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LITERALLY😂 woke up and chose violence everyday
Retweeted by honeyy.AB+DM photographed Cardi B for the Woman of the Year Cover issue of Billboard
Retweeted by honeyy.Someone help me understand why hookah has such a strong hold over my people
Retweeted by honeyy.Women are so routined. If we talk otp every night , that ONE night you fall asleep without her, she gone swear you…
Retweeted by honeyy.This is my Christmas tree! 🌻 I’m not gonna take all the credit. My mommy thought of this. I just helped. ❤️🤣…
Retweeted by honeyy.if i wasn’t completely sure if i didnt wanna have kids i would get a hysterectomy cause baby naw✨ Top Friends 🥇 @xodaeb 🥈 @duhnadjiah 🥉 @colormeice_ 🏅 @CameronToone 🏅 @DejaBobbi 🏅 @SimmieJones3 🏅…
Retweeted by honeyy.True kitchen vs. other restaurants in the area
Retweeted by honeyy.You can tell when the person you connect with effortlessly been through some shit cause they be so understanding and non judgmental..
Retweeted by honeyy.Cheers to not folding this year. 🥂
Retweeted by honeyy.I don’t care for money ... it’s a necessity to have but the way ppl act about it and the fucked up things ppl do fo…
Retweeted by honeyy.✨ Top Friends 🥇 @HaleyyyAlexis_ 🥈 @davinnne 🥉 @NoLove2Pick_ 🏅 @CameronToone 🏅 @_kaylayvette 🏅 @thetehaninicole 🏅…
Retweeted by honeyy.Good dick is 1 thing but nigga you the Head Doctor too😂
Retweeted by honeyy.Coochie be watering after a fresh wax 😂 It’s okay mamas I know you hungry baby we finna get you something to eat 🙂
Retweeted by honeyy.gimme what I want 🥺. new set by me. available in 4 colors at
Retweeted by flashbacks be having you stare at a napkin for 15 minutes
Retweeted by honeyy.I used to shut down when I was young but this is so therapeutic now that I’m grown cause u can really clear the air…
Retweeted by honeyy.Finding both friendship and love in one person >>>>>
Retweeted by honeyy.I like when I naturally click with somebody. No forced vibes just good conversation and laughs.
Retweeted by honeyy.✨It’s not hard to be inclusive ✨
Retweeted by honeyy.right if we not gone see each other just stop texting my phone🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕 15:47 ✨ 🕯 Makukhanye AF
Retweeted by honeyy.Introducing December 2020 Playmate Tanerélle ✨ Photography by Sasha Samsonova
Retweeted by honeyy.My toxic trait is feeling unwanted and removing myself first so i never feel rejected.
Retweeted by honeyy.“No one knows what it means but it’s provocative , it gets the people going”
Retweeted by honeyy.Weekend in Tulum 🇲🇽
Retweeted by honeyy.Nashville let me say this: Y’all hot chicken is ASS. Y’all water is ASS. Y’all barbers are ASS. I stand on that hill.
Retweeted by honeyy.No but this actually makes sense
Retweeted by honeyy.“I like ya beard” The thought in my head :
Retweeted by is the only day you can post this
Retweeted by honeyy.Never heard of a babymoon before but it is now a requirement 😂
Retweeted by honeyy.this is such a WILD tweet😭 flavor juice is this?
Retweeted by honeyy.This broke my heart 💔 where is it safe to be a woman ?
Retweeted by honeyy.💀💀💀💀 you in the hood now baby!
Retweeted by honeyy.Capricorn girl now: Becoming the baddest bitch that they are.
Retweeted by honeyy.missionary > backshots. i said what i said.
Retweeted by honeyy.not them treating 10am like 4am... not the n-word... not them projecting in that last statement... wow, it’s decide…
Retweeted by honeyy.i prefer dark meat :/
Retweeted by honeyy.I love giving ... it makes me happy to give ...
Retweeted by honeyy.Y’all don’t be kissing during sex ?? I’m over here like
Retweeted by tired of charging shit to the game. the fucking game owe me
Retweeted by honeyy.I love a man that pays attention to my wants & needs without me having to say anything 🥺
Retweeted by honeyy.If we smoking & u bring up aliens & shit, we smoking again 😂
Retweeted by honeyy.December will be filled with good news. December will be filled with good news. December will be filled with good news.
