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Halloween is NOT canceled! This Tuesday! I'll be teaching a class on Jordan Peele's class classic 'US'! I'll be tal…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausYay! @nikicrypt is now on Twitter. 🥰 👋Signal boost! This sounds like a great opportunity. is hosting #HalloweenAtYourHaus, a 24-hr livestream celebration event partnered w/ @wckitchen,… #HalloweenAtYourHaus update from @thefearhaus! ⬇️ and it feels so good. Just a few of my favorites from back in the day. @EzMacArt 100 @sick__66 Now I've got this song stuck in my head.👀 I need to make it. night be like made a coffee table book for grandpa’s 90th birthday. ✨ He loved it. 🖤 Look at the quote. 😂 I love how serious he… @SylvesterBarzey And the thing is my parents never knew what caused the fear of dolls until I told them as an adult…
Fast forward to today, my mom sent a @PODS that contains things from my childhood I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years… every night, my parents would lock this doll away because I’d freak out. Okay so I’m pretty sure I’ve tweeted a short version of this story, but I have an update. When I was 4, my g… @HorrorGirlProbs Perfection! Seriously!! @SelfQuarantiner Oh what?! Thank you for letting me know!Halloween gift from my mom and her boyfriend. ✨ @SelfQuarantiner Ahh. I’m using my Xbox. Gonna start the 7-day free trial on the app and see how it compares to wha… I can’t watch The Witches (2020) on Hulu even if I have HBO Max as an add-on?My stepmom told me they found One Cut of the Dead back home but it didn’t have English subtitles for dad to follow… thought he threw out my pocket hand warmers and started going through the garbage to check. He walked in the k…😍
👀 for a cause! #HalloweenAtYourHaus is a 24-hr live stream celebration + fundraiser that will be streamed on…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausSo proud. Looking forward to announcing our lineup next week.
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausCancer Pisces Gemini Libra 3/3 Sagittarius Taurus Scorpio 2/3 these zodiac images from @thepulpgirls. Which are you? Elaine for me! ✨ ❤️ 🗡 Aries Leo Capricorn Aquarius… @Immortal_Graves @BrowncoatAuror @BrowncoatAuror 🤨 It made my brain hurt so I decided to make my brain hurt more by doing a search. LOGIC. REGRET. @BrowncoatAuror SHIT.
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausMeowdy-do! good
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausMy dad and stepmom arrived from Japan tonight. 🖤 Fighting back hugs is....not the easiest thing though. 😓Check this out! ⬇️
I don’t think I’ll be able to repurpose the backdrop from the #DrinkBlueSea aquatic horror night. is a queen chameleon. Change my mind. @WerewolfFace My ass is asleep until like 12:30 PM on Sundays so I never get to it. 😂😂😂 @WerewolfFace 👀Playing #ACNH? Wanna sell your turnips for 1000 bells per turnip? Details ⬇️ photos are fucking amazing. 👏! 🎩 ✨
@nolantr and I don’t feel good about it at all. At ALL.Pro-tip: Never get the layered bean dip from ALDI. K. Maybe not “pro”. I should’ve known better.Posobiec is losing his shit. He's actually calling the Borat Giuliani pictures "revenge porn" which is admitting th…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausDo it.
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausDoing a panel soon for quaraween con on comedy horror. It’s a sub genre hard to do right but man, when it works it…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus
State law prohibited us from hosting #SalemHorrorFest. We lost tens of thousands of dollars and invested thousands…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausGood news here overall, but the aneurysm I nearly had just now could have been fully avoided with a single comma 👇🏻
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausMeet Our Partner ➡️ @WCKitchen Learn more about our partnership with WCK for the Halloween At Your Haus 24-hr liv…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausWishing @maxfischers a very wonderful birthday! 🎂 Thank you for your kindness, humor, and dog photos. Always. 🖤✨ @laptop_lasane I got my confirmation. Can’t wait to check it out! @laptop_lasane Oh fuck yeah. Absolutely!! @laptop_lasane Someday...I will level up from my magazine hanger display and join the frame gang.!! 🤩 !! @M_Nessk @WithoutYourHead @TonjiaAtomic @thedebralamb @WiHmonth Congrats, everyone!! 🖤✨🖤 @SassySledgehmmr Di, I think you'll love it!! @thesuperghoul The shadow puppet scene towards the end is pretty jaw-dropping.
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus🖤🖤🖤 @themunnyshot Easily makes it into top 5 favorites of the year, for me at least. ✨ @Addison_Peacock Yessss. I think it’s absolutely amazing.I fucking love Impetigore. That is all.Same energy @vulnaviasviolin 😂🤣They didn’t need jump scares they had FACES
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausHiiiii just a reminder that if the original THE CRAFT were re-rated today, it’d be PG-13. It was only rated R in 19…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus @LovelyZena Omg please do a video on the most frustrating unsupervised children in horror and put him as #1 😂From the Society of Chrises, We don't know disrespect to Ruffalo but this is a very good question
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus @sick__66 Thinking of you. 🖤 Hope this wave subsides sooner than later for you. 🙏 @themunnyshot It’s that site where you can pay celebs (and apparently people like Rachel Dolezal 😬) for personalized video greetings.
“Meh” @thefearhaus Threadless shop now open! Gear up for Halloween at Your Haus. 🎃're all drawn to horror movies for different reasons. Horror subjective and fear is personal. Luckily, horror can…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausI don't know who needs to hear this but you shouldn't let your relatives bully you into visiting them for the holid…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus @ArielRelaford @finaldraftinc @ArielRelaford @finaldraftinc @theversusverses @kimmikillzombie idk if y’all have seen this already. Just in case. ☺️ @sagaston Especially the customers filed under “#peptalk”... Imagine waking up one morning and thinking, “I’m run… @debruoyrednumi @Shudder I’ll be honest. This was my second attempt watching it because the first try...I didn’t finish it.I wanna know if the people purchasing Cameo recordings from Rachel Dolezal are okay. 🧐🙌 Get your spook on for a cause! @mechamelissa So...are we back to wondering who and what is actually cake now? Since cake. 👀 @craigengler @Shudder Forever screaming these recommendations: Impetigore Mandy One Cut of the Dead Tigers Are Not… that being sensitive isn’t weak. Neither is being vulnerable or transparent. Telling your friends that you…
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHausI want to be friends with her. ⚡️ Cosplayer: @nekr0mantix 🥺 @creepshowens @Shudder *hugs tiddies close and looks around* I think it’s safe. @phyrebrat @Shudder I loved it! 👏Most of my friends are engaged, married, having a baby, have children,... I'm like...
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus @nekr0mantix Sending you hugs!! 🖤I mean the meme creator isn’t wrong @AsiaChloeBrown They’re gonna grow up together and little girl on the left is going to have her fiancé propose to h… movies don’t have to scare you to be “good” just so we’re clear.
Retweeted by The Dark Christal 📺 #HalloweenAtYourHaus @Immortal_Graves Mm pizza @DaxEbaben @Shudder Saw this added but I’ve never seen it. Will watch next! @sagaston @Shudder The accents. The ACCENTS. Haha! I can’t stop watching though. @B4VALAMP @notcapnamerica Have I interacted with this person before? They have be blocked haha.