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The Tiny Living Pirate Ship is about to sail off to YouTube! Watch the premiere with me on!…
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got new sims paintings in my office! @TheSims 💚
Retweeted by The Sims🏆 💖 Congratulations to the winners of our #TheSimsValentineGiveaway: @GamingwithJes7 @aliciatyde @ausieninenine MOUNTAIN RETREAT 🌲 >>>
Retweeted by The Sims @TheSims Together for 5 years irl and married with kids in The Sims! 💕 (also almost dead since they turned elders r…
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Love is Love, no probLlama. Happy Valentine’s Day Simmers, we love you! Comic by @artbyjuliette ❤️ #SimsValentines @artbyjuliette 💚😍 Happy Valentine’s Day! @TheSims Happy Valentine's Day💝 #ValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2020 #TheSimsValentineGiveaway
Retweeted by The Sims @FanGuess Whippna Choba Dog! @TeddyBe28827923 Happy Valentine's day💚10 giveaway winners will be announced at the beginning of next week💕💕💕 #ValentinesDay #Valentines2020VALENTINE'S GIVEAWAY!💝Tweet some Sims themed Valentine’s content (e.g. sing a love serenade in Simlish, or Duet you… @IsraelMadrid9 @SpaceEsports @PlayApex where we droppin’
Behind the Scene of The Sims 4™ Discover University: Official Gameplay Trailer. #TS4DiscoverUniversity It took me…
Retweeted by The Sims"When the space shuttle Endeavour blasted off on its second mission, it carried the first African American woman in…
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Since Valentine's Day is this Friday I thought I would share a build I made last year. I call it Cupid's Abode. ❤…
Retweeted by The SimsHey Simmers, The Sims 4 servers will be undergoing maintenance today starting @ 1:30PM PT. The Gallery will be unav…
Retweeted by The Sims @legasimmer We love our new Twitter banner 🤗CONGRATULATIONS: @L0KIT0ZIER @_m3x_ @serableu @almost_alicia @Wooowooowoooman @LadyLoki3_ @herrbertrands @SetentaXSete Hi! Did the pack not show up in Origin? Sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Please raise a ti… @TheSims As a bridesmaid for one of my indecisive friends, The Sims 4 was a way for her to try on a wedding dress w…
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@TheSims The Sims inspired me to study architecture!! Here are some of my uni projects 💖…
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@Morgyn_Ember Yes - this is for PC, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One💚Did you miss out on the Origin wishlist gifting? Or do you play on a different platform?🎮 Don't forget that you can…
Happy 20th birthday to my favourite game of all time. The Sims!! Those games got me through a lot of rubbish and wa…
Retweeted by The SimsHappy 20th Birthday to #thesims! For graduation I decorated my cap in honor of the sims! 😛💚
Retweeted by The SimsMy table is too small ! Happy 20th birthday @TheSims #TheSims20thBirthdayGiveaway
Retweeted by The SimsThe CAS survey for the Community Voted Stuff Pack is closed, and results will be shared soon. Check out this forum…
Retweeted by The Sims20 years ago my parents bought the first Sims. I was not allowed to play it until one day, my older siblings weren’…
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My Drawing of THE SIMS franchise (20th Anniversary) Full drawing video: Happy birthday…
Retweeted by The SimsThe Sims’ Grant Rodiek on 20 years of inclusivity: ‘Everyone has their own thing.'
Retweeted by The SimsHere is my recreation of @TheSims cover using Sims 4! 🎊 #TheSims20thBirthday 🎊
Retweeted by The SimsHappy 20th Birthday @TheSims! We rounded up the best Similish covers of all time, from @Snailmailband to Soulja Bo…
Retweeted by The SimsHAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE GAME FRANCHISE!! I arrived to this journey about halfway through it and I am g…
Retweeted by The SimsHere’s to 20 wonderful years of The Sims, and countless lifetimes within.
