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politics editor and senior american flag correspondent, @nymag's @intelligencer. black, not belgian. not good at twitter anymore.

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I think I'm gonna have to skip Curricular this week. if you wanna catch the next one, follow me at…
thanks. will post set tomorrow.
here's last night Curricular! played some techno, some breaks, some house. have a splendid weekend. easiest way to…'s what I played for tonight's Curricular, ty to everyone who came out. have a good weekend!*ahem*. that's at this is a very professional operation. @theshrillest For anyone checking replies, shrill's twitch is
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @theshrillest I think you got the link wrong, shrill.
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comegive if you can.
Here's last night's set, enjoy! See you next week. @cameraclone I'll upload the set to soundcloud tomorrow! @leasdef Don't think so... unless it's the one with the cups. Should I? @McGillicudy Christmas in July and all thatHere's the tracklist from tonight's Curricular. Super sugary synthpop/italo/nu-disco, thanks to everyone who came o… hang if you're inclined, starting Curricular rn. I play music, you vibe and chat with each other (if you want…
2020 @AndyKHLiu oh so you're BORED bored huh @CraigSJ @SuckaFreeTee harriet tubman only survived bc abolitionists tossed her money on patreon
@DZRishmawy seen a tweet that said that harriet tubman lived off of her husband's social security check. well, seeya later @SuckaFreeTee @CraigSJ her husband's what @goffmania @jaycaspiankang sorry?from my lady bird review @jaycaspiankang whoNew + exclusive from me + @BrandyZadrozny: The man suspected of ambushing the family of Judge Esther Salas called…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @theshrillest Big "i've trained an AI based on reald*onaldtrump" posting
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @theshrillest that's the most 'not a donald' tweet i've seen in a while
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comemr. president blink twice if you're in danger*clears throat* cover story by me
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comeit's a multi-million dollar industry where it is illegal to pay workers directly, so all the money flows to 1) coac… sir, can't sully the hallowed tradition of the noble student-athlete gotta laugh giving a lot of thought to the matter and I've decided that it's time to make it illegal for the coronavirus to infect peopleJohn Lewis: "What we tried to instill, particularly among the young people coming down, was that even as they came…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comealright, time for the kings to head on home lmao folks, if you've been holding out on us it's time to stop: anyone got a coronavirus vaccine on em? @4evrmalone got a solution for you: buy another plant @sherpaCato @ryanlcooper I was referring to WestI saw some reviews that said this is bad... I feel like that's simply impossible Binoche by Robert Doisneau, 1991.
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comeEmail from Reality: "Officially Covid-19 positive. I am being retaliated against harshly for articles last week and…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @ryanlcooper I thought this guy is from florida @OptiUnderground @naxuu wut#Marr asks Chinese ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming to explain footage from China of handcuffed and blindfolded de…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @ChildrensHD #SaveFairyland
lol c'mon rate this 4 🤔s out of 5 @andylevy i've been saying thisComplete and chilling FP summary of what we know about detention, torture, forced labor and birth suppression of Uy…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @morepete I caught a glimpse, now it haunts meit's that time again
very curious what rubio's next tweet is going to say. he's gotta go to the ol "I asked my intern to find the pictur… @HPbasketball not 100% what that means but it sounds serious @henrydruschel man has it as his profile picture and everything smh know they were both old, bald black men. but come on.bro.lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to learn that a three big lineup is struggling in the NBA in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty @theshrillest I love this one. Someone’s job was to bring the table.
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Retweeted by shrill kingdom comeI came across this one of MLK in Illinois in 1967 a few years ago and found it so evocative in its mundanity. They… always like looking at color photography from the Civil Rights Movement because it is another reminder that this… powerfully in awe of the drug smugglers who stuffed cocaine into hundreds of individually hollowed-out coffee…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @JorCru from the family of John Lewis:
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comerest in peace. thank you for everything. @chrislhayes thanks obama
@elongreen the total lack of self-awareness is just incredible to witness @elongreen chutzpahthis music isn't on spotify only are they all the exact same songs in different orders, but I've heard all of these songs already. in fact,… these "mixes" youtube has made for me are all the exact same songs in different orders @mdotbrown good pointthe way to make it happen is to stop using the website @pottlepalooza came very close to adding her tbh @theshrillest body talk is so good there was no room for this song from body talk part 1, which would be the best s…
Retweeted by shrill kingdom come @NKB121 wall to wall bangershow do you have Indestructible, Dancing On My Own, Dancehall Queen and Call Your Girlfriend on the same album?? answer me thatBody Talk is possibly the greatest achievement in pop music over the past... 20 years? @lukasb that was my thought... except doesn't the radicalization thing still happen?this is a carly rae jepsen & robyn household happened to all the musical groups that had one black guy with like twists or braids? where are the investigative journaliststhis would have been also me coaching against the warriors this happened this morning 🌪
Retweeted by shrill kingdom comegreatest team I've ever watched @AneeceColt lolmany people are saying @rkerth thank you! thanks for listeningone thing that sometimes works is searching for a record I like, looking it up on discog, and then seeing if someon… @jduffyrice the ancient texts @byjoelanderson 🔥🔥🔥 @TheGoodColonel yes! you could easily dive deep into music you were unfamiliar to. now you're constantly led back to the surfaceman, youtube's music algorithm used to be so good. now it's just absolutely's my set from last night! house, disco, freestyle, afropop, techno, and so forth. happy friday