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Sharok @TheSharok Los Angeles, CA

He/Him NSFW🔞 C😈CKY B😇YS Exclusive Performer🏆 #Persian 💪🏽 Subscribe for my exclusive content ➡️

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@Brock_Banks_ 😂😂😂😂😂 @RJ_SebastianNYC always makes us look good 📸 @pman43 Thank you 🙌🏽 happy Sunday to you my friend @nickanthony27 😂 🙌🏽 @NickFittXXX Very good 😂😂😂🙌🏽 @bkWAPer Hi bby 😘 @perrit030woof Yes 🐒Gonna start giving y’all Farsi lessons Daddy = Bubba 🧔🏻 بابابابا want your spit too 😩🥵@TheSharok
Retweeted by Sharok @juggy511 All yours 💦💦💦 @RayDexterXXX 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
We need another go @JoshMooreXXXWell... 😈 @milo_xoxoxo 👅Yum those @TheSharok kisses look ducking delicious
Retweeted by Sharok @TheSharok delícia de macho 😏
Retweeted by Sharok @Billy_VegaXXX 🔥🔥🔥 @instinctmag Thank you @instinctmag 🖤Thanks @thesharok for an amazing chat!
Retweeted by Sharok @LoveCommando6 @LoadAfterLoad Then you should join us @AustinXAvery @HancckPrkPwrCpl @Brock_Banks_ 🙌🏽🙏🏽 @HancckPrkPwrCpl @AustinXAvery Thank you for that 🙏🏽 😘 @majormitchmajor I also am dumb @LoadAfterLoad @LoadAfterLoad @LoadAfterLoad Thanks for the tweet 🔥 There’s lots more of me here ⤵️
Retweeted by Sharok @HancckPrkPwrCpl @AustinXAvery It’s always fun when they don’t tag us 😂 @MrR68685261 @LoadAfterLoad He’s amazing @AustinXAvery @HancckPrkPwrCpl @ifDemiXCamilla @LoadAfterLoad @AustinXAvery @Brock_Banks_ @LoadAfterLoad Thanks for the tweet 🔥 There’s lots more of me here ⤵️ @azlan_izeah @JOEYDEMATTEO 👅 @azlan_izeah In * @ScruffymuscleLA @TheSharok We pay u 80% and allow ur content!! @4myfansofficial
Retweeted by Sharok @pornstartech Yes but it’s 60° today and I’m freezing 🥶 @ToddHarrisWolf Nope 😂 I can’t even stand it here in the winter @WintersThunder6 AND they’re basically COVID free 🙌🏽 where do I join. @majormitchmajor You posting all those Speedo pics 😩 I’m on my way 🥺 @jackplorenz On my way 🛩 @CollegeTwink20 🥵It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere and I’m bitter about it 😤 for me @AdrianHartJax 🥰 @JoshMooreXXX Anytime baby 👅 @JoshMooreXXX Kiss me 🤤#BTS 👅 boi @nickmilaniXXX 🍑 @theQueerPig @JustForFansSite @JFFMen @xxxleander @joshcollinsxxx @XxxAniello @jonasjacksonxxx @RopeTrainKeep @loganstevensxxx YESSS lol where is that video ???Here’s a mood I’m hoping for this year! @TheSharok
Retweeted by Sharok @loganstevensxxx 😂😂😂😂 Omg remember that woman at Whole Foods after this ????why's he so pretty @Boomer_Banks @onlykuper accurate 😂😂😂 @TheSharok Babeeee this popped up in my memories the other day😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Sharok @onlykuper omg 😍I remember this night ! Ugh I miss you and this so much ❤️❤️❤️ @MaxAdonisxxx @Kara_txgirl That one doesn’t count. We gotta make it count this time 🔥 @Kara_txgirl @MaxAdonisxxx It’s been a very long time but we’re gonna film again soon 🤤 @AngelRiveraXXX @nickmilaniXXX 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @onlykuper Same 😩 I miss dancing with you ❤️ @heliosilw 🔥🔥🔥 @MaxAdonisxxx 👅👅👅👅My happy place 10 / 10 @nickmilaniXXX @bbyboybubbles @Brock_Banks_ @chrisfadedd 👅 @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX Great, then I’m Glad we’re on the same page here. @florianhetz Miss you @florianhetz 💋 @florianhetz Kiss my... @CamchatMod @florianhetz 🍑 @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX Yes. But you’re not just fighting for bigger queer POC. It seems li… @TheSharok
Retweeted by Sharok @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX *where* @FrankenPapi Thanks babe ❤️ but sometimes I like those short hot clips 🤤🤤🤤 @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX Fight your fight and be an ally but no ones trying to end your life… @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX I understand but You compared your struggles to ours ( Queer POC )… @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX Good. @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX Just making sure because what you’re saying in some of these commen… @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX Ok. Just as long as we’re clear on that then we’re good. @NotsoSaintAdele @TripleXTransMan @NicSaharaXXX With all due respect I know you’re not comparing your struggles wit… @Boomer_Banks @TravisKoltenXXX 💯💯💯💯 @FelixXxFawkes Phone videos are so much hotter 🔥 @photoguysf @MorgxnThicke Thank you babe ❤️😘 @Boomer_Banks Hair and makeup look amazing sis 😂 @chicocitadino ❤️❤️❤️ @ICEIMMORTALZ @alexnovakmolina I love watching yours 🤤 @NicSaharaXXX @NotsoSaintAdele You see 🙌🏽 that’s what I love to hear @TripleXTransMan @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX You’re absolutely right 💯 @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX I get it and there are plenty of guys I wanna work with who don’t give me the time o… @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX I get it babe and you’re moving into your second year of this. In my experience I ha… @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX I learned this a long time ago growing up POC and as a bigger person in my youth tha… @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX So what I’m saying is, make the porn you would want to watch, the porn that you’re e… @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX There are plenty of people in the sex work industry that don’t do studio making a to… @NotsoSaintAdele @NicSaharaXXX I’m Iranian, hairy, I don’t have a huge dick and They told me I’d never make it as a… @NotsoSaintAdele I know and that’s why I’m saying to make your own. Most Studios are overrated anyway, you’ll make… @valentinamourX @Reyallenking @therawandchili Let’s make some @GayHorrorGeekCT 💯💯💯 @RobertRoyalXXX You should never stop 🤤🤤🤤 @iacovosONLY Exactly 💯 @youcancallmema1 .