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Word/photon/idea crafter. I’m @WE_AreEnoughPod & help @EarperConFund/@EarperSupport ❤️StarWars/StarTrek/WynonnaEarp/Art Hug-based lifeform. GentlePerv🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧

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#Witness #TheFugitive #RegardingHenry #FavouriteFordFilms 🎬 @MamaGoo5e @MelanieScrofano @realtimrozon 😎 @MamaGoo5e @MelanieScrofano @realtimrozon It’s a dna sequencing service for us regular folk🤓 I bought a kit for my… @Pepperpeppering @msmorganjarrett Ooh! I could do that one as my first post-Mum puzzle then! (Told you I’d forget lol 🤦‍♀️) @audrey10011980 @Firecrackerdept It’s not been finalised yet as Kat is in Calgary and Naomi is in LA lol! They wil… Season: 1 Ep: 7 Walking After Midnight The Stone & Iron Witches finally come face to face… @itzmartinaol {{{hugs}}}Up Helly Aa: The songwriter who introduced Vikings to Shetland's fire festival
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme @HeidiHanson @MelanieScrofano I highly highly doubt that’s the last we’ll see of ole Bun Buns 😉🍌 ✅ 🍓 ❌*hit by a car* *me opening up twitter*: Y’all...
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme𝙄 𝙖𝙩𝙚 #𝘿𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙆𝙞𝙣𝙙 𝙗𝙚𝙘𝙖𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙄’𝙢 𝙨𝙚𝙭𝙮 (Embarrassing, yet technically accurate😳) @tiger3877 @WrackWonder Oooh let’s ask the Stone Witch! Hey @kondrackirayisa! Can you remember if it said anything… OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US! 😎💪👏❤️ @WrackWonder Monique (as far as we know)#MelanieScrofano, #JannArden & #KatBarrell is a tasty trio of talent if ever I saw one! 😎 *chefs kiss* #EarpNow @DBenitez95 @KeepABRolling 😎 all the cool kids go full Earp 💪 ❤️ & ESPECIALLY art that touches people Just in case anyone doesn’t know, Ciara created the original I’… @msmorganjarrett That’s SO pretty! I haven’t done a jigsaw puzzle since my Mother died in 2015 because whenever I…*swirls cape, exits stage right* 🎩 saw times new roman trending and nearly shit my pants thinking something happened to a font
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme @KimmeeButtee That should’ve said Kimmers! Lol @MasterTarantino Waterworld 🌊 @KimmeeButtee Night skimmers!😘#WaverlyEarp That’s it. 𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽’𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓣𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽 #EarpNow #WynonnaEarp #E4L #WayHaught #TheEarpSisters @swiftsantiagos @MelanieScrofano 😉 @Lnk1987 😍 @nedleysoffice Jill, this pleases me on levels I never even knew I had 👌Katherine Barrell. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #EarpNow #WynonnaEarp #KatBarrell
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme @Lnk1987 NO! NO SAD FACE! HAPPY FACE! HAPPY BUB FACE! @earpnado *American ad voice* Men, do YOU pee hard? If not, GET THESE PANTS AND PEE LIKE A REAL MAAAAAAAANI traded my 160GB Classic in when I got the iPhone X so I’d always have my •entire• music collection with me if I h… you at @earpdivisionxpo June 5-7, 2020 in California ☀️ 🏖 😎!!!!
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMemeWe are delighted to be joined in Anaheim, California by 11 members of the #WynonnaEarp cast for #EDE2020, the West…
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme @TheSaxyOne @groovycrackhead @MelanieScrofano I always feel sorry for narwhals. Unicorns get all the love and they… @tiger3877 @MelanieScrofano *desperately tries to think of a potato pun. Fails spudacularly*I was just called a “special egg” 🥚 If you need me I’ll be over here with a big ole grin and a case of the warm f… @MelanieScrofano @StoddardDesiree I’d imagine he was 30% awesome, 75% sarcasm And better at math than me 👍 @tiger3877 @MelanieScrofano “I’m here to answer all of your genetics and potato questions” is the best damn thing I’ve read all day 👌👏😘 @vickster1986 @Firecrackerdept I had the website address in there too but had to cut it for length! Stupid 240 character limit! @groovycrackhead @MelanieScrofano GODDAMN IT WHY ISN’T MY FATHER 7% NARWHAL THAT’S SO MUCH COOLER FFS! 😱😎🤣 @PurgatoryArcheo @MelanieScrofano I’m going to guess that that...............*crosses fingers* pleased you?🚨NEW #KatBarrell CONTENT!🚨 #Earpers set your reminders & turn off the house phone cause on the 2nd Feb over on Ins… @MelanieScrofano My Father turned out to be 7% Neanderthal when I got him 23&Me’d 😳 @Shinedown1911 @whitetailcons91 Is that supposed to be some sort of bizarre example of •my L trolling? Accusing th… be sure, there is little on Earth more pathetic than a needy/whiny internet troll 😬🤦‍♀️ Seriously, why do some… @whitetailcons91 Continued targeted harassment👍 Oh don’t worry if you suddenly decide to delete your tweets as I’v… @whitetailcons91 All that is merely someone expressing concern for someone else, CLEARLY “I certainly don’t want…'m starting to get very worried (and sad!) that Jeremy seems to be missing from all this #WynonnaEarp BTS content…