Retweeted by The SimsTwenty years ago, @TheSims was released, and our dream lives were suddenly at our fingertips. 🎉 Happy Birthday to…
Retweeted by The SimsThe Sims Franchise taught me so many things. Without this game I wouldn't even be able to write this tweet as The S…
Retweeted by The SimsThe Sims turns 20, unlike your Sim who will probably always be 20
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@88nicos Join the #TheSims20thBirthdayGiveaway for a chance to win a The Sims 4 pack of your choice - this giveaway… @ColemanA97 @fkyubin This Origin wishlist gifting is for PC and Mac players. If you play on console, join the… celebration of our 20th birthday, hundreds of randomly chosen Simmers will receive TS4 expansion, game and stuff… years of #TheSims! This game has allowed gamers to have so much creativity, build platforms, create stories and…
Retweeted by The Sims🥳 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMS!!! 🎉 In honor of the Sims turning 20 today I built them a giant birthday cake restaurant! 🎂…
Retweeted by The Sims @NVIDIAGeForce 💚WELCOME 2 THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE 🎂 today on @TheSims 20th birthday, I get to announce my simlish version of “F…
Retweeted by The SimsAnother tiny surprise for our console Simmers! Find out more about today's game update here:… 20th anniversary to @TheSims! Tag your favorite Simmers below ⬇️
Retweeted by The Sims @LifeInTheSims4 💚🎶💚 Thank you kindly!Thanks for celebrating our 20th Birthday with us! You can read our Birthday blog here: Lo… @PowerMovesMady Yes, this little gift is available today for console players too!💚Time to invite your Sims neighbors to a birthday celebration in the cutest house on the block! Tiny Living is avail… left a birthday goodie in your Inventory... happy hot tubbing 😉 #TheSims20thBirthday'd love to see your Sims-inspired costumes, makeup, fan art, recipes, dance moves, attempts at Simlish, homemade… YEARS OF THE SIMS!💚 We're doing a giveaway of twenty The Sims 4 codes to base game/pack of your choice! How to…
I recreated my great grandparents wedding photo in @TheSims 4
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me when I'm in TS4 build mode
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Bioshock: The Collection, The Sims 4 and Firewall Zero Hour are your PS Plus games for February. Details:…
Retweeted by The Simshere is a bedroom build with base game and tiny living items only 😁 #thesims #thesims4 @thesims #ShowUsYourBuilds
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The 3rd Stuff Pack Survey is live💚💚💚 In this vote, you will be picking your favorite clothing concepts based on the… Tree Pods | The Sims 4: Tiny Living is up on YouTube! The last build of this mini series of 'Tiny Homes' Now…
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I play sims because it has been so awesome. ❤️
Retweeted by The Sims @NoraReed 👀👀👀Get you a woman who can do it all 😉 #dollypartonchallenge
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Happy Lunar New Year, Simmers! ❤️🐀✨ Don't forget that you can now play The Sims 4 in Simplified Chinese by heading… this meme blew out in Sims Community, so I decided to make it. #GnomeForLife
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@TDestiels he is drop dead gorgeous, but rumor has it that he ghosts peopleI like long walks in the moonlight and candle lit dinners (my favorite is pufferfish), not looking for anything too… poet the poem
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@FortniteGame @tiktok_us Need inspiration? No probLLAMA #EmoteRoyaleContest 20th birthday is quickly approaching!😃 To celebrate a little extra, we are starting an Origin sale today:… @JaggedKeiji @netflix @PennBadgley @YouNetflix Season 3? @YouNetflixwho made this? 😂 please tag the creator behind this brilliant piece if you know! #YouNetflix @netflix SIMS 4 - [TINY LIVING REVIEW] TINY BEACH SHACK #TheSims4  #TheSims4TinyLiving  #gaming
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We are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture where everyone feels that they belong. Proud to be…
Retweeted by The SimsIt's been a while but I had to share a build in honor of #TinyLiving #ShowUsYourBuilds #ShowUsYourSims #SCC #SSC
Retweeted by The Sims @halaube Hi there, sorry about this, please raise a ticket at so our support team can look… @Nadejia @SimGuruNinja Glad you like it 💚💚💚Just uploaded 'Modern Fairytale' to #thesims #thesims4 gallery #showusyourbuilds @TheSims
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We've uploaded the homes from our Tiny Living Trailer on the official Maxis gallery account! If you loved them as m…
Retweeted by The Sims @ukuletea Don’t forget to share when final, we want to see how your tiny houses turns out!😍 @Cazasauras Tiny Living is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on Feb 4th 💚 @EA Living is now available on PC and Mac! 🏘️ Say hello to small builds, multi-functional furniture, comfy clothin… is the result if you are using Get Famous, Discover University and the tiny house stuff pack together ! 😁…
Retweeted by The Sims @Rauwrtsch We are looking into the issue. Please try this link: 💚 @ZoeyZoco @acheronLAW Thanks for letting us know! Enjoy! @yerimslgbt We are looking into why it doesn't show up on the Origin Store for some of you. Please try this link: @OfficialTaraW @OriginInsider @EA Hi 💚 We are looking into why it doesn't show up on the Origin Store for some of y… @acheronLAW Hi! We are looking into why it doesn't show up on the Origin Store for some of you. Try this link: 💚 @ArkelV @KerriLeigh2012 @lauren_mystrey Thanks for letting us know! We are looking into the issue. In the meantime,… @lauren_mystrey Yay! The pack will start to get rolled out at ca 10 AM pacific time😃 Don't forget to share your tiny builds!here's my @thesims version of professor snapes office ! 😁 #thesims4 #thesims #ShowUsYourBuilds
Retweeted by The Sims @beeanniie Tiny Living will start to get rolled out in ca one hour. 😃 @JeffreyJd93 @SimGuruNinja Hi there, sorry about this issue, please raise a ticket at so ou…
Small houses, big dreams, and some fun new updates! Tune in to the #TS4TinyLiving deep dive livestream - LIVE NOW 🏠…
We’ve also made some tweaks and additions for #TheSims on Origin PC, including support for Simplified Chinese! Full… incoming - The Gallery is going cross-platform and is now available to our #XB1 and #PS4 Simmers! We can't…