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If I'm tweeting, I obviously have too much free time on my hands. I block ads and knuckleheads. Retweets are retweets, and just that.

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@NBCNewYork This is a 15 month old video of a man who was shot by NYPD for a seatbelt violation, a warrant for litt… @pavanvan Even the N Word isn't good, and I suspect is only said by whites when black people aren't around. Remembe… @Taken_aBlack @jourdayen Film based on a novel of the same title, which was based on the suspected murder of a memb… @DaisyRo33871707 @JRubinBlogger @mkraju @lisamurkowski @SenatorCollins It was the Inuit of Alaska wbo helped get Mu… @Taken_aBlack Aren't there two black actors in the movie? It was 1956, so they were the servants, of course, but ev… listened to the trial all day. Don't remember hearing any of this. 👇👇👇 Stop making stuff up. @StellaStar711 😄 @bebe1969 Just asked my cousin about this. She said to go online and check out your local ASPCA. Sometimes they pro… @StellaStar711 @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS He's an innocent kid. @StellaStar711 @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS Supposedly Trump treated his first three kids the same way until Ivanka fre… @bebe1969 My cousin uses the ASPCA. Most of these insurances cover dental. Good luck. @StellaStar711 As promised, will vote for anyone who wins the primary, which may necessitate lots of drinks before…
Loved that Jerry quoted and showed a photo of Judge Jackson, who was alleged to have been on Obama's short list for… @StellaStar711 Whenever you're ready. Thinking Katz's Deli. @StellaStar711 You know how I feel re Bloomberg. Let it suffice to say voting for him would involve ground glass. S… @StellaStar711 Just telling you now, Biden/Harris 2020, and I owe you lunch if I'm wrong. However, I reserve the ri… @Gothamist 5 years ago, NYS was rated 3rd most racist state (now 5th) in the U.S. because of the number of Klan and… @IAmSophiaNelson Am a Valdez Demings fan. Earlier this week, Rep. Demings was presenting around 5:30 p.m., and it i… @MoviesTVNetwork Great. Can use a great musical right about now. Ann Margaret still doin' it.… @45rapedkatie5 Holy and sanctified born again Christians do not dress this way, nor do they speak in this manner. W… in NYC and want to give Trump a fair hearing. Can hear all of the loud mouths I want at home. The first time I… ... @45rapedkatie5 Wonder what Mrs. Virginia McLaurin was doing last May? She was one of thos… @NANNETTENERENB1 Sorry. Didn't see your question. Hunter Biden forgot to buy condoms. Courts rarely ask for tax rec… those of us who may not be able to watch the trial on television, but may be able to listen to it, here is the…
Retweeted by Theuresa MavenIs he still your President?⏬⏬⏬
Retweeted by Theuresa Maven @ida_skibenes I was really just thinking about cutting most of mine off, which I traditionally do before Spring (ne… the 80s, the very stable genius has advocated the U.S. keep oil as the spoils of war. It is a war crime to do… NOW The Impeachment Trial of Donald John Trump for those friends who may not be able to watch the trial with… @NeilLowenthal1 You're welcome. If you don't mind, may I suggest the 60 Minutes interview with Roy Cohn? Notice the… @StellaStar711 Probably. @HRCpersists Been saying Biden/Harris 2020 since October 2018. This will be the only way for Joe to announce her as… @StellaStar711 @MarshaBlackburn @SenSchumer @senatemajldr Nah. Let her talk and tweet herself out of a job. @KatiePhang Jibe. @stephgosk Re Anabella Sciorra's claim of rape against Harvey Weinstein, after the 2019 change in New York's rape… is Tim Scott still a U.S. Senator? @NeilLowenthal1 Don't know if you've seen this interview before. It took place on NYC local television circa 1977 w… DVR ALERT: Intruder in the Dust (1949) is scheduled for 1:45 a.m. this morning on @tcm . Sorry for any inconvenience.Doesn’t get more humiliating than this. Trump is in a meeting with the president of Iraqi Kurdistan Nechirvan Barza…
Retweeted by Theuresa Maven @NeilLowenthal1 Isn't that what Tailgunner Joe said a year before his downfall? @45rapedkatie5 I loved this woman. @slstalter Sounds interesting and like a lot of fun. @slstalter What was your film series about? @slstalter I used to beg for it to be on The Essentials when Robert Osborne was alive. Julia S. Marshbanks, as Mrs.… and grandpa are going to have to go out and find a job after Trump* and Moscow Mitch raid Medicare, Medicai… @WorldCitizenLA @JillMartin0 Yup.* DVR ALERT: Intruder in the Dust is scheduled for 1:15 a.m., this morning on @tcm . @NYDailyNews Hoping the prospective jurors on some of these senator's future criminal trials pay more attention. @tcm 2/2 1947's Body and Soul, featuring John Garfield and Canada Lee, both of whom were hounded to death by McCarthyism and HUAC. @tcm 1/2 Tonight at 8:00 p.m. on TCM: Overlooked African American Performances, the best of which is Juano Herna…
