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@bingomilf thrilled for this thread @adam807 @joereid yes but then they learn and it’s beautiful!! @joereid the finale is about people deciding to come together during an apocalypse instead of fighting each other like come ON it’s gorgokay to date putting the flaming flag twirlers (who are twirling their flags!!) in the volcano sequence is possibly… I forgot about the Bikini-Bottom-is-Anatevka moment I am losing itwaiting for mid-act 2 for squidwards tap number is god tier. @joereid Joe it’s shockingly perfect for right now because it’s literally about a whole community that thinks the w… this point, I will scream at the top of my lungs it is absolutely insane this wasn’t at least given a special To… pirate song. thank you @SaraBareilles. the act 2 opener we didn’t deserve @Neil_McNeil they cut a couple moments but overall it’s really well filmed and captures the wonderful insanity that… were you the first time you heard Pearl sing “Daddy can you HEAR MEEEE” on a key-changeIN THIS HOUSE? NOT A SIMPLE SPONGE TO BE FOUND @kpfallon @Casey_Mink same. The bartender upstairs recognized me when I came back later in the week and gave me TWO… @alexiskaymolnar I literally just teared up watching again. When they sing “and the sun shines down...” I fucking LOSE itit is utterly INSANE how good the Plankton rap is. It defies all laws of Bikini Bottom Day one of the best opening numbers in musical theatre history? in this essay, I willand yes we’re watching now PSA that you can buy the filmed version of the Spongebob musical on Amazon and it’s legitimately one of the best… how’s quarantine goi— ME: @BTMHopkins oh they’re all invited @soneall89 okay, taste @oliviawilde thank you queen. Stream Booksmart, gays!! @IKEAtkinson @bingomilf closest thing we’ve gotten to Teenage Dream since(also I used a Robyn gif as a tribute to songs that make me feel the inherently queer experience of letting your sa… @bingomilf I wanna get my tears out before Hallucinate because that one I will just be screaming and doing various… about the first time Physical plays in a crowded bar after all of this and we can actually all dance and h…, boy you know exactly what you did on my boat!!anyway I highly recommend a Shut Up & Sing / Miss Americana double feature if you want to feel inspired to stand up…
remember when Bill O’Reilly LITERALLY said the Dixie Chicks deserved to be slapped around on live television and st… the Dixie Chicks documentary Shut Up And Sing because I didn’t have enough rage in my little hairy body toward blind patriotism 😌 @ashtonevans i love joje’s work ever since she got out of that bad record deal!!my temperature is always either 97.5 or 97.9 and I’m like wow the Chicagoland area radio stations JUMPED OUT @jdpierpoint BEFORE I KILL HERdoing my quarterly watch of the best Grey’s Anatomy episode, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner @Rtayrews omg the Katie Bates versionjust woke up to @Rtayrews absolutely blasting National Pastime from Smash @Junecr26 (Okay they added a song for her and it’s ~not~ good but she’s fine overall! The rest of the production is… are we all adding a section to our resumes? BROADWAY ——————— NATIONAL TOURS ——————— CORONA-CANCELLATIONS ———————
Retweeted by Sean Doherty @Junecr26 we might do Grease Live...a musical I actively hate but a live production I LOVEDjfc what a perfect movie musical adaptationRT if Run and Tell That was a sexual awakening for youimagine writing as far as Welcome to The 60’s and not-thinking “thats it, I’m done. I simply CANNOT write another b… in quarantine we’re all Edna 🥺as a previous Link (RIP me playing Link) Ladies Choice is a BOP and I’m so glad it was added and replaced It Takes… Michelle Pfeiffer should have won an Oscar?never forget that James Marsden (vers king) should have won awards for his portrayal of Corny Collinsit’s Nikki Blonksy from the movie Hairspray IN THE MOVIE HAIRSPRAY we’re doing this because Hairspray is leaving Netflix the 1st so this may be our LAST chance to stop the beat!! STOP ITomfg @jansportnyc with that button press I just SCREAMED @samcorb don’t worry I’m here @ebhthree love this for all of us @deanevangeliou we rewatched the last episode and they kept saying she had “originality” and I’m like “what? Where?… I missed that whole section because I’m still crying that they used @NicholasBritell’s Beale Street score in a commercial @KevGoshdarn Netflix!
