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@CodyWise192 It's almost like a finger! 🤣😂 @FalloutNCR13 @Free_StatesMil @VulturesThe @FFive0 @UWastelanders @BosRcac @NukaGals @OrderOfTheLamp @ArtClubVG @Ech0Enigma 🤣😂🤣😂 @Winterfall1111 Eh? Eh?Loch Ness Sausage 😂🤣😂🤣 and Rain The Thrippies night was AMAZING! Here's our dear friend and his amazing band mates Ladies and Gentlemen I give you... 🎶 Th… 2 Bar 3 Definitely a sign @SleepisforT I'm thinking brink and lights It's a MUST 2 Bar 2 Same lights I'm sensing a theme build coming on #Fallout76
@VicViolence @reddy_sage @FalloutFrosty This one wins! 🤣😂🤣😂 @zodsbeach @cld711 @USPSHelp @USPS 👇🏻 it's officially halfway through @LucieDiamond1's vacation Missing her terribly but still having a blast Tonig… NO ONE going to tell me we get freaking ALLIGATORS!! I can finally build a real castle with a moat!!!… @TinySlipOnShoe Awwww 🥰 ty! Likewise! 🤗 @TinySlipOnShoe Absolutely!I woke up right in time for server maintenance I'll take this opportunity to check out the new SIMS stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️ @SleepisforT Right! I so wanna try to duplicate it in a shelter now lmaoThe bar tonight had my favorite in game lights! #Fallout76
@TinySlipOnShoe @AtomicSynthesis My thoughts exactly If I don't have time. I leave. Easy lol @AtomicSynthesis @TinySlipOnShoe Right lol Have fun with the water that will refill by the time I get there anyways lmao @AtomicSynthesis @TinySlipOnShoe Even on the days I do want to shop I don't get all pissy if someone chooses to be… @TinySlipOnShoe Take all the likes!!! @Dominiqe201731 Oh how frustrating smh @Dominiqe201731 No problem! Hope it works for you! 😉 @Dominiqe201731 I got kicked once but I'm on now
@egyptianruin @fallout76 Helvetia was one of the stops I was most excited about but we spent too much time at Trans… @GODPARTI13 Mean words rarely are direct. So glad you are feeling better and worked through it 🖤 @egyptianruin Oh hun I'm so sorry! I wish our trip would've coincided with yours... Wifey, teeno, and I totally wou… @GODPARTI13 I'm so sorry thier words had such an effect on you. I think your awesome and no deserves to not love themselves Huge hugs hun
@GODPARTI13 🤗🤗🤗 I feel you. I've had to cut out soooo many toxic people. It's sad, and sometimes devastating. Some… @NukaFan1 😂🤣😂🤣 @Space_Budgie I thought I had done them all so I either don't remember doing it or there's still questing to do lolWho's fluffy? #Fallout76
@IEat22over7 @Dominiqe201731 @amessofcurvesx @Magneta_Ray @She_a_Squish @EngageWill @Bomberchick321 @LPerez_222 Nig… @TheCountess5790 Hahahaha! Love this! I swear if we ever have family portraits done we will be taking our human sku… @Dominiqe201731 @amessofcurvesx @Magneta_Ray @She_a_Squish @EngageWill @Bomberchick321 @LPerez_222 Looking good! I'… @StoneCold141 @CaptainBizzare @CherryPixel4 @medic_wasteland @XREDDER2 @SleepisforT @AlexaBlackhear1 @epiphany31415 @_Appary_ @InnovSurvival 😏 @RizmordanBDCI Phase 10! Poker games Speed Doctor pepper (to help kids to learn poker) Anything trivia @one_hot_latte Hey any time away is nerve wracking no matter where away is Slumber parties are so much fun! I reme… @one_hot_latte @LucieDiamond1 @SleepisforT @RizmordanBDCI Ooo teeno and I looove games! Wifey plays along sometimes lol we play all sorts of thin… @TheMissAtomic I feel you @LucieDiamond1 landed safely and is with some of our most trusted friends EVER Love you MiniMe! Send/post lots…
@GODPARTI13 That's understandable And I completely get what you mean. Not all felons are bad but I venture to gues… @TheLadyStarfyre @Best_Virginian @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 Hahahaha oh yeah @Best_Virginian @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 @TheLadyStarfyre YAAAAS! @GODPARTI13 Yes you're from Alaska! That would be a long flight! She's in the air now so I'm in a weird stage of o… @epiphany31415 😍😍😍 Oooo you got me pegged!She's on the plane and in the air! 😁😭😁😭😁😭 @epiphany31415 @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @TheLadyStarfyre All the gasps lol @Wahooze Exactly Loving the idea that I'm gonna get a new kid back lol Send one out... See what comes back to you lmaoWe're all so bored we started comparing eye colors Mine and the kiddos are similar I think my wife is an 👽 #Goth #Hippy #punk #Witch #MurderApparel
