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@THEVIVIENNEUK @RuPaulsDragCon This is my favourite pic of today. When you're in the right place at the right time
Retweeted by TheVivienne @jennyhughsie @LKThomson @imogenclambert 😂😂😂 @Kevwisephoto @dragraceukbbc @RuPaulsDragCon Lovely pic! Thank you! X @LKThomson Omg I need to see this! X @hellewrites @OpheliaButts72 So sorry to hear this, I made sure that everybody with a disability was prioritised to… That’s @RuPaulsDragCon Thank you so much to everybody who came to my booth to say hello! Completely sold out… @VAGiTarian2019 Lovely to meet you xDay 2 of @RuPaulsDragCon what an honour to have this pic with @RuPaul this ones going on the wall! X
@THEVIVIENNEUK no girl you legit made her day from the start 💜💜💜
Retweeted by TheVivienne @DanielJFalconer @BluHydrangea_ Yesss!!! X @ana_santos_1998 ❤️❤️❤️ love ya!
@EvanSomers ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @MR_Pellett @RuPaulsDragCon @TheBiancaDelRio @TrinityTheTuck @jujuboston @ChipShopBird @BluHydrangea_ @ZamoMeg @RuPaulsDragCon You too missy!! X @emmawetherell @RuPaulsDragCon £25 my lovely x @danielbarker5 I’m DRIPPIN!BOOTH A17 @RuPaulsDragCon 🤪🤪🤪 @RuPaulsDragCon SCHEDULE! Tee Shirts -£25 Signed Prints-£10 Pins- £10 Meet and greet min spend £25 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️… @RuPaulsDragCon SCHEDULE! See you all tommorow! Sleep tight x @RuPaulsDragCon booth DONE! So fab!!! Thank you @designerbenmak Will be posting my Schedule for tommorow and Sunday very soon! ❤️❤️ 👑 ❤️❤️💙💖
Retweeted by TheViviennePetition for @ChipShopBird and @THEVIVIENNEUK to present the Bake Off anyone?😏
Retweeted by TheVivienne @AskJMcC @PubDonna @RuPaulsDragCon @michellevisage @ChipShopBird @Divinadecampo @BluHydrangea_ ❤️
@THEVIVIENNEUK @ChipShopBird @Divinadecampo @CherylHoleQueen @BluHydrangea_ Hey my beautiful Queens! Me and my fami…
Retweeted by TheVivienne @whosalan @ChipShopBird @Divinadecampo @CherylHoleQueen @BluHydrangea_ Oh no! Sorry to hear this xArriving in London like... @aboycalleddavid @klubkids_uk @ChipShopBird Me too!!! @samabdulla Awwww glad you love it! XThe iconic @RuPaul is nominated for TV Judge and the Bruce Forsyth Award at this year's National Television Awards.…
Retweeted by TheVivienne @SheaCoulee See you soon girl!!!! X @EsmeMoran13 Awww well here’s a hug!!!! Xxx @emxlyblxnden @BluHydrangea_ @ChipShopBird @RuPaulsDragCon See you soon!!!
@RuPaulsDragCon Hey kitty girls, come see me talk that talk this January in the Morning T&T panel at RuPaul's DragC… tomorrow it’s off to London for @RuPaulsDragCon UK! Find me at booth A17! Can’t wait to see everybody! X
@Fi79 @olympia_london @ChipShopBird @RuPaulsDragCon @TrinityTheTuck That would a question for Olympia babe xxx5 days till @RuPaulsDragCon takes over Olympia London for the most ultimate weekend in herstory 🌈. Come meet your f…
Retweeted by TheVivienne @jessimousse Go ed girl! X @michellevisage 😂😂😂😂😂😂NEW ALBUM “You’re a Winner, Baby” @SPOTIFY
Retweeted by TheVivienne @JAnders36491680 @NikkieTutorials What the hell! ❤️
@moschinell @emmajcleary 😂😂😂😂Imagine blackmailing somebody with their own identity? So proud of @NikkieTutorials for this. You’ve shown so much… @NikkieTutorials YES!!!! Omg! So proud! This is amazing! @TrinityTheTuck Better than anything isn’t it x x @HazellHD @RuPaulsDragCon @Divinadecampo @CherylHoleQueen @DragSyndrome @michellevisage @ChipShopBird loved AJ and The queen, @RuPaul ,fun, emotional, lovely lessons. Brilliant. X
