic opportunity @TheRSC to work as part of a busy and creative team producing video content for bro…
Retweeted by The RSCEscape the glorious British 'Summer' with £10 Rush tickets for: ☔ As You Like It ☔ The Taming of the Shrew ☔ Venic…'re members of @STARticketing so you can trust that we only sell tickets through ourselves or authorised ticket s…'s raining☔ It's a bit chilly🌧️ Come inside and enjoy some theatre? @SibylWrites Hi there, the role of Orlando was played by the brilliant Aaron Thiara! @NikiLouiseT Have a great time! Let us know what you think of the show :)
Tune in the @BBCRadio2 tomorrow morning from 7am when one of our Matildas will be performing at the #500Words final…
Retweeted by The RSCEscape to Stratford-upon-Avon with a Summer Escapes Pass 😎🌞* See a show, go on a tour, visit an exhibition and hav… National Writers' Conference, run by @writingwestmids, is heading to @unibirmingham on Saturday 22 June. For… @TomMathias Hello again - we have no plans to bring this design back but we have continued it as a cufflink in our shop. Hope this helps! @The_Globe ❤️ @TomMathias Hi Tom! I'll check with our retail team to see if we have any plans to bring those back.Want to get to know #RSCMeasure? Start with this handy plot synopsis. Measure for Measure opens on 28 June, direc… @stardanvers Hi there, I've passed your query to the RSC Key team and will get back to you about this. Thanks, Amy @alexandrahillny Thanks Alexandra - that's so kind of you to say. So glad you enjoyed it! @BickleyLouise Fantastic! Have a wonderful time :)
Join us for music, food and dancing on 22 June at the Midsummer Revel, our 12 hour FREE mini-festival where time is… to @bertiecarvel, our first ever Miss Trunchbull in @MatildaMusical! brilliant @theresa_lola headlines our next #BrightSmoke @TheRSC tomorrow night, with support from Dennis Muhirw…
Retweeted by The RSCMeasure for Measure, opening 28 June. #RSCMeasure"...they are extraordinary, supple, human, moving and quite liquid performers...' - Prasanna Puwanarajah on… us every second Thursday of the month for our free spoken word and open mic night at The Other Place, Stratfor…
Who was Erik Satie? Our Head of Music, Bruce O’Neil, explores the work of the iconic composer and the influence o… of coming to see Venice Preserved? We've put all of the reviews in one handy place for you:… to Antony Sher who has won the 2019 Theatre Book Prize for Year of the Mad King, which covers his t… are thrilled to be partnering with @theRSC, bringing some top comedy talent to Stratford upon Avon this Septembe…
Retweeted by The RSCThe Play's The Thing is currently closed while we bring new items into the exhibition. It will reopen on Friday 21… WRITING FOR THEATRE - Join @TheRSC writers, directors and dramaturgs for a day of workshops on the craft of pla…
Retweeted by The RSCLast week we were joined by our six @MagicLeap Fellows, they'll be using their different backgrounds in digital sto… to be here - with @TheRSC @philharmonia and @marshmallowlf amongst the Ones to Watch. #createch
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All of us here at the RSC are sending love and support to the cast and crew of @RotterdamPlay in the wake of this a… were thrilled to hear that RSC Board member and Associate Artist, Simon Russell Beale, was Knighted in the Queen… for our Comedy Festival are now ON SALE! Who will you be coming to see?
Gotta catch ‘em all! Saturday 15 June at 1.15pm in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre there will be an Audio Described performance of The…
ICYMI, we announced our Comedy Festival earlier today! Tickets go on sale on Monday - get it in your calendars, it… for this 🦈 @HarrietLaing 🌯We interrupt this Comedy Festival-themed day to let you know that our Rush tickets for this week are now live! We'… @TheRSC How many Henry VIs does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but he has to do it in three parts. #LiveAtTheRSC
Retweeted by The RSC @LesDennis BRILLIANT LES 😂😂😂😂 @TheRSC “Said Hamlet to Ophelia, I’ll draw a sketch of thee. What kind of pencil shall I use? 2B or not 2B?” Spike Milligan.
