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Tune in tmrw to “$ave the Day” with five fantastic products that will provide an instant update, starting at just $… discusses producing her first movie, #Friendsgiving while acting alongside her husband, Jack Donnel… hosts discuss putting on #PandemicPounds and guest co-host #AmandaKloots shares her fitness advice.🗣 WEST COAST, We'll see you at 1pm for all-new talk! We talk #Friendsgiving with @MalinAkerman and #AmandaKloots is guest co-hosting!.@MalinAkerman tells us about producing her first film #Friendsgiving! Who's ready for turkey day? @TheTalkCBS @MalinAkerman WATCHING NOW!! I FEEL THE SAME ABOUT TEACHERS, MY DAUGHTER AND MORE FAMILY MEMBERS ARETEA…
Retweeted by The TalkWe're chatting with the lovely @MalinAkerman! makes 100k more and expects you to spilt things 50/50? He's not on your side totally unfair.
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Equally is fair & maybe put extra aside for a rainy day.
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Not mandatory but obligatory.
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS It’s a partnership, If you got it help out if he’s got it help out!!! have each other’s back’s!!!
Retweeted by The TalkIf married it should be equal
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I think it absolutely fair
Retweeted by The TalkWhat do you think?! @TheTalkCBS 🙋‍♀️I swear, I put on 40 lbs. since this pandemic began
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Yup! I love what @TheRealEve said about the jeans. I remember when I put mine on for the first time in…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Yes!!
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Sadly, yes. 😷😱😱😭
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Nope
Retweeted by The TalkHas anyone else put on #PandemicPounds? 🙋‍♀️ @TheTalkCBS yes some things..parents shouldn't teach they kids..driving class for me..#shestilldrivefast
Retweeted by The TalkIt's ok @MrsSOsbourne , we could all improve our driving 🤪 @TheTalkCBS Now that's just too darn adorable. ❤️🎾
Retweeted by The TalkLike mother, like daughter…? Serena Williams signed her 3-year-old daughter Olympia up for tennis lessons but the i…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Career or job? One of my jobs put a significant strain on my relationship with my Religion.
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Yes when I worked nights, lost a relationship with my ex fiancé.
Retweeted by The Talk🗣Has your career ever put a strain on any of your relationships?#AmandaKloots is guest co-hosting today!'re live, let's talk!🗣 EAST COAST, Happy Monday! We'll see you LIVE at 2pm with new topics and talk. Joining us is actress @MalinAkerman men and women split everything equally? A woman whose husband makes $100K more than her is frustrated that h… Kidman is ok with not being the life of the party (or even at the party), as long as her company is having a… back! Steve Nicks talks about the artistic difference that separates her from Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Mado… anchor @GayleKing candidly opened about her weight struggle in quarantine, the hosts relate. mother, like daughter…? Serena Williams signed her 3-year-old daughter Olympia up for tennis lessons but the i… McConaughey revealed that his fame caused a “strenuous relationship” with his mother because she would leak…’re LIVE today with all-new topics and talk! Joining us are guest co-host #AmandaKloots and actress @MalinAkerman.
Today’s #FeelGoodFriday story highlights veteran dance instructor, Nancy Havlik who found a way to keep her senior… dishes on his new horror-satire film #BadHair!🗣 WEST COAST, get ready to talk! We'll see you at 1pm with @BlairUnderwood and @piersmorgan!Happy Friyay! Keep moving and grooving 💗 nominate a person for our #FeelGoodFriday segment please send an email to Visi… love this #FeelGoodFriday story featuring Nancy Havlik💕 fills us in on why the world has gone nuts! @BlairUnderwood and @sherylunderwood my favorite Underwoods😍😍 #TheTalk @TheTalkCBS
Retweeted by The TalkWould you read an ex-lovers diary if you'd didn't get caught? @sherylunderwood and @BlairUnderwood, Under WOULD! W…, it's time to learn about your favorite Underwood's (@sherylunderwood and @BlairUnderwood) with a game of…'re talking #BadHair with @BlairUnderwood! comedian, talk-show host, and now dream interpreter! @dkrcarson @TheTalkCBS Ursula from the Little Mermaid when she grew 50 feet
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Michael Meyers
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Willy Wonka
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS None that I can remember as a child however; Freddie Kruger bothered me as a young adult.
