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15. Clarice Lispector’s Água Viva — Far more abstract and poetical than GH. Whereas the earlier novel ekes out ever…"Philosophy is not about comfort or being right. It's about doing reps to get neurologically ripped" - @readthiswtf
Retweeted by Gregory MarksGetting Neurologically Ripped
Retweeted by Gregory MarksOn the powers of pop philosophy & the journey into “the stupidity factory of social media” with @readthiswtf @DankCAro Yeah, back in January! It’s incredible!“Can’t you see that this is like a child being born? It hurts. Pain is exacerbated life. The process hurts. Coming-…“What is called a beautiful landscape causes me nothing but fatigue. What I like are landscapes of dry and baked ea… @bigcolonfan Woah! What did you think?“I know that the God is the world. He is whatever exists. I pray to whatever exists? It’s not dangerous to approach… @rob_mose @NegarestaniReza @leopcortes Thank you—I actually read GH in January and loved it! Terrifying is certainly a good way to describe it too.
“If I often paint caves that is because they are my plunge into the earth, dark but haloed with brightness [...] Th…“The world: a tangle of bristling telephone wires. And the brightness however is still dark: that is I facing the w… Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy hosts Urbanomic director Robin Mackay at Trades Hall, Melbourne, Fri…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @vickyfuck_ Accelerate the process? I can’t process the acceleration!Who wore it better? favorite part of being a writer is putting the fucking words on the fucking page. there is nothing else. nothing…
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@cockydooody @athenogenes Years from now, after the Flame Deluge, the Albertian Order of Leibowitz is hard at work,… all that silence and placidity, the utmost monster of the seas was writhing and wrenching in agony
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @adolphweedjr @diffandrep Hallward's Out of this World is arguably a better leftist critique, which sees D.'s laten…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks“What would a lone wolf be? Or a whale, a louse, a rat, a fly? Beelzebub is the Devil, but the Devil as lord of the…
@RooneyMcNibNug SimEarth was the best!
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Retweeted by Gregory Marks @mathOclock Cape Fear (1991).Wow ok @DividuatedFlux @diffandrep @meeesler accelerationism xenofeminism hegel deleuze guattari simondon spinoza derrida… @readthiswtf What's the best novel you've read recently?
@NegarestaniReza What’s your take on Snowpiercer?There is a Joyous Deleuze and a Dark Deleuze, a Deleuze for the vitalist and a Deleuze for the materialist,…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks14. Neil Hertz’ The End of the Line — Decent collection of essays on the sublime, of which those on George Eliot an… vampires and zombies to swarms of rats and packs of wolves, Deleuze & Guattari's collaborative works are compe…
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Damn, I’m 26 today 🎉👴🏻🎁 @bridgietherease @SimonObirek Hey that's all good! The second chapter ("One or Several Wolves?") is quite short, an… @bridgietherease @SimonObirek D&G go on for pages in A Thousand Plateaus about wolves, and especially their pack be…
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@Sal100001 @NegarestaniReza @NegarestaniReza libmats don’t read this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . hegel is baeThe 2020 Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Conference will be held at Bond University, Gold Coast, Au…
Retweeted by Gregory MarksEvening School Semester 1 is open for enrolment. Courses on A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze's Cinema, Lacan on Love,…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @ndouglas607 @ndouglas607 Coincidentally, facile is exactly how I would describe new materialist butcherings of Deleuze, Spinoza, etc.Neil Hertz (1985) on the eeriness of the uncanny, which is derived not from the return of a particular thing, but t…
what is wrong with undergrads today??? look at this horrible paper my student wrote:
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @mhowardthomas Andreas Malm’s The Progress of this Storm has a good Marxist critique of Latour & his epigones“If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the sq…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks“I feel a sort of madness growing upon me—just the opposite of the delirium which makes people fancy that their bod…“Will not a tiny speck very close to our vision blot out the glory of the world, and leave only a margin by which w… @Sal100001 @OuvreLeChien68 Ah the cunning of reason... or hyperstition as some would call it... @Sal100001 @OuvreLeChien68 No spoilers please, I haven't finished the Phenomenology yet... @OuvreLeChien68 @cfexontology @regresssion lol perhaps not -- although the Heideggerian influence is felt strongest in his worst passages. @cat_upgrades Hegel bot didn’t even notice me 😢 @regresssion In essence, it’s a step backwards from the old materialisms (whether Spinozist, Marxist, or Deleuzian)… @philosopher_ant Damn I totally forgot about Agamben (long-time frenemy) @zapovednix @icchantika Thanks for the detailed response! Aside from the Web of Life book, what else of Moore's work would you recommend? @mhowardthomas Latour’s whole project is a failed attempt to give a non-Marxist account of reality, by which he obs… @dikeeris Twitter mutuals transcend philosophical squabbles ofc 😊 @icchantika That’s fair!—and I may be too harsh. I figure I’ll need to read more of Moore’s articles to get a bette… @icchantika The difference between Moore’s “capitalism-in-nature; not capitalism *and* nature” semantic games and t… @icchantika I need to return to it tbh (having only read a bit of Foster at that point). I remember his charge of “… enemies: New materialists, vitalists, Latour, analytics, the bots retweeting this Philosophical frie… enough at last!