Retweeted by The RSC😂😂 #liveattheRSC @Thom_Baker @chesterzoo 😂😂 @TheRSC ‘Knock, knock, knock! Who's there...’ Porter, #Macbeth 2:3 #LiveAtTheRSC
Retweeted by The RSC(...we'll leave the jokes to the comedians next time)Shakespeare walks into a bar Get out, y’Bard #liveattheRSCLet's get in the Comedy Festival mood! What's your favourite one-liner? (Keep it clean please, we're family-friendly) #liveattheRSC @TheRSC Thank you! Dream accomplished!
Retweeted by The RSC @Halcruttenden It 100% counts!As well as all of that, there are even more acts to be announced! Tickets are on sale on Monday 10 June, who will… 21 September Award-winning comedian Adam Kay (@amateuradam ) joins us for This Is Going to Hurt (Secret… 20 September MC @felicityward will be joined by @DarrenHarriott @destheray @rhysjamesy and @rorybremner. #liveattheRSCThursday 19 September Join @Halcruttenden @IvoGraham @PhilNWang and @zoelyons live in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. #liveattheRSCSaturday 14 September @rhysnicholson @suziruffell @mattforde and @themiltonjones! We can assure you that this bu… 12 September @EdGambleComedy @FinTaylorcomedy @sarahkcomedy @BridgetChristie are joined by MC…'But who have you got performing at this Comedy Festival?' we hear you cry! LET US TELL YOU. #liveattheRSC📢 EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT TIME 📢 Join us from 12-21 September for our Comedy Festival, in partnership with… @BigAlTweeting 😉Something wicked(ly funny) this way comes...* Stay tuned for an exciting announcement later this morning! *Spoi… @BuecherLove Thank you so much for coming - we're really glad you enjoyed it! @urbancomms Thanks Kevin - that's really kind of you to say. So glad you enjoyed it!
'A beautiful, beautiful piece of theatre.' See what our audience think of Restoration political thriller Venice Pr… to everyone who watched #RSCShrew in their local cinema last night. We really loved reading your comments… a leg to everyone involved in the @BirminghamDrama @unibirmingham production of Queen Anne tonight! The play…'All the actors are in the auditorium all day, every day, ready to go over complicated sequences again and again.'… @CanaryGabriel @gwenodine It's a mystery! 😉 @dameliam97 It's something special, isn't it?!We just did Taming of the Shrew @TheRSC live to 500 cinemas across the UK and I didn’t fall over or swear. Proud 💚
Retweeted by The RSC @reg1965 She's definitely got some fantastic gliding skills! @SteelTwilight @micktheejit Excellent! So glad she enjoyed it - hope to see you again soon. @GylesB1 Thanks Gyles - really glad you enjoyed it! @lem60 Thanks Lorna! @katherinehelen_ Thanks so much for coming!
Thank you so much to @TheRSC and @vuecinemas for bringing us that fabulous performance of The Taming of the Shrew.…
Retweeted by The RSC @ginger_frost @vuecinemas And thank YOU so much for coming! Really pleased that you enjoyed it 😀 @estaban12345 Greetings 👋 thanks for coming and so glad you enjoyed it! @philipgreen Now that would be telling! 🤐 @SeanPag33424786 Really sorry about this Sean - thanks for your patience. @AntheaHelenOwen And thanks to you for coming! @MaureenMurph49 She's fantastic, isn't she? Thanks so much for coming! @KenYap79594573 Thanks Ken - much appreciated! ❤️If you enjoyed tonight, our next cinema broadcast will be Measure for Measure on 31 July – see if we’re coming to a… so much to everyone who came to tonight’s screening of The Taming of the Shrew🎬 You can catch #RSCShrew in… @TheRSC LOVED Taming of the Shrew mind has been blown! Fantastic performances...might have to see it a…
Retweeted by The RSC @JayneMcCormack Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it - hope to see you again soon. @mfowmes @mahgww Our lips are sealed! 🤐 @Cyflawniad Thanks Daniel - so glad you enjoyed it! (and great about the quiche - the new trend in cinema snacks, perhaps?) @Perrin6Rachel Thanks so much for coming - really glad you and your daughter loved it!So enjoyed @TheRSC Taming of the Shrew this evening. Utterly captivating but also deeply unsettling. Great explorat…
Retweeted by The RSC @rosiefreckle Thanks so much, Rosie! Really glad you enjoyed it.