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Steve Stebbing @theStevilDead Penticton, British Columbia

National film critic for The Shift with Drex, local film critic for The Lynda Steele Show on CKNW. Lots of movie & wrestling talk with lots of screaming as well

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Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the @Disney animated classic #TheLittleMermaid, a beloved film in millions of…
On this day 30 years ago Sam Elliott & @Cloris_Leachman starred in the family Christmas movie #Prancer for director… years ago today one of my favorite writer & directors ever released his film #MysteryTrain, a trio of storie… is the thirtieth anniversary of #HarlemNights, the team up of comedy legends Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor i… this day thirty years ago Dom Deluise and Burt Reynolds provided the lead voices in the @DonBluth animated film … years ago today Colin Firth, Annette Bening, @meggamonstah and @fairuza starred in #Valmont from the legenda… years ago today Nick Damici, @EmbryEthan and Lance Guest starred in @agarciabogliano's #LatePhases or Night Of…
On this day thirty five years ago writer, director and Master Of Horror Wes Craven earned his moniker in a huge way… five years ago today the ozploitation monster movie #Razorback was released starring @TheRealGregoryH & dire… is the thirty fifth anniversary of the comedy horror sci-fi #NightOfTheComet starring @cmsall and … this day 35 years ago Chuck Norris starred in #MissingInAction with M. Emmet Walsh for director Joseph Zito, who… five years ago today Kristy McNichol and Michael Ontkean starred in the rom-com #JustTheWayYouAre from write… some pretty things today #softheartink
Retweeted by Steve StebbingTwenty five years ago today @melanielynskey and Kate Winslet starred in Peter Jackson's intense film about a deadly… @Rachetgrrl I would like to say its a blend of both but heavy on the second part.On this day forty five years ago @TheOliverStone made his feature directorial debut with the horror #Seizure, the f… @Jeremy_Baker Well, I mean, that's the dream but I think you're misinterpreting the term "headshot". 😬😬😬I just found out that I'm blocked by Meghan McCain and I have zero clue why. I'll just add her to the list with JB…"You kids wanna see a dead body?" @mattthemascot @Jeremy_Baker I'm a reverse never nude, Winnie The Pooh style. @Jeremy_Baker Yeah, that's an immediate blacklisting. I feel your pain but please stop sending them to me, I don't play second fiddle. @Jeremy_Baker It's your "no nudity" clause... Or was it an "only nude" clause? It's either one of those or both. 🤷‍♂️ @AmirsDoingItAll It's now available on @ShoutFactory Collector's Edition too. #PlugPlugPlugForty five years ago today a star studded cast including Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy and Lorne Gre…
If you're not all over @disneyplus this weekend then @FordvFerrari should be in your eyeholes instead. @fatandbrown @mikeshinoda #SOTD @raisedfist years ago today @JimCarrey and @Jeff_Daniels finally reprised their roles as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn in… is the fifth anniversary of the werewolf action horror film #Wolves starring @lucastill,  Stephen McHattie, …
@fatandbrown @stonesour #SOTD @theweeknd ft. @giorgiomoroder this day 5 years ago former Daily Show host Jon Stewart made his feature directorial debut with the true story d…'s like M. Night Shyamalan and Tom Six combined to make a headline. to an old episode of #RegularGirls on conspiracy theories and the part about time traveling Jay Z and Mic… NINE! years ago today Katie Holmes starred as the titular character in the movie #MissMeadows, a story about a eleme… is the fifth anniversary of the drama #BeyondTheLights starring @gugumbatharaw and @NateParker, written and d… this day five years ago Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's #BirdmanOrTheUnexpectedVirtueOfIgnorance hit theaters star… years ago today @KevinKolsch and @denniswidmyer's #StarryEyes was released, a fantastic horror story that abso… is the tenth anniversary of Roland Emmerich's doomsday disaster movie #2012, which gave us the perfect escape… this day ten years ago Sebastian Gutierrez's multi storylined comedy #WomenInTrouble was released, a film that w…
My kid's home from school aaaaaaaand I've now lost my TV so she xan watch #KimPossible on @disneyplus. 🤷‍♂️ Can't… damn that first episode of #TheMandalorian is good. I can't wait for the next one. @fatandbrown @sesamestreet @foofighters #SOTD #JDSpears @JANELABABY's @AEWrestling theme years ago today a fantastic cast was assembled, including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy & Rhys Ifans, for… is the tenth anniversary of #Splinterheads starring Thomas Middleditch & Rachael Taylor, a comedy written & d… a few minutes into #TheMandalorian and I saw both @TaitFletcher and @thebrianposehn. I already love this show. @cgainsbourg On this day ten years ago @seanflanery & @wwwbigbaldhead reprised their fan favorite roles of Connor &… years ago today Willem Dafoe and @cgainsbourg starred in Lars Von Trier's #Antichrist, a truly brutal and unrel… five years ago today Tom Laughlin wrote, directed and starred in #TheTrialOfBillyJack, the sequel to his 1971… @fatandbrown @taylorhawkins #SOTD @LittleVMills - @KennyOmegamanX's @AEWrestling theme years ago today Miguel Ferrer starred in the little known neo-noir detective film #WheresMarlowe, the direct… @thatbarberdave @ThatKevinSmith Haha! Awesome!Today is the twentieth anniversary of @lucbesson's #TheMessengerTheStoryOfJoanOfArc starring @MillaJovovich in the… this day twenty years ago @ThatKevinSmith's #Dogma hit theaters, the battle of good & evil as two fallen angels…
