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On October 10th I completed the 5000mile coastal ride around the UK, new plans launching very soon! Manager: @jamespart31. charity...

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We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am runni…
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Maybe ask why you chose this picture for your splash instead of one showing police officers being attacked & spat a…
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#Charlie from #RaceThatTune ... is it me or does he sound #HotOrWhat ?? Hope he keeps on winning and I'll keep on l… @BBCR1
#BBCRADIOSUSSEX is hosting TTD to talk about Why Aren't You Normal Epsom #WAYNE EPISODE 1 HERE -…
@ToryEdwards_ Yes mate DM me3 tickets for #Darts #allypally #alexandrapalace tonight #sunday for sale face value
@HendricksGin Thanks for the cucumber growing kit..And they said it wouldn't grow in winter
@tyger @hatch_talent Could you follow us back got an idea for you!
@BBCRadioLincs have kindly invited @thetouristdog back on air. Tune in from 7am to hear about the last leg of the U…
The CALM helpline is now open 0800 585858. 5pm - midnight. Free, anonymous & confidential....
Retweeted by TheTouristDog @SurreyComet have supported @thetouristdog throughout the tour and again provided another insightful article as Lew…
@thetouristdog may be known to you as a long distance cyclist, to @Jamespart31 he is known as king phone breaker! H… @LoganMacLeod8 @TheViewHotel_ @theCALMzone Cheers, Lew said it was a good interview and I can tell as well; it's qu… to @theCALMzone for the shout out! top piece from Eastbourne Herald when resident Natalie and @TheViewHotel_ hosted @thetouristdog on the 5000 mile…
Having supported @thetouristdog the whole way round on the 5000 mile #mentalhealth @theCALMzone bike tour it felt o…
@NewsFnd It came about by accident. I'm his manager but that's what most of his fans know me by. #prjames.This #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 take some time for yourselves. Whether you ride, relax, talk. Remember…
Retweeted by TheTouristDogMore kindness coming from everywhere! Thanks to Simon and Kass for hosting @thetouristdog and #prjames last night.£83.96 donated by the kind #community at the finish line in #selsey. Every RT, like, comment and donation helps spr… @thetouristdog @theCALMzone Welcome to Selsey
Retweeted by TheTouristDog @thetouristdog has a story to tell. Finished his 5000 bike ride today for @theCALMzone
Retweeted by TheTouristDogThe perfect ending to an inspirational tour. #prjames. first #finish line photos coming in. Massive thanks to Zoe of Selsey Council for gathering the #community. Afte… @thetouristdog crossed the 5000 mile finish line with a big group of fans and dignitaries from #selsey council at 1… and fred from @LovetoRide_ just waiting for @thetouristdog to cross the 5000 mile finish line for… @Pedal4Health @theCALMzone @Pedal4Health @theCALMzone Hi @Pedal4Health we're by east beach cafe. Come find the group.WAKING UP ON THE FINAL DAY OF THE 5000 MILES! The #ukbiketour finishes in #selsey today! Come see @thetouristdog cr…
Donations welcome... FINISH LINE! Tomorrow for #worldmentalhealthday join @thetouristdog and #Selsey Council to welcome Lewis over t… join us on the #Brighton to #littlehampton pier group ride with @UKCycleChat today with Selsey Council about our finish line plans tomorrow for #worldmentalhealthday in #selsey. Hope… nothing to do today in #Brighton then you can Join me and PR James on the penultimate 20 miles of the 5000 mile… @UkAround @Mental_Elf @MentalHealthMil @mhtodaymag @mental @UKCycleChat #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #WorldMentalHealthDayTHE FIRST SHIRTS ARE HERE! #prjames unveiling the official @TheTouristDog shirts to raise money for @theCALMzone
The finish line after, 5000 miles falls on selsey bill for #WorldMentalHealthDay as the whole ride has been for… @BBCSussex would love you to support this? @UKCycleChat Tomorrow at 4pm we will ride from #brighton pier to #littlehampton pier. If any of you are local we wo… @Fundraise_Phil @UKCycleChat @TimMcKenna5 @KSUK50 I've sent this tweet to @thetouristdog. I'm sure he will reply wh… @theCALMzone have lent us a big banner for #prjames to make a finish line! The 5000 mile #mentalhealth @theCALMzone @lostsoulscc @UKCycleChat That's a sick photo! @UKCycleChat As you know the 5000 mile #ukbiketour for #WorldMentalHealthDay and @theCALMzone will finish at… @UKCycleChat Come find us under the entrance to the pier with this big banner. Thanks @theCALMzone for lending it t… @Jamespart31 and @thetouristdog will be tuning in to @UKCycleChat chat hour at 8. Join us! We'll be talking a… love to see you there @BrightonByCycle @Cycle_Brighton @CycleFestBTN @BrightonNewsJo @brightonargus PIER TO #LITTLEHAMPTON PIER. @thetouristdog and @UKCycleChat pier to pier ride in aid of #mentalhealth a… @LoganMacLeod8 It would also be good to be in contact with Tina @TheViewHotel_ who was extremely helpful. Posting… @LoganMacLeod8 Would love to set something up. Please follow me and then we can DM about it. Thanks for getting in touch.BREAKING NEWS!!!! @ClaremontHove are supporting @thetouristdog by hosting them in a luxury room! Thursday is… welcome for @theCALMzone #mentalhealth #charity @thetouristdog is enjoying this reflective period in @TheViewHotel_ looking back on how the tour has been and how i…'It's time for reflection and rest in @TheViewHotel_' TTD allegedly quoted to the paparazzi outside as he wheeled C… thank you to @TheViewHotel_ Eastbourne who had a spare room and thought why not let me and Claud stay for the n…