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme @whitetailcons91 Seriously though, D minus for the trolling. D at best. I’ve had 12yr olds troll me better than y… @whitetailcons91 *laughs for days* Dude, you’re seriously gonna get an ulcer at this rate I’ve never come across… @whitetailcons91 Oh really? Odd that you state baiting me is “free entertainment”. VERY odd. As that’s EXACTLY wh… @joshkingofgeeks @IanSinkovits @scifichick25 @EarperBex @loveshack93 @TheSciFiBard @WynonnaEarpPod @WynonnaFans che…
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme#JeremyChetri 🎧🔬#VarunSaranga #Jetri #EarpNow #WynonnaEarp #E4L #WynonnaEarpSeason4 😎 @DarkoneOfDamned @joshkingofgeeks @IanSinkovits @scifichick25 @EarperBex @loveshack93 @WynonnaEarpPod @WynonnaFans @whitetailcons91 Oh but I don’t need to block you Lance If I did, you & your chums would only sit around crowing… @AgnethaRosander @KimmeeButtee See this @magickunikorn?! 🥳🤩WHUT 😲 #MeganFollows is in #OctoberFaction? *immediately adds it to Netflix queue* #MamaEarp #WynonnaEarp @whitetailcons91 Lance, dearest boy, you’re starting to seem rather obsessed with me Should I be concerned? I mea…
@Lnk1987 THIS CALLS FOR LIL BUB! @earpslgbt @ImGaySowhatImS1 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 I’m perfectly fine thank you hon. He on the other hand, seems overly… @whitetailcons91 I know your reading comprehension is obviously lacking but where exactly have I called on anyone?… look, he finally took off his vague disguise and donned the true accoutrements of trolldom “What a surprise!”… @samg399 @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @kford0315 Says the guy butting in for no reason with a gun as his Twitter banner. Sheesh. @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 Dude, let. it. go. I took a leaf out of your book and decided I si… project starts with an idea; a seed that has the potential to grow into something spectacular. If we want a m…
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMemeSomething very important just occurred to me about centaurs.
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMemeOmg! I’m wearing the same shirt as Doc Holliday today!!! #KeepAlbertaRolling
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMemeIf you take anything away from today, be it that @BBCFOUR will host a LIVE Life Drawing class on Tuesday 4th Feb at… the winner is... @earpiestearpw CONGRATULATIONS DYLAN!🥳 It was SO hard to separate the last 4 that I’d like… DO NOT CLICK ON THIS UNDER •ANY• CIRCUMSTANCES GUYS! ❌❌❌’ve whittled it down to FOUR now! @Gryffindor514 @earpiestearpw @geminieyez83 @keentd75 Now for the 3rd and fi…“Hi, yes, I’m calling to report a blocked sink. What’s it blocked with? It’s chock full of AWESOME 😍” @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 Calm down dear It almost sounds like you’re enjoying yourself and r… @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 And we’re back with the name calling At least you’re consistent I g… @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 Thank you for mansplaining Twitter for me Duly noted 🙄 @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 I came to the aid of someone who requested it Interesting you think… @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 “NO need to read people’s profiles in my opinion” Because why bothe… @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 I see we’re onto self aggrandising and stating your accomplishments. Duly noted. @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 Ah I see you are completely out of salient arguements and are now on… @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 You don’t CARE enough to read anyone’s profile you mean Instead of… @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 She certainly CANNOT see your tweets (& is currently in tears becaus… @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 Her profile states she is a SHE But the fact you summarily dismiss… @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 I’m neither anonymous nor a troll My photo is my avatar pic & I can… @SgtBear3 @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 Repeatedly calling a woman online an “it” negates any shred of legit… @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 & yet you decided 2 start calling her names the SECOND you knew she’… @ragdoll_riot @kford0315 They are currently calling her a coward because she used the block button. You better beli… @kford0315 @ragdoll_riot On it! @whitetailcons91 @samg399 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 Says the ‘man’ calling a woman names when he KNOWS she can’t respond Sure Jan. @samg399 @whitetailcons91 @kford0315 @SgtBear3 *None of her followers wanted to touch your weak ass ammosexual douc… 😉🤠❤️ #ReadyToMaeveAndMisbehave #EarpNow #WynonnaEarp #E4L #Earpers #WynonnaEarpSeason4 am fired UP today. What do you need? You need a hug? You need a pep talk? You need somebody to shout down your bu…
Retweeted by TheSciFiBard #QueenOfMeme @MindOfAkash @WrackWonder When you’re almost as salty as Constance... 🌊 @Pythie2Delphes @EarpFest @kondrackirayisa @EHConCanada Thank youuuuuu! 😊😘🚨 #WynonnaEarp GIVEAWAY! 🚨 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️