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Truly gorgeous day at 51st/Drexel for the groundbreaking on the final phase of the Drexel Blvd. restoration project…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @QuadCityPat Oh for sureTwo debates moderated by two right leaning journalists but Kristin Welker’s credibility is in question? Lemme pop a… he published his hit piece on Kristen Welker, Jon Levine was told by NBC that she attended the Trump media C…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.TONIGHT: Join us at 6 ET!
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Mandy Patinkin is a national fucking treasure.’m working on a story about this ⬇️ and I want to hear from workers on the front lines. Do you work in a Chicago…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Welp.*eyes bio* Yep. On brand. I really hate reading the responses to my stories*37 and had a full life before, during, and after’t I say children with disabilities were going have a really tough time bc they’re losing their in school suppo…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Two days without the internet then cool cool cool is Mercury out of lemonade bc I’m tiredNo better time for our internet to go down an hour before remote learning starts @ElleWCarter IJS @DarthJaeda ooh touché @DarthJaeda Ok but the other Chris gave us that horrible movie with Jennifer LawrenceAre Chris Christie and Chris Pratt tied for the Worst Chris? @RdotSpoon BUT WHY @ItsTheBrandi 😂 @KindraCotton lmaooooooOk this vaccine needs to be here like yesterdayY'know, from this angle...'t get into men with paper bags nailed to their bedposts.
RT if a man has ever exposed himself to you inappropriately/nonconsensually—i’m just trying to see something
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.For five days, Northwest Side neighbors tried desperately to rescue a cat stuck in a 50 foot tree. Through storms a…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon....but if he’s doing it during a work call, it becomes everyone’s bus—never mind never mind never mind.… Learning, Week 8 Cameron is about to learn that white supremacy isn't going to protect him like he's protected white supremacy
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Stress from #COVID19, health care, the economy, racism, and the presidential election is seriously threatening the…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @lbrass3 This morning.Yep . And @atticascott4ky still hasn’t had her charges dropped ... but sure okay
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @kristenmchugh22 No, but the show must go on. :(Yep.’s a matter of ethics. Not every get is a GOOD get. Not everyone deserves to be heard. Mattingly’s leaked message…, Mattingly doesn’t seem at all remorseful.I’m not sure what viewers were supposed to take away from this. But it’s a really awesome way to revictimize Breonna Taylor’s family.“If we had been able to just storm in instead of giving people a few seconds to get themselves together, I believe…“George Floyd was not a model citizen.”This would’ve been a good time to pull this out: ABC thought it would be good idea to invite the cop who killed Breonna Taylor to “tell his side.” “It’s not a… Celebrities sing "Let's Hear It For the Boy" to show solidarity with Chris Pratt
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.I, too, know Chris Pratt’s pain WTF @marvel_girl88 ALSO @TheDazzlingOne Idk but eye am FED UP"Rise up" she implored. But they'd reached their limit.
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @thewayoftheid Me on October 24th!
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.RISE UP MY WEE PEOPLE FOR THE TALLS HAVE DECLARED WAR @FeministaJones AND SUDDENLY I HAVE OTHER PLANSThe good ole days. The days when Beanie Sigel threatened you, you dead.
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Me: I’m not watching the Bachelorette. Bachelorette teaser: “...I’d expect better from the oldest Bachelorette!” Me: @rhodes_dawn @natalieymoore I heart y’all but you know I don’t suffer ALONE 🤷🏾‍♀️
Ok but one has absolutely nothing to do with the other and had Chris been choking the chicken during a Zoom call we…‼️Today I become part of @blockclubchi staff as they launch their FREE #coronavirus hotline for Chicagoans. This wi…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.NEW: Block Club has a FREE coronavirus hotline for Chicagoans. You can call/text us at 312-248-4876 or email us at…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.SO excited for @BlockClubCHI to launch this hotline. We'll answer questions and help Chicagoans find testing, job a…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Every time I see Lee’s name I am overcome with the sudden urge to poop, I swear expecting a dick-free Zoom call is too much to askGerman Lopez is a bad take machine. How does he do it?Don’t miss this. Good to see @Allen_Justin and @Felonious_munk teaming up again.
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @aarondgettinger Awwww. @aarondgettinger I need the story behind this.Influencer couples are the most annoying thing on social media. lol
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @JabberwockySR As a person who has done this? No idea.Paris., just fuck you, 2020.
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @jenawithonen @BlockClubCHI Sorry about that. As we’re hyper local, Rami’s hometown roots were the connection.OH IT IS GONNA HAPPEN @AkilahObviously Man a fajita would be 🔥 rn @Therapist_LA77 I’m thinking leftover Peking duck. @ReJayJay_ DO IT @lfresh Cookies. I vote for chocolate chip cookies.Anyway. What’s for dinner?
Still trying to understand how one just whips out his penis on a Zoom callHappy Birthday, Ma. @ShaylaKendricks Happy Birthday!A South Side activist is making his musical debut with "This Love Thing," a call for police reform in the wake of t…
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.This is key. Small gatherings of family, friends, etc. are driving the spread in Chicago.
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.Grief can really fuck up a sleep schedule.
Lena Dunham’s already purchased the rights @fablednet Lol crap did it out of orderI could work out, or I could drink this Irish coffeeIts accurate
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.UberEats, bb @SnarkySparkly Yes.And you people called ME Lurch?!?
Retweeted by Diaspora’s the way i screamed
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @DeeshaPhilyaw !!!Would be nice im a constitutional originalist. i think the constitution sucked originally and it still sucks today
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon.
What it’s like to date men.
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @chrisalexander_ Nah uhTyler Perry is a sociopath
Retweeted by Diaspora Decepticon. @LeKarmaSucre Lol me eitherOk but I feel like it should’ve ended here @jorgemikell 😂