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Snap polls have handed 51-49 win to Johnson in the first head-to-head televised debate between the two main party l… of the mothers of the 42 babies who died in what is believed to be the NHS's worst maternity scandal plans to p… of student protesters tried to end the siege of the PolyU campus in Hong Kong by leaving on Monday night,… fewer young Japanese entering the workforce, the number of foreigners filling labour shortages has increased b… American entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri claims she was ghosted by the prime minister. Now — like a horror movie f… Suzi Godson: I can’t make him climax
So... who won? #LeadersDebate #ITVdebateThere’s a big gap between the election politicians think they are fighting and the one that’s actually taking place… Swinson has warned about the dangers of fake news after she was forced to deny an invented story that she tortur… suspected middleman in the killing of the Maltese blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia could be given immunity if he na… Johnson goes into tonight’s high-risk election television debate as the country’s preferred choice to be prim… Duke of York made racist remarks about Arabs during a state banquet for members of the Saudi royal family, a fo… Alexander Vindman spoke of his concerns with Mr Trump’s “improper” phone call with the Ukrainian… protesters took to the streets again yesterday, marking four weeks of furious, near daily demonstrations th… Labour government would impose an “excessive pay levy” on big business, John McDonnell said today as he promised… Conservative candidate in a key marginal seat has said that nuisance council tenants should be forced to live in… has dropped a rape investigation into Julian Assange, removing one of the last obstacles to the WikiLeaks fo… number of foreigners filling labour shortages in Japan has increased by 40 per cent during Shinzo Abe’s leaders… When election campaigns go wrong @mattchorley with @pollymackenzie on manifestos, @jamesjohnson252 on pol…
Retweeted by The TimesThe Green Party pledged today to invest a £100 billion a year in tackling climate change as it committed to make th… the Greens became the first party to publish their general election manifesto. So what are they promising — a… in health and life expectancy mean that the threshold for old age should be updated to 70 rather than… Taliban have released two western hostages in exchange for three militant commanders in a prisoner swap that ra… have stolen £2 million worth of jewellery in a raid on a mansion while a mother-of-eight and her children… area of rainforest the size of Devon and Cornwall was destroyed in the Brazilian Amazon over the past year, the… has opened the door to writing off billions of pounds of student loans as part of an overhaul of higher-educ… Korea warned against “fruitless summits” as it rebuffed President Trump’s push for new talks to resolve the n… looks and charisma can help, but in the world of online dating, grammatical pedantry might be the ultimate tur… Andrew used the n-word in conversation with a Downing Street adviser of Sri Lankan heritage during a meeting… naturalist and broadcaster has warned us about the planet’s health for years. He tells Damian Whitworth why the… Hong Kong court has overturned a controversial ban on masks which had led to the arrest of hundreds of democracy… have demanded that the president of the Oxford Union quit over the manhandling of a blind student“My number was A3317,” Branko Lustig, a Holocaust survivor and Oscar-winning producer of Schindler’s List, silenced… Labour government would grant permission for a second independence referendum if Scottish voters backed nationali… analysis shows that Jo Swinson is far better known since becoming the Lib Dem leader in July, but almost al… people have been told to consider the realities of self-employment after research revealed that many of them… future of the Duke of York’s main charitable project was in jeopardy last night as sponsors cut their ties amid… residences attracted thousands but may not save Pitch@Palace career moves go it is among the more audacious but after years of encouraging people to declutter their homes th… young activists who answered the call to support the occupation of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University now need… will have their extra tax bills paid by the NHS under government plans to avoid unfilled shifts plunging ho… home they are a group of south London schoolboys. In Japan, however, the choirboys of Libera are rock stars with… sticky issues go, it’s among the stickiest — but solving it could save 100 billion litres of water a year. How d…
