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TheVivienne @THEVIVIENNEUK Liverpool, England

WINNER OF RUPAULS DRAG RACE UK Actor, Singer, TV Personality

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@TheBiancaDelRio What??! Who pads first? 🙈 make up on in boxers with a make up tee, then pads and tights last xWow!!!
Catch me as a guest on Martin & Roman Kemp’s Weekend Best tomorrow on ITV at 8.30am. Talking Emmerdale and music!… Jones says Drag Race roster deserves mainstream support but faces ‘industry snobbery’…
Retweeted by TheVivienne @Kathbum @tacobelluk @Kathbum I’ll fight you for it
Seeing more and more unprovoked homophobic attacks in Liverpool on socials media. Be careful everyone, we have Prid… @realmartinkemp Had a blast xx thanks for having me x
@MrPeterAndre hope you found the ice cream! 😂 lovely seeing you today xLook from today’s filming with @romankemp and @realmartinkemp ! Love them! Saturday Morning 8.30am on @ITV weekend… LGBTQ+ Figures On Celebrating Pride And Identity Through Make-Up
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Hey my USA QUEENS! 👑 Want to purchase my #SceptrePalette with @bperfectcosm ? You can now get $7 shipping to the US… you queen! X @ShaikeBer @ChipShopBird @bperfectcosm Hahaha thanks queen! X @AubreyWodonga @bperfectcosm Thank you my luv! Enjoy! ❤️❤️ @TallulahBander1 @bperfectcosm 👑Want to look as fabulous as @THEVIVIENNEUK? Her new makeup collab has everything you need to create a regal look.…
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How are you enjoying SCEPTRE? Here’s a look I created for today’s shoots, shades- Pink Lady, Purple Reign, Bubble,… to an Audience with Jennifer Saunders this evening! Very excited @ferrifrump ❤️❤️❤️ @NimaxTheatres @davidoreilly25Off to a shoot, then a few days of filming, not enough hours in the days, days in the weeks, weeks in the year!
@AlyssaEdwards_1 was just Devine tonight! That’s a star!!!
@nzbenskin 👑❤️ @Elainaglam 😍 @futureisfluid 😂
@hellsbellsx7x @emmazamo Yes! 👑 @absentmxnd @BluHydrangea_ 👑
@RuPaulRyder @bperfectcosm Oh he’s gorgeous! XThat face! 😍 @lynneylooloo Love that! 👑 @RuPaulRyder @bperfectcosm Omg that pooch is stunning!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️ @lil_mis_dx @ITV2CelebAb 😂 @McMunky79 @bperfectcosm Yes!! Enjoy my lovelies! 👑 @lynneylooloo 😍😍😍👑 @ITV2CelebAb CelebAbility TONIGHT at 10pm @itv2 🦖 @JunoBirch @ITV2CelebAb OBSESSEDCatch me on the brand new series of @ITV2CelebAb CelebAbility! Thursdays at 10pm! See me live my Jurassic Park Fant… @megprest @bperfectcosm Oh there she is! ❤️ @glamourgranann @bperfectcosm Like you xxxSo surreal last night when 5 separate people said hi and were wearing Sceptre on their gorgeous faces. Not even 14… we go !