Retweeted by 🦇TheVoidMaiden🦇 @TheLadyStarfyre @asher_dusk @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 Soooo many problems @Stepha_L_97 @_Appary_ @LucieDiamond1 Thank you! She's tougher than she thinks. Hopefully this shows her she's awesome @asher_dusk @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 @TheLadyStarfyre Exactly! Zhuzh it up a bi… @iambillmccann Thank you! @iambillmccann @_Appary_ @LucieDiamond1 🤭🤭 Right!? Definitely don't tell her hehehe @Wahooze That's what we're hoping. She so smart and funny and beautiful. I just hope this shows her that she can do anything 🖤 @RizmordanBDCI Thank you That helps. She said she may try just sleep. I'm not sure if I like that idea but what ever she feels comfortableHere we go! Gonna send my minime across the country! Last car ride singing and annoying her for over a week! Gonna… @Lionsfanatic54 @Absinthe030368 I'll focus on the all good part lmao @iambillmccann Definitely gonna be glad when she's back but I can't deny her this opportunity @TheLadyStarfyre @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 Same! @JusticarStef Thank you! @sanquisdragon Wow that's young! And here you are so all's good lol @FalloutFrosty Yeah that's #1 on her list for sure! Lol @JokerKardz @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 @TheLadyStarfyre I'm totally going all rai… @Whitewolf8784 Awww I'm sorry that happened to you! I've tried to explain turbulence to her. Hopefully she won't panic @TheCountess5790 @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @epiphany31415 @TheLadyStarfyre I'll give them til Halloween before I harass them lol @Absinthe030368 Lol it's four hours. I hope I packed enough snacks. I can send her with snacks in her bag I think.… @TheLadyStarfyre Exactly! How you present yourself matters! Don't look be all distracted with your shoulders slouc… @SemioticW Brittle 😂🤣 I'm sorry but that got me! I needed a laugh You're right. She's a kick ass mini me with self… this doesn't happen we riot @TinySlipOnShoe @GamerGhoul6 @TheCountess5790 @epiphany31415 Thank you so much for… @Absinthe030368 Yes! This sounds EXACTLY like what we want. They paid extra so we could go first and get her settle… @TheLadyStarfyre She can do this to a full grown man if needed lmao @bruegben That's good to hear... And with all the modern safety additions she'll be fine... She'll be fine.... She'll be FINE lol @TheLadyStarfyre @TheMissAtomic OMG OMG OMG @TheLadyStarfyre Thank you! I know right!? I taught her "bite scratch kick and scream" from the time she was a todd… @theBigfoot2nd If it were me I'd rather the plane land. Not to switch planes or anything. Just land. Sit for a seco… @one_hot_latte They paid extra for us to walk her to the plane and to board first before everyone so that helps Ho… @theBigfoot2nd Oh snap! Pretty sure one of the rules for solo kids now is no layovers but I'd think with a 14hr fli… @JusticarStef Oh and btw... They do solo kid flights "differently" now (I don't know what it was before lol) Appare… @theBigfoot2nd France.... Wow... How long a flight is that? Hers is only 4hrs luckily @theBigfoot2nd That's what I'm thinking... I mean not to negate how impressive it is to me for a child or teenager… @one_hot_latte That's how old she is! So you felt well protected from strangers and such? I'm so terrified there w… @JusticarStef That's good to hear! She's 13 and says she'll be fine. She's never flown before either. Our friends… of you ever flown solo as a kid/teen? Or better yet, had to let your kid fly solo? I've been ok with the whole…
This chick radiates #SIMS vibes #Fallout76 @ZeroFoxFK So glad I made the cut! Thank you 😁 I'm seriously honored @GODPARTI13 @She_a_Squish @FalloutNCR13 @Malikiah10 @AlexaBlackhear1 @Generation0001G @pikminexplorer Yeah that mak… @Enclave_EAF @AlexaBlackhear1 @grandriser SHOPPING!! 😍 @Enclave_EAF @grandriser @AlexaBlackhear1 I don't know how late I'll be on the next couple mornings but once the ki…
@FalloutNCR13 @Malikiah10 @AlexaBlackhear1 @GODPARTI13 @Generation0001G @She_a_Squish @pikminexplorer Wait! What!?Are wifey and I the only people who think Bezos' brother looks more like Bezos than Bezos does now? 🧐
Retweeted by 🦇TheVoidMaiden🦇We'd like to take a moment and thank all of our amazing members and content creators out there As well as our two…
Retweeted by 🦇TheVoidMaiden🦇
@FalloutNCR13 @Bomberchick321 @Space_Budgie @pikminexplorer @AlexaBlackhear1 @She_a_Squish Tysvm 😁 @GODPARTI13 Love it!!