In medical circles attention has focused on Prince Andrew’s claim that an adrenaline surge sustained in the Falklan… sales representative still employed by Pernod Ricard, who was not named, told Le Parisien that if staff refused t… the televised debates begin, it’s clear that while Labour’s policies appeal to many, Jeremy Corbyn is an elector…’s late in the day to claim the Labour leader is a blemish-free ‘anti-racist’ but there are still celebrities rea… paintings comprising one of history’s greatest series of artworks will be brought together for the first time i… group of German city councillors has apologised after inadvertently laying a memorial wreath dedicated to the “vi… Corbyn will give councils powers to take control of bus services, saying better local transport is “at the c… 22-year-old beauty queen who has been linked romantically to the long-time dictator of Belarus has become the cou… will have their extra tax bills paid by the NHS under government plans to avoid unfilled shifts plunging ho… of the royal family’s favourite charities is considering severing its links with the Duke of York as the backla… oppressed Rohingya minority now find themselves caught between the Burmese military and the nationalist Arakan… is extensive foreign travel, not just for work but also to play golf, go skiing and generally enjoy himself i… young activists who answered the call to support the occupation of Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University now need… Levido, a 35-year-old Australian, is running the Tory campaign. Sean Topham, 28, and Ben Guerin, 24, from New… half a century the royal family has flirted with television. However, as the Duke of York’s family will attest,… 200-year-old society has apologised after a Ghanaian postgraduate was manhandled out of its debating chamber
Retweeted by The Times @ben_machell Slow‑burning rage that made Hong Kong student into street warrior their own words, 11 women speak about their experiences of life in parliament. Interviews and research by… Wong interview – The unlikely poster boy for democratic dissent. By @ben_machell huge leak of internal Chinese government documents has exposed the lengths officials were ordered to take to supp… of Hong Kong democracy protesters, including schoolchildren, are trapped inside a besieged university camp… at the University of Huddersfield will explore today how they can remove the Duke of York as their chancel… has called for the Duke of York to give evidence to the FBI over his links to the convicted sex offender Jef… doctors do not like discussing death and send terminally ill patients for invasive treatment when end-of-life… Johnson has ditched planned cuts to corporation tax, promising to spend £6 billion on the NHS and other publi… Professor Tanya Byron (@ProfTanya): My teenage granddaughter is bright, but hates school and flies into rages.… England head coach looks at the Manchester City manager and other gurus who changed his thinking as he got his… owner of a cash-strapped safari park and zoo in Crimea has said that he will have to kill 30 of his bears unles… to alleged victims of Epstein, Ms Maxwell served as a madam to procure under-age girls for him to abuse"I want people to know me as a great footballer." @YayaToure tells @henrywinter he has unfinished business in Engla… former boss of Eddie Stobart is said to be working on a takeover bid for the struggling haulage company Civil Aviation Authority is expected to decide at a board meeting on Wednesday whether to approve Heathrow’s pl… London-based tech firm is taking a different approach to self-driving cars dramatic interviews, in barely over a month, have raised concerns about the future of the monarchy and proposed… Arcuri rebuked Boris Johnson last night for treating her like a “fleeting one-night stand”, saying she fel… Conservative government would set new conditions for migrants but would not promise to reduce numbers by a given… students are dropping team sports when they arrive at university because of archaic initiation practices t… students from the Royal Veterinary College have withdrawn a naked calendar after an animal rights group was an… are being left in pain and having operations delayed or denied because insurers are overruling consultants… Duke of York was defiant last night as he insisted that a “car crash” TV interview over his friendship with the… Emily Maitlis on her interview with Prince Andrew. "There is no easy way to ask a senior member of the r… cooker recipes — from chicken curry to beef stew
Russia has freed a Norwegian former border guard jailed on espionage charges in a dramatic Cold War-style spy swap. What are the concerns about Huawei and why do British companies use the Chinese technology company? @mbridge82 telecoms giants have been accused of exploiting delays in a Whitehall review on 5G networks to install Chin… much of the highly anticipated new series of The Crown is fabricated and how much is true? The historian Hugo V… Terry O’Neill. "He had relationships with Priscilla Presley and Ava Gardner, and broke up with Jean Shrim… O’Neill, the photographer whose work captured the energy, irreverence and iconoclasm of the Swinging Sixties,… Prince Andrew’s links to Jeffrey Epstein and what happens next Lanka’s wartime defence chief claimed victory in the country’s presidential election today, signalling the retu… Labour Party are asking the right questions but coming up with the wrong answers, says the head of Confederatio…"I know the clock is ticking on my time at the top of international coaching. But I feel privileged to coach Englan…
In an exclusive extract from his new autobiography, Eddie Jones says his inability to learn about making off-the-cu…“Without the courage and kindness of you and your family. I would never have been born,” Marcus Binney, the author… of Sri Lankans vanished during the 25-year civil war against Tamil Tiger separatists. Now those accused o… Anna Karenina actress Olivia Williams talks about being told that she had a rare form of cancer is what the experts say you should do if your child is very shy