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Artist. 1993. Queer tropical fish creating soft geraskier content. She/her. No private quotes, please. Commission info at:

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@geraltsbf 🐝 strong Jake @geraltsbf Today I bought things because I was upset and now I'm upset and kinda regretful ngl :/This really is book!Jaskier, tho.. Inspired by this post: #thewitcher #geraskier #fanart
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@lacertusprince I... never noticed this happened here??? I certainly have this feeling when I'm on instagram tho @TheNaughtyMax lol That's interesting, I never even notice them. Like, I don't really use Twitter a lot on my cellphone, to begin with @BuffySummers10 Oh ok, just like they keep ignoring the QRT problem while adding a dislike bottom no one asked for then lol @renfriscreyden You're probably right. That didn't even cross my mind, but it's actually something that bothers me… @Adirastiel Oh, I see. I thought it was something related to fleets itself. I can see why people would be mad because of that @IamAlathe I ignore all of them tooThis is probably a stupid question, but why does everyone dislike fleets so much? I personally never use it, but th… took me a long depressed month but now it's happening
@EmmaFreeman759 S;JSK; Now I need to see this on Netflix ): @AbraxanAsh I like this. Geralt hating it and telling him not to wear it and Jaskier then wearing it everywhere bec… @AbacaxiOLantern Me identifico thoIt looks like the people want the hat @ChaosAndWolves 👀👀 @guestinashell He needs to wash his hair 😭 @flirtygaybrit 👀 @stonecoldsilly They grow up so fast 🥺 look at them*sketching Jaskier bathing in a river and resisting giving him the hat because it'd make no sense* @perseruna Amazing 🥺
Something I hate about Hollywood is that they're so obsessed with idealized beauty and youth they prefer their star… @jojo_fraga Amei )8Anya Chalotra's story presented by @NetflixGeeked on Instagram
Retweeted by The Safe Márcia @_leele_an Logo logo estaremos indo comprar materiais artísticos juntas novamente
I'm watching Euphoria for the first time and it is really really good but I feel I should've read the warnings for… @jojo_fraga A primeira tá tão linda ;_; @ChaosAndWolves My creativity isn't enough for a whole book ;_; But immortal warrior and lesbian princess will live… had a dream today about a princess who was married to an immortal female warrior and she was afraid of dying and… @haplotyp Society let me keep hiding my face challenge 🥺✊ @Alx_44 C'mon cool masks should be a normal accessory just like cool purses from now on @TiredIsabela Exactly! They could've renegotiated it and paid her accordingly. And if she didn't want to renegotiat… is right. I can't believe there are so many people criticizing what she's doing and thinking it's OK for Disney… @flordefandom @awildnoechu *going to heat water* @Barblebee Hot? omg 😭 @flordefandom @awildnoechu A hot water bag sounds like a very good idea @trekkiepirate I can't even imagine how that must be for someone who is actually in the process of adopting a kid @AbacaxiOLantern Escondidinho congelado? @awildnoechu Ugh that sounds so uncomfortable @awildnoechu Oh nO 3°c would make me suffer so bad @GalacticatArt I'd probably like that, although I'm sure I'm gonna miss the cold as soon as summer comes and we get… @guestinashell 23°c would be GREAT ;_; @onlythosethings 38°c would be a great post-vaccination heat, I miss going to the beach )8My Brazilian ass wasn't made for 16°c, I'm freezing
@MaoABbestia I'm flattered you like my art too omg ;_; thank you. And YEAH I love watercolor and gouache so much, t… isn't only about fear, but also loving the sensation of not feeling insecure about the way my face looks becau… outside not wearing masks and complaining when the use of it is mandatory. Meanwhile, I don't think I'll fee… @MaoABbestia I've been in love with this painting since the first time I saw it and it's been almost a year already… @LupisLiontooth It's so so incredible @gayforyennefer IT IS. I love everything about it, from their poses and expressions to the way the artist work light and colors. ;_;LRT This is one of my favorite ever geraskier fanarts and I think everyone should take a look at it"So for once in my life, Let me get what I want" 🍂🍁 process gif on my tumblr 😊 #geralion #geraskier