Having a bit of fun with my last thesis chapter by smuggling in trivia about CCRU, snake-becomings, and the forgott… @leftpagepod @TheLitCritGuy Thank you! I have found a PDF online, however
@TheLitCritGuy Ah cheers! I’ve been eyeing that one, but wasn’t sure of quality etc. @_leftaesthetics Haha I wish! But it looks like it has been translated—is this the one? Marxist theory folks, where’s a good place to start if I want to familiarise myself with Operaismo and Autonomia?“The True is thus the Bacchanalian revel in which no member is not drunk” (Hegel).
@epiktistes She tries so hard to ward off genocidal/eugenicist readings by making vague gestures toward "activism"… @mnanopoulos lol nice. Some of the occult stuff in the middle chapters is okay, but not groundbreaking. To put a po… Patricia MacCormack’s Ahuman Manifesto — Despite its best efforts at revaluation, the ahuman remains all-too-hu… @NyxLandUnlife To be clear: I get it, finding an audience on Twitter is a slog, and following a ton of people certa… @NyxLandUnlife “I sure love to follow & unfollow hundreds of people every day to artificially inflate my follower c… @EBBerger
🤖🖤💀 @acephalelephant @vickyfuck_ Nah you’re thinking of our boys Søren and Friedrich. Can’t remember the source but I’m… @rob_mose @AHHHHposter We stan a scientifically-literate king!! 👑🙏 @AHHHHposter FArthur Schopenhauer is a good person. Soren Kierkegaard is a good person. Friedrich Nietzsche is a good person. Gi…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks12. Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc’s State and Politics: Deleuze and Guattari on Marx — Despite the title it’s actually a… @cockydooody I remember some of his books on aesthetics being mostly okay. Fond impressions of Aisthesis, but the r… @cockydooody Shaking uncontrollably and having flashbacks to my Ranciere phase“As if neoliberalism reinterpreted the lesson of Luxemburg in its own way: capital never finished its phase of ‘pri… @smoking_loris Actually Romantics (e.g. Blake, Shelley, Byron) are jacked, but anyone who over-identifies with them…
2 day Spinoza symposium hosted by UniMelb. Speakers include Moira Gatens on Spinoza and freedom, Janice Richardson…
Retweeted by Gregory Marks @nollid_watov Haha cheers mate! @dirigiblebill I’m also a big fan of your writing—& not only because it convinced me to finally pick up Disco Elysium! @dirigiblebill Hey thanks! It’s always good to know that there’s an interest in this sort of stuff 😊 @goodgorlmachine If I’m focused and not taking too many notes, I can get through about 20-30 pages in an hour. Of c… @unknowthyself I’m stuffing my face with sushi atm, that’s your answer! 😎 @goodgorlmachine Well I’ve been aiming for 100 per day, but the number is a little inflated by books that I started… @cockydooody Both of these points are well argued with a good eye for under-recognised elements of the texts. But t… @cockydooody Well his key arguments are: 1) Deleuzian joy has been taken up naively to smooth over the political, a… Nicholas Thoburn’s Deleuze, Marx and Politics — Essential for anyone who has been put off Deleuze by his academ… Jameson sees in Foucault’s Discipline & Punish a vast & disempowering critical edifice, Deleuze perceives a c…