Twenty years ago today Natalie Portman and @SusanSarandon starred in Wayne Wang's mother and daughter comedy drama… is the fifteenth anniversary of #SeedOfChucky, the last film we have gotten of the self aware comedy horror s… this day fifteen years ago Renee Zellweger reprised her hit role for the sequel #BridgetJonesTheEdgeOfReason co-… years ago today @PierceBrosnan, @salmahayek, @WoodyHarrelson and @DonCheadle starred in @BrettRatner's… Angels
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Bye, Boomer
Retweeted by Steve StebbingOn this day 25 years ago @ofctimallen starred in @Disney's Christmas movie #TheSantaClause, directed by John Pasqui… @soundjam69 I loved it so damn much.25 years ago today @TomCruise, Brad Pitt, @antoniobanderas, @kirstendunst and @ChristianSlater starred in Neil Jord…
Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the brotherly comedy drama #StayingTogether starring @SeanAstin, Dermot Mulro… this day thirty years ago @EricRoberts and @jamesearljones starred in the Tae Kwon Do tournament action film … years ago today @Usher, @ForestWhitaker, @rosariodawson & @VWOfficial starred in the high school drama… years ago today @tomhanks starred in the Robert Zemeckis holiday film #ThePolarExpress, a movie that had an imme… years ago today Jack Lemmon, @TedDanson and Ethan Hawke starred in Family Ties creator Gary David Goldberg's… loved @DoctorSleepFilm so goddamn much. I teared up almost immediately and it continued throughout. The love for…
Today is the 35th anniversary of the horror thriller #SilentNightDeadlyNight, a ridiculous movie that is an indelib… this day 35 years ago George Burns returned for the sequel #OhGodYouDevil, playing both God and Satan in this co… not Jeffrey. DAMMIT STEVE!Thirty five years ago today @MrJonCryer & @justdemi starred in the comedy #NoSmallAffair from Scarecrow director Je… @Tangledmoon Definitely. He moved pretty effortlessly in the director's chair but I think Much Ado About Nothing is… years ago today Kenneth Branagh made his directorial debut the he wrote the screenplay for and starred,…
Forty years ago today @BetteMidler starred in the tragic rock star story #TheRose from The Long Goodbye director Ma… is the fifth anniversary of #TheTheoryOfEverything, the biopic of Steven Hawking and his wife Jane from Man O… this day five years ago @Disney and @Marvel teamed up for the animated superhero movie #BigHero6 and the results… years ago today @TylerJamesWill, @TessaThompson_x, @KyleGallner, @TeyonahParris & more starred in writer & dir…
The late James Dean is being resurrected to appear in new Vietnam movie & the latest Stephen King horror "Doctor Sl…
Retweeted by Steve Stebbing @Jeremy_Baker Blood or incest, I guess. 🤷‍♂️ @Jeremy_Baker Press 1 next time to talk to someone. I ended up talking to an east Indian man who told me his name w… is the tenth anniversary of the quirky and hilarious #TheMenWhoStareAtGoats starring @TheJeffBridges, George…
On this day ten years ago @MillaJovovich starred in writer & director @CenterWillHold's creepy mystery thriller … is probably the point that you should delete this ignorance and get educated. The facepalm caused by this twee… years ago today Robert Zemeckis directed his last fully CG animated film to date, #AChristmasCarol starring … @Shivviness @JRichardKelly @CameronDiaz Huge fan of Sin Nombre.Today is the tenth anniversary of the last @JRichardKelly movie we have gotten, #TheBox starring @CameronDiaz, Jame… this day 10 years ago @MichaelAngarano, @AJemaineClement & Sam Rockwell starred in the Jared & Jerusha Hess come… @thordiakow I just bought it recently on Blu-ray for ten bucks, one of my best purchases this year. @thordiakow Same here, have been a fan ever since. Richard Kind is also on another level in this too.Ten years ago today the Coen Brothers film #ASeriousMan was released starring Michael Stuhlbarg about a physics tea… is the twentieth anniversary of Pedro Almodovar's #AllAboutMyMother, a movie that won this fantastic filmmake…
On this day twenty years ago Michael Mann's Academy Award nominated film #TheInsider was released starring Al Pacin… years ago today Denzel Washington & Angelina Jolie starred in the mystery thriller #TheBoneCollector from Cl… this day fifteen years ago Jude Law took on the role that @themichaelcaine did in 1966 with the remake of #Alfie years ago today @McConaughey, Anne Hathaway & @jes_chastain starred in Christopher Nolan's space odyssey… HELL yes! This is awesome. years ago today @BradBirdA113 & @Pixar released one of their best movies with #TheIncredibles which is, in… @fatandbrown @kanyewest #SOTD @marilynmanson