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Supernoon @TheSupernoon Los Angeles, CA

Pro DBFZ player • @Twitch Partner • DBFZ World Tour 7th • for business •EVO Finalist• I like to color my hair.

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I feel no more pain.Netplay completes me.
@Blacksenseii LmaoHmm I have played Go1 team for a couple games. Pretty good!! Nice work @GO13151 !!音量注意🙇🏻‍♂️ P.T.一番怖かったのここやった...。
Retweeted by Supernoonshadowbringers summed up
Retweeted by Supernoon @alveeahmed1103 frplaying some ginyu now! go1 vs fenritti ft10 with eye tracker and analysis ! @Rynge_ we are always on the same wavelength @TachikawaBR LOLMaybe he can tech the dragon rush at this time.
Retweeted by Supernoon @ItsInigma I’ve accepted America ain’t it anymore lmao @magical_mofu LOOOLI remember one time I had a nightmare before the DBFZ wt finals. I was playing against go1 in the dream and I woke… @TrazacRM It spoke to me @ItsInigma FrThe way go1 is reacting to this game is how I feel internally when I play dbfz it got rollback? @GO13151 Thank you!! @my700lblife On jahBro... we will never exit this hell. @it_door :( @RyanHeapski Oh really? I hope so! Thanks brother!!May I watch this on my stream @GO13151 🤔 @xkeIIey BetSo I know they didn’t want restreams but is it cool to watch the vod of the fenritti Vs Go1 ft10 on stream? @TheHadou @Heyitsmedunk I was invited to talk about my Job (Elderly Care) on the german television 3 days ago and h…
Retweeted by SupernoonFelt this one. @tigetyyy hate it here @Jk980_ true @jiyunaJP @jiyunaJP Happy birthday!!I am thinking these are the players: Go1, Hook, Myself, Dekillsage, Shanks, Wawa, Alioune, and fan vote? @Dyvrais yessir @Dyvrais yesusing the arena match mode " Battle of the bots" to run a 8 man bracket of bots using pro player teams! Should be fun.Pro player BOT tournament this sunday. @Sajam @Tasty_Steve @WSOLogan @Mordexai0 o really? @dswc20 pls be ok @dswc20 you good?I'll learn fexl when the rollback is in @_tsukihiime Ah the classic.No doubt, they could do it in any game
Retweeted by Supernoon @biiiiitch_art @JosephineChoi its time @dekillsage @Speedkicks told u @anntdotes sell those ideas!! @_BNBBN_ oooo what kind of car do you drive bnbbnwhen your favorite streamer sees your post, ft. @xQc this 3D rendered shitpost was legitimately extremely well ma…
Retweeted by Supernoon @JosephineChoi I legit just copy people lol @JosephineChoi im kiseOne time I saw Cloud805 at a tournament and I asked him how his travel time was and he replied, "TRAVEL? HAHAHA, PA… @anntdotes I feel that. Haven't watched league in a bit but last time I did I was rooting for TL @anntdotes massive W. respect is given today lmfaooo @anntdotes ok I have to put immense amounts of respect on your name homie @anntdotes you might be reaching here fella @anntdotes they had to do it to him for the culture lmfao @anntdotes bro I am crying LOOOL
@auroraiskira may not mean much but always here if you need to vent or anything like that. helps to talk to people! @auroraiskira as someone who deals with this a lot generally just ignore them. They have nothing better to do then… @MissShinoBee I always got your back !! @MissShinoBee yumi the goat. keep going! @MissShinoBee whats the squad looking like nowadays @MissShinoBee easy @TSM_Leffen felt this onenetplay chilling with eye tracker. come say hi :) @Samsora_ @EmmaLangevinXO Yo samsora thanks for 4 stocking that dude who took my lunch money. Always the hero we look up to. understands World tour finalists netplay against each other. Check out my set vs tachikawa ON NETPLAY…
Retweeted by SupernoonI want to frame this tweet. @Filipinoman I want boba and casuals... @MechaMacGyver same @sandyghast I used to think I was lactose but then I just realized my stomach cant handle a bunch of sugar lmaoDamn a lot changed since high school tbh match for the first time in a while... @GO13151 v. @fenritti offline FT10 will live at 22:40 (JST) tomorro…
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Retweeted by Supernooni need to start a tik tok account and upload sick melee combos the chinese government need to be shown the light
Retweeted by Supernoon @aaronreading it was really bad but we just memed it up for the laughsWE BEAT TACHIKAWA 3-2 ONLINE WEST COAST TO JP 5 FRAME DELAY DBFZ BABY LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOスーパーヌーンが俺の崩し熱帯でガードしてやるとか言ってるから配信始まるww ディスコ繋いでます。
Retweeted by Supernoonme vs @TachikawaBR I will block his mixup @ewguinpereira fuck it sure @TachikawaBR ok I will add you now @Chelsnii hmmm it seems all my favorites are sponsored. I wish you luck in this quest. @TachikawaBR On my way @Chelsnii I love LordKnight💀💀💀💀 @TachikawaBR Okok what lobby @TachikawaBR Wait I just saw the low version @TachikawaBR If I get hit by this I will wake up @TachikawaBR 🛌 @gsmVoiD Can u carry me 🥺no talk me i angy
Retweeted by Supernoon @cursxla idk why I have it but I need to use it LOL @cursxla only the few chosen can wield itbars. There aren't many strong players. Senran Kagura streamer is back baby