Retweeted by TheVivienne @gill_nedelcu @PeteCityPrice @bperfectcosm @glowbyhan I’ll have a look xxx
@AlexLJ @RuPaul @dragraceukbbc @michellevisage @Divinadecampo @ChipShopBird @ShadyLawrence @biminibabes @its_tayce Omg so cute! X @mellissaannx Lovely to see you! X @gill_nedelcu @PeteCityPrice @bperfectcosm @glowbyhan Can’t wait to see what they create! X @ToriDignan Omg so quick! 👑👑👑 @Lauren_Bayram Yes!! 👑So glad to see everybody receiving their SCEPTRE pallets! 😍😍😍 @bperfectcosm it’s exceeded all expectations @THEVIVIENNEUK but I think as a simple girl my favourite thing is that you’ve…
Retweeted by TheVivienne @BeckyCos @bperfectcosm Yay it came! 👑❤️ @jamesr16 Aww lovely to meet you! X @freya_such @BluHydrangea_ 😍😍😍On a positive note, yesterday’s Launch of SCEPTRE was absolutely amazing! The love and support you shown is overwhe… to Manchester’s news about COVID and the situation here, @bperfectcosm and myself have decided to postpone the… @veronicaqween @bperfectcosm Thanks queen! You look STUN!!Apppeee burrrthdeeee @joeldommett ❤️
@GinnyLemon69 @bperfectcosm Hahha can’t wait to see BAB! ❤️ @BunnyGalore @bperfectcosm Thanks babe! Xxx @CherylHoleQueen @bperfectcosm Thank you sis! Love you xA % of all sales will be going to 2 amazing charities! @TRPNI and @SahirHouse ❤️❤️❤️🌈’S ARRIVED! Our BRAND NEW #SceptrePalette with @THEVIVIENNEUK is now AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE!😱🤩 ONLY £35.95! Shop…
Retweeted by TheVivienne @yo_nahs @bperfectcosm You’re gonna love it! 👑👑👑 thank you x @hellsbellsx7x @emmazamo 👑 @mellissaannx Enjoy darling! 👑 @Lauren_Bayram @CherylHoleQueen @bperfectcosm Thank you Lauren! Enjoy my queen! 👑 @LHalewood @bperfectcosm Yess!!! Thank you Liam! 👑 @freya_such @bperfectcosm Thank you hunni! 👑 @tania16647558 @bperfectcosm Thanks Tania! 👑 @ramonart__ @bperfectcosm Thank you babe! Enjoy your REIGN! 👑 @ktstainsby @bperfectcosm Thanks Gorj! 👑 @ninajay_91 @bperfectcosm 👑👑👑 @futureisfluid @bperfectcosm Love ya! X @ToriDignan @bperfectcosm Yes! 👑👑👑 @Lauren_Bayram @bperfectcosm Happy birthday! X @BeckyCos @bperfectcosm ❤️❤️❤️👑👑👑Today is the day! 👑 SCEPTRE 👑 from @bperfectcosm X The Vivienne is available to shop NOW! I cannot wait to see what…
@glamourgranann @bperfectcosm Thank you my darling! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @IanWeichardt @ITV2CelebAb Wahay!!!! 😂😂 @bperfectcosm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @CoiaConnolly_0x @bperfectcosm ❤️THE REVEAL! Here she is! I give you my collab with @bperfectcosm 👑 SCEPTRE 👑 a full face pallet, eyeshadows, blush… Rex Symbol! 🙈 catch me on the new series of @ITV2CelebAb
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@CraigM_90 We’re in wales 😂 @futureisfluid 😍Packaging reveal anyone? 😍😍😍 I wanted to create something somebody to make everybody feel a QUEEN! So grab your CRO… day sunbathing in mums garden. Been gagging for a break so this has been lovely x👑 3 DAYS TO GO!! 👑 until the launch of my collab with. @bperfectcosm !!! If you want early access and be one of the… @ChipShopBird The launch day is Tuesday xxx @ChipShopBird ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Living for Jurassic park on celeb gogglebox! @Channel4 , Tom Jones 😂😂 @maisietrollette @YouTube @ChipShopBird @Divinadecampo @BluHydrangea_ @dragraceukbbc @RuPaul @grahnort Lovely memor… WOW! I can’t wait for this! I first saw David at the age of 17, he brought me to tears of joy watching him, then… long to go!!! 👑 SCEPTRE 👑 my new pallet collab with @bperfectcosm here’s a sneak peek! Sign up for early access… 6 scam calls within 3 hours, it’s becoming a joke. Constantly, car phone warehouse, national insurance, c… proud to be supporting @SahirHouse Liverpool with a percentage of all profits from my collab with @bperfectcosm @GinnyLemon69 Ya can’t get decent bag of crisps after 9pm in soho for over 3.99, fact (said this in west brom accent) @ChipShopBird AV ITTTTTTTTTT