December 5, 2019 was @littlerichard_ 's 87th birthday. Besides being a dynamic singer, he is also a staunch fighter… just a second, while he was reading, flashed on Adam Schiff as future president of the United States. @chewstruth I felt sorry for the woman, looking like one of those ladies who lunch, thinking that she would be up o… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC Next time come uptown, less crowded. Do the double decker bus, attach yourself a coupl… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC It wasn't bad, and many days we would go to lunch, come back by 1:00 p.m., and be out… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC You live close enough to visit. Do the tourist thing during the summer. Take a weekend… @Goldenlife2020 @thehungryhutch @soulfoodscholar Thank you. Gotta try it. @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC 3/3 sometimes only paying me $13 salary for two weeks of work, trying to make me quit… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC 2/3 the grand jury timekeeper so much that Marshals questioned me about his interfere… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC 1/3 Loved it, and think that everyone should do it at least once. First time I got ca… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC ... and your ass was glued to that seat unless you were leaving the room. All testimon… @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC Pisses me off that these Senators act like a bunch of kids and Mitch says nothing. On… @Goldenlife2020 @thehungryhutch Details, please ... @StellaStar711 @cspan @MSNBC Breaks roughly every three hours and bathroom and water breaks, and a dinner break if… @chewstruth Trump will not be removed. This trial is also about the right of Americans to receive truthful informat… @StellaStar711 @cspan Pas de quoi. Have you noticed since word got out about Senators not acting like the jurors t… @IcuHaji @RepSwalwell Oh, you poor Sweetie. The House did its job, Donald Trump* has been permanently and forever i… those of us who may not be able to watch the trial on television, but may be able to listen to it, here is the… @thehungryhutch @soulphoodie Have got to follow you.While Pence and Netanyahu were at the Western Wall, and Trump was in Davos protecting the American who invented the… @soulphoodie @thehungryhutch Southern style potato salad has eggs chopped up in it, not garnishing it, and definite… Schumer, when he came to the podium, before he spoke about The Impeachment, said that yesterday, Trump announ… @MonsterGooder @sueboo69 Why not? She's only a year older than Bernie. @sueboo69 Yup. @moVSmuhammad @cameraman1961 Mitch needs Trump, and knows that he will never be this powerful again after Trump leaves office. @cameraman1961 But first, you'll have to break it to Trump* that Thomas Edison is dead. (Y… @LouiseA05278174 @RawStory A lot of people believe it's simply old furniture, but no one realizes that much of the… @RawStory No class Sasse. The spittoons aren't decorative, they're antiques, as is the rest of the furniture. Now… Republican circuit judge ordered Hunter Biden to produce 11 years of tax records to see if he can support a 17 mo… Say this isn't so. "Legume lovers mourn the death of Mr. Peanut" @Turnip2020 @realDonaldTrump Heard a rumor about you having been steamed. What happened? @TomMorgan109 @RawStory This has been a rule in congress for over 100 years. Notice, that the senators are not allo… @StellaStar711 Maybe Pompeo's going to Ukraine to seek asylum because Zelensky is in Davos with Trump. Zelensky, wa… @jglindner @stopthe38459067 @DouHan @mmcauliff The Cspan cameras in the House are controlled by Nancy Pelosi. That…
@StellaStar711 @senatemajldr Name them and shame them. @mmcauliff Name them and shame them. @AMListi5 Have got to admit that half of the businesses in New York have New York in their name. Jeffries is an alu… @AMListi5 New York University School of Law, which is a private college. NYC, the City University of New York, whic… @comehithercreek @4_the_babies Already has. She was the first (and only) woman chief of Orlando. Don't know why, bu… @StellaStar711 Haven't you noticed that Mitch keeps saying that the reason the U.S. has a deficit is because of Med… @comehithercreek @4_the_babies Her family is amazing. She was Chief of the Orlando Police Department. Her husband w… @SKelleherWrites Summa cum laude, NYU School of Law, 5th in line for the presidency. He damn well better be. And im… @TomMorgan109 @RawStory And they don't typically hold Impeachment Trials either, so what's your point?Hakeem! Live.LIVE NOW: Val Demings holding it down. Day 2 of the Impeachment Trial. @Smilan317 Embarrassment. Is there a list of who walked out?Geez, this is deadly. Like when I was on jury duty for three years where we sometimes took over an investigation fo… @IDKtH3yAllTaKEn @HoodlumRIP Nope. Saw it live this morning. He went on to speak about missing limbs as though he h… love to know what this was about, but the guy made a comment, then blocked me before I even saw it.