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I received "The Cancer Code" by @drjasonfung. I have no interest in cancer yet I am devouring it. Fund has a system…
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonRoman glass bowl with a dazzling luminescence, 1st-2nd century AD, Zagreb Archaeological Museum #roman #glass #art
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson👻 #Halloween
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@heksenhaus @slimyswampghost 6) We need an examination of creepy children's rhymes and chants in horror films: thi… @heksenhaus @slimyswampghost 1) Yes. 2) We didn't get the RAWHEAD REX we deserved but this is not a bad consolation… is so sad, alexa play "walmart has paid over 1.8 billion dollars in wage theft related fines and settlements"
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonSeeing these, I do wonder if such things were an influence on @RealCliveBarker's sublime "In the Hills, the Cities." @wormcunt Thank you. Though what you wrote did make sense and was justified. @wormcunt You didn't. I thought I was more sharing than advising, but perhaps not. I've deleted the posts. Please… (2014) might possibly be the most striking looking movie I've ever seen. Composition, color, scenery.
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @t3dy Sonny Sharrock-esque shronk through a Buckethead approach.
art by fred tomaselli -- click to see all the microdetailing
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @wormcunt Anyway, my apologies for the unasked for commentary. It's just that from multiple family members with th… @wildsidepress Given the other Keith Roberts that you've published, have you given any thought to his last novel DREK YARMAN? @embleyhulk: Here are the two wonderful Graham Joyce books we were talking about. The first (my favourite of his bo…
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonFrom seven years ago, Graham Joyce's fabulous selection of ten novels about faery. It was good to see this link, bu…
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonNovels possessing a curious kind of genius, as if the writers knew more than they were letting on: Hawksmoor & Dan…
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@t3dy @sirachsingers @justinsandercoe The more you use and write with it, the better your music reading will get. @AntiCultureWar You are probably right short of 2016. Then it becomes less certain. Since everything seems to be i… quietly signed an executive order allowing him to purge thousands of federal workers he deems disloyal. Every…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @AntiCultureWar Gary Hart, Al Gore, Howard Dean, Bernie, Warren, et al. It's so disheartening. But it's too easy t… @AntiCultureWar As frustrating as the GOP maneuvers are, it may be worse yet that the Democrats either give up the… @AntiCultureWar Ginsburg was not the first judge or public servant with health issues. The fittest bodies are not… @AntiCultureWar Matt, this might be too reductive; too simple. Those Democrats that didn't vote for Hilary were lam…
Masks by designer DAN SCHAUB @iamdanschaub
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1950s Mifune was something else
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonMy own collection of Joel Lane's work.
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For sale PKD and related authors. RTs appreciated
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Who do I have to beat here to make this list. El Chacal at 118 or 115 ? 👑
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonAnother chance to catch the excellent 2018 radio adaptation of Nigel Kneale's classic lost TV play The Road from th…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @MARIADAHVANA This and freshly ground Tellicherry peppercorns. @GRCollia I suspect many of those copies remain unread. Which is a shame. If I still had an additional copy, I'd… @GRCollia I just had a look and IN SARAH'S HOUSE is OOP from the publisher and the cheapest used copy is around $50… Mermaid of Black Conch by Monique Roffey review – a fishy tale of doomed womanhood #GoldsmithsPrize2020
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @GRCollia Also, the readily available THE DARK DOMAIN still has some tales not collected in the previous titles. A… @GRCollia Centipede Press is also planning a giant MASTERS OF THE WEIRD TALE volume for Grabinski, but according to… @GRCollia One of my favorites. Do you have IN SARAH'S HOUSE that CB Editions published? The translations were by…
@Elrickane @RebekahMcKendry @ColorsofDarkPod Watching THE RETURNED during the Nightstream Fest, I compared it to th… @Teriiiiiii_ The childhood joke: What are you eating under there? Under where? Hahaha, you eat underwear. @Teriiiiiii_ <Teri wears non-cotton undergarments: silk, leather, vinyl? Whichever: noted.> @Teriiiiiii_ I didn't find it particularly painful, but I've also experienced ridiculous pain in my life. But boy,…
@flightofsand Luc Lemay before a self-care weekend at the spa. @Teriiiiiii_ No Covid-19, but they touched brain and I've now forgotten large swaths of my childhood. "Is that you grandma?" @Teriiiiiii_ I had my flu shot this week, along with my much-postponed annual physical (eight months of sustained s… tear catcher. Funeral attendees would catch tears shed for the departed during the service and place them…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @misslibrarian Is it the mean nicknames? Christdom's Lungfish, et cetera.
Motel Miljevina, Miljevina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018. © Nicolas Grospierre
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonImportant.