Retweeted by honeyy.
I don’t think people realize how much strength it takes to pull your own self out of a dark place mentally. So if y…
Retweeted by honeyy.okkkkkk
Retweeted by honeyy. @Yasmiinooo mane said “my home is your home” and id be taking my ass home😭😭Nigerian designers are really talented! Look at that!
Retweeted by honeyy.meg tripping Slim Thug wouldve only had to shoot his shot ONCEOpening your camera roll for a meme to see your nudes right on top .
Retweeted by honeyy.“Could y’all stop twerking, please? Thank you!”
Retweeted by honeyy.Clearly being “woke” is being in a state of rage at all times cause woke people find a problem with EVERYTHING. Y’a…
Retweeted by honeyy.What was the worst month of 2020? I gotta give it to March 😭
Retweeted by honeyy.i need to ✨gain ✨
Retweeted by honeyy.Pink hurrr 😌
Retweeted by honeyy.Mariah Carey songs original remix
Retweeted by honeyy.I can’t make this up.
Retweeted by honeyy.Jacquees* wellness goals: - meditation - quality sleep - daily journaling - deep stretching - drink more water - pr…
Retweeted by honeyy.“babymoon” is toooo cute 😂
Retweeted by honeyy.Need a date night with drunk sex
Retweeted by parents are divorced and I posted the first pic and my dad took it and CROPPED MY MOM OUT I- the SHADE?????…
Retweeted by honeyy.I be so happy and inspired when I see the girls get new cars & homes, and start new businesses or just working hard…
Retweeted by honeyy.If by talk about life you mean reenact the Drunk In Love video then yes
Retweeted by honeyy.Weeping may endure in the night. But joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 5. Elijah Mikaelson (The Originals)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 11. Robb Stark (Game of Thrones)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 16. Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 17. Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 22. Michael Scolfield (Prison Break)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 23. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 26. Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf)
Retweeted by honeyy.🏅TOP 30 HOTTEST MEN OF AMERICAN TV SERIES🏅 15. Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)
Retweeted by honeyy.How long your granny hold out for?
Retweeted by honeyy.shouldve listened to my head instead of my heart mane, thats my fault
Retweeted by honeyy.If i wanna fuck with you while yo shit not together, it’s clearly not about money
Retweeted by placements (Taurus, virgo, capricorn);
Retweeted by honeyy.
@DeeSlime4x i hate to break it to you but Gemini men are bottom tier🥴the way i be sweating in the tub and shower😭i like my water HOT. if my bathroom not coming like a sauna ion feel clean enough😭True Kitchen Hostess: Your table is ready. Right this way, sir. Me:
Retweeted by sorry but this is a lie War Baby have me drinking tequila for 2 hours waiting on food, you lucky if this ain’t me
Retweeted by honeyy. @PRETTYASSKINS @GabbyyRenae yall will not know peace leaving that nigga’s restaurant after he said no twerking
Retweeted by honeyy.*files nails*
Retweeted by honeyy.the way you interact with your partner when your upset or disagreeing really speaks to the success of your relation…
Retweeted by honeyy.the true kitchen owner checking on his guests in the middle of happy hour:
Retweeted by honeyy.See, this is why I go to Waffle House. They don’t care if we fighting or fuckin in that bitch.
Retweeted by putting Hennessy in everything, including your PORK CHOPS and expecting it not to be a twerking establishment?…
Retweeted by honeyy.I love giving head, it make me wetter 🤤🥴🥺
Retweeted by honeyy.Me trying to get kicked out of True after I run up a $400 bill at brunch
Retweeted by honeyy.nasty, off the table, 34+35, pov, six thirty month?????
Retweeted by honeyy.Nobody plays white women white womening better than these white women!
Retweeted by honeyy.capricorn women are angels. capricorn men are hell sent.
Retweeted by honeyy.i agree. also stop saying why they twerking at restaurant... prive is a restaurant but it’s a club atmosphere. los…
Retweeted by honeyy.“If WAP come on at Ruth Chris, y’all gone start twerking??” Me @ Ruth Chris:
Retweeted by honeyy.