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Thandiwe Abdullah @thethandi_way Crenshaw, Los Angeles

Black Lives Matter LA | March For Our Lives | HU’24 📚| ig:thandiweabdullah

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@MollyTalcott I’m so sorry 😭Is Florida even real? I need real answers.I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have a father, but watching @hasanminhaj and his daughter makes me so happy 🥺
wonder why celebrities didn't sing this john lennon song instead 😔🙏
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahA lil quaranting for the TL love to see black girls in white sports🥳
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah @kuhsigh Imagine how I’m living rn 😭So pretty much telling homeless people to stop being homeless.....LA is so fucked. students: - Don’t qualify for $1200 check if claimed as dependents - Don’t qualify for $500 bc over 18 - D…
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@LI4BILlTY YES YOU ARE 🤩It’s still crazy to me that y’all get mad about hbcu’s receiving the money they deserve to properly care for folks,…
@baldboyblues Nancy Arjam 😭white dudes posting videos of them saying “whole lotta gang shit 😈” ...which gang? the US military? or the police?
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahHow tf are ppl still voting for Biden in the midst of a global pandemic when the other candidate has been arguing f… miss pop smoke :(Happy Muslim Women’s Day 🧕🏽🕌
@tsetung2020 @risguey Lmao Howard University is an hbcu with a history of black revolutionaries. Yes I work with mf… all trust fund babies?? somebody run me my money 😭😭 PLEASE
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah @risguey For someone who praised Hillary Clinton in one of their tweets it’s a little odd that you call yourself a… @risguey I agree that there are some problematic things he said, but to paint an entire movement as “trust fund bab… Sanders “I don’t want you to die.” American Public “I dunno. Sounds expensive”
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah @3twinplacement_ I agree. However I know better than to make assumptions about a whole movement because of the word… @3twinplacement_ Fighting for representation within March has been very draining and ver worthwhile so if you’re go… @3twinplacement_ Orgs have room to grow and evolve. And if you had been paying attention to our evolution which you… @3twinplacement_ Again I would like to ask what facts lmao bc the majority of leadership on the Student Congress an… @3twinplacement_ We don’t applaud any candidate bc we’re nonpartisan and to do so would go against our 501c3 status @3twinplacement_ It’s also definitely valuable to know what’s going on within an org before you critique it. @3twinplacement_ To make a “valid critique” it has to be factual which nothing they said was. And I’m sorry climate… @3twinplacement_ So then you don’t get it. If they don’t know what’s going on then they shouldn’t speak on it and neither should you. @3twinplacement_ Who said they had no experience. Again this is such a reach. I said they were uneducated abt this… @3twinplacement_ Nothing I said to that person had anything to do with their age and to say that I was is a reach.… @3twinplacement_ Hold on now sis bc if you have a problem with something I said plz direct it directly to me in my… @nabilaaa114 @Ybmk_Kahlil @davidhogg111 Regardless of what happened taking private matters to Twitter isn’t very di… @Ybmk_Kahlil @BLCKBOYSFLY @arielxhobbs_ @briaasmithh @IlluminatedLo @TheDaudMumin @kuhsigh Awww i love u king 🥺 @risguey Wowww quarantine must really starting to make y’all bored. Because now we have uneducated twitter “activis… @TatiMonet Shiiit gimme some trust fund too @abbyjoseph_ Thats what I’m saying lmaoY’all must just hate poor people bc EVERYONE needs a helping hand rn. We need food, access to health care, access t…
Housing is a human right. Period.’m so scared to take out a student loan omgThe same people who claim that Socialism kills millions are willing to let millions die to preserve capitalism.
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah @jordaanayers AHHHH IMY 🥺Guys it’s official!! Please refer to me as a Howard Bison from now on!! I’m going to the real HU !! #HU24
@RoddyRicch Me 😳
The way I haven’t seen this man in like 2 months is beyond me. I miss social interaction 🥺 @kuhsigh I MISS U I LOVE U 🤧I HATE QUARANTINE I BELONG TO THE STREETS
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahVery weird to see people gloating about Biden’s wins in states where he has: no campaign office no volunteers no…
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When we start the revolution don’t act like I didn’t invite you. @forrestp8 Lmao you’re an honorary member!