@recycle_urself @UKCycleChat @theCALMzone @brightonargus @PrideBrighton @BrightonIndy @OfficialBHAFC @UkAround Than… Wednesday 9th of October join @thetouristdog and @UKCycleChat for a FREE ENTRY chill #brightonpier to… @theCALMzone Thanks @theCALMzone!!!#LONGSUTTON SHED LIGHT ON THE LEGENDARY @McDonaldsUK SAGA The greatest pull together experienced so far have put o…! @TheViewHotel_ are hosting @thetouristdog tonight... The final 100 miles of 5000! For @theCALMzone More o…
Nice to see @thetouristdog is feeling optimistic! Nice chat with me #prjames 😂😂😂 OF SUPPORT IN #EASTBOURNE - FOUND A BED - DRINKING TEA Overwhelming effort from everyone.. Offers everywhere… special #cycleon shout out to @TheViewHotel_. Lewis had already been offered a room but they set up a back up roo… for @theCALMzone welcome too should you wish. @thetouristdog is reporting the strongest headwinds of the whole tour. Accommodation support needed tonight in… plan- #EASTBOURNE TONIGHT! Do you know anyone who can offer somewhere to sleep. #brighton will be tomorrow. Ch… to work at CALM? Good, 'cos we're hiring!
Retweeted by TheTouristDogJust DM'd you about a ride @UKCycleChat. Cheers for your help.THE FINISH LINE! Thursday 10th #WORLDMENTALHEALTHDAY. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN! #selseybill midday. Let's cele… @SussexMasons Thanks so much.Donations welcome... is the final 100ish miles on the 5000 mile #MentalHealthAwareness #ukbiketour in aid of @theCALMzone. Some ama… bound, but where will @thetouristdog sleep! Anyone have any Brighton friends who can help? Watch this s… @Eastmagazines Thanks very much. I'll send this on to Lew. Would you like to do a feature about his time in your area? #prjamesThanks Diane ♥️♥️♥️ #prjames Lewis just leaving #Brenzett after a good night's sleep, showered and a good old Engl…
We hv a long way to make sure all yp get the mental health support they need. But we hv to stop their needs escalat…
Retweeted by TheTouristDog#SUCCESS Diane from #brenzett not only offered to host TheTouristDog but also is picking him up so he doesn't have… ideas? @1066Tweets @Visit1066 for accommodation support in the #rye #hastings area on the @theCALMzone 5000 mile #ukbiketour. I have a sl… for @theCALMzone #mentalhealth #charity via... a strange coincidence the TV in his room displayed 'TDOG' on it and the reason for this is undisclosed with Goog… suggests there was an alleged statement from someone close to TTD claim he said 'Only 120 miles to go and th… #SWANHOTEL DONATES ROOM AND BREAKFAST TO TIRED AND HUNGRY TTD Owner Mihir was quick to donate a room to TTD…
@UKCycleChat @FolkestoneRT @UkAroundBIKE TOURS ARENT ALL RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES An honest moment today as the end sends mixed emotions through TTD.… thanks to #theswanhotel #hythe for @thetouristdog. Lew has said after a few social hosts and long rides he… heard of @thetouristdog in #longsutton and now messages Lewis and #prjames everyday to help find hosts. Toni… a few last minute shirt enquiries. £12 minimum payment, any extra goes as a donation to @theCALMzone men's… @RobertOfSibsey @theCALMzone I'm just messaging with @thetouristdog, he says he's really tired today. I'll send him… to @theCALMzone welcome too... aim today is just beyond #folkestone. Anyone know anyone who can help out? 7 days until the finish line... Thi… trip has been touching for a few people now and the world is eagerly waiting for its completion. Last night w… HAVING LAST SIP OF 4 MONTH UK BIKE TOUR The @theCALMzone tour is coming to a close and you could actually see…
Quick #prjames posting #memes whilst @thetouristdog is busy being hosted by family seriousness this re… #tip #34 Climbing a big hill not only lifts your altitude but also your mood and motivation A week left i…
Nearly 1 week of the tour left, Lew has cycled on his @ClaudButlerUK over 4000 miles for men's #mentalhealth
@Keeo05 @theCALMzone Thanks so much for your share. We just got offered somewhere. #prjamesDo as they say... @UKCycleChat have offered @thetouristdog endless support on this trip. They're a well respected p… tuned for updates... @theCALMzone 5000 mile #cycle ride. @SouthEndPatch @MetalSouthend @UkAround bright lights, great atmosphere... free wifi and phone chargers prove a great base for the cyclist to search fo…