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"It's a lot of pressure to perform." @dainjahrous shares her experience of being an Indigenous student in law schoo… Still thinking of the powerful conversations from yesterday's #ShareYourChair show. Please check out the entire episode."We need meaningful representation." Actress @anna_r_b_lambe says she's tired of being the only Indigenous woman in… matters and artist & author @ArielleTwist shares why it means the world to see trans Indigenous wome… excitement is shared, @TheCandyShow! It’s taken us too long to have you and so many Indigenous women on the sho…
We LOVED this moment from today's #ShareYourChair special edition (and also, as @Melanie_Hadley said, the incredibl… important conversation with @Melanie_Hadley, @ArielleTwist, @dainjahrous and @anna_r_b_lambe. #ShareYourChair MLA @NahanniFontaine, a longtime activist for MMIWG2S, shares her thoughts on toxic masculinity. Watch today'…"We're not hearing Amber Alerts every single time a young, Indigenous person goes missing." Activist and writer… @jessewente @Melanie_Hadley @ArielleTwist @dainjahrous @anna_r_b_lambe We loved it too! (And learned so much from o… @buttsaima @TheCandyShow @gagiibaaikwe @NahanniFontaine @Melanie_Hadley @ArielleTwist @dainjahrous @anna_r_b_lambe @kluanegwichin Hi! We’re working to get the content from today’s show up on social media, web and YouTube as quickl… @VermeulenStacey @TheCandyShow @gagiibaaikwe @NahanniFontaine @Melanie_Hadley @ArielleTwist @dainjahrous @LoveBlackTO Thank you so much for watching and for this suggestion! We absolutely plan on featuring diverse voices… @CicelyMcWilliam @IndianNorth @NahanniFontaine @gagiibaaikwe @ShaylaOh @TheCandyShow @anna_r_b_lambe @ArielleTwist @DWoloshyn1 @VermeulenStacey @TheCandyShow @gagiibaaikwe @NahanniFontaine @Melanie_Hadley @ArielleTwist @buttsaima @TheCandyShow @gagiibaaikwe @NahanniFontaine @Melanie_Hadley @ArielleTwist @dainjahrous @anna_r_b_lambe's it for our special edition! Thank you to @TheCandyShow, @gagiibaaikwe, @NahanniFontaine, Shayla Stonechild,… seeing this representation on the second panel @TheSocialCTV It's so important that we're highlighting the var…
Retweeted by The SocialMy job in this industry is to make room and discuss indigenous trans women, the lack of representation and safety f…
Retweeted by The Social"We don't just want to be a face of a webinar or a conversation or a lecture. We want appropriate representation. W…"I need to see more Indigenous trans women (representation) because even in Indigenous spaces, I'm still so alone..…"There's so much pressure as a young Indigenous woman entering the field of law because a lot of these times we're… 👏🏽 AT 👏🏽THESE 👏🏽MATRIARCHS So honoured to be on @TheSocialCTV with strong, resilient, powerful, courageous, w…
Retweeted by The Social"My favourite part of Indigenous woman coming together in any sort of situation, it's like the best jewellery is co…, @Melanie_Hadley, @ArielleTwist, @dainjahrous and @anna_r_b_lambe join our #ShareYourChair panel.seeing myself alongside @NahanniFontaine @TheCandyShow @shayla0h on @TheSocialCTV is bringing me to tears. I didn't…
Retweeted by The SocialThank you so much for sharing your voices and speaking your truths @TheCandyShow @gagiibaaikwe @NahanniFontaine
Retweeted by The SocialMoved by the parting words of @TheCandyShow @gagiibaaikwe @NahanniFontaine #ShaylaStonechild on how they maintain…
Retweeted by The Social"I can't help but acknowledge how excited I am—I'm 51 years old, I've been in broadcasting for a long time—to see f… day I sign on to Facebook and there's yet another young Indigenous woman, girl or two-spirit person who's gon…"There is no greater example or illustration of toxic masculinity, misogyny, patriarchy than the genocide of Indige…"This is the future right now. Matriarchs coming up and demanding that our wisdom and our voices be respected." - S… welcome our group of phenomenal Indigenous panelists! First off, say hello to @TheCandyShow, @gagiibaaikwe,… in now for a special edition on @CTV! The hosts #ShareTheirChair for an important conversation that amplifies… am so excited for today’s episode of @thesocialCTV. Today, we #ShareOurChair wth Indigenous voices from across the country.