@WendyGrahn Sorry that I don’t have the luxury of building up “years of experience” young people can’t afford that.… @PopeJudasV Lmaooo yes You're invited to my new group 'Youth Revolutionaries for Bernie' on GroupMe. Click here to… @yungwhippasnapz You're invited to my new group 'Youth Revolutionaries for Bernie' on GroupMe. Click here to join: @andrewpruden_ @loganrub_17 You're invited to my new group 'Youth Revolutionaries for Bernie' on GroupMe. Click her… @yoitstryll #acab @KaveeshPathak You're invited to my new group 'Youth Revolutionaries for Bernie' on GroupMe. Click here to join: @calgurlie @mandapxnda You're invited to my new group 'Youth Revolutionaries for Bernie' on GroupMe. Click here to…’m starting a group chat for people legitimately interested in organizing around this. If you’re interested, like… @WendyGrahn And that’s exactly why young people can’t depend on y’all to fight for us. @Sooozn Yes. They’re all watered down policies that don’t result in a fundemental change to toxic institutions. I’m… @IceKareemy We’ve got to demand something better ! @Ryan_Deitsch I love it 😭We can’t afford another 4 years of mediocrity. Of poverty. Of food insecurity. Of housing insecurity. Of gun violen… ALL #YouthForBernie!!! If Bernie Sanders suspends his campaign we need to demand some radical asks of the d… a quarantine bae is cute and all but what if we lowkey started a political revolution together 🥺👉🏾👈🏾 @DocMellyMel Sjsksksk mamaaa
Also I know corona is bad ok I’m just trying to make the best of itSooo now that school is cancelled: -my skin is the clearest it’s ever been -I have time to keep my hair moisturize… Are. The. Problem.
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullahthe fact that America seems to be rejecting the "free healthcare" candidate during a global pandemic is something I…
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I hope you noticed how Biden’s immediate response was about punishing China while Bernie’s was about healing and gr… question is completely psychopathic
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahPeople keep asking who is voting Biden under 35? It’s these guys.
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah @MarcelMcClinton It’s not wrong to prioritize the health and safety of voters and doing so shouldn’t be politicized.Bernie really just called Biden a slave master and I’m here for it 😭 #DemDebate @JoeBiden is definitely lying about his social security record...or maybe he doesn’t remember wrong Biden? You’re looking a lil shook 😗
@cjjohnsonjr The fact that I live by this store is scaring methe western world will always struggle through any pandemic / epidemic because folks lack an understanding of comm…
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahMy queen 😌 @arrenathan I swear it’s my favorite place now 😭
Twitter rlly keeps me woke and makes me laugh and makes me concerned all at the same timejoin us tonight!! #ourpeopleourpower
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullahwe love to see it
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahIf Yellowstone erupts today id be worried for an hour then wait for the next breaking news headline to hit
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahItaly is CLOSED! And what did the government do to support it's people? It suspended all mortgages and household bi…
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahJust a reminder: it’s okay to blame the president for how bad things get with COVID-19 because he fired the entire…
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahARE YOUR KIDS TEXTING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS BRB- breathing really bad SMH- sanitize my hands TTYL- think that you'll l…
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahWe need real solutions for this. @nymph10000 Elderly who plan on voting for Bernie are immune from COVID-19 and are cleared for voting, WHO officials say
Retweeted by Thandiwe AbdullahWe recommend that the elderly stop entering polling locations. Very high risk of COVID-19. Please do not vote, youn…
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@LilNasX $ThandiweAbdullahABC7: “there’s 20 confirmed cases of COVID19 in LA” LAUSD: “it’s fine guys. go to school” think it is completely acceptable to move classes online and encourage students to travel home for safety but it’…
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullahcollege students taking online courses while at a club in puerto rico
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah @RoddyRicch Of course they couldn’t. What happened to “bitch don’t wear no shoes in my house”?the @BernieSanders Black Outreach Team is hosting our weekly national organizing call tomorrow night. its my firs…
Retweeted by Thandiwe Abdullah(THREAD) been wanting to write an op-ed about the racism surrounding COVID-19 for a while now, but I stumbled upon…
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