Retweeted by The Safe MárciaMe? Crying randomly watching videos about adoption? yes💗 When I first watched TWN I was ready for Sabrina to fill the mean favorite girl stereotype, the one who is natura… absolutely all of them are valid. Fan content is art inspired by art, is embracing something you love and being… @flordefandom asdfghjksldfksd 😭My relationship with sports is difficult because I'm way too soft and I ALWAYS get sad for the athletes who lose in… leave Simone Biles alone challenge @BuffySummers10 @_vesperine That's the freedom all parents should allow their kids to have. I hope the next generat… @BuffySummers10 AS YOU SHOULD <3 @flordefandom @BuffySummers10 All of that is very common, unfortunately, it's pretty fucked up @BuffySummers10 That's so fucked up. Things like that just make kids uncomfortable in their own skin. @flordefandom @BuffySummers10 He was and still is a problematic conservative. I could make a whole thread with all… @BuffySummers10 ...he thought otherwise I'd be masculine, but had a problem with me obsessing with Avril Lavigne be… @BuffySummers10 When I was a kid my mother bought her first jeans ever and I remember my father being mad about it…
@flordefandom Geralt really sounds like the kind of person who makes the worst decisions when he's emotionally compromised. @flordefandom An interesting thing about this is that Geralt ends up hurting Jaskier's feelings out of fear of bein… @flordefandom So he pushes Jaskier away, hurting his feelings until the day he leaves without looking back. And whe… @flordefandom It's surprise, and then despair, guilty and sorrow all at once. He wants to scream but no sound comes… @flordefandom FACT. He only realizes how much Jaskier means to him in the moment he wakes up desperate and tremblin… @stonedgeralt Protect Geralt at all costs ): @stonedgeralt IDK i'm just like this 😭So eventually he stopped dreaming of her and started dealing with a bunch of different kinds of nightmares, none of… the moment he began to grow affection towards Vesemir and the other kids, the dreams began to feel less related… headcanon I have for Geralt is that during the trials he used to dream of his mother arriving at Kaer Morhe… @babydollbucky2 Yeah. It's interesting because a lot of the fucked up things he does can be related to the traumas… when Geralt meets Jaskier he is simply too hurt to allow himself to trust humans and like them, and Jaskier isn'… was also curious and talkative. She was nice to him in a way most humans weren't, but in the end of the day… have a headcanon that Geralt's complicated feelings towards Jaskier in TWN are a defensive response directly infl… @NetflixGeeked @haplotyp @parasolsi I could swear it was about the similar color palettes 😭 @jojo_fraga A pessoa consome sua arte de graça e se acha no direito de reclamar do que você posta como se ela tives… @bigfutjeril They really be like that lol
I'm glad I have therapy today because I definitely need it🌼🎶 #TheWitcher
Retweeted by The Safe Márcia @vickyslyth_ Oh, I've seen the ageism too. Everything has haters nowadays, it's so weird @taketheroad @blamethewolf This. I remember, like, 2010 Twitter where people just minded their own business, the fi… that was an existential crisesI woke up at 5am today and my brain was like "I'm upset because all the movies I watch have this cliché dramatic mo… is everyone so mad on this app. Can't we just like. Ship our little ships and make our little theories and like…
Retweeted by The Safe Márcia @AkinasPotpourri 💗 That reminds me of a character from the books who practically did that
@datcarovieh Same. AND that Loki murd3red hundreds of people on Earth only a few hours before Mobius met him, and a… @datcarovieh Apparently Loki is a poor little thing who never did another wrong in his life and Mobius shouldn't ev… can't believe we live in a world there are people hating on Mobius 🚶‍♀️It's a good time to promote your Jaskier at the Coast arts besties @NetflixGeeked I agree @roguepyrola Sending you lots of hugs @LinchieLinch Thank you 💗
@MEth0dFPS Thank you <3 @perseruna Ohhh I didn't know it was a thing!!! It sounds fun @perseruna Wait Is outfit August an inktober-like daily drawing challenge?