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@newschambers Ah yes, as famously proven by the impenetrable commercial flop that nobody saw - called “Normal Peopl…
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnollyThe director of Wild Mountain Thyme suggests people around the world wouldn't understand realistic Irish accents.
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly @OisinBickley My deepest sympathies!!! @ColinFilm Oh good lord @SeanOhBoyle You have my sympathies!!(Condolences to anyone who was looking forward to the game in school and will finally get to play it having gotten a job after college)Had no major interest in Cyberpunk 2077 until this week, after watching a few gameplay vids. The game comes out i… ANNOUNCEMENT! That's right! This Saturday (28th), we're going to be having a big, fun Thanksgiving live…
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(Disclaimer: Tom Holland is a great actor, I enjoy him in everything, I just think its real funny to say "The RANG… Shocked 2. Stern 3. Stern 4. Stern but bald The RANGE! @dazeofsam That's what i thought, why was it like... a showdown this year? @robolger See... now i really want to do it. #YeetTheSnake @dazeofsam IT's weeeeeiiiirrdddddToo late, the wrath of Sligo has been unleashed to think what the Irish equivalent of this would be... Maybe ever year on March 17th we could hurl a specia… @Thelaserbearguy @tiniebear This thing has been handy for years for any kind of transportation, #Justice4Boxes @BornaMatosic
@BornaMatosic YES! @Impossibly_Idle 100%!!They just dyed a dog and blew him up i can't stop laughing now #BakeOff is over. #GBBO
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly @FancyVegasPro Deep Impact is seared into my brain from those scenes, somehow insanely more affecting than any EmmerichGlad to see good old 1950s standards going strong in Irish schools (please fire every single teacher who complaine…'s looking less and less likely that they'll find any survivors
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnollyThanks to TikTok we have a duet!
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly👌👍🎄 is like a fusion of Welsh and Irish, I love it
@sminterella @artngbubu Very us energyBeing a creepy lad on Linkedin is a very particular kind of grim
@anthonymcg Nice follow up though! @HendoHd93 @Joskarr @GoogleStadia I mean the key is the connection of course, once in the same room as the router i… @unakavanagh That's unreal! @sminterella We must locate the source shit @GoogleStadia? Connected a PS4 controller to the phone and just... played Destiny 2 no bother? Litera…
1) Petition is at 60k, pls share with anyone you think might not have signed yet 2) Go to @HeresKellie Fuuuuucking hell that is grim
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnollyBob's Burgers writers? Sign me up.'s amusing how these pages make up stories to go with photos and then it goes viral. Apparently *checks notes* th…
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@MrStackpoole I mean, that's an upgrade if anything! @Thelaserbearguy @bertieglbrt You champion @bertieglbrt @Thelaserbearguy What SORCERYlol @mrjcred @Oscar_MUFC78 @DualSensor Harvey Norman been crashing the whole time, anyone who's gotten through hasn't s… @punchedmonet_ lol we literally bought another tall freezer/fridge for the gaff for this exact reason. HOW they exp… @mrjcred @Oscar_MUFC78 @DualSensor @LucioTorelli @DualSensor Ahhhh ok, thank you! @mrjcred @Oscar_MUFC78 @DualSensor Same, it kept showing up as that. I have one in my cart currently though so ther… @JordeeKai
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly @mrjcred @DualSensor Yup it says that, BUT they actually didn't go live with them at any stage, so presumably they'… @bealerrr Yeah like it was a LONG shot as well, they left so much of the song playing. Such an odd choice... and yeah it was!! @Oscar_MUFC78 @DualSensor I know it keeps saying that, but they didn't go live with them at any stage so presumably… @DualSensor What's the craic with Irish Argos? They never did pre-orders so presumably they have stock in today? @bealerrr Yeaaaah I did think they'd have had sense to even like... at the very least, cut away before the line? @bealerrr Sweet! Hope others follow suit @RobertEnglish5 Tis handy! 5 second search on youtube, there's a version of the song that's the EXACT same, but with… @Thelaserbearguy Eyyyy it's a party the gang's all here! @Thelaserbearguy @bertieglbrt @RayRobertsFilms what a fuckin MORNING @JustVaporlock Ahhhh it did the thing! I'll take some solace in that ahahHappy launch day lol #PS5 @ClawsKelly Oh yes of course, the DEAL! I would never forget the deal. It will be chopped precisely in half @ClawsKelly Literally me rn with all my tabs open
@sminterella @MartinAngolo I had a good run @MaryAkemon from generation to generation this is the way @KBABZonTV @PlayStation I still have mine, was great to just load up with PS1 games and whip out whenever 😅 @KBABZonTV @PlayStation Very much approving of the PSP Go love here @MaryAkemon Hahah alright alright, i mean at least we got you to go FULL TOURIST MODE @fromGenevieve @MaryAkemon So basically, big fuck up my end in terms of time management, organisation, and generall… @fromGenevieve @MaryAkemon So basically: Mary was coming over on specific date A work xmas/going away thing was o… @MaryAkemon I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON @MaryAkemon 😭😭 one day I will make that up to you @michael_actium @jamesmitchelltv Nah sorry, it's never something I've... aSPIREd to do @jamesmitchelltv @michael_actium @jamesmitchelltv @michael_actium grateful I was able to recover 5,000+ Bebo photos through that weird, short-lived emoji app they released a… @CaptainGrammar Oh noooooooWhen there's not enough sauce on your nugget so you go for the triple dip @icklenellierose @SeanBurkeShow It's so good 😅This man plays acid jazz piano for wild elephants - and they fucking hate it.
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly @BeGrandAndy Yeah that really was the peak of the sequel trilogy excitement wasn't it @michael_actium If they built a giant-ass harp-shaped building, with a bunch of Spires as the strings, I'd be all on board @punchedmonet_ "Let's build something, center of the city, to really stand out. It'll be our Eiffel Tower, our Big… @michael_actium I prefer The Giant Corporate LightsaberNot to defend The Disney Overlords but honestly that was the most exciting thing to happen to the Spire... ever. (… Justice Department: Make revenge porn a criminal offence in Ireland - Sign the Petition! via @Change
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnollyIf Moderna went to Tenerife then Pfizer went to Elevenerife.
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♪ Washing machines live longer with cat on ♪
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly @MadiOCarroll Poll needs more yeshow does he actually look like all of them
Retweeted by Seánta Claus-onnolly @jamesmitchelltv @michael_actium @chizmund @Comedyfox @michael_actium @jamesmitchelltv @chizmund @Comedyfox Desktop boiiiii @jamesmitchelltv @chizmund @Comedyfox Did you short circuit @robolger UUuuggghhhhhhhh Like, exactly as you said - they GET a life together! And it's a HORROR SHOW, it's tragi… @robolger Are people saying it was a "kill your gays" thing?👀👀👀 @MarvelStudios