Me and my Babi girl @ChipShopBird having a ball last night singing a bit of Pete Burns! @QLPower Great taste! X @JamesNimmo90 @TheBiancaDelRio Omg that’s fab!!!! X @ross_mitchell_ @ChipShopBird Awww ❤️Not long now!!! X @NicLou71 @ChipShopBird See you soon!!! You’re very welcome x @ChipShopBird @Divinadecampo You too!!! You get on your way ok? X @bevbowlio @ChipShopBird 😂😂😂 it’s the Christmas weight 🙈🙈What a cracking night in Innerleithen!!! See you all again soon! X
@flybe Amazing! Thanks for the quick response! X @IsSumTingWong @ChipShopBird ❤️❤️❤️ @flybe I can fly from Edinburgh to Manchester with a driving license can’t can’t I? X @RiotBussy @cher I’ve met Chaz. In Vegas. Amazing. Guy @BlairStClair Amen sister!Me and Baga tonight!!! @SarahPitard @dragraceukbbc Awww! Thank you ❤️ @Noosh1977 @ChipShopBird See you tonight!!! Xxx
@cher ❤️❤️❤️ @gordonjtattoo killed this tattoo of you! Our queen ❤️❤️❤️ @gordonjtattoo @cher Thank you for doing it!!! Im obsessed! @Cher I am so honoured to have you forever with me now. @gordonjtattoo thank you so much!!! #cher #chertattooo! @dragraceukbbc re-airs on BBCOne TONIGHT after the Graham Norton show! #DragRaceUK
Retweeted by TheVivienne @joshcharles_21 Fuck off thenSo I’m getting a portrait tattoo of @cher right now! Can’t wait for you see it my queen xDon’t forget! @dragraceukbbc drag race uk will be re running on @BBCOne tonight! And every Friday at 23.00! day! X @Ryebrowss Learn what that word means before throwing it around. People to quick for calling people. I’ve done more than you’ll ever know @joewhittle95 Don’t watch it then, there’s thousands that love it. Move on x @__jaykiller__ As you said, you haven’t seen an episode @TheAlphaGaym3r @fuckh33zy @CharlieK1310 @WorldOfWonder @dragraceukbbc Awww thank you! Can’t wait to come to Canada! X @emiliecxx Don’t read into everything you see on here, I fully support everybody’s life choices, I’ve always fought for acceptance @ChipShopBird @Divinadecampo 🙈 @CharlieK1310 @fuckh33zy @WorldOfWonder Upsetting somebody doesn’t make me a transphobe. I made a mistake and I apo…
@fuckh33zy @WorldOfWonder Your REACHING for content,episode 5 is out NOWWWW. i cannot wait to watch it. my dream has come true 🥺👀❤️❤️ @ChipShopBird @THEVIVIENNEUK
Retweeted by TheVivienne @fuckh33zy @WorldOfWonder I was referring to to the comment being that every time there is somebody causing a stir… @fuckh33zy @WorldOfWonder Transphobic 😂😂 what you’re next joke.episode 5 is now LIVE! On @WorldOfWonder wow presents plus ! @jamesdarnton I AM. Goodnight @jamesdarnton I am fighting for it, always have, you don’t know me. Apologies if me commenting on a post may have w… @jamesdarnton If you knew me or ever met me, you’d know I support and everybody. No matter what you Identify as. Co… @ana_santos_1998 @BingeDesigns Oh here she is! X
❤️ @KlaraFawn Yep!Once a winner, always a winner Am I right or am I right? 😎😍😁 @THEVIVIENNEUK
Retweeted by TheVivienneTimes will be released soon, it will be at my booth x @NicolaJoanne76 @dragraceukbbc Thank you! @hazel 😂😂 @RuPaulsDragCon I’ll be doing a special Viv as TRUMP meet and greet straight after Morning TAndT live!!! the sequins fly... Roast Battle is back!
Retweeted by TheVivienne @DonnaMarieGaga @dragraceukbbc @ChipShopBird 😂😂😂Catch me and @ChipShopBird on @ComedyCentralUK roast battle!!! 20th January! Roasting @Glamrou and @TomGlitter ❤️❤️… to buy the final bits for @RuPaulsDragCon UK!!! Who am I gonna be seeing and meeting?! So much fun merch!!! X❤️❤️❤️❤️ thinks @bbcthree is going to smash the #NTAs 100% xxx I also want to say a massive congrats to @THEVIVIENNEUK
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