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The Seaonion @TheSeaonion Whisperwind or Earth

EQ & EQ2 SK, WoW DK - there's a pattern here...Pandas & Night Elves - Dipping a toe into the infosec world - avatar by @zheida

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Your Virtual Oneesan is now streaming~ #ENVtuber #Vtuber
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Zuulzilla @QueerEsports Congratulations-that is AWESOME! @naerchan That sounds like the makings of a loooong dayReminder I have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!!! Check out my most recent highlights !!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 WATCH:…
Retweeted by The Seaonion💜 low stakes minecraft continues 💜
Retweeted by The Seaonion @NikNakZX Get some rest and I hope you feel better soon! @snuffyowo Hope you feel better soon! @da_667 😂 @Zuulzilla Oh that’s amazing - the colors just jump out at you!
I'm still trying to reach 3k followers on Twitch! Come say hi, maybe?
Retweeted by The SeaonionLive! BoB plays in more Nexo games tonight. New patch too!!
Retweeted by The SeaonionLet's do some solo Phasmo!! That's a good idea right? hahaha (It was not a good idea)
Retweeted by The SeaonionSisterly duo stream starting soon with Mr P, Coffee MCO and LOTS of blind boxes! Waiting room here:…
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Live! Monday HotS do I continue the Azmodan legacy or retire with a 100% ranked win rate? OMEGALUL
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Xandara Sounds good to me - now to get off my butt and go buy one lolMermaid doodles and arts
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Zuulzilla Lol that’s even better - the pool could ride the float! @Zuulzilla She’s very pretty and I hope the 12 fit Unicorn Float makes an appearance for her!Thank you Himedae and JezebelVT for the raids! :3c I hope to branch out to something outside of Minecraft but the g…
Retweeted by The Seaonion @PiperRose_VT Congratulations-that’s awesome news!Comfy meownday full body tracking test and a fluffy tail~ Let's vibe~
Retweeted by The Seaonion @observacious 😞 @mattstersword But if I can’t then it’s not ripe enough? @observacious I’ve thought about doing this myself but I feel like I would waste quite a few of them 😞So is there an easy way to tell if an avocado is ripe? @PiperRose_VT Good Morning and looking forward to your schedule! @plantkuroba Good Morning and that’s a great idea!💜 ok three hours of laying in bed and staring at the ceiling is over, we onto some hot girl shit 💜…
Retweeted by The SeaonionGoing Live!
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Whaddya'll say if we do an unboxing stream later...? I really shouldn't be allowed in a DAISO. Miss the tour with…
Retweeted by The SeaonionUnpopular opinion: the best thing young people can do early in their careers is to recognize employers who look for…
Retweeted by The SeaonionYou guys have been asking me to cover how to animate accessories in Blender and use those with the VSeeFace SDK. I…
Retweeted by The SeaonionGuys please remember that if anyone approaches you talking about reports he "accidently put against your account...…
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Xandara lol I do love using spices - vinegar is awesome - I don't do a whole lot with oils but after reading up a… @Xandara I've had quite a few salads this week - I really need to get a bunch of fish lolAnother night of FF7 Intergrade while we relax and vibe in the new place. :D #ENVTuber
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Retweeted by The SeaonionALSO i’m going live with @_Aralene_ tonight to play some GOOD OL’ dead by daylight! 😏
Retweeted by The SeaonionI am the DM tonight for the first time ever. so I dressed up for the occasion. If you want to see me in action j…
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Clockwork_Bells @Accomp I've been thinking this - seems like they are intent on slowly letting it die off to the side @TheVoidMaiden @Clockwork_Bells @Clockwork_Bells I need to suggest this to my wife. for Science.every Keto recipe looks absolutely delicious but might as well end with " drink this full cup of avocado oil per serving"low fats for heart health = high carbs for diabetic coma low carbs for diabetic health = high fats for clogged art…'s save the koroks !!! (´。• ω •。`)
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im just vibing and working on my model 🐍
Retweeted by The SeaonionCasual grindy episode today! And by that I mean it's TIME FOR BLITZBALL BOIS
Retweeted by The SeaonionComfy commander floof