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonI’ve been dyeing yarns with random flowers and other dyestuff to experiment with “preserving” memories of events/pe…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @folk_horror @wormcunt Ah, more than understood there my friend.So just so I follow this story: Hunter Biden, who lives in Los Angeles, decides to fly 3000 miles across country,…
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonI didn't quite realise how busy I'd been! Reliquaries, Spirit Figures & charms have taken form. I am also working o…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @Teriiiiiii_ My two-weeks of PTO started before my Medica training finished. When I left I still didn't have call… @wormcunt Though you do not strike me as a country fan, I do appreciate that it's not trying to be slick Willy pop… @folk_horror @wormcunt Are PAVANE, THE FIFTH HEAD OF CERBERUS, 334, THE VOICE OF THE FIRE, and ULVERTON on that sam…
**Competition Time** If you'd like to win a copy of Merlin Coverley's brilliant new book Hauntology: Ghosts of Fut…
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@t3dy Good deal! @t3dy Ted, are you keeping any books? Are any books going with you to Seattle? This book separation thing is givi…
@folk_horror @wormcunt It's beautifully written, but a very odd thing. A tripartite structure like A CANTICLE FOR… evidence that modernity was never "disenchanted." Eugene McCarraher's massive book (~800 pages) gives a de…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @misslibrarian @folk_horror @wormcunt The brilliant Herbert Read's one novel was THE GREEN CHILD which owed to this folklore. @wormcunt David Mattingly piece, but it looks very much like Don Maitz's work.ADAM I EWA - Henryk Plociennik.
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @heksenhaus I know traditional rock instrumentation isn't your thing, but I thought you'd make an exception for thi… @wormcunt This has such Klaus Nomi in Wonderland vibes.Night 5 of @NightstreamFest included: LAPSIS and ROSE PLAYS JULIE. Also rewatching a few. #Nightstreami have been looking for this comic for months
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This makes more sense to me than anything else I’ve read concerning Trump having covid👉
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonLate to the party, but #NowWatching The Third Day and enjoying it so far. The Osea Island Causeway was also the Nin…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @heksenhaus @getradified I've seen you share this anecdote multiple times and every time, without fail, I by leonor fini (click to undo tweetcrop)
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @faceyouhate Much like the Police, statistically a cougar is less likely to be violent on camera. @heksenhaus I tried to buy a "World's Greatest Lover" tee shirt and they demanded a demonstration. Things went awr… @SwanRiverPress @johncoulthart @TartarusPress @heksenhaus You are slippery Showers. Well, I can't just order a mag… @iridienne @NDickinsonWilde But admittedly, it is usually more tragic/traumatic aspects that I'm connecting with. @iridienne @NDickinsonWilde Ah, I understand now. Yes, I agree absolutely. I suspect part of my momentary disconne… @iridienne @NDickinsonWilde Agreed, but I know many that identified with "The Yellow Wallpaper." Haven't read HERL… @iridienne @NDickinsonWilde My guess would have been Charlotte Perkins Gilman.Orson always getting haughty about Elia Kazan is one of my favorite things in the world.
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonTED CRUZ: “If these guys win, we’re gonna wake up in January with Elizabeth Warren as treasury secretary.”
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonI suppose i'll jump sort of on the bandwagon, but backward and yelling about it, like i do: i'm queer, bisexual, a…
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonWrite-ups will come some time thereafter. Really enjoying the festival though.Films I did not get at @NightstreamFest as I had previously seen them via @chattfilmfest: CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER, T… know which Forrest Reid works, other than the Tom Barber trilogy, skew occult or fantastic? And if they are…
Night 4 of @NightstreamFest included: THE NEST, BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL, BREAKING SURFACE, MANDIBLES, BLACK BEAR, an…“There are two different stories in horror: internal and external. In external horror films, the evil comes from th…
Retweeted by E.S. Anderson @vurnt22 Early Shawn Lane "Cult of Personality." Y'all ever here this? Pretty faithful . . . until it's not. 3 of @NightstreamFest included: AV: THE HUNT, REUNION, THE OBITUARY OF TUNDE JOHNSON, LUCKY, DARKNESS, and…
@necromandrea Andrea, when I started following you I never expected you to be the second most gorgeous thing in your timeline.My buddy @LeeSchep showed me this — #VOTE
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonSometimes the internet is good
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonDesigns by American architect , Lebbeus Woods (1940-2012).
Retweeted by E.S. AndersonVery disturbing stuff & confirms some of the most unsettling things discussed in the @errolmorris Wormwood film tha…
Retweeted by E.S. Andersonalan moore,, thank
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Night 2 of @NightstreamFest included: 32 MALASANA STREET, DETENTION, COME TRUE, MY HEART CAN'T BEAT UNLESS YOU TEL… otherwise, a recommended film that is at times visually and atmospherically reminiscent of Herzog in the AGUIRRE/FITZCARRALDO mode.It's all very effective with little more than some gore effects, black contact lenses, and a gorgeous score. My onl… he didn't. Eventually the prodigal son and a band of reanimated vessels return as avatars of the jungle. The co… mistress of a plantation has a stillbirth and makes pleas to powers she should not. Her child then awakens and be…