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Everything space fiction (licenses) : concept art, models, news, making of movies, TV series & video games. Only ships & original art: @spaceshipsporn

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The Falcon cockpit. Solo (2018) / The Empire Strikes Back (1980) spooky update for the nice Hardspace: Shipbreaker (2020)! Time to put on the suit. @TheExpanseWR The acrobats of Cirque du Soleil?AGOS: A Game of Space is now available on Uplay, Steam and Oculus! I had been waiting for this VR space game for s… points for my " #The Mandalorian" hashtag.And if you want to watch a REAL Season 1 recap ^^ @thebrainofchris Yes, but you, you're serious :DMy tribute to the Lucasfilm Design team: Razor Crest ship thread: Mandalorian is back in 2 days. Here's a season 1 recap for Razor Crest: A Star Wars Story. @jasoncfry @DarthInternous No FACPOV Star Tours boarding video :( @dracosphynx Yes, the future! @leemerickson The Expanse is a real life doc :oTo celebrate, a blue screen. Expanse is expanding, quite logically. Deserved. I think this is my favorite contemporary space series. @thomasLharper Hi. "majestic vessel" designed by writer @Bouletcorp in preparation for the Bolshoi Arena comic book series (illustra… @Bouletcorp @aseyn @DelcourtBD Maintenant j'ai envie de demander à plein de scénaristes de dessiner les vaisseaux qu'ils ont imaginé. @Bouletcorp @aseyn @DelcourtBD Quel majestueux vaisseau ! @PhilippeMcNally Of the wood planet? Not much, I suppose. But it's a new question to ask. @sandyjimenez Yes I give free advices on relationships too! As "be kind".No Man's Sky (2016) continues to evolve, with a release on new consoles and a graphics update on PC. <3 @rchurchdesign @RickFamuyiwa One of my favorite Mando concept art <3Haven team: I'm ready to write something about the ship when you're ready to share and speak about your work ;) @avantigwen "saison 2"More about the Nest in this thread: (2020): See you in the Nest (that's the name of the ship) in a little over a month! @charlesmc93 @dima_liubimov lol But people don't necessarily have time to watch it in the 1st day, or it could be… don't mute #TheMandalorian & #StarTrekDiscovery if you want to see my screenshots, ship threads and great behind the scene stuff! @sebulia1 Cool story <3Reminder: mute #TheMandalorian & #StarTrekDiscovery if you don't want to see my screenshots and ship threads. @sebulia1 At least, you tried ^^ I like the Assembly Cut. @Radliay @70sscifi True. @discolando A big, sleek baby! @stupididiot44 It's a concept art.#TheMandalorian is back in 2 days. 3 (1992): Type 337 EEV (Emergency Escape Vehicle), design by Norman Reynolds, miniature model and pics by Mic…
Retweeted by The Spaceshipper (Ex-Spaceshipsporn) 🚀Art of Escape from Planet Earth (2013) Planet (1956): Lobby card Citizen: Genesis Starliner, art by Emmanuel Shiu @carrchr It was also a promotional argument. "Admire the technical progress". ;)Mass Effect 2 (2010): Illusive Man's office, art by Matt Rhodes.
Retweeted by The Spaceshipper (Ex-Spaceshipsporn) 🚀 @GamedustTT "Also on the way, though, is a free content update with a new Time Attack mode. This features a series… @GamedustTT The rocket cockpit, from concept to screen: @GamedustTT And it works pretty well. by @GamedustTT is coming to Oculus Quest and PSVR in 2021! It's a fun VR game, where you explore (as S… @VikingCyklist I'm in.Cloudpunk's cockpit update is out now on PC! (no words about the console ports yet) Welcome in the future. @Richard_Wilson_ Exactly.Star Wars Battlefront II (2017): Cloud City, art by Nicolas Ferrand
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984): Storyboards (pics from Propstore). @steved_GT That's my feeling for AOTC (the battle of Geonosis). But not for TPM, where CGI were used when models could't be. @doubleofive This button? @Bdaggers A space antenna. @steved_GT Green screen, ok, but CGI? No Star Wars movie has more models than Episode 1. truth, it's from the Republic Cruiser. I should make real ship threads for these beauties. the end, The Phantom Menace is above all the story of R2 and a ramp in the desert. He was really the only survivor. 100% true, obviously. Reminder: R2 is the real hero of Star Wars. cockpit artwork by Doug Chiang, of course. cockpit was real, with a lot of buttons. Push the buttons to fly in the stars. model built after some beautiful Doug Chiang concept arts. beautiful model. One of hundreds built for Episode I. a ramp in Tunisia. ramp in Leavesden, UK, too. Phantom Menace (1999) Behind his beautiful attire of native Naboo ship, the J-type 327 Nubian Royal Starship i… @SpacedockHQ Yes, it's very nice they became real characters. @4L4NDUffY Always Netflix.Lost in Space, Season 2 (2019): Water planet, art by Martin Bergquist Astra (2019): Space Elevator (an idea not used in the movie), art by Stephen Zavala loved this artwork. Aaron is a great concept artist, so it’s always a pleasure to see a cover art 👌 @FoschS On ne pouvait le voir sans lunettes.Mass Effect 2 (2010): Illusive Man's office, art by Matt Rhodes. game for Halloween. Future (1978-1979) @Yasmandarguss Oh nice ^^Yamato 2520 (1994-1995): Art by Syd Mead
Retweeted by The Spaceshipper (Ex-Spaceshipsporn) 🚀Happy birthday, Gold Leader! @AngusMacGold @noclipvideo @CliveGratton From the early 2009 demo to the game design choices made (3rd person => 1st person), thi… @TocoGamescom Like that [ ]. @David_Burrows Hope is beautiful :D @jonhewlett1 Soderbergh ^^ @venable_brian It's a movie.Space is big. Alien Isolation (2014) / The Midnight Sky (2020) / Passengers (2016) / Prometheus (2012) @LukesBeard Yes, good inspiration in any case. @Fozzimus Yes! Prometheus and Passengers too. @Aaron_M_DeVries Nice! @LukesBeard Or Hermes. now the opening of the ship thread:, the thread with the story, the pics, the poster and the trailer: it feels like when you travel in space. As usual, designers and artists can warn me if they can show somethin… is spacious, with a distinctive art direction. really don't want to give me a perfect shot of this ship :D Aether has a shuttle. love this kind of shots. Space is big.[Ship thread] The Aether - The Midnight Sky (George Clooney, 2020) Midnight Sky trailer! @The_Laaksone @LeeBWood My pleasure! @Yasmandarguss For?The Midnight Sky poster: