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Vir Das @thevirdas Mumbai, Maharashtra

Comedian/Actor/Weirdass Comedy/ Biscuit Lover. WEBSITE:

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Let's go GOA! We sold off the first set of shows and there's just 10 days to go. Get your #SeeYouOutside tickets NO… should have just said 'dosti bani rahe' and left the debate.UTA Signs Actor, Comedian and Bollywood Star Vir Das (EXCLUSIVE)
Retweeted by Vir Das action for #HathrasDisgusting. What happened here is disgusting. These men are disgusting and I hope they pay the heaviest price possi… every country, I think the main purpose that putting politicians on Tv serves is to remind you what not to becom… And cruel. And wrong...At every level. bottomless bucket of stupid. I tweeted about sushi last week, doesn't make me ashamed of bhindi....or japanese…'s like watching your grandad fight with your grandma at the dinner table. Also...your grandma is a racist. #debates #Debates2020Don't be silly. We....uh......don't debate 😐 needs to brawl a little more. You can't try and be better or more dignified than the asshat slinging mud, whe…
You ever have just a shite day and then go look at your horoscope at the end of the day to see if these buggers pre… Why? It's the best! That's half more than the average. WHAT ABOUT... (Complete the sentence. Insert what you're passionate about, then someone else reply with theirs… 😐. So this is why women have been socially distancing from me my whole life 🙂 amnesty we had now international.This week three years ago. First time at the London O2 forum. We sold it out and it was magic and did it again the…
We're selling limited tickets for the #SeeYouOutside tour. So folks in Goa and might want to get your t… think it's really more of a human thing buddy. I've got friends and family in the US, I care about them. Those ar…! They got Trumps taxes. Well...I mean info on them....technically they didn't get his taxes.
Queen's Pianist 🤪's time to get back to it! All three goa shows are sold out on Oct 1/2/3 so we added three more the coming week…
Fav T love NRIs...strangely nostalgic, perpetually outdated, and consistently self loathing 🙂 Also, it's… surfing after months. It's my favourite thing after stand-up. There's nothing like letting an ocean straight u…, we've added three more show dates for the #SeeYouOutside tour. Tickets are now live get them right here:… @ashwinmushran That's a booty call mush.Could someone turn on @republic and see if there's traffic on the Western express Highway. Their traffic updates are the best 😋A little tip for anyone struggling with pandemic insomnia. vs Emo @ch4nd33p Yup
Some FAQs about my upcoming shows! week, GOA!!! Performing the #SecretSet in an open air venue. Last few tickets available, get them here:… If any of you know a news anchor or a celebrity or talent agency, could you please whatsapp them or eachoth…'ll happily take a drug test anytime. Since you're so concerned....I'm requesting you come collect the sample 😁
Petition to have every news anchor in India on the air right now take a drug test. If you're on drugs you resign. I… @satyamkmc05 Correct.That's fine. Your response reflects your schedule vacancies 🙂 of the dudes fanning these flames and enjoying this circus are doing so because they've never had a woman actu… normal 🙂
2024. Get it? say no guys. Say no.!!! There's just 10 Days to go for the open air #SecretSet. If you haven't bought tickets, get yours now, Limite…
Our TV news anchors will scream literally anything they are told to loud enough for views or attention. It's a sign…!!! I'm coming to you with my brand new show, #SeeYouOutside tour from OCT 29th to NOV 1st, at the Akshara amp…
Fedora the explorer. in the're the come out of nowhere....and you're quite entertaining.....b… magician needs an assistant to distract the audience from the trick. Bollywood is the magicians assistant. Except…
There's an aerosol dick infection now? Well....looks like men will start wearing masks 🙂Two weeks to go, GOA! Doing a LIVE socially distanced #SecretSet in an open air venue. Book your tickets here:… Yo @twitter...why you shady? @Twitter @TwitterIndia why are my followers frozen for like over a year now? And why does my account start foll…
Bandwidth, we're doing this! It's an open air, socially distanced LIVE stand-up comedy show in GOA, from October 2nd - 4t…'s Friday already? Christ pandemic time goes fast.
The problem with spending three days on an edit, and finally being happy with what you've created, is being complet… was quite eventful. Found this little fella in the garden. Built a box, hung it on 3 trees and all over the h…
So, I lost my dad this year. And mom has been a housewife since 20+ years. But! Mom recently launched her home bus…
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Whatever....snowflake 😜...also thanks. was January of this shite year...but hey...called it.
Retweeted by Vir DasUnsolicited preachy advice suits you. Stay where you are. God bless.
ANNOUNCEMENT! Doing 4 LIVE Secret Set shows somewhere in GOA from October 2ND to 4TH. Limited socially distanced se…'s a bespoke limited edition item here 😋 the angries....before commenting about how illogical this tweet is...Google sarcasm please :-)Guys it's so simple....Umar smoked weed with Rhea and demolished Kanganas office on pubg. That's why the coronaviru… agree. Have the decency to join a political party before you do the same. Nah. They kind of run the platform :-) but deep inside...they're very entertaining. was January of this shite year...but hey...called it. govt that is afraid of its own youth is one that knows it has no place in the future.
Been growing it for a role. It's finally starting to get there. Toh selfie banta hai. are wrong. Ayurveda is part of Bollywood mafia. Anti-national. baba. Weed doesn't agree with me, I get sick the next day. Plus I don't like having my senses slowed down.… worked at a news channel for five years. And I think anyone else who has will agree when I say....watching Indian… I'm shocked to discover that young actors sometimes smoke weed together for fun. Shocking. Just shocking…
But more dangerously....AI algorithms only giving people the facts and news they themselves want to see. It's lik… sentence that stuck with me from The Social Dilema: If you ask yourself how the hell the other side see's this…
The Social Dilema on Netflix should be mandatory viewing for everyone. Flawed in places, but just an eye opener int… from putting a smile on your face. @NetflixIndia
Felt zoom might delete later.'s the middle of the week and only two things are certain. 1. The moods of postmen are going to dip. 2. The pri… ek shoe company ka brand ambassador already hoon. Jute mil gaye 🙏 bro...smoke a J. 😘 of the car 🙂 lot of these angry news anchors would benefit from a little weed legalization 🙂 "Good evening and…'t you a known pothead? I made a film called Chocolate 🙂
India is talking about.... Babaji ki booti >>> Babuji ki duty
Retweeted by Vir DasNope. Is your underwear jealous of all the empty space in your head? for're late. is talking about.... Babaji ki booti >>> Babuji ki dutyI'm pretty convinced Arnab doesn't do any drugs. But it's kind of funny that every coke head I've ever met behaves exactly like him.Drugs give you a false sense of power, make you say things that aren't true, make you see things that aren't there.… cases. GDP drop. Actor who smokes ganja. Decide which 'high' is most important. If you pick the first two,… Be addicted to legal ratings.Reminder. Abuse legal power.The only new skill I've learned during the pandemic is how to keep my current skills during a pandemic.🙂