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PhD student writing on Thomas Pynchon and the Posthuman Gothic 🌋😱🤖 Literary & critical theory, aesthetics, ecology. Profile picture by @_ddddrrrrmmmm

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@neonsunkenplace It might be worth checking out Peter Osborne’s work too—he’s got an article in NLR by the same nam…"Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category." (Adorno, MM 140). @juanpamel Thanks for the offer! I've been having a look through their public articles and figure I'll take the plunge and sign up. @icchantika I'm leaning toward NLR for the same reason -- not to mention their massive backlog of Marxist theory. @emmaabblack Thanks for the rec! @distortjp @Vauung And really, Noys' earlier coinage "Deleuzian Thatcherism" is still adequate enough for the "main" line of acc.I’m thinking of subscribing to New Left Review and/or Monthly Review, but can’t make up my mind as to which one. Do…
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Retweeted by Gregory Marks @TheLitCritGuy You best start believing in Geist stories...“The world spirit—literally a planet sized ghost” @distortjp @insurrealist @distortjp @InfoEmbedding it's called hyperstition, bud. look it up @distortjp @InfoEmbedding Even if we must retvrn to Land, it’s literally there in Meltdown. What part of “AI is des… @rob_mose “For god’s sake I just want to embrace the necessity of my fate” — Fred Nietzsche
@distortjp @fitchett_adam Land’s late-90s work is the last bastion of the acc pseud. Magic numbers? Demonic possess… @fitchett_adam @distortjp “Forget Nick. What about his imaginary friend?” @distortjp Looking for an Exit to my Man Cave: A Mascelerationist Primer @distortjp Xenomeninism lmao @Tomguim happens to me every day... 😶Y̲͕͙͡e҉̦a̷̡̠̝͚r͏̭̼͙̰ ̧̢̳̹̘̹̬̞Z҉͈͖̮̱͔̰͕̳̕e̴̡̫̩͓̬̞̝̘͟r͢͏̟̟ͅo̡͖͙̰̩̹̙͖̠:̸̡̦ ̤̞͖͚F̳̖̟̲a̲̣c̴̷̛͔̲̤i̸͔̙̦̕͞á̲̘̩̪͍͉̣…"The unspeakable is willed—it has not, that is to say, a pre-existent content that is itself already unspeakable—bu… @Nyxfears Broke: The Matrix is Plato’s allegory of the cave Woke: The Matrix is a trans allegory Bespoke: Plato’s a… @distortjp Hopefully this will help folks get their bearings on accelerationism, this strange new branch of xenofeminism (: @distortjp This is a great list! Glad to see Plant, Greenspan, and their cyberfem precursors getting the credit they deserve.
@schizoanalytic If you just want to mess around in creative mode, or if you have friends to play survival with, Min… excellent essay on Adorno’s critical philosophy: “Real criticism is too impatient to make transitional demands… @nulla_corona This is great! Glad to see you writing again!wrote a longer piece on Adorno’s “Society” essay, mostly about the strengths of his concept of society & a little a…
Retweeted by Gregory MarksI̶͙͍Ț͎̤͈̖̀ͅͅ ͉̞̤I̷̤̭̻̜̟̖S҉͈̳ ͍̙T̳I̲͉̦̺̳͇͉M͚̮̞E̫̹̖͖̣̝̺
yes, preparing a successful online course is more work. but the below argument is premised upon a fairly insidious…
Retweeted by Gregory MarksHonestly, academics who mistake attacks on their institutions for attacks on themselves are some of the most blinke… me out, but maybe universities shouldn’t be overcharging students for online courses AND they should be paying… @critical_fairy he don't miss, etc. etc.Writing footnotes is one of the unsung joys of academic writing. I'm just going through my near-finished thesis dra…“Late capitalism is a pyramid racket on a global scale, the kind of pyramid you do human sacrifices up on top of, m… @nobmplease Thanks!
@dickophrenic Can’t wait for USSR Remake Remastered. @Childermass4 It’s bizarre because of all the weird shit in that movie, apparently the most objectionable aspects a…’ve seen takes you people wouldn’t believe... @distortjp It does nicely (if unintentionally) show how useless the indexes of "Freedom" and "Economic Freedom" are.
2020 @ted_bundist @nobody_stop_me damn lol 😞 @realMaxCastle Glad to see that the expert on intellectual fads is reporting in.
@kvnrogan Ah yes, Thielian-Carceralists and Rick & Morty Fans, the great political ideologies of our age.
@anindividuation Thank you! 😁 @justindclemens @Childermass4 Yep! They can also be found on page 183 of A Thousand Plateaus (Minnesota Uni edition). VOID VOID VOID @kvnrogan I, too, would like to replace all techology with Marxism @distortjp @distortjp Dunking on Dark Souls guys while also having played Demon’s Souls is a powerful comboIf your man looks like this, lives like this, and drives one of these—that’s not your man, that’s a despotic state…
@theotherjessk never going to stop posting until this ugly s.o.b gets what he deserves first fish What it sees when to walk on I time-travel back dry land: to kick…, "The Gothic Arch," from Carceri d'Invenzione (c. 1750). why aren't more people talking about this??? [false information]
Retweeted by Gregory Marks"We are obsessed with building labyrinths, where before there was open plain and sky. To draw ever more complex pat…
Deleuze with Twin Peaks music
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @ApikorosRope Kill the faces inside your head 👏 @wall_tortoise @wall_tortoise thermo-marxism
@PJMeacham Rumour has it that the advent of Facebook (what a name!) played some part in his abandonment of cyber-ut… @PJMeacham On the other hand, his braindead beliefs in “human biodiversity” and IQ quackery are capitulations to fa… @Seraxiz Pynchon really is such a hippie lol“All the animals, the plants, the minerals, even other kinds of men, are being broken and reassembled every day, to…“Lovers always get together, isolation is overcome, and like it or not that is the one great centripetal movement o…“The System may or may not understand that it’s only buying time. And that time is an artificial resource to begin…“Taking and not giving back, demanding that ‘productivity’ and ‘earnings’ keep on increasing with time, the System… @tokyo_vamp Fascism is when a country joins one of the late-game factions in Civ 5"Who is more guilty of Sloth, a person who collaborates with the root of all evil, accepting things-as-they-are in… up #SecondWave 🤙 @LadyLiminal1 Hahahaha that’s terrifying! @dook_sp Yes. AktionThe ‘faciality’ plateau is by far my favorite of ATP... where else can you find very clear and illuminating illustr…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks"If human beings have a destiny, it is rather to escape the face, to dismantle the face and facializations, to beco… it’s like to read Hegel @ViktorFerdinand @geshtin_karanu @TheLitCritGuy Gravity’s Rainbow is one of those books where you need to get swept…
Pynchon has always been one of the authors I've never read before despite so many people telling me I'd love their…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @EBBerger our last hope @EBBerger Trump: Seizes permanent state power. Liberals: “tiny hand covefefe man,,, ummmm Russia much?? 🤣🤣🤣”"The inhuman in human beings: that is what the face is from the start. It is by nature a close-up, with its inanima… you think I was done faciality-posting? Think again! @gnostiquette Transformers is truly an assault on the senses by the frantic motion of colour and sound. A glorious… @nildicit Also it just reminds me how much the original Utopia soundtrack slaps. @nildicit Yeah I hope it’s just a bad trailer, but even then it’s a shame that the visual style of the original has been toned down so much. @PartyPrat Oh god I forgot that one. Incidentally I just remembered Skins 😭 @FidgetnFigments @PartyPrat
"[All] you people, livin in this dream, up in the clouds, floatin in the bubble, think ’at’s real, think again. It’…