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@KieranBrownNow Appreciate that Kieran! @PlanOnfire Miserable and broke is a dark and depressive state to be in @FIREJourney4 I wouldn't necessarily say spending money gets rid of the stress But more having money in the bank t… may not buy you happiness, but it will eliminate about 90% of your stress completely @MonEMacer @CJ_Johnson17th @DecadeInvestor @JOstrovska Love to see it!
@realtoddbillion Baller alert 🚨 @Luckylu2792 As my man @AmbusVHunter puts it Give me the truth over a kind lie (paraphrasing)The rules of wealth building don't care about your feelings or personal exceptions It's YOUR JOB to understand you… @AmbusVHunter Many just want to insert their personal exceptions just to feel heard @AmbusVHunter I just laugh when people comment that although they get the point, my tone was harsh/tone deaf Cold… @AmbusVHunter That last sentence💯 @andyfumoney Those people deleted their social media accounts @LifevsDebt Crazy things happen after that first 100k invested💰❄📈 @farmfitfinance It doesn't unfortunately (that I know of), it simply tracks the value of your accounts over time @setdaSTANDARDS Calm and patience are required skills in stock market investing 👌🏼 @OhHaiAndy It most certainly does! @matthewlee7 portfolio fell to $121,000 at the COVID crash low in March We didn't panic and sell our holdings, we simply bo… @DillonCurry10 you've earned your financial privileges through dedication and hard work Don't let others bully you into not ex… @kencotto @DaveRamsey @roncaruthers Respect the hell out of both, but I do pay my mortgage off earlySOLD OUT!1 Copy Remaining 🔥 @NikAdvani16 Didn't even think about that😭😂2 left 🔥 @sensibletony Correct, im talking about consumer debt NOT real estate debt @Updownloop One of the most disrespectful things you can do to yourself and family is ignore the power of compound interestDo whatever you possibly can (legally) to become debt-free and invest 20+% of your annual income Your entire life… left 🔥 @toyfolio That's awesome man🔥4 left 🔥 @GetRichWithMe91 You'll probably get even lower than mine! 30 years are in the 2%'s now (last time I checked) @wealth_mechanic Appreciate that Tony! Definitely blessed with the growth! @pattherock14 LOVE IT🔥🔥🔥 @MilesLongstreth You're 100% right! Although it can be scary, some crazy good things can happen when you're 100% transparent @BestInterest_JC We definitely seem to always have each other's backs! @upshotwealth This corner of Twitter is a complete game changer that many more should be trying to take advantage ofI still remember when we bought our house in April and negotiated a 30 year loan @ 4.625% (while rates were fluctua… left 🔥7 left 🔥 @UncommonYield Mainly TIME🕰8 left 🔥
@kriskrohn_ Just be careful with that. No judgment here, I get it, just don't let that goal post keep going and kee… @mindfulwealthy Hope you're still following by then👍🏻9 left 🔥 @BlkDolphinJD You aren't the only one, happens to the best of us Just keeps us in a different type of matrixFor example... Don't be the person who calculates their financial freedom is $750k Then once you get $750k, you s… @Sherman_Walte 🗣🗣🗣A key to financial freedom is establishing a financial freedom goal post early and then leaving it there You'll ne… left 🔥11 left! @kriskrohn_ Neither does it in mine, but for others, it can be all they need and then some @upshotwealth @N1926NA @upshotwealth @N1926NA Not gonna argue with any of those points, they're all valid Its still a place to start to a… @N1926NA Still $100,000 less than a million @N1926NA 25× annual expense rule $3000 × 12 (months) = $36,000 $36,000 × 25 = $900,000 You then run a good chance… @CompSci2Fi Coming from a place where it was 28 degrees this morning, I get the 70 degrees constantly attraction P… @CompSci2Fi Get out of CA @Surfing_Markets The problem is most people don't calculate the financial number they need that will cover their ex… @ironlifemoney Less expenses also requires less investments needed to fund your lifestyleBecoming a millionaire is largely just a status achievement The majority of people can actually become financially… left! @thecammartinez1 left!19 left! @ZaroPavel I have both funds and ETFs in my portfolio @ZaroPavel Not true21 left! @Prosper_Patriot Thank you sir!22 left! @chadaunderwood Thanks Chad!24 left! @UCFast I simply prefer to own the entire market and hold👍🏻Don't be the person who walks away or tunes out when uncomfortable financial conversations come up If you're confu… @ZaroPavel My preference is to own the entire market via VTI26 left! @MattRumancik Will see! @bizofwealth My 11 month old son's UTMA just topped $11,000 😬🔥 2️⃣9️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Twitter Followers 20% OFF Sale 🔥 To celebrate topping 29k Twitter followers, the next 29 copies… - Hey did you hear the news they said ... Me - Don't care
Retweeted by The Wealth Dad @IndexandC Curious if you start all your comments with "Curious" 👀 @Massullo59 Who said this was about my job?
@vishaal93 @BWPFinance @BWPFinance @themoneysensei Pretty much, and unfortunately most workers don't realize that they aren't even getting a real rais… you were unhappy with the starting salary your company gave you Just wait until you see the "raise" they offer you @AmbusVHunter News flash... A LOT of jerks come from parents who gave them nothing Its not the money that changes… @RsebuDD Nope @bernienomac_ Come on😭😭🤣🤣 @RsebuDD Because guys like Lebron want to win/build a legacy? Lol @MauiMeow00 @MauiMeow00 Don't care whose in office, I just buy and hold low-cost index funds. My favorite fund is VTSAX. @mrbdavis3 I believe it's fully on the parents parenting abilities Someone else in my comments said it best, money… @TraderDivergent The world isn't ready to acknowledge your 3rd sentence @gabe_llewellyn @StephenCurry30 🎯🎯🎯 @FiSavvyDad My exact question💯 @financeaholic That fear cripples way too many parents unfortunately @AyAy_Ron69 Its not needed, you can give kids privileges while also teaching them @CJWTE I've also seen plenty of kids take the resources and launch themselves into greatness Its just easier to ge… same reason I won't make my son start from scratch financially Is the same reason Lebron, Kobe and Lavar didn'…