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Sam @TheSamsman BABYLON (feat. Chronixx)

19 | Certified Banger/Streamer🧢 | #TheBoys | $amGotCash

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@Froste Can you give me da bob? @visionofviii DO NOT DELETE THIS ONE @scarrfries it’s a bangerkissing pranks @_A113N Cough syrup @scarrfries @Xouped THE SOCKS STAY ON LMFAOOOOOOOOOO @jakkuxd funny tweet Jakku @CouRageJD @jakkuxd @100Thieves @Rated_COD DRAG HIS ASS @jakkuxd @100Thieves @Rated_COD LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @_A113N @madisonpettis @blackprints Just gassing up my girl @_A113N @madisonpettis @blackprints Hey man leave her alone @madisonpettis @blackprints cut 💫
Retweeted by Sam @_A113N You think she a ✊ woman? @mynameabanana yo @_A113N There’s no way that’s becoming a movie without giving kids nightmares @_A113N Nah wtf is the last one @sabpie_ fr @watervessell She’s resourcefulPoki’s controller died so she pulled out the ✊ @macawcaw123 It was funny @stroofinati After the hands she gets a controller and holds RT for vibrationyou reckon she uses the left or the right I personally think she uses the right due to hand rotation and mobility being more functional @CryptiicNo ✊ ?she just like me @macawcaw123 @Conmxn Hey Kayla @Xouped 2.7k i dont think a naked wap dance is enough for this one @lemipog i think i heard modders working on a whole new retexture for it like a remastered version @lemipog it actually looks good @lemipog is this on pc? @_A113N they were goated for independent reading time @_A113N either diary of wimpy kid or lord of the flies @_A113N gmgm @ttvAJM45 @LILUZIVERT Great now you made him delete his tweet @LILUZIVERT Uzi can I get a reply plz @MxjdTV gn majd @no9mi Feels like November just started a week ago @LILUZIVERT hi uzi hru @j4zzyko good one @Willb3250 gn will @visionofviii @Twitter get his ass @Daymeeein nah fr @CryptiicNo send em this and ur good @CryptiicNo who hurt you? @Boy1drr Are you a raisin? Because you’re raisin my dingaling 😍 @Valkyrae heyDonkey from Shrek had to be packing man fucked a dragon and got quadruplets @lewnair You taking request? @shivisdumb Ty hope it bangs @_A113N So did the beer win a world record then? @shivisdumb why is this cow SICK! @lewnair He must of ran out of fun @shivisdumb @lewnair Is that a bot just for the word horny? @shivisdumb You’re caps locked typing “CAP” that’s another cap @shivisdumb You just capped againNo shit @ltsCamo @Hauntterr Spider-man @Hauntterr Who’s Spider-Man? @CrypticNoOnee Secret Service gonna be knocking on your door those reports gonna have the cure to everything @CrypticNoOnee I want him as my professor @shivisdumb cap @Grahamalott UR WINNING THIS @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd You deleted your replies @reactionsources @_vndy @realJBA @theweeknd @_vndy do not reply with the k or m word like last time @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew ? @reactionsources @_vndy @realJBA @theweeknd LMFAOOOOOOOO @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd Bro give it a break ur 0-3 at this point😭 @reactionsources @_vndy @realJBA @theweeknd Almost there buddy @_vndy @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd Yes @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd no this is a key silly @_vndy @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd Wow you ratio’d him 😏 @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd flop @reactionsources @realJBA @theweeknd quadruple ratio’d from your deleted reply of “double ratio’d by olaf getting h… @realJBA @theweeknd LMFAOOOOO
@notdiin He’s improving @_A113N That’s the reason I remember it it’s that or that’s my locker number @_A113N 1024 @CrypticNoOnee can you step in? @Froste you're gonna put models out of a job @Valkyrae @HakkenRyou this is just a prank right? @fucksherwin same @Valkyrae @HakkenRyou please say sike @Valkyrae @HakkenRyou noooo @_vndy @jjustin92 @hotpockets no @_vndy @jjustin92 @hotpockets shut up andy @prakdip mana nih yang jual paket netflix @CryptiicNo You lost in a kids game? @_rockrob Worst bird meat? @hoodienergy gm @_A113N 🖕🏾 @shmegmoid done @Xouped i typed this and i get skipped wow the ego on this guy @srirwahcha understandable @srirwahcha You down bad for using magazines @ronnyrickkk Already reinstalling Fortnite @JhbTeam #relatable @CryptiicNo same i dont be celebrating thanksgiving