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Former CSGO and COD Pro. Gaming warlord. I like to talk about video games.

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I was the problem in my ranked games today @seangares Bro @LynnieNoquez Same
Hey, I'm currently watching the stream with my 5 year old son, now I don't mind all the cursing but can you please… @katsumiFPS @OfficialAproto My ranked experience is this: “omen you should have... brimstone you should have...” N…
@ReFleckFPS EZ* 😅 @ReFleckFPS Ex for refleckme @OfficialAproto LeX#4027let the madness begin @SedatedGG @PlayVALORANT @ValorantEsports @branted707 @ElevateFN @jawgemo @TBillsen @sYnCeR_gc ez for the boyzHeld so many L’s and dropped 1000 spots in Ranked yesterday just to set up the redemption story Stream soon if I can find some coffee @OfficialAproto Add me I’ll carry you @Guiiimond It’s so tilting bro.
video games all day👀 to think that sova is literally the best agent in the game and yet nobody plays him in ranked games and would…
Retweeted by LeX @OfficialAproto @VeraBambiLIVE is queen ofc @simowastaken Every time
@RealStrongLegs my least favorite form of anxiety @RealStrongLegs @PlayVALORANT dude, yeah. I really do feel bad for Skye mains on Split 😅: @tweissCS @4sh0t Yeah, I'm not crazy about the NP-01 myself, it's not quite an ergo like the EC but definitely fits a specific hand size. @sh0ts_tv Haha I actually see this out of Jett updraft/floats and Raze satchels constantly, not usually this extrem…, you can tweet at the devs about your rank or you can be outraged about the things that matter 👇 @RivingtonThe3rd dude, this is me. the first maglite I got for a job and I was just as excited as 5 year old me wou… @SirScoots It’s reallllly good hf @ElevateFN 🎈champion @frostyZK @Zellsis gg bro wpCan’t stop the Ranked W’s now 👊🏻 I’d post a clip but I’m not trying to flex on people right after robbing their ELO at gunpoint 🤪
day 2 of low sens lex 👀 @tweissCS I know used the Titan GX AIR Wireless? 👀 Wireless S2 clone lookin' hot.I was hitting some SHOTS on low sens last night Woke up with a sore elbow I need mouse accel in my life #oldWon almost all my Ranked games today, bout to go play the lottery 👀
Hello. @ShowtimeVAL @eUnited ????? GL @justnvc I thought I was getting one, don't think I should hold my breath though LOL I love this mouse, my Ultimat… @_PLAYERR1 🤨
warming up, then solo Ranked grind (unless someone saves me) @RiotPHRISK it's gonna be so gooooooooooood. @rs2vietnam Awesome! @slothsuu Whenever I queue west servers man, it’s a whole new game. @SheehanHQ @RiotNu @sycknesssS @RiotWozzer @RiotZiegler Plz soon. Plz. @itskaplan @nurfed25 controller kits are probably on average the most used and most expensive kits on a team. I’d l… @jimmywhis I’ll never forget that thread lmfaoI really, really like these Split changes 😍 Lots of good fixes to be thankful for in this one. 👍🏻 it with me now kids, chat banned players should not be able to queue ranked
Retweeted by LeX @MoechillaSama If I had half the aim you do bro... I would be doing the same 🤪Ranked is rigged against me I swear. I win one game, lose the next with at least one chat banned teammate... ever…😎 @ShowtimeVAL Hahaha ilyevery other game I've got a chat banned Jett griefing me, come by!
tryin out the DOT today @T1BcJ yeah seems like you just got forgotten about with the ranked changes lmao @PlayVALORANT plz fix this @psalm this everybody @T1BcJ I feel like you with a stim beacon is cheating @T1BcJ Don't tell me you've become a Reyna lurk in your free time... @StyuuuL "BRIMSTONE, YOU SHOULD'VE DONE X" from dead duelists that failed to bait me is all the rage this weekPretty cool to see NSG continue killing it... really surprised that @pulse_arena didn't get the green light though… @PlayVALORANT @nerdstgamers Nice. @Sissycortina Only if he lets me trim those nails 😤Stream’s a little late this AM, we ran out of pupper chow 😰 Gotta run to PetStore and then I’ll be fraggin 🐕There is actually just a crazy about of malding in val ranked rn...nobody is going to frag well when you ruin the vibe that hard
Retweeted by LeX11hr stream in the books Think I only won like 40% of my games... Ranked is the most RNG experience, but it's all…
@sh0tyz lmk how it is!It's gonna be a good day, and I'm gonna farm in Ranked I can feel it 🤝 @esportsagent :( ❤️ @Campbellx271 I think today I’ll play around 30cm @Caders_ @HarmonVAL1 @Dark3stVal @PlayVALORANT Well, I’m sorry I used Twitter and a video that included your name t… @Whiffany stream today, live soon 😎 I’m going back to high sens, I’m trash on everything else 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Caders_ @HarmonVAL1 @Dark3stVal @PlayVALORANT So you...threw the game? lmao, “lurks on brimstone” ya I can’t with…, I made a twitter new years resolution to stop dunking on strangers and I feel like my last tweet violates tha… @phoFPS @PlayVALORANT Every time. The guy that's chat banned will have clear attitude problems and can't play nice… @lunarkats @PlayVALORANT I've done it a few times and INSTANTLY regretted it.I found my much needed eyedrops so... live for some derank action >> cool to see LG make the progress they have, even with a brand new roster. They’re definitely here to stay. Impressive. 🙌🏻 @nurfed25 sell @RyanCentral_ It’s def #1 for me, wish I had one 😂Never mind then, because of this tweet it’s going all five maps
Also @OfficialAproto if I could get that circle crosshair that would make my day 😍Going live right after LG 3-0’s this series 😅 @JonjiJlc @PTR_tvCSGO @swishcs @SpongeyGOD @alterCS @MatthewCElmore GL! @yenOmQC @Diabotical @DBTesports Beast mode 👀 @vanitycsgo absolutely normalLots of “real life” stuff to take care of today, but an afternoon stream is in order. I dropped to 150 on the lea… is the most boomer shit I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by LeX @phoFPS I’ve had these games man. “WHY WONT U JOIN? HES NOT TOXIC” like ya ok, then why is this kid throwing mollie… @JoshNissan This pro tip got me to Radiant in one day!!Iron to Radiant in 15 mins How we won first strike The #1 Pro Tip that RITO does NOT want you to know
Retweeted by LeX @pansy @SteelSeries It was my fav too! Legit just threw my last one out when cleaning a few weeks back :( @iMPALERRRR Love you too buddy, find these dudes a home! 👊🏻So about today's stream... Solo/Duo queued to Radiant. On a 9 game win streak. Every one of them was a blast. All… to personal circumstances affecting my ability to compete during the next month, I have decided to take a step…
I've got a lot of anxiety today. So to relax, I'll be queuing Ranked until I'm Radiant ofc. 🧐'll go live in a few, I'm on a Pearl Jam kick rn and I'm not tryin' to get DMCA'd this early in the day. @RealStrongLegs @Ethoz 👨‍🌾 smoke farmer here @nurfed25 If it works it works But that thing makes my eyes bleed 😇 @lunarkats Bruh I’ll have a Yoru on my team and he will TELL me he’s using them... I’ll still snap my crosshair to them and PANIC @ippaku @Sissycortina I hope I’m as awesome as you when I’m 50 :/ @tobincsgo @Tgwri1s @GeT_RiGhT 😘 Russian LeX best LeX imo 🇷🇺