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she/her • stay at home auntie • third gen. Atlantan 🛸 Spelman alumna, Black art Ph.D. student.

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deep French comme La Seine 🍒 photographed Cardi B for the Woman of the Year Cover issue of Billboard
Retweeted by november eighth.Are we keeping it a buck? Something about men when they turn 30 makes their 🕳 turn into sunshine.
Retweeted by november eighth.Y’all...I done broke a record 😭 What an amazing honor. Who knew Little would be historic? Huge thank you to everyon…
Retweeted by november eighth. @byshefon you are hilarious 😂Defund the police seemed much easier to say than reallocate funds away from policing and other carceral institution…
Retweeted by november eighth. @pieramoore went from the close friends to the main story to the TL and i am emotionalllllll 🥺💞🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by november eighth.Someone help me understand why hookah has such a strong hold over my people
Retweeted by november eighth.🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕 15:47 ✨ 🕯 Makukhanye AF
Retweeted by november eighth. @trisquire sis we need to find out because this is ridiculous*Atlanta. it’s 29 degrees and i actually have legitimate reasons to leave home today 😐 12.2.2020 ♏️❤️✨ #TeamScorpio #Horoscope #Astrology 🦂 #ScorpioMystique
Retweeted by november eighth.thank God for the day 🌟Bops upon bops upon BOPS!
Retweeted by november’s late at night that i think about funny things my friends said and just was the flowers placed perfectly onto my eyelids for me
Retweeted by november eighth. @thafauxtografur you’re welcome sis! 😘 @thafauxtografur y’all are so cute 🥺 @taleoftee i want you to respect my privacy in this difficult time, thank u 😭“We Might Even Be Falling In Love” x Victoria Monét is still one of favorite interludes ever. I wish it weren’t so…
Retweeted by november eighth. @quiarathedon hey sis 😍“Minimize the police budget and reallocate those funds to community resources” just doesn’t slap. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by november eighth.✨ friendly reminder to email/message the professional contacts that you’ve made (even if it’s just to say hi!) ✨
Retweeted by november eighth. @jacobeiscool lmaooooo don’t mind me chile 🌚and will 😍😍😍
@ItsJonesii__Bby that’s that on THAT!
Retweeted by november eighth.the evening before a nail appointment is literally like the night before Christmas 🤩Don’t have a park, but #thisismybackyard
Retweeted by november eighth.Can you provide a tracking number though???
Retweeted by november eighth. @trisquire you are so cute 😭❤️ @RaveenTheDream and urged me to let her know if i needed anything else!!The late Chadwick Boseman for Entertainment Weekly. this is Chadwick’s last magazine photo shoot.
Retweeted by november eighth.i rebuke every approaching deadline needlessly and stressfully self-induced. today i chose life.
Retweeted by november eighth.A friendly reminder that it is possible & common to tweet/post on social media, while being in the depths of depres…
Retweeted by november eighth.this is no lie one of my favorite christmas songs.
Retweeted by november eighth.well if all the damn fragrance they use wasn’t enough to stop buying Lush:
Retweeted by november eighth.Black women always extend kindness to me whether i know them or not. i love it here ❣️i work very hard to remind myself that i’m not ugly, i just need a haircut 😭It’s Decembrrrrr 🥶
Retweeted by november eighth. @TheVegetarianK yes!!!!! i am so proud of you angel! ❣️🚀🌟thank God for the day ❄️it’s not even 35 degrees in Atlanta right now, there’s no way i can leave the house today.Today is #GivingTuesday! Celebrate this global day of generosity by donating to our Annual Fund. Thanks to a $2M ma…
Retweeted by november eighth.I had a great day
Retweeted by november eighth.a gas station?????? a corner store????????
Retweeted by november eighth.Shame on me for thinking small when God has called me to be great.
Retweeted by november eighth.i’ve been working very hard
Retweeted by november eighth.the way i have conquered every task i intended to today...gummy me pls!Yt people are ghetto as hell. I wish y’all would stop making them the pinnacle of etiquette. They don’t even use wash cloths!!!!
Retweeted by november eighth.
Retweeted by november eighth. @Mia_Iam i watched The Hookup Plan today! it’s really good, and i’ll keep the reality tv tip in mind. thanks again sisi have been meditating on this 500 word limit for a whole day but each one is GOOD. #gous is rooted in whiteness.
Retweeted by november eighth.
tuscan salmon à la @_Ymanie 🥰 @nieneeers i’m so sorry for y’all’s loss mama. sending a lot of love and warmth ❤️ @Mia_Iam great, i will! can you suggest any that you like? @sincerely_Ritz yes i think DuoLingo is great but it can’t be the sole source ya know? all the lil activities in th… @tleighmedia Living On a Prayer gonna bring the house DOWN
Retweeted by november eighth. @tleighmedia girl, dont stop believing by journey will set it off lmaoooo
Retweeted by november eighth.Play sweet Caroline in a bar and watch the white people swing from the ceiling 😭
Retweeted by november eighth.A restaurant owner tell me to get the fuck out, I’m getting the fuck out...with my entire plate and drink in hand
Retweeted by november eighth. @Ecirtaps i do DuoLingo everyday and my phone is in French and i think that’s definitely helped but i want a tutor.… the food don’t take 2 hours to come out. stop the madness please 😂 @sincerely_Ritz yes girl i have a 153 day streak on Duolingo and i’ve only scratched the surface 😓 ideally i’d like…’m bout to learn so many different trades. Y’all finna be like what don’t she do 🥴🥰💖
Retweeted by november eighth.the way i am transcribing an hour long interview through the Dictation tool on Word has me shook. this is so amazing 😭lmaooooo you know what 😭'm happy Laverne is OK, but this should have never happened in the first place. Please consider sharing, there nee…
Retweeted by november eighth.i so deeply want to become partially fluent in French next year.God is really making it shake in my inbox fresh off a holiday weekend. big blessings otw 💌“When you see God blessing your neighbor that means he’s in your neighborhood.” 🙏🏾
Retweeted by november eighth.!!!! absolutely love dating. Food dates, fun dates, chill dates, classy dates, idccc I love getting cute and going out with good company
Retweeted by november i want to go back to sleep?New day, new week. Grind mode
Retweeted by november eighth.thank God for the day 🌟Life has been great lately. V thankful.
Retweeted by november eighth. @howtopless i’m so proud of you bb ❤️
Retweeted by november eighth. @Xa_vierHassan i...have no words 😶the way i am SCREAMING? 😭 @teeeyeaye_ because are the same 😘, to the ass with the edges swooped real pretty 😍
I love seeing black women loved on and unconditionally by their partners. Brings so much joy.
Retweeted by november eighth.could stand for more of this, personally
Retweeted by november eighth.(especially because the meanness they show toward others will eventually be seen + felt by you) Sunday night = white chicken chili 😌 @brijuan_ “how much was it” @_tkvngg i’m emotional as if i didn’t know. siri play Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder 😭 @teeeyeaye_ do you hear me!!! truly a father of the people! 😩i loooooove when i tell my Daddy i spent money on something and he gives me the amount plus a lil sum on top when i… he is about to FCK THIS ROLE UP
Retweeted by november eighth.😍 it’s the casual reveal for me! i been waiting!!!!!! aggressively love my friends. Like bitch, I love you hoe.
Retweeted by november eighth."you saw me and didn't even say hi" Me:
Retweeted by november eighth. @keaux_ and it shows 🤢 @question_ansah the least i can do! 💞i can say with complete certainty that i will never go inside the Camp Creek Target again.