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Sam @TheSamsman BABYLON (feat. Chronixx)

Certified Coked Connoisseur | 19 | #TheBoys | #TheMob 💜

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@OnTheFlyTwitch if this was a gunfight tourney👀 @beckfn_ @marcusy_ thats acid rap tho? @CrypticNo @sydney_sweeney started watching euphoria and i want her already @marcusy_ i like them a lot they're great to me @marcusy_ @CrypticNoOne she aint the one @koordell LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @ripxRain @YevaIts She snapped on this 🔥 @maids You’re not down you’re Aleyna🤣 @MyFavsTrash latest console ps3 LMAOOOOOOOOOOO @dude_lemon Inshallah he’s resting easy, ty for sharing this and I hope it does you good. Stay strong bro 💜 @JoeyTheSuperJew Pog Dog @FabzMaybe @FabioMoment Bless you @dxukkaj That’s the dream @FabzMaybe Make a new one softblocking 500+ is gonna be hard @SavinTheBees Churger @prakdip A watered gate @katiebvg @xoxabstract @drixburger Who tf you think idiot? @katiebvg @xoxabstract @drixburger ok? @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato W @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato What the hell @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato See I’m glad for you but ain’t no way I’m making that @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato See this looks like something I would make if I was too lazy to make a good meal late night @WhosBreezyV2 Top 3 crossover @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato Nah I can eat a whole buffet but you got me fucked up eating sweets back to back @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato How???? I can only have 2 bites and I’m done with it @haleyscalm @ImMashed_Potato You the mf that eats an entire birthday cake huh? @ImMashed_Potato @haleyscalm Take that back fruit loops are top 5 @ImMashed_Potato @haleyscalm Honestly two sweet things together don’t go together @haleyscalm Funny thing that’s not even her @ripxRain They double teamed her @rjcabby Good riddance @leahdb98 love that characterShe deactivated before I got my reply in LMAOOOOOOOOO @leahdb98 I want nothing but good to happen to that man @Froste @katiebvg tell em how it is💯 @Avalanche100T As a unit we staying strong and getting past it hopefully @lemiwrap You deserve it king @Avalanche100T Are we living rn or just going thru it? @CrypticNo She’s overrated @Classify HOLY SHIT SHE GOT YOU A CAT AWWWWW @shivisdumb @Blankzy_ This dude stinks @meIisssax Happy Birthday🥳 @Avalanche100T @TheSamsman is kinda nice with it @Mako @Avalanche100T @MyFavsTrash YOU JUST KILLED HIM LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @NotAirid @AubieAnderson @Avalanche100T @CFC_Ant @Leo__ffs @LazasBautista @Haunterx7 @CrypticNo @ezDrob @lemiwrap @lemiwrap HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEMI @shivisdumb okey @shivisdumb pushing med @Wis_Alt @itsWaddles_ a guy like me would've just gotten 258 kills but thats just me
@Leo__ffs @Blankzy_ ??????? @CrypticNo rooting for you @Boy1drr done again @maids Stick to Among Us @CrypticNoOne Are these the same ppl????? @notchaselyons There’s too much to get caught up onI think I downloaded the wrong Aladdin @HarryButAverage Who’s Calvin @hlmtgrl GoodnightThis sound is the new Rick Roll
Retweeted by Sam @JhbTeam How does he do itthis you bro? @Daymeeein
Retweeted by Sam @HarryButAverage ok? @Leo__ffs @NotAirid reporting this to his wife and kids @Leo__ffs @NotAirid so inappropriate @ImMashed_Potato @ImMashed_Potato @Ahadify Really? Have you watched the whole show? I loved it @Ahadify Yes 6 seasons of episodes that all have a point to it it has same tier good writing as Breaking Bad @Ahadify Have you seen Lost? @Classify Happy Birthday Classy @may_wedda @Froste fr @NotAirid We know @longneckedbeck anle sounds French @100TJackiee I have a gun @ripxRain Happy Birthday King💜 @endeylol i cant believe it @Haunterx7 That 4th one goes hard @100TJackiee @shivisdumb LMFAOOOOOO REKT @shivisdumb Me I’m sadHis mom needs to get the belt cause this shit ain’t funny @Schovee W @WhosBreezyUK Eat my burger @Mako @SamManlol He can’t breath for a second @Viperous That’s a grandpa @rickyreapers chill let him drop his merch first @MyFavsTrash i want u arrested
@Mako I’m getting in @may_wedda He don’t miss @atSerpentine Stop meat riding the mob after you criticize them pussy 🥱 talk shit then when they reply you dickride themI ordered a fleshlight online and just like me it didn’t come @Blankzy_ Congrats @HarryButAverage Goodnight @SavinTheBees monke. @EduGoneForever 💜 @JhbTeam @100TJackiee @maids LMAOOOOOOOO @CrypticNo @Chromee__ @OnTheFlyTwitch they got hungry @longneckedbeck Okay we’re done here