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politics editor and senior american flag correspondent, @nymag's @intelligencer. black, not belgian. not good at twitter anymore.

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“my top 15 movies of 2018”, my list on @letterboxd:
Ok bye now leave the flag posting to the professionals
some personal news: kid shrill #2 was born this week. he and is mother are doing well. happy thanksgiving, happy ho…
@darlinikkisiks @cordjefferson @rembert @lil_mermaid ily lily @lil_mermaid Got it. 0 jokes.
@ztsamudzi [stares in nkrumah] @freedarko to me the graf you've posted reads that the Warren campaign is trying to turn Warren in to a celebrity t…
@eveewing Who?
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die ongood thread. I'll have to give this a closer read later but on first glance it seems to effectively deal with some… you get a full grasp of racial bias during a police stop, if there is also racial bias in being stopped? Many…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onBarbara died last night in Far Rockaway, in the season (as one of her friends noted) of 24-hour sun at the South Po…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @elongreen congratulations! @juliephayer currently @ClintSmithIII'all ain't even gonna bother telling us who won?? 💀💀💀 @theshrillest Have you seen this? (By an artist named ERRE, on display at Mass MoCA.)
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @joshgondelman I have not! Thank you!
@yelzebub I... guess????? believe rudy is making a joke about having health insurance to cover his injuries from getting hit by a bus to em… I’m 30
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @juliacarriew and we stand with youOne of the white nationalist groups I reported on is now tweeting about me so I’ll likely lock this account soon. I…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onFranklin Graham explains opposition to Trump as “almost demonic”, while Mr. Metaxas corrects him on the qualifier “…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @_Almaqah welp. @jbouie same @nwalks jealous. would love to see it again for the first time @NifMuhammad Fouled him out and everything. Pat Bev was over on the sidelines with his eyebrows raised like he want…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on“good” coffee is actually bad
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @RidicBowe Hard knock life loldlfkgjdlfgjdfghghghg all russ' neck tendons and veins popping out from yelling @frankles27 @daaaavveeee I'm just going to say that it does not sound like you "love it" @Touchdown_al @HPbasketball it's partially because people spent the entire year, and the entire year before, saying… @HPbasketball you ESPECIALLY can't give that defense after you spent a whole year arguing, not unreasonably, that y… @HPbasketball yet another reason why it sucks to be a harden fan @HPbasketball yeah....................................... nobody is going to really buy "we would have won if the o… @HPbasketball Harden's bad luck and inability to break through reminds me of Wilt Chamberlain, who is perpetually u… @HPbasketball nobody can understand "close but no cigar" as well as a Kings fan. and people actually *like* the Kings.I'm *empathizing* with Harden fans. I'm sayin': I understand. Life ain't fair. @IshmaelRJohnson @HPbasketball should have been more explicit... lose *again* @HPbasketball Harden would be honored and blessed to lose in the Finalshe got closed out by lamarcus aldridge. at home. by 40., you don't love it. that's the problem. you *would* love it if he shut everyone up by winning a title. but. Harden's averaging 65 points a game and the Rockets have the same point differential as the Suns. would drive me nuts.and then this year the Warriors are *finally* out of their way after ending their season 4 out of the last 5 years.… that's gotta add up. MEANwhile their guy is getting better, refining his game year after year, putting up gaudi… after that they talk all year about how obsessed they are with beating the warriors and that's all the think a… get bounced by the Warriors in '15, say it was because Pat Bev got hurt. The next year, *Steph* gets hurt.… mad. I'd be mad too were harden my favorite player @HPbasketball @BenGolliver @BenGolliver replies lol @eveewing the closer @javachik @andre 😭 next year @HPbasketball if you replace lou williams with [NBA replacement level player] do you think the clippers win or lose this game @kevkage_ yup. best shot possible for them lolyup. totally illogical, but I feel robbed to not see Light Years Warriors face this Clippers team or the current La… @alliewach iconic @Mik3Ferguson yupa russell westbrook three is just about the best outcome for the opponent on that possessionlol russ smhI know that's an obvious take, but having that third scorer can swing an entire seriesLou Williams could be a playoff series game changerBASKETBALL!!!!!!!!follow dalia @theshrillest with what legs
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onalmost broke his hip lol Bev gotta walk home LMAOOOOnow THAT I'm gonna marvel atI think part of the theory is that it forces Rockets role-players to make multiple decisions, which is not their st… @mdotbrown I prefer her approach to color to the constant whining about back in the day and going off on random tan… @kntkrstffr ya, a genius at offending the spirit of james naismith!!!!!!!!sorry doris, I love you but I'm simply not going to marvel at a guy using his off arm to lock the defenders arm to his body and draw a foulWith Kawhi and PG on your team, there's really no need to throw those gimmick double teams at Harden. I'd be surpri… will take a Clippers/Rockets playoff series. thank youThis was the same insult the racist fan in Utah said to Russell Westbrook that resulted in that fan being banned fo…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @basquiatball what's he been doing @joshgondelman @thebestjasmine can confirmwaters getting choppy in chicagoTold that Boylen said he made "3 egregious defensive mistakes," LaVine said: "Zach LaVine got 13 points scored on h…
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @WendySnowRadish @FlorkOfCows Everybody Gangsta Til The Trains Start Discoursing
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onI am never leaving this website
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onif doris burke says it then it’s true
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Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onnever seen anyone make a pass so bad that they fell down when they threw it but that's what paul george just did @graceelavery grace plsThese Rockets uniforms are it
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on😍Doris😍and😍Breen😍Rockets/Clippers: who ya got? @ebruenig patriarchy: lots of menayyyy! @_Almaqah good lordI didn't think stuff about this guy could stun me anymore, incredible
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die onHoly shit, Ben Shapiro went on Red Ice TV??
Retweeted by a strange shrill to die on @mattdpearce 7th grade me is horrified at this ridiculous question