it’s Friday so we’re making drinks again on IG Live then watching Hairspray and yelling a lot join us after drag ra… @joereid @ashtonevans we all needed thisdaylight savings right before this all really fucked me up; every day I’m like “oh what is it, 2pm?” and it’s approximately 5:42can’t tell if I want to drink because I’m feeling less sick or because Hallucinate makes me want to twirl like a du… @ashtonevans @bingomilf the Zoom we’ve all been waiting for tbhare my roommates watching porn or an Instagram live workout? in this essay, I will“I dedicate this verse to...all that good pipe in the moonlight” @FirstKnivesClub I just got 2 a few weeks ago and was like wait. 3 already? What? Ahahaha the demo was great tho. N… to finish my first listen and I know it’s been said but honestly the AUDACITY of @DUALIPA to drop an album this ferociousi’ve been living in these dance warmups for three days straight and now that Future Nostalgia has dropped, I am fin… @jacksonisaacson @jarjar_twinks someone should add that alley down the street where everyone pees after 11pmmy therapist: The Rosemont in Minecraft isnt real, it cant hurt you. The Rosemont in Minecraft:
Retweeted by Sean Doherty @georgie_rae_ one order of REFRIGERATOR LIGHT coming right uphaven’t figured out how I’m gonna listen to Future Nostalgia yet but thinking I’m gonna hook it up to my big speake… supporting queens we love to see it 🥺 @itgetsbedder we JUST got to this and I’m in awe
@BrendanDrake ❤️❤️❤️Hm
Retweeted by Sean Dohertyoh we’re opening ALL the windows tomorrow huh literally has the hankycode on it el oh el)YOU: stop posting about your workouts ME: but we wore gay bandanas today!! @salvucciodamico omg yours is the only one I’ve been on!!I’ve hit the point of quarantine where I’m watching front row POV roller coaster videos and honestly, having a delightful timeokay WAIT there is a scene in the second half that is so inspired, hilarious, and TRULY bizarre that took me so off… we ended up watching the Dora the Explorer movie and a) it’s actually kinda cute and b) there is a sequence… just don’t understand how it’s reasonable to expect what could be millions of people and small businesses, who su…
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I know there’s a lot going on right now but I really gotta bring attention to the fact that Pacha’s kids in Emperor… wow mark your calendars, friday at 10pm
Retweeted by Sean Doherty @jamesholod @Randrews1322 hey that’s my mug!!so since none of us can really get tests because everything is y’all feeling?
and yes, I saw that going to shave my beard for a self-tape today and then right as I was going to do it the entire production got… has anyone else gotten this villager in Animal Crossing? He's kinda creeping me out :/
Retweeted by Sean Dohertyme realizing that it was only 14 days ago when it was still acceptable to go meet a friend at a bar and that we hav… offense but I’m not going to go see a play reliving any of this.
Retweeted by Sean Dohertylady gaga to LG6
Retweeted by Sean Doherty @dave_malloy currently VERY into Death Stranding—definitely not for everyone, but I’ve found it’s purposefully-mono… @daveklodowski Dave it gets so so good. Just wait. It’s amazing.a reminder to all of you looking for content that the Netflix show Blown Away—a reality show about GLASS BLOWERS—is…
they’re social distancing
Retweeted by Sean Doherty @kpfallon same I was like “so they’re gonna do this weekly, right? Or every day? Please say every day” @kpfallon I legit watched the entire thing start to finish. It was like an IV of insane musical theatre joyTeddy from Bob’s Burgers is one of the most quietly devastating characters on television.
Retweeted by Sean Doherty @jamesholod it’s brought us so much joy this day thank you!!!oh my god @jamesholod sent me a wonderful letter written on his new typewriter and started it in the most incredibl… holy shit a new Half-Life game came out today where are the tweets about it??* *well i mean none of us can af…