Retweeted by The SocialToday we have a very special episode of @TheSocialCTV, highlighting and celebrating Indigenous voices. We hope you…
Retweeted by The SocialCan't wait for this discussion! Please tune in at 1PM ET. #ShareYourChair ready for a special #ShareYourChair edition TODAY at 1PM ET that amplifies Indigenous voices across Canada. We… would you do in this scenario?The actress says she values a healthy home life over chasing creative acting roles.
Beat the heat with these cool summer dress picks from @EricaOnFashion.We chat with @WillSasso about his favourite #MADtv character and his new @CTV show, #UnitedWeFall.Has your idea of success changed over time, especially during the pandemic? Take a look at @cynthialoyst's thoughts… project, co-founded by the amazing @mr1LOVETO, donates 100 per cent of proceeds back to COVID-19 relief efforts.We cannot wait for this discussion! #ShareYourChair's the most romantic thing your partner has ever done for you (or vice-versa)?What advice would you give to this couple? What would you do in this situation? do you think of Ellen Pompeo's decision? Can you relate to choosing financial security over fulfilling your pa… do you tell your partner that you're not a fan of their style?Ryan Reynolds says that their 2012 wedding at a South Carolina plantation was a giant mistake.We chat with @GPBmadeit and Kiki Layne about their new film, #TheOldGuard.According to a survey, nearly 30 percent of Generation Z Canadians have lost their jobs during COVID-19.
The hilarious season finale of #AuntieJillian airs Saturday, August 8 on @CTV.Remember this epic airplane fight in #TheOldGuard? Kiki Layne shares what it was like to train with Charlize Theron… skin-perfecting beauty picks will give you that summer glow. it OK to ask someone about their credit score on a first date?! Listen to this incredible story from our fifth c… summer is about to heat up! 🔥☀️ Love Island returns Monday Aug 24 on CTV. #LoveIsland #IGotAText
Retweeted by The SocialDoes your partner's sense of style get under your skin? Do you help them pick out their clothes?'s your reaction to this? advice would you give someone before getting married? Is there something you wished you knew before settling down?Can the younger generation bounce back? What are the young adults in your life doing to prepare for this new realit… a look at our discussion. 👇Following allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by producers, Warner Bros. has launched an internal investigation.Do you think banning TikTok in Canada is a good idea?Are you into the idea of a cocktail in a box?
A few ways to make your instant ramen taste even better.We're hoping your big summer plans include this book and a glass of @Jackson_Triggs Sauvignon Blanc. #sponsoredAre you concerned about kids going back to school? Listen to @melissagrelo's take! Watch the full chat here:…"I've been heartened to see people using the book as an opportunity to better understand how we connect to one anot… next Social Chapter pick is... #Luster by @RavenLeilani! 📚 It's one of the most anticipated books of the summe… schools re-open in September? What are your concerns about the reopening strategy?What's your reaction to this story?’s your reaction to Trump’s potential TikTok ban? Should Canada consider a ban?
Barbecue season is in full force and we have some ideas for you...Revisit our convo with the hilarious @KristenBell and @DaxShepard.We are living in unprecedented times, but how could that stress be taking a toll on our bodies? Dr. @YoniFreedhoff explains.We're loving these Canadian-made beauty products!
Keeping connections is vital for our well-being, but what about those negative relationships?Here's how to keep moving from the comfort of your home.Psychologist Beverly Daniel Tatum offers insight on how to best navigate this conversation with your kids.Add this strawberry-rhubarb upside-down cake to your weekend baking list.
Get that spa-like glow at home.Here are some tips and tools to protect your kid's mental health online..@EricaOnFashion shares a fun way to elevate your cargo pants and more.Fitness expert @NichelleLaus shares fun workouts that you can all do as a family.Yup, you can get those salon-like locks from home.
It may be cold in that workroom, but the competition is heating up on #CanadasDragRace.é’s #BlackIsKing is a visual masterpiece. Grande and Lady Gaga made it rain on the #VMAs nominations with an impressive nine nods. you feeling the pandemic fatigue?There’s so much more to rhubarb than just pie!
The documentary #Blessed profiles C3, a church attracting the young and hip demographic in Toronto.The lineup for the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival has arrived. you have any summer travel plans scheduled during the pandemic?
Dan Levy had the most Canadian answer ever for how he’s feeling right now. needed this kind of good news. were serious snubs and some sweet surprises among the bunch. #Emmys2020 robot dolphins could eventually replace live animals in aquariums and theme parks. Thoughts?
Is it possible to open schools safely? Dr. @YoniFreedhoff answers your questions.