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@thewealthindex That's the main thing holding me back. Still have yet to see why they hold such a fairly high weig… @Budgetdog_ @GetRichWithMe91 Don't have all answers just yet so gotta wait lol. Their long-term fund outperforming… @Budgetdog_ @GetRichWithMe91 Yup, and Admiral is only 0.33% @Budgetdog_ @GetRichWithMe91 More I read on international investing and the additional risks that come with it (e.g… @GetRichWithMe91 @Budgetdog_ Research complete. $VWIGX go 🚀🚀 @TylerOswald16 @GetRichWithMe91 You did. 1. Nowhere did I say you leave a job for freelancing/Entrepreneurship (yo… @iamlandshark @GetRichWithMe91 Read it 3 times to try and figure out how their interpretation had literally anythin… @GetRichWithMe91 Think it just comes down to if people don't like you, they'll find a way to take whatever you do or say as a negative.The original post literally just says if you work for a bad company/boss in a post-pension era, you're much more fr…'s say Fannie Mae is off by 2% and median home prices rise 5.9% in 2022, that would mean my $400,000 home would… @JKpsu83 That's definitely worked well for my wife and I.Never apologize or feel bad for making the most money and accumulating the most stock and real estate that you poss…
@trevoypointer @CJ_Johnson17th Appreciate that sir 🤝🏻 @CJ_Johnson17th Smart man. Can only imagine the pitch forks that come your direction.. @philly_finance Don't blame you one bit. @AheadFinance The internet has made it very easy for people to anonymously say things they'd never say to people face to face. @flips4miles I'll most likely continue to share our monthly net worth updates on IG until we get to $1M (still get… I get, more I realize why wealthy families eventually ghost the world There's no net benefit of society lear… @itsthewealth4me Always atleast 2 ways to look at every single situation.I get why the parent of 3 kids max out their 401k/IRA/HSA for 30+ years I also get why the 23-yr old college grad… @joshsadlon Yup 👍🏻 @AheadFinance Good on you for getting out! Unfortunately, have heard soooo many stories of the latter over the years.Hidden 💎 of exiting the pension era is you're no longer tied to bad bosses/jobs as your retirement and healthcare i… @AskTheGiver "What would you even do with your time?" - usually spoken by an insecure middle manager who never dev… @FilledWithMoney Pretty wild when you think about it.Steer clear of front-end load funds (there are still some out there) whenever possible If you invest $10,000 in a… @itsthewealth4me @Budgetdog_ Appreciate that 🤝🏻 @MarkPWealth Nice. I'm even considering doing it in my taxable as well. @AheadFinance Also hate the idea of market chasing, but their post-tax returns have been nearly DOUBLE that of… @AheadFinance With the additional levels of risk with international investing (e.g. currency & political risks), st… @MarkPWealth Did you make the switch across all your accounts?I'm definitely a proponent of index fund investing > active management over the long-term But 2022 maybe the year… @nomorenetzeros 🎯🎯🎯 @flips4miles Oh darn. @data2wealth Wish you and your family all the best! @flips4miles Even without "The Wealth Dad" income, wife and I still make well past $100k. That'll still infuriate some. @caitmackcs Much easier to shift responsibility (and blame).There's always 2️⃣ takes when finding out a personal finance accounts household income is $100,000+ Loser take: oH… @rawdogfinance Probably a little over $400k (not including rising home equity over past 2 years). Our financial ba… @SteveOnSpeed Your story was one of the very first ones that inspired me. Love your message Steve 🤝🏻 @newdadbitcoin I was hands down one of the worst individual stock pickers of all time in my early 20's. Fortunatel… @HenrikFury That was me my first 1.5 - 2 years out of college. Fortunately something clicked in me fairly early to… @reedallred And then just stay consistent with that plan for as long as you can (while learning more and re-tooling… is I'm NOT a stock market investing genius But with a net worth that's closer to a $1,000,000 than it is… @FitFounder
@jgarrett1983 Wasn't having it from the jump lmaoWealth Daughter held up much stronger than Wealth Son lol people who hate your ability to sell your knowledge are always the ones who've yet to figure out how to do it yet for themselves @jacobegood The more simple the investment the strategy, the better *usually* @omarrr610 Sounds like you're off to a great start! @MoneyJrod I think we all wish we'd have known this info atleast 2-3 years before whenever we eventually learned.Want to learn how to build a simple (and easy) long-term portfolio that doesn't require reading tons & tons of comp… @billconnell23 Good on you for getting them started so early! @AllMoney47 I like it. @theficouple Agreed 🤝🏻It's hard to screw up investing if you contribute $500 - $1,000+/month into index funds within your retirement and…
Almost every personal finance/investing book will leave you with 1️⃣ main conclusion That is that the average pers… @TheJackBly 🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻 @SteveOnSpeed @Invest4finance Tricks is being calm and collected enough to continue buying as prices stay mute or continue fallin… @AccentInvesting My focus is continuing to increase income so I can invest even more.It would suck to watch in the moment, but the best thing that could happen for my long-term portfolio would be if w… @jesssvr @Michael_Crowe Love to hear it!! @Michael_Crowe @thewealthdad got my Roth started after reading his book
Retweeted by The Wealth Dad @LivinRentFree_ 👍🏻 @MoneySavvyMind Wife and I LOVE Charlotte 👑
@jjmatthys Thats awesome, good for you and your family 🤝🏻 @cadeinvests Same here brother 🤝🏻Outside of a few STEM/Finance graduates who enter the workforce making $100,000+ (and invest >50% of said income)… @flips4miles Gotta love it @IndexingToFI Funny how that works lol @itsthewealth4me Our goal from the initial purchase was to keep it below 20% 🤝🏻Before my wife's recent raise, our mortgage payment was 17.2% of our NET 9-5 monthly income Post-raise it is now 1… @bernienomac_ @Budgetdog_ Still pisses me off.By 23 you’ve had enough time to dick around. Highly recommend sacrificing your 23-~30 aged years for the future. It…
Retweeted by The Wealth Dad @Budgetdog_ *blocks @Money_Matters_1 @theSleepyJonez Lower expense ratio. @JalenBradley1 🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻 @Invest4finance Definitely advocate funding your taxable brokerage in parallel with your retirement accounts!Buying another $1,500 of $QQQM in the taxable brokerage today After not planning on contributing to the brokerage… @roadtowealthpod @stephonee @JLCollinsNH Wish you all the best! @ScoreBDInvestor @stephonee @MorningBrew @gannonbreslin @CJ_Johnson17th 🤝🏻🤝🏻🤝🏻
@BusinessFamous Lmaooo @EricBarrone Vanguard as well @QUE_MaDiQ Look up the funds holdings on their website @Anthony_Hartzog Congratulations 🔥🔥🔥We put 20% down for our primary residence (only real estate we currently home) Not sure we'd put that much down ag… @Journey4Wealth No idea, I just keep adding for the long-term. @chance_pearce Just the match now. @Spartyin_Peeps Glad to hear it 🤝🏻 @TheRule8618 @MerrillLynch Why hold both QQQ and QQQM? @Budgetdog_ invest the most of my money in my taxable brokerage now because while I'm good at my 9-5 occupation, I could leav… @LivinRentFree_ The Solo 401k is a 💎 @LivinRentFree_ First brokerage purchase in awhile smh...😔Bought 12 more shares ($1,922) of $QQQM in the brokerage, and this is what that bought me: Apple - $225 Microsoft… @SteveOnSpeed No lie detected. @writingtoriches
@trynotsuck Time will tell!