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🖤 moments pass... (。T ω T。) 🖤 !merch !goal !omoritw
Retweeted by The SeaonionLazy Kyrie Genshin Day + Stream Raiders
Retweeted by The SeaonionThe move has EXHAUSTED me but let's see how streaming goes in the new place! This Friday and Saturday June 11th & 1…
Retweeted by The Seaonion @garreth_hunter Lol I could do that 😆 @garreth_hunter I can’t do bacon right now - my blood work came back too bad 😭
Live! Last night's Nexomania stuff was a scamaz (by me) but we're really in it TONIGHT
Retweeted by The SeaonionIf your company is pushing "RTO like before", they're limiting themselves NOT ONLY to folks in that specific locati…
Retweeted by The Seaonion👑『VTuber』RESI EVIL again... I'm sorry LOL [ENG/ESP]
Retweeted by The SeaonionPst. Did you know behind every VTuber is a real person? Pretty shocking I know Can you believe it? A real, living…
Retweeted by The Seaonion @naerchan Little canned air, some alcohol wipes-be good as new 😂 @VelOfSkywall Oh it’s been so long since I’ve had zucchini - that will be on my list now, too! @VelOfSkywall Yeah it was outrageously good - I think I’m going to add some pico de gallo next time but it’s defini… made a sandwich last night and it kind of shocked me how good it was Wheat bread Red pepper hummus Guacamole C… @side_questress It adds up so quickly🖤 しょうがない (; ω ; ) 🖤 !merch !goal !omoritw
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BTW We're still trying to hit 3k followers before my birthday (07/02) if you wanna come take a peek!
Retweeted by The SeaonionLive! Warming up before BoB playing in @gaming_ccs Nexomania tonight poggily woggily
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Clockwork_Bells We’re going to end up with something far, far worse than COVID before these idiots are done
Time for some epic seven!! Come join me for some shenanigans and hopefully some good equipment rolls!
Retweeted by The SeaonionGoing to switch my Art and Animal Crossing days this week... cause my brain go derp and I'm sleepy. Comfy Animal C…
Retweeted by The SeaonionPARTNER PUSH DAY 2 LETS GOOOOOOO #Envtuber #Vtuber
Retweeted by The SeaonionSUBATHON IS LIVE, a sweet goodbye, a new beginning, come join us in the Library. So many games, so many friends, s…
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Retweeted by The SeaonionPlaying Some VRChat Today Lets Have Some Fun
Retweeted by The SeaonionRip and Tear... FOR THE EMPEROR!! Starting more DOOM Hammer 40K! #VTuberEN #vtuber
Retweeted by The Seaonion @da_667 Thank you and the feeling is mutual 😀Goth floof commander 2
Retweeted by The Seaonion playing league of legends and just relaxing with cuties <3 would love to see you!! ps. thi…
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💖 Comfy Chill Sunday with the Wolf Boi 💖 ABABABA 💖
Retweeted by The SeaonionGoth floof commander 2
Retweeted by The SeaonionOur 200-person company produced record revenue in April and then topped it in May. We did this while working from…
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@SASSHLEEE YESIt's time for some good ol' FFXIV and chill shenanigans. :D
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✨Princess Kiye Stream✨ Thank you for exploring the sun goal!!
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Retweeted by The SeaonionDoing some more Mass Effect, killing aliens and space robots is fun
Retweeted by The SeaonionIt's that time! Happy friday everyone!! We're gonna start with some FFXIV and see where the day takes us :) Come ch…
Retweeted by The Seaonion @NikNakZX I use Sennheiser HD280Pro - awesome sound and great qualityWelcome to Palia! 🍃🌼 In this cozy, community sim MMO you'll be able to build a home, befriend villagers and experi…
Retweeted by The Seaonion more world of warships trying to get enough exp to upgrade! then maybe a lil subnautica I w…
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Live! Early stream, BoB has our final Road to Nexomania games!!
Retweeted by The SeaonionRomancing Abigail part 2
Retweeted by The SeaonionHere you go this is @Eisues fault!
Retweeted by The Seaonion @ArgamaWitch @Eisues A bag of 500 chicken nuggets with no sauce whatsoeverThursday comfy vibes and some updates~~
Retweeted by The Seaonionasdjhfghdafvsd
Retweeted by The SeaonionGoth floof commander
Retweeted by The Seaonion @Clockwork_Bells Your C.A.M.P.s always look so good - makes me want to move lol🖤 i know that it's hard to do. (; ω ; ) 🖤 !merch !goal !omoritw
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here's my summer piece :) time to go hibernate until winter again (aka catch up on all my other art responsibilitie…
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