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T$E CHUN @thetzechun Los Angeles, CA

Co-Founder @TKOpresents | Showrunner of GREMLINS: SECRETS OF THE MOGWAI on @HBOMax | Writer/Director/Producer. GOTHAM LITTLE AMERICA. I’m kind of a medium deal.

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@TVPartyPlanner Honestly this is a far superior joke😭Every movie about Appalachia: “Papa pass me the dirt pie.” “Sorry boy, today we only have sand pie.” *turns to c… @ANDREWTI Andrew u lil bitch
Five years and three shows in, and I've yet to work with another Asian writer or writers room support staff. ONE D…
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @TheOtherMarioC @Galleries1988 Awesome!More Asians in writers rooms.We're out here getting 5 stars like we're Kenny Omega. 😎 Thank you for the great review @ComicBook! 🙌🙌 P.S. Use co…
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Black Friday showed up a little early this year! RT to spread the love ❤️ #BlackFriday #Thanksgiving #CyberMonday
Retweeted by T$E CHUNReview: TKO Studios: ‘RedFork’ by Alex Paknadel, Nil Vendrell, and Giulia Brusco
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @arvalis Me too lol 😂Christmas is a Die Hard movieDie Hard is a Thanksgiving movieOur critic calls @TKOpresents The Pull "an intense sci-fi story that's relevant, thrilling, visually arresting, and…
Retweeted by T$E CHUN"5/5" rating for THE PULL on! CONGRATS @thesteveorlando @RLopezOrtiz @Treestumped many time do I have to tell you ? @ohotnig is the best.
Retweeted by T$E CHUNI'm so sorry but I agree that @ohotnig is the best
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @kristenmeinzer this bed but as a car plzIf you want to experience real horror this Thanksgiving, don't risk using mass transit, don't have dinner with your…
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Thank you so much, everybody. This is bananas. cc @nilvendrell @TKOpresents @SGirner
Retweeted by T$E CHUNManager Twitter: Are any of you out there (even those not on this app) looking to read up and coming writers? To be…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNAre you ready to face your fears? Take a shot with THE FATHER OF ALL THINGS. Get your copy:
Retweeted by T$E CHUNscreenwriting twitter please give this person 100 conflicting pieces of advice no consensus on twitter: up @ScottyWrites That’s literally where I am right nowV*nyard V*nesAs someone staying in Massachusetts for the last few months I can say with certainty that the scariest looking Amer… I could disassemble and assemble a gun blindfolded I would simply stop with the gun disassembled. Bye gun. @pauljholden Tab is a triple space for cowards @Guardians_Comic I googled it and it’s 3 @tahirjetter @JoseMolinaTV 𝘐𝘵’𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘶 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘴𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭 𝘥𝘪alogue @MorganicInk Cant stop. Wont stopWriting twitter: 2 or 3 spaces after a period?
Beware, the world of REDFORK would like to welcome you... Check out the terrifying new graphic novel - the Kindle v…
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @OllieOmega I wish @thetzechun - trying to break through Kickstarter's glass ceiling. With 7 days left, we could use your support with…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNThis was a fun one. Thanks for having me on @itsmicnguyen @TheFumiAbe ❤️ @glenmazzara what are u researching glenI know I keep banging the drum on this, but I went way outside my comfort zone on REDFORK and I'm incredibly proud…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNWhat's your vibe summed up in one photo? Mine's definitely comic con nerd.
Retweeted by T$E CHUNA comic I wrote is being translated to French and this is what I’m posting to commemorate that @neongravesbones’m so sorry Gotham was cancelled before we could introduce these villains @clydesolvedit Oh cool can’t unseehave u tried screenwriting it’s therapeutic lolso mad was Namor always so mad
@kristnkringle charlie whyIf you read REDFORK and you have opinions (hey, it's the internet!) then please leave an Amazon review and…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNKeanu is asian tiny girly watching over me during wushu class, to bless your timeline.
Retweeted by T$E CHUNSKSKSKSKSKSK-not me turning off autocorrect capitalization so I can tweet like a stan @lianakangas Thank you all my jokes are v dumb @JayBeeTadena this in my house how did it happen @Philjimeneznyc Finally i can interact w u lol @Philjimeneznyc YaaassssWowza! Beyond excited to Redfork is the #1 new release in horror graphic novels on Amazon! 🔥 Head to Amazon now to…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNwhat’s your vibe summed up in one photo
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @angryasianman OofTime to hero up. The Kindle version of our epic sci-fi saga THE PULL on sale for $7.99 for a limited time!…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNThese @TKOpresents shorts were just 3 horror filled adrenaline shots straight to the heart, and once again TKO drop…
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*lewkfellow asians lets bring back this look it slays these pants brb @karenyhan It’s an old standby @MrPaulBae ✨magic✨ @NoahHarald This is every trash can in every writers room in LA stop posting my inner monologuegotta turn these gotham stans into gremlins stans
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @kenlowery Is this from comicon @alexdecampi it is we ended up on the cutting room floor😭
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @JoshCrewsReally This is great❤️what’s your vibe summed up in one photo, I love writing for @ambermruffin Here’s a segment I got the privilege of writing.
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This is today! Come hear a tale of witchcraft, magic fiber arts, trauma and blooood and see just how far a parent i…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNI just got the first three TKO Shorts comics from ⁦@TKOpresents⁩ and some other cool swag. Cool stuff! I’ve really…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNCongrats @AlexPaknadel @nilvendrell @SGirner 🔥
Retweeted by T$E CHUNThank you @Film2future for this award! Honored.
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @KarlSlominski ❤️This is the book that sold us on Dan drawing THE FEARSOME DOCTOR FANG❤️! FLASH SALE! The Kindle version of our amazing new sci-fi title THE PULL is currently on sale for $7.99 for a…
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Support your local comic shop!! ❤️
Retweeted by T$E CHUNFLASH SALE! The Kindle version of our sinister new title REDFORK is currently on sale for $7.99 for a limited time!…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNThank you @thetzechun for taking a chance on me! Writing on the show has been literally a dream come true... so coo…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNevery time i wake up in the animus dressed like some dude who only shops in the amazon basics store the disrespect point.
Retweeted by T$E CHUN @somebadideas lol @somebadideas lol tell everyone your camera's brokeHello!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by T$E CHUNContributor @BritishCPA reviews The Pull #1 from @TKOpresents. Find out why Aaron says issue one has a “monolithic…
Retweeted by T$E CHUNMy sister &her family have Covid. Riding it out at home, no hospitalizations (so far). A friend's son has it. My be…
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