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Sarah Arellano @TheSugarVenom Victory for Sylvanas

Narrative Designer & VO Director | Current: @Blizzard_Ent | Formerly: @DSVolition & @Vainglory | Save an 🐘 @DSWT | Opinions expressed here are mine. ALL MINE!

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welp @VinnyVinesauce
Anyway, God didn't make gender, we did, and we did a shit job of it. It's like worst fitting, most limiting costumes ever made.
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @stephenjmcmanus OH MY GOD THIS IS IT @gameism Yep I should take a picWhat stage of single parenting is it when you buy matching YouTuber merch for you and your teenager @ChrisRunDev It doesn't have to be. The narrative cannot continue to be: * immigrants are evil * nothing can be done @Imperial_Arthur (at a time) @Imperial_Arthur We can have ONEThere’s plenty of money, y’all. We have to get this through our headsif liberal leaders can't solve babies in cages then I guess it's an unsolvable problem NO. what you do is, you tak… MY CURRENT MENTAL STATE IS JUST ONE OF THOSE TIME LAPSE CLIPS OF A PLANT WILTING BUT I AM POSITIVE ANOTHER SAD…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoObviously had to make a new #ATLA impression video to celebrate the news!!! Literally could cry I’m so excited for…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoMy diet has been exemplary for almost fifty days and I'm fitting into some lovely new outfits but it's only going t… ZERO MUSICALS, so we had to handle that ourselves too.
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoVery simple to explain why more people are identifying as trans or gay or whatever than generations past, here's a…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoAnother example: Here’s Ted Cruz on his phone while the Former Chief of Police Steven Sund testifies about the insu…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoYou can have Black hair in @GuildWars2! Love the variety of options here!
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @UebelVanessa I'll look into it and if I choose that one, I'll tell you first!
@DiceQueenDi "Well my wife said she'd consider taking me back if I went to couple's therapy, and I asked her if the…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoLiterally the best advice I've gotten all week
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoThis is a @oreinai callout years ago, I sketched a small orange bird in my notebook (wanting to add some life to my project) and named h…
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @Tweet_Dec @Most Big time thisThis is super cursed and also the funniest goddamn thing I’ve seen all week
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @Shadesogrey @dweebikus @The_M_Leger Depends on the item level tbh @Shadesogrey @dweebikus @The_M_Leger I could use a burrito tbh @olandgren @itsmarksopp I gotta witness this @Imperial_Arthur And yet we both escaped it 😂 @dweebikus @The_M_Leger Welp time for another Dave Run @UebelVanessa Thanks! @Eckitis WHOAI must learn who this is so that I can become her @olandgren @itsmarksopp Is he oofing or —Time to give him a taste of his own medicine
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @TheJamesBJones For me, LA wasn’t home. It was MAKING it. @dweebikus But what loot do you dropI’m so in love with LA I pet your dog at this dog’s FACE want one of those delivery box things where you get surprise produce and “ugly” fruits and veggies. What should I get? @Jbug33 @ElainaCScott This is AMAZINGI — oh no aRE yOU cOmPLaINinG bout BiDEnnn iF yoU vOTEd hIm iN??! Cause we’re not a cult or just blindly following whate…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoOne point five trillion dollars in military-industrial welfare to produce a plane that doesn't work for a war that…
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoI never bought a hat so fast’M TRYING TO GO TO SPACE & you can help me get there! If you retweet this video, I’ll print your name on a shirt…
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @Zorbrix This world watch this every morning not buy things via click-thru ads. Go to Etsy directly to buy.
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoBlack women are just way too cool for me 😭
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @tomabernathy @iamleonardwu @iamchris @Imperial_Arthur Midboss at best @jcluther @sonofrudd Way too many HP; I gotta level more @joemag_games an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics. whole thread but ESPECIALLY THIS. This, all day. This. @MattFnWallace Betrayal by your mentors is part of the human experience. It's painful. It's how we rise.
He'll be back NEW USPS CAR DESIGN IS SO CUTE???????
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @mattsophos don't eat bread but I poke a baguette out of my bag anyway so people will think I'm delightfully French…! @mattsophos Yup. And it's time for me to watch it again. @MattFnWallace @missdefying I was SO confused 😂 @missdefying @MattFnWallace Oh my god. Me too. @mattsophos I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I will throw myself from the highest turret!The way he follows me to the kitchen when I cook and falls asleep 😭 ears trying to hold my two masks, glasses, air pods and cute earrings
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @MattFnWallace The groomer put it there so I am writing her into my will @MattFnWallace It's SO GOOD. @MattFnWallace This is the dang truth. Also I haven’t finished watching the animated series.He smells so good and he has a kicky bandana @Spac3Gh0s7_ Congratulations!!! @MattFnWallace I am now desperate both for that sandwich and to watch that movie again @MattFnWallace am gonna tip the hell outta this dog groomer @gamedevconnie There’s some Jessica Jones and Loki but I think they all work @ahoymehearties 😂Members of the Chimbu tribe in Papua New Guinea
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoGood morning @Notoriously_BIG This is my true form @Wiisak Legit @Aernath Ok I like this a lot @wenia6killer Close enough!The way daft punk flipped the sample for one more time is still so crazy to me
Retweeted by Sarah Arellano @thetomzone Why would you dig this out Why wouldn’t you surrender this evil eternally to the elements @BeardedManSam I'm on board @andrewhair from what I see in the gifs this is legit @Peter_Fries no Peter no stop oh god @gameism *scrolls through own profile in a daze*I'm not super MCU familiar so someone needs to tell me which character is my vibeMe in three years' cheese from older cartoons. you know the kind
Retweeted by Sarah ArellanoFive years ago this week I was alone in Bologna having tagliatelle for every meal. Please someone in Bologna, send me a teleport @tomabernathy