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Alex May @thestarboretum Eufloria; Proteus

Nice trees account. Making various interactive tree/plant things.

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@nicolehe Depends @konjak Google's fault @grapefrukt Have you got any shareware compilations? @grapefrukt Sim city 2000 and rise of the triad @haikus_by_KN Mask dropped eh @uncrushedvelvet Salad fingers energy
@dandouglas It is so fucking hard to be a dad while depressed. You're not alone. It sucks. I hope it gets better soon. <3 @zarawesome strongly relatable content @whimwhams1 @GusSnarp @silentmoviegifs @BillGRinehart (thanks @vivschwarz!) @GusSnarp @silentmoviegifs @BillGRinehart Very interested to know this. @tomsmizzle want to feel old ? cup head came out ten years ago today @reviewwales @acgodliman axalongl @Nifflas This probably doesn't help but I finished Eufloria's PS3 port in like 2011 or something.Soooo close to getting it. to know where the word "gel" came from here. Sounds way more like a glass to me. Solid, like. Hard. And… never seen someone provide a meaningful definition of a person being "cancelled" and that seems important imo
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@cub103 @RealSexyCyborg @XylaFoxlin Good point, I didn't even think about that. Looking at the shape, it's really c… ok but eco brutalism video game... eco brutalism with game:
Retweeted by Alex May @RealSexyCyborg @XylaFoxlin I thought it was some kind of safety coating, but maybe not. I just read through this p… @RealSexyCyborg @XylaFoxlin So awesome. Any idea what they're coating it with at the end? @TheArbourist @NitkoUsamljeny @Don_Ballstein @MVindictae @liveandletdyke @Niraha @TheChiefHeretic @Kasparov63 absol… rock dust on cropland around the world could absorb a tenth of humanity's carbon budget, which would help…
Retweeted by Alex MayImage Hill Chesterton meadows,Warwickshire,England.
Retweeted by Alex May @zerstoerer ain't seen yer face in a while. happy birthday <3UNISCO World Heritage: Pre-Angkor Prasat Sambor Prey Kuk 🙏🏻♥️
Retweeted by Alex May @unormal smell me. SMELL ME
@leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers Leon! You're just undermining yourself constantly. If you don't wish… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers this is literally what you said leon. did a gust of wind waft the ve… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers you framed it as a safety issue initially. is that what you believe?… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers it's only you who was ever talking about that in this thread, so i r… @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers so you would defend this while in the same breath claiming you don't… @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers you are the ones trying to "maintain safe spaces for women", yet you… @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers i mean come on! her students literally said she made them feel unsaf… @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers oh no i'm being censored! @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers explain what part of this is censorship and i'll tolerate that curse in my direction @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers haha! good! this is a good example of something that isn't censorship imo @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers haha i thought you meant censorship due to holding transphobic views… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers i mean your hypothetical scenario where something happened but you c… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers i agree with it @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers haha, oh no @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers leon literally said "most people don't see it that way" your issue is with them, not me @FromSmiler @leon_pinky1010 @DSArrows @Harpers i've seen it, i just think it's a) lies and b) bigotry @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers note that having people disagree with you and even want to no longer… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers anyway leon, if you can show me where anyone in that letter was "cen… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers and there's little evidence it's not true. imo @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers i guarantee you that is how transphobes are almost universally seen by non-transphobes @AlexBPArt THE CANCELLER OF THE EXCHEQUER @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers ah that's just a thin veil, the women only spaces thing. the goal is… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers have they? where? "agree with us or you're cancelled" is fine, righ… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers cool so remind me where she was censored again. seems like she has a… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers stay on target leon. don't put words in my mouth. my tweet was about… @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers I might have some power to silence you as it happens @leon_pinky1010 @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers stay on target, leon. is it or is it not "censorship" for me to tell… old Welsh Hawthorn writhing in the #BreconBeacons.
Retweeted by Alex Maygood old friends by augenweide via DeviantArt
Retweeted by Alex May @camarent1 @FreyaHolmer oh, maybe it's not vs actually. anyways that's how you do it in vs @camarent1 @FreyaHolmer that's visual studio, hold ctrl and alt @KwCongressional @AOC making tweets this bad should trigger some kind of automatic orbital cannon that instantly me… @Bhaal_Spawn meet up in a game?Everything feels like it's going wrong so heres a tiny victory - I've been trying to make cool looking trees from s…
Retweeted by Alex May @FromSmiler @DSArrows @Harpers it is not 'censorship' to be told you're wrong on a public platform. culture develop… woodland photos from earlier walks
Retweeted by Alex MayI never know what I'm going to find in the forest.
Retweeted by Alex May @jazzmickle @goldbuick could use geometry shaders to blast text quads out @jazzmickle @goldbuick haha i was joking!! i'll open source my compute-shader-driven IDE soon @goldbuick @jazzmickle make a cpu-side versionWhat a terrible thing. This tree had been standing for centuries, with centuries of biodiversity, history & cultur…
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Retweeted by Alex MayWe harvested giant Amazonian water lily leaves from the tropical pond today. Turn one over, and this is what you ge…
Retweeted by Alex May兵庫県赤穂市 験行寺のイロハカエデ 小柄な主幹ながら、周囲一杯に広がる枝ぶりや古木感のある樹形が美しい。同寺の周辺は県の自然環境保全地域に指定されており、常緑広葉樹の大木が点在している。
Retweeted by Alex May早坂高原のシナノキ □岩手県岩泉町釜津田 □幹周8.1m 早坂高原ビジターセンターから車で3分ほど。目の前には車を停めるスペースがある。 支柱の力を借りながらではあるが、大きく枝を広げている。 大樹の下で風が吹き抜けていく時間は、…
Retweeted by Alex May @Senhor_Fattori @LiToast I hate to say it but the police do sound like a potential solution here, but that's maybe… @LiToast Whooah, what, damn, nobody should have to live like that @soapachu @nationaltrust That's the stuff @nationaltrust @thestarboretum #Walthamstow
Retweeted by Alex MayIn other words, decenter white middle class angst that there’s nobody to pay to take care of their kids right now—a…
Retweeted by Alex MayWake up early and you might be treated to the ethereal beauty of sun beams reaching through the morning mist.…
Retweeted by Alex May兵庫県篠山市 寸原の大ケヤキ 写真その3
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@BrotiGupta My dad once told me that "Roxanne" by The Police was about driving around in the desert ("rock sand") a… @SashaKrylova Good good, I guess his piano skills are coming along ;) maybe let's all hang out at some point, I'll DM you my number @SashaKrylova Ха-ха привет Саша! Been too long, how are you? @MoviusC mum's idea!putting these 100 likes in my son's trust fundgolden minutes
Retweeted by Alex May @cathroon Good luck, take care ❤️ @pSK Goalsremember kids, fuck Adobe
Retweeted by Alex May @McBradderz Top tip, change your location to like Korea or Saudi Arabia or some other unreadable language region, t… @pSK It's very "90's sit com graphics backdrop", and I love it
@niinegames Dear oh dear oh dear. @niinegames What game did it? @Bhaal_Spawn every dang time! @GraemePuttock Shoulda put a pair of those on for this selfie @Kris_Hammes Fulfilled by, made in Latvia, designed right here in Brighton UK by Mercury May, 4 years old @Bhaal_Spawn ahh it's not just me! @AngelosLH yeah I was a "you ok? you ok? you ok?" guy for a bit once @AngelosLH Yeah that sounds relatable @AngelosLH Like she probably saw that he drank the first cup eagerly and just thinks he really likes coffee now, so… @AngelosLH Yeah, it's creepy. Sorry for amplifying it by bringing it up.