Retweeted by The TalkTracee Ellis Ross and Jimmy Kimmel bonded over their fear of the Wicked Witch of the West from the classic film “Th…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS @sherylunderwood I love what you said about voting. Our next hurtle is getting people out to vote at th…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I agree with you @sherylunderwood you @MrsSOsbourne you are a great mom❤
Retweeted by The TalkIt’s time to talk!EAST COAST 🗣 Happy Friday! 🗣Here's what on #TheTalk menu for today: 🔴 @sherylunderwood talks voting. 🔴 We share a… Ellis Ross and Jimmy Kimmel bonded over their fear of the Wicked Witch of the West from the classic film “Th… hosts react to Jamie Lynn Spears opening up about being “mortified” when she was 16 and pregnant. a good time talkin’ with the ladies @thetalkcbs #goodlaughs #good fun while talkin’ about #badhairhulu which…
Retweeted by The TalkUPDATE: I’ll also be on @TheTalkCBS to explain why the world’s gone nuts. 👇
Retweeted by The TalkThe hosts weigh in on the legendary Bruce Springsteen’s musical sound evolving throughout his career, but still hav… on ‘The Daily Catch Up’ @sherylunderwood talks about the importance of voting in the 2020 election. HAPPY FRIYAY! We have a "Feel Good Friday" story you won't want to miss💕. Plus we’re joined by…🧙🏾‍♀️🧙🏾‍♀️🧙🏾‍♀️ you for the witch cackle lessons @KChenoweth! How did @therealeve do 🧙🏾‍♀️?
💗💗💗💗💗 COAST 🗣 We'll see you at 1pm with guest co-host Rumer Willis (@therue) and the fabulous @KChenoweth!😂 mwuahaha! not bad! gives us her witches cackle technique!'re talking with the incredible @KChenoweth! @TheTalkCBS I’m too claustrophobic for that!
Retweeted by The Talk @alotofgoodness 😂It's BYOB? (Bring You're Own Bubble) Flaming Lips are hoping to make their return to live music happen sooner rather than later with a venue packed… @TheTalkCBS Yes! how could anyone truly believe that in this vast universe we're the only life form? There has to b…
Retweeted by The TalkKeep us updated 👀🖖 is also #TeamAliens 👽 @TheTalkCBS No I don't believe in aliens
Retweeted by The Talk.@carrieanninaba & @sherylunderwood believe 👽 @TheTalkCBS I believe they exist.
Retweeted by The TalkWhat do you think? Do you believe in aliens 👽?'s why I keep ALL of my relationships private. - @sherylunderwood 👀 @TheTalkCBS It's not for me, but if the bride ok'd it then I see nothing wrong with this. As I've said many times…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I love it! I’m sure they also took more traditional photos as well. There are still lots of women who…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Um, NO!
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I love this photo for so many reasons!
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Obviously, the bride was OK with this but nope, not for me. I would rather see a pic with the bridesma…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS Looks like they decided to have a little fun with the shoot. I think this is being blown out of portion... too each their own
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I am woman. What’s your super power! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Retweeted by The TalkA photo of an Alabama nurse pumping breast milk during a wedding photoshoot has gone viral, but some are accusing t…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS @TheRealEve Eve started this look and rocked it! @TheRealEve
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS It's a magazine shoot not government/work related. She looks great! There's girls/women showing more o…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I’m actually more concerned about her leadership, character and being able to serve her country well. S…
Retweeted by The Talk @TheTalkCBS I’m not seeing anything inappropriate. If she were flashing her boobs, I would agree with those trying to condemn her
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