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@FameRothstein Exactly Complete Waste of TimeThe Comments Are The Best Part of Dunlap's IG live For Real...Carlos Dunlap said he has not had Skyline because he is not a fan of chili.
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandI'm Confused on WTF Dunlap is Talking ABout on IG. It Basically Seems Like He Wants Better CommunicationDiggsy! Miss That Guy in Minnesota @FameRothstein @MoEgger1530 @tony_pike15 @Employee96 @MoEgger1530 @tony_pike15 Think We'll Ever Get Back To The Days Where Folks Stepped into a Party Like This...
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandICYMI: @TuneInShae Gives @Saweetie Slap of The Week For Creating Startling The #redcupchallenge 😂👋🏾
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @MontezFordWWE All The Time 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Heading Back To The #WorldSeriesFREE Da GOAT!!!!'t Put Into Words What Yaw Meant To The Kid For The Past 6 Years. Love Yaw Man @WWEBigE @TrueKofi this day in 2012, Chief Keef blessed us with “Love Sosa” The music game would never be the same
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandSunday Wine Tonight 9pm-2am. R&B R&B and MORE R&B! #MambaRadio #internetradio #rnbmusic
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@Union_Sports_ Entourage And All? @MarioDeRamus How Old Are We Gonna Be? Because I Wanna Do This Before I Die 😂Yaw Think We'll Ever Get Back To The Days Where Folks Stepped into a Party Like This... Be a Cincinnati Thing Because He Sounds a lot like David Bell. #Reds #Bengals Least I Have Ohio State Football Coming Back This Saturday, Because I'm Over The #NFL Yaw Suck @Vikings @MarioDeRamus @TrueWarner Just Wanted to be sure lol @TrueWarner Can He Take Cousins With Him?Maybe The #Vikings Have #Falcons Right Where They Want Them with Their Known History of Blowing Leads. But I Doubt…’s a hat trick for Cousins. 3 INTS in the 1st half
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandAgreed 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ The @Vikings Dumb Asses Extended His Contract For Another 2 Years!!!! #Skol MOUNT UP!!! #Skol to Moss Just Wasn't Fair pussy gone be the last thing you want after working all day.
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @MontezFordWWE All The Time 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Milky Way Trash!
@SportsCenter @MLB
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandStill a Hour Left, Come Catch a Vibe on @1023TheBeat #FridayVibesTAP IN!!! @1023TheBeat #FridayVibes #Iheartradio #ThankYouNewDayTap In To @1023TheBeat Following #Smackdown I Got The Mixtape From 10PM-MIDNIGHT @WWEonFOX @FOXSports WHY DID YOU BREAK THIS BROTHERHOOD UP @WWE #SmackDown Come The Tears Man... 😢😢 #SmackDownSCREW YOU AGAIN @WWE FOR SPLITTING UP MY BOYS THE NEW DAY! #SmackDown
??? @MarioDeRamus Right And These Sports organizations can afford multiple tests to doublle check to make sure people h… This Shit is Crazy! All These Fake Test Results and Now Saban is Covid Free After 48 Hrs @JamesRapien Live 04 Soundtrack Was Crazy Too! @MarioDeRamus I Took a Year Off in 06 and Year Off Meaning My Parents Wouldn't Buy It For Me lol. So I Didn't get a… Live 2000 - Spent Countless Hours Playing Jordan 1 on 1 Just So I Can Unlock Him Lol. NBA Live 04 - Was Unbeat… @TheCoolLawGuy @SLAMRewind It Truly Was! Would've Been a Highlight We See Every All Star Weekend If They Win That G… Fact That Portland Put Melo On Their Graphic After Just One Season and The @nuggets Left Melo off Their Graphic… @TheCoolLawGuy @SLAMRewind He Hit 2 Out of 3, Game Went To Double OT, And The West Pulled Away and Won The Game lol @TheCoolLawGuy Everybody Thought The Game Was Over Until This Happened 😂 @SLAMRewind It Was, But Show What Happened After The Timeout 😂😂 TB - Mind of the Blender
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandColts had one player and three staff members with troubling initial tests, but all four came back as false positive…
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @UpUpDwnDwn @SashaBanksWWE Her Love and Passion For AnimeTop 10 Intro of All Time! @MontezFordWWE All The Time 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾Justin Zwick @BigTenNetwork @bigten Maurice ClarettRedeem Team > Dream Team Carter Will Always Be My Favorite When It Came Out I Could Relate to The Movie So Much... Followed Closely By… Show Alert Out Right Now! Down To The Wire 513 Ep 157 - The #Lakers Are Champs Once Again! S/O To Everybody who…
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandHere Comes The Pain Live on @MambaRadio Correa For The Win!!! #ALCS
@AvaWickham Although It's Not mentioned much I do take requests on bumper music. @AvaWickham Thank You, I Was Just Getting Warmed Up.What How!? @LakersLoverKobe Watching One on One All Day lolKobe & Shaq hour: 4:05 - @dandakich on the Colts....and some college hoops 4:20 - The new Mike Brown...and a new job for…
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @_JT_Smith Oh Yeah He Trippin Lol. Ain't Nobody Scared of TulsaGoofy. Now it’s up there when we see y’all 📝
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @_JT_Smith What He Say??Come Get Jiggy With @MoEgger1530 on @espn1530 at 3pm!! more days... #GoBuckeyes #Fight
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandBREAKING: #Bearcats game at Tulsa this Saturday has been postponed, sources tell @TheAthleticCIN | @TheAthleticCFB.
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @MontezFordWWE All The Time 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾If He Doesn't Them Separating New Would've Been For NOTHING!
Beg Your Pardon @MambaRadioLooks like Superman is returning, per @FieldYates
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @MarioDeRamus You Can Make That Same Argument for Kobe from 05-07. Who Did He Have?? But Back to My Original Point… Floyd should have been celebrating his 47th birthday today 🕊 He was murdered by Minneapolis police in May…
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @MarioDeRamus Yeah But you Can't Compare LeBron's Last 3 Years in the 00s To The Entire Body of Work Kobe Did. And… the life and career of Joe Morgan, the double-standard surrounding LeBron, and questions for AJ Green.…
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @MarioDeRamus I Give Kobe or Duncan The Best In The 00s Because They Did It From Start to Finish. TMac/Iverson and… @MontezFordWWE All The Time 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 @FREAKNique_ Titty's ain't did nothing but bring joy to the world. @FREAKNique_ All This Titty Shaming is Upsetting.After Failing To Find a Trade Partner, The New York Jets Have Decided To Release Le’Veon Bell. #nfl #newyork #jets
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @greger09 and Michelle McCool
@KarlousM Exactly! No Titty Should Be Shamed, But Especially Not In The Month of October. #savethetatasThis didn’t age well.
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandThe OG HIP HOP LEGEND @BustaRhymes PULLED UP TO THE TRAP WITH @KarlousM @DCYOUNGFLY & @chicoBean . DONT MISS THIS E…
Retweeted by The Tarren Bland @FlyManRan @TheTarrenBland we got another new podcast we about to get poppin. Y’all stay tuned. It’s gone be lit
Retweeted by The Tarren BlandA whole workday, im good on that
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