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TZE CHUN @thetzechun Los Angeles, CA

Co-Founder @TKOpresents | Showrunner of GREMLINS. Writer/Director/Producer. Gotham, Little America, Once Upon A Time. Look me up, I’m kind of a medium deal.

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@PixelatedGuy JustifiedThanks! Logo and design by @jaredkfletcher Art by @ohotnig colors by @DaveMcCaig!
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I guarantee if anyone messages their local comic shop and said "give me a grab bag, whatever $20 will get me" you'l…
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Retweeted by TZE CHUNHere is our official statement following today's news.
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @TheBethBarnett @myp_comics @lianakangas @mariswicks @gtlabsrat @JoeCorallo @kierongillen Nice!!I miss comic conventions. #TransDayOfVisibility, if you're new here, a bitch transmasculine! 😁 always encouraging everyone to do wtf th…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNHappy #TransDayOfVisibility ! I'm trans and so are all your favs 🖤
Retweeted by TZE CHUNFor writers wondering if your pitch is too long here’s a good rule of thumb: Your pitch is 100% definitely too long.Quarantine Mood Board @PJAxel17 Found a pic from set @danielleradford I said what I saidSry everyone I used to be a basic bitchSomeone reminded me that I used to direct while wearing cargo shorts and birkenstocks and this is by far my worst memoryY’all might have sourdough started this conversation but I’m gonna end itOh wow turns out this is really hard to doY’all out here baking bread. Im in my backyard figuring out how to grow rice. @jontsuei I did. I just wanted to do that dumb tweet.TKO is giving #comicbook stores money when you buy their comics -- check out their website. (They also have free 1s…
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @jontsuei 😍OOOOOO “GIRLFRIEND”😍👀👀👀👀
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Retweeted by TZE CHUNBayside Expo Center! @benmekler @pulp716 Does James travel with that little sign?!?!❤️
Tze ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @IvanBrandon Whut abt hats👀
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @AnnaJKlassen I have the same problem. Mainly because I used to shout all my pitches. Still do a little bit 😕#newproject
Retweeted by TZE CHUN"This is one of the most rewarding comic book reading experiences I’ve had of all time." - @AIPTcomics 10/10 revie…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNA sneak peek at an upcoming short.
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @victorredman hey, we take on projects at all stages, thanks!Yes, new TKO project. @thetzechun is doing a killing script and I'm doing what I can with the art 😉 @TKOpresents
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @SGirner delete this haha @galvosaur ❤️@ToniFejzulaOh yes, @thetzechun is writing something incredible and I happen to be the artist. Soooo excited about this.
Retweeted by TZE CHUNSomething new I’ve been writing...❤️'m co-publisher at @TKOpresents a comic book company working with creators such as Roxane Gay, Jeff Lemire, Garth…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNTurns out that @TKOpresents can do no wrong.....latest read turned out to be another winner - Great team on it too!…
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @flying_lobster Damn bill u didn’t have to go this hard @myp_comics You guys are the best. @PJAxel17 @myp_comics From Randolph MA but spent a lot of time in Harvard Square!Surprised no one used this one yet @onthechanggang Dr Collectors!#newproject
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @InkTankGirl that you can read the first issue of my bloody western comic THE 7 DEADLY SINS for FREE at… @hiddlesgold Hi @jestom YesThis just in: Pirates not eligible for bail out money @jordan_harper
Retweeted by TZE CHUNPlz nobody like this tweetFellow creators how do you feel when u finish a project? GIFs only please ❤️ @ethanjsacks Where the fuck did u go to school @myunglet Damn. For the win. @myunglet Both @jordan_harper Ur netflix just called the cops on u @jchanley @myp_comics THANK YOU!❤️Bo Ssam Mustang two friends at @thevaultcomics are helping out retailers. See below: @robpilk @myp_comics it's the best. i remember when they were still in THE GARAGE across the street. it's where i met Frank Miller! @DrewMcWeeny @TKOpresents @JeffLemire @mingdoyle @SGirner @JoshuaDysart @whoajordie @ghwalta @IsaacGoodhart Year Picnic introduced me to so many amazing indie titles. It literally changed my life. Let’s help keep th…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNIf you're making a purchase at, I encourage you to choose THE MILLION YEAR PICNIC at checko… @omabound Thank you! @Gennefer fukkkkkkkkI'm co-publisher at @TKOpresents a comic book company working with creators such as Roxane Gay, Jeff Lemire, Garth…
@SamuelSattin Bo Ssam!Current quarantine stress-cooking level = HIGH @SimuLiu I really *felt* this @ElyseWillems Hard sameTag urself im Amy Bitch™️(Quarantine Edition) @nobodysbabynow1 K @nobodysbabynow1 Cant tell
@TheBigBang_ ❤️❤️❤️❤️The folks at @OKComics were TKO’s earliest supporters and we want to support them during the COVID-19 epidemic. S…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNThank you TKO! We❤️you. Big time. We've been telling you this for a while, but everyone go red some TKO!
Retweeted by TZE CHUNThe folks at @TheBigBang_ have been incredible supports from launch. They do so much for the comic book industry a…
Retweeted by TZE CHUN @sarilikefairy @kristnkringle Happy birthday to my favorite scandanavianIt’s a beautiful day to stay inside, read some comics, buy some comics and support your local comic shop.…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNIf you’re looking for something to watch during quarantine LITTLE AMERICA is now streaming on @AppleTV. Here’s a…
Also please follow our some of our creators and collaborators!! @rgay @JeffLemire @ghwalta @SteveEpting @mingdoyle
Retweeted by TZE CHUNThank you @thetzechun & everyone at @TKOpresents
Retweeted by TZE CHUNTag your favorite comic shop and they'll get 50% of the online sales from TKO presents: He…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNThis is a great way to get some fantastic books AND support your local comic shop. TKO presents has a wonderful, am…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNLove your local comic book shop? Here’s a way to support them. RT to share the love ❤️ ❤️ @thirdeyecomics! With 3 of the best comic book shops in the country, we want to support them during the COVID…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNMy comic book shops growing up we’re @NEcomics @comicopia and @myp_comics ❤️ If you’re planning on purchasing some…’s @capecowlcomics is a beautifully curated shop and were one of our earliest supporters! They also make ama…
Retweeted by TZE CHUNWithout comic book shops, many of us would never have become fans. Now COVID-19 is threatening these shops like nev… is threatening comic book shops. TKO wants to fight back. Tag your favorite shop and retweet if